60 Cute Medium Length Haircuts Of Celebrities You Should Copy

Interested in changing your hair to medium length? Browse through this article to know where to start with cute haircuts from the celebrities themselves.

By Ally Uyao
60 Cute Medium Length Haircuts Of Celebrities You Should Copy

Why Go For The Medium Length Hair?

Have you ever tried cutting your hair to medium-length? If not, then this article is for you! Deciding on medium haircuts is a sure plus to your everyday life. Why, do you ask? Because it is easy and versatile to manage and maintain. Whether you have curly hair, straight hair, thin hair or thick hair, medium haircuts will definitely fit you. Don't knock the haircuts before you have tried it! Have your long hair cut short or grow your short hair out and make these cute hairstyles below possible! 

60 Cute Medium Length Haircuts of Famous Personalities

Celebrities out there have been known to transform their hair to cute haircuts that are either past their chin or up to their shoulders. In this article, we have divided all the stars who parade their hairstyles in different hair color from brunette to blonde to even pastel colors. If you are looking for a hairstyle dupe to copy then take a page from the female celebrities' looks and you can never go wrong.

Black-Haired And Brunette Celebrities Wearing Medium Like A Pro

1. Anna Kendrick

The star of Pitch Perfect does know how to make her hair stand out in the crowd as she dons her long, brown hair in the photo below. Parted in the middle and effortlessly being caressed by the wind, it reflects Kendrick's bubbly personality. 

My heart melted😵😵 • • • • • #annakendrick

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2. Jennifer Lopez

JLo's signature brunette locks are showcased in this hairdo as it is arranged seamlessly and at the same time messily upon her shoulders. Your make-up can even match your look to add emphasis to the caramel highlights featured in your hair. 

3. Vanessa Hudgens

Nothing says 'summer' like the flower head piece Vanessa Hudgen is wearing. It has a message that says loud and clear who you are as a carefree girl. With the front part styled upward, attention is brought to the face with the decorated and cute hair clip placed on the side above the ear. Perfect for a luau-themed party or a stroll down the beach, this curly and cute hairstyle will do the trick. Keep your hair in the darkest color to further highlight the effect of the hair piece.   

4. Lucy Hale

Hale looks dazzling in this medium haircut where the ends are subtly curled with the use of a flat iron. Her chic and cute brown hair is quick to replicate with a few spritz of a volumizing hair spray or dry shampoo to keep it in place.   

❤️ @modelistemagazine shot by : @mrmikerosenthal

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5. Natalie Portman

Portman's medium and curly hair is more wavy at midlength to the bottom with the front top strands of her hair brushed back from her face and the other side of her hair tucked behind her ear. Ideal for a casual day out, this can be done either to long hair or medium length. 


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6. Jenna Dewan

She looks stunning in this black textured hmedium airstyle that reaches past her collarbone. Her medium haircut has a natural feel to it that would cater to mothers' or busy women's needs out there who only have bare minutes to fix their hair.  

7. Gal Gadot

The Wonder Woman actress surely knows how to keep her hair simple yet eye-catching. Her hair is combed back in a tidy manner in this photo and removed from the vicinity of her face to keep the clean look. This can be a wonderful medium haircut for every cute girl out there. 

So amazing and beautiful ❤️❤️❤️ . #galgadot #wonderwoman #ww84 #beautiful

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8. Zooey Deschanel

Deschanel of New Girl is known not only for her funny and hilarious TV show and other movies, but also for her signature hair. Her eyelash-grazing fringe is always placed in the sides of her face to maximize her blue eyes.  

Zooey Deschanel #zooeydeschanel @zooeydeschanel

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9. Angelina Jolie

Jolie is one of the biggest names in Hollywood and because of that, she has attended her fair share of premier nights, evening galas and parties. Always sophisticated and not lacking in grace, she usually puts up half of her hair in a teased-up updo with the rest of her medium brown hair down.

I love that smile 😍 (#AngelinaJolie #TeamJolie #Fangie)

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10. Mila Kunis

Making edgy medium haircuts possible, Kunis looks fierce in this hair look with her full jagged bangs out to play and her ends curled dramatically in voluminous twirls.

11. Selena Gomez

Making the messy hair fashionable, Gomez can say that this is her 'just woke up' look and it suits her. The fringe frames her cute face in an uneven length and her layered golden brown hair is in stylish disarray.

12. Meghan Markle

The Duchess of Sussex wears this upscale, tilted, baby pink hat atop her head. Her medium hair is curled in cute ringlets with her side fringe adding accent to the part of her face that is not shaded by the hat.

13. Lena Headey

The Game of Thrones starlet arranged her hair in defining wavy curls with her fringe contouring her forehead and eyes. The adorable and cute expression she wears here only adds a charming vibe to her hair. Medium haircuts fit the shape of her face.

14. Keira Knightley

Knightley's hair appears to be blow dried in this photo and it results in an easy and uncomplicated look. Medium haircuts out there can benefit from her style.

15. Megan Fox

Fox in this alluring photo shoot has her hair leveled in different direction that proclaims  her own brand of personality. It's a foxy and artful take on chic rock medium haircuts.

...We cut my hair off last week BTW.

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16. Dakota Johnson

She always puts up a very charismatic and cute overall outfit that somehow matches her medium haircuts. With her chopped full fringe and straight rich-brown hair, Johnson is camera-ready.

She's so beautiful 💞⚡#dakotajohnson

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17. Anne Hathaway

Hathaway projects a quirky vibe in this picture as her hair is straightened at the back with the front strands slightly naturally curled.  

18. Chrissy Teigen

Model and now mom, Teigen sure knows her way around prepping her hair whether for a party, promo, or photo op. Artlessly making her hair tousled in a barely-there way, she looks amazing either in her medium haircuts or long hair. 

19. Alexandra Daddario

Keeping it on the basic, no-frills side, Daddario has her straight hair parted in the middle. Her thin hair appears to be thick and lush in this photo while exuding straight class.  

Thank you for having me last night @dior Makeup: @lotstar @movado

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20. Kristen Stewart

Stewart is sporting a laidback, curly hair with hints of red mixed in her brunette hair. She can part it in any way and it still would look remarkable. 

21. Demi Lovato

Can you say volume? Lovato definitely has it in spades when she had her hair done in this teased up and combed out long bob. Haicuts of any length can benefit from this style, especially the medium length type. 

22. Mandy Moore

Moore's cute hair is not lacking in dimension as she steps out in this brown and blonde ombre with the ends nicely curled for added impact. 

Blonde Stars Who Are Made For the Cute Haircuts

23. Emma Stone

Messy curls are a good way to showcase your hair. Take Emma Stone, for example. With a curved side fringe, she shines on this photo with the ends of her hair lacking volume while the upper half appearing full.

24. Taylor Swift

Along with her eyebrow-grazing fringe, Swift's defined S shaped curls are highlighted in her concerts today with her dirty blonde hair color.

Me when I see a cat. 📷 @GarethCattermole @GettyEntertainment

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25. Gwyneth Paltrow

If you have thin hair that looks like Paltrow's medium blonde hair then you can copy her look. Have two-thirds of the bottom of your hair faintly curled for a relaxed appearance. 

26. Blake Lively

Lively has buoyant loops with some strands freely out in this magnificent photo of her with her husband.

27. Reese Witherspoon

Her blonde hair is amazingly done in this photo with her hair parted in one side and her asymmetrical bangs adding a fun and light element to her hair. 

28. Gwen Stefani

Looking breathtaking, Stefani has slicked back hair in this photo with the ends in tight big curls. 

@marielwashere @1maryphillips @officialdanilohair #glam @nbcthevoice gx

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29. Cate Blanchett

Appearing to be nonchalant and cool in this picture, Blanchett has her cute hairstyle done in a fly-away style which somehow emphasizes her high cheekbones and bone structure. Her fringe reaching down unto her eyes also indicate a self-commanding aspect to the look.

30. Emily Blunt

Blunt's hair is casually wavy in this formally chic outfit with the parting done in the middle.  

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31. Jennifer Lawrence

Lawrence appears to be just coming in from the beach with this fresh-looking hair. Her curly hair is scrunched up and tousled in this photo shoot.

HQ of Jennifer Lawrence for Dior featured in ELLE Malaysia | #JenniferLawrence

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32. Kristen Bell

Presenting her wavy fine hair that appears to be closer to her head with the help of a black beret, Bell is adorable in this photo.

33. Amanda Seyfried

Seyfried's long hair here lacks volume at the root with the middle part flatly curled. 

34. Scarlet Johanson

Confidently beautiful, Johanson has her hair done in classic curls starting from the crown of her head.

35. Dakota Fanning

Fanning's hair on the red carpet has a combination of rumpled and sophisticated effect with the front few curled in twists to add a sultry feature. 

Thank you @ninaricci !!!!!! #metgala2016

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36. Chloe Grace Moretz

Sleek and glossy, Moretz straightened her layered hair in this shot with the fringe accentuating the shape of her face.

37. Margot Robbie

Somewhat of a beachy wave, Robbie's hair below is perfect for the summer and it sure is easy to replicate with a few spritz of a sea salt hairspray. 

38. Gigi Hadid

Phenomenal in this bronde (or brown and blonde hairdo), Hadid outdid herself at this Hollywood event with the two colors of her hair blending well together and two golden hair clips placed to her hair in the front with a middle part. Puffy at the back and leveled in the front, she looks divine.

39. Christina Aguilera

Looking fierce as ever, Aguilera piled her hair in a tight braided ponytail in this photo with big loop earrings as accent to the hairstyle.  

40. Jennifer Aniston

Her beauty is indeed timeless with her golden blonde hair in soft layers and long fringes in the front.

41. Hayden Panettiere

Panettiere arranged her hair in textured curls throughout and flatter at the crown.

#haydenpanettiere #geek

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42. Ashley Benson

Powerful and strong, this picture has definite elements to it. Benson has her wet hair in tight curls and brushed back in this hairstyle.


A post shared by Ashley Benson (@ashleybenson) on

43. Lady Gaga

Rocking the platinum blonde, Lady Gaga's curls have a definitive S pattern closer to the head. Even for girls who have thin hair, this is a quick and easy fix for everyday. 

Various Hair Colored Beauties Modeling The Hairdo

44. Katy Perry

Not afraid to experiment on the color of her hair, Perry looks pretty in this ultra violet hairdo mixed in to her natural dark hair. 

45. Kylie Jenner

Jenner has always possessed a knack of achieving cute hairstyles of varying hair color from pastel ones to loud and bright colors.

46. Alicia Keys

Keys had her braids dyed in neon colors of yellow and orange which complemented beautifully her pink braids.

47. Gwen Stefani

Just for a bit of fun, Stefani in the spirit of Fourth of July dyed the ends of her platinum hair this vibrant blue.

48. Julianne Moore

Naturally a redhead, Moore is her charming self in this photo with her hair parted to the side.

49. Hilary Duff

Duff's straight hair is done in turquoise blue in a layered hairstyle.

50. Miley Cyrus

Growing out her medium brown hair with the ends dip-dyed in blonde, Cyrus flaunts the bohemian style.

51. Maisie Williams

Williams tried her hand in aqua blue hair color.

52. Kesha

Now this is a colorful ombre of pastel pink, teal and bright blue. 

53. Hayley Williams

Williams in her signature fiery orange hair with a red tinge and light pink at the ends.

54. Elle Fanning

Rose gold is now a trend and Fanning perfected the look in one go! It may not be quick to accomplish, but its results are astounding. 

Dusty 🌹 hair: @justjenda

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55. Nicki Minaj

Minaj who is not a newbie in the hair color game and haircuts is a pro with this inspired look of golden yellow.

56. Debby Ryan

Can't decide on a single color? Be like Ryan and get two cute hair colors for the two sides of your hair.

summer fun // @thenvrndng // tour hairs

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57. Nicole Richie

If you junt want to dip your feet in the hair dyeing phenomenon then try it Richie-style way with only some strands done in lavender.

58. Rihanna

Rihanna was made to be a redhead, this photos of her luscious curls just proves it.

59. Bella Thorne

Cute neon pink mixed in with auburn hair is always a good idea, just ask Thorne.

Fresh faced with a bit of glitter 🌈☺️

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60. Kim Kardashian

Fabulous in this platinum-meets-ash hair color, Kardashian sure knows how to slay the look.


A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

To Commit Or Not To Commit: That Is The Hair Question

Want a quick answer? YES! Do one of the hairstyles and you will not regret it with these awesome and cute looks we have listed above at your perusal. Medium haircuts can fit anyone no matter the color, length or texture of your hair. Take our advice and be a celebrity all on your own. 



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