60 Best Cool Short Haircuts You Can Try On Your Hair

Are you looking for a cool and short haircut for the summer? Check out this article for some ideas for both men and women.

By Katherine P. Haley
60 Best Cool Short Haircuts You Can Try On Your Hair

Cool Short Haircuts for Men and Women

Have you been considering getting a new, cool haircut recently but just have not been able to decide what you want. You know you want something new and different, but you just have not found the perfect idea yet. You want to stick with haircuts that are popular, but you do not want to look like everyone on the block. Trust me, I am sure we have all been there before. 

Included in this article are 60 cool short haircuts for both men and women. There are 30 men and 30 for women, so everyone has a good amount of styles to choose from. There are also tips for keeping your hair healthy both before and after a haircut, so be sure to check those out as well.

A haircut can be a big decision, so make sure to do your research before getting any of these cool and short haircuts.

Why Summer is the Best Time for Short Hair

It is summer, which means it is the time of year that cool short hair is all the rage. It is hot outside, so you want as little hair as fashionably possible on top of your head in order to keep cool. I get it. Summer really is the best time to try out new hairstyles especially because it is so hot. What a great way to keep yourself cool and try something new.

Check out the popular and cool short haircuts below.

Cool Short Haircuts for Men


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These 30 short haircuts listed below are directed towards men, but if any women want to try them out, I say go for it. They will make anyone look cool. 

1. Southside fade

This haircut starts short on the bottom and gets thicker as the hair moves up the head.

2. Short with designer beard

Your haircut is short and connects to your beard, which can have a cool design in it.

3. Bald fade with waves

Your haircut is thick up top and wavy and fades into very, very short (practically bald) hair.

4. Bald fade crew cut

Similar bald fade as above but with a crew haircut.

5. Short crop with hair design

Your haircut is cropped short and has a cool design buzzed into it

6. Short and choppy

Your hairstyle is short and choppy, yet very stylish.

7. Textured pompadour

Great for those with thick and wavy hair. A pompadour style is when the haircut on the top of your head is raised up high. (think Elvis, but 21st century)

8. Textured hair with surgical part

This is for textured hair. The surgical part is thick and buzzed into your hair.

9. Classic

Instead of trying something different, go for a classic looking haircut.

10. Curly fade

Keep your curly hair visible up top, but fade as your hair leads to your neck.

11. Short textured hair

Keep your hair short and let the texture reign. 

12. Short curly hair with high fade

Keep your curly hair short for this haircut and have it fade to your neck.

13. Bald fade

Have your haircut start very short and fade till it looks like there is practically no hair.

14. Textured curly hair

Show off your nice and textured naturally curly hair in a cropped cut.

15. Hard part

Part your hair with a perfectly straight and thick line.

16. Short and spikey

Keep your haircut short and make sure the top is spikey.

17. Messy and short

Keep your haircut short, but allow for some natural and fun mess.

18. Short and styles

Keep it short and in style.

19. Blunt fringe 

Short haircut with a blunt fringe running along your forehead.

20. Short undercut

Keep your hair long and styled up top, but the underside cut close to your scalp.


21. Messy with fade

Messy haircut with a fade.

22. Drop fade

Instead of a straight fade, do one that curves along your head.

23. Pompadour

A pompadour, but for thinner, less textured hair.

24. Bald fade with textured hair

A bald fade with cool textured hair.

25. Spiky hair with design

Do a spikey haircut with a cool hair design.

26. High fade spikey

Try out some spikey hair with a high fade.

27. V-back design

Your hair will end in a V at the base of your neck.

28. Temple fade with curls

Curly hair with a temple fade, which is a fade that is focused on your temples, rather than the nape of your neck. 

29. Side part combover

Do a side part with a stylish combover haircut.

30. Side part combover with hard part and disconnected beard

Do a hard part with a combover and add in a disconnected beard for fun.

That's all for the popular short men's haircuts, but make sure to take a look at the list of women's short haircuts as well.

Cool Short Haircuts for Women

Short haircuts for women is all the rage in the summer month. The short haircuts keep you cool and help you look cool. Check out the 30 short haircuts for women listed below. 

1. Pixie cut

Go for a classic pixie cut.

2. Cropped cut with long layers

Do a nice cropped haircut with long layers.

3. Pixie with asymmetrical layers

Go for a pixie cut with some asymmetrical layers to make you look like a rocker.

4. Blunt micro bangs with short hair

Check out some micro bangs with a short bob.

5. Flapper cut

Travel back to the 20s and check out a flapper cut.

6. Short natural hair

Cut your hair short and let it be natural.

7. Beachy bob

Check out a beachy bob, ready for a day in the sun and in the salty air. Wavy hair looks best with this hairstyle.

8. Pixie with textured layers

Go for a pixie haircut with some textured layers for more umph.

9. Messy bob

A messy, and stylish, bob is a good way to go!

10. Vintage bob

A bob, but more vintage (think anywhere between the 40s and 60s).

11. Pixie with wispy fringe

Try out a pixie haircut with some wispy fringe across your forehead.

12. Wavy bob

A nice and wavy bob looks great in the summer.

13. French girl pixie

A French-inspired pixie haircut is always a good plan.

14. Very short pixie

A very short pixie will keep you cool and ready for summer.

15. Natural bob

Cut your hair in a bob and let it flow naturally!

16. Pixie with thick front bangs

Do a pixie haircut with some nice and thick front bangs.

17. Classic pixie

Go for the classic pixie cut.

18. Cropped bob with bangs

Do a cropped bob with some normal bangs.

19. Bob with long bangs

Do a cropped bob with some long bangs.

20. Bob with cropped side-swept bangs

Try out a cropped bob with side-swept bangs.

21. Shaved

Go all out and just shave your head. It'll keep you cool, and if you pull it off, you will look cool. 

22. “Boyish” pixie cut

Take a cue from Halsey and try out this "boyish" pixie cut.

23. Blunt and edgy with visible roots

Cut your hair blunt and edgy with darker visible roots.

24. Fringy pixie

Go for the fringy look and mix it with a pixie cut.

25. Short rounded curls

Keep your hair short and let your curls be cute and rounded.


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26. Shoulder length corkscrew curls

Let your natural corkscrew curls show off with this shoulder length style.

27. Layered bob

Layer that bob with simple and textured layers.

28. Classic mid-length bob

Go for a classic and try out a mid-length bob hairstyle. 

29. Asymmetrical bob

Go a little funky and try out an asymmetrical bob.

30. Feathery bangs with bob

Go for feathery bangs with your bob. 

That's all for the short haircuts for women, but make sure to check out the tips on how to take care of your short hair both before and after a haircut.

Haircut tips

Before and after getting a haircut, you should remember these tips.

Your hairstylist will likely wash your hair before your haircut, so do not be afraid to come with it a little dirty. If you wash it right before getting a haircut, you run the risk of damaging your hair by overwashing it and drying it out.

If you are getting a new and possibly complex haircut, make sure to ask your hairstylist for advice when it comes to styling it yourself at home and any treatment suggestions they have.

Go get your haircut with full confidence that you will love your new haircut. Otherwise, you may walk out of the appointment feeling disappointed and as though you have made a bad choice.

Before you go

Do some research and make sure to look at multiple pictures of your desired cool and popular haircut before making an appointment. You want to be happy with your haircut, but do know that it is just hair and it will grow back if you do end up making a haircut decision that you regret. 

Good luck and have fun with your new haircut!



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