Our Favorite Easy And Cute Updos For Long Hair For 2018

When it comes to updos, tresses of long length can present a very cute picture. We take you through our hand-picked stylish updo hairstyles for long hair.

By EvaN
Our Favorite Easy And Cute Updos For Long Hair For 2018


If you have long hair attempting complex styles may lead to frustration especially when you don't have enough time to prepare. What is great about long hair though is that it is so versatile. You can create any style for any occasion - able to take you from playdate to date night with ease. We have put together a combination of our favorite easy and cute Updos for long hair. Sample them below;

Messy Bun

Everyone loves a messy bun, it is officially the modern cool-girl way to wear pulled back hairstyles. When it comes to beauty, the most undone looks usually require the most effort.  A messy bun is a hairstyle that is fun, playful, and easy to create. For styling, there has to be some grit to the hair. Messy buns are the saviors of all days running late, skipping showers and bad hair days.

The Easy Chignon

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The word chignon comes from the French phrase chignon du cou, which means nape of the neck. There are many variations of the Chignon but generally, it is achieved by pinning the hair into a knot at the nape of the neck or at the back of the head. You only need a couple of bobby pins, 2 minutes and it's done. It looks well put together and cute. It is perfect with thick and long hair and especially for someone who has dark hair.

Cute Wavy Hair

Long hair with magical waves is all one needs to look seductive. My favorite thing about this hairstyle is hair coming together to create a cute glam look. You can wear this style day or night casual or special occasions. There is really nothing more beautiful than soft, bouncy and wavy hair.

Sleek Vixen For Long Hair.

Don't panic anymore if you don't have time and money to go to a hairstylist. This is one cute and easy updo for long hair that you can make by yourself. It's a flawless and classy way to do your hair. The sleek vixen hairstyle is here to transform your overall appearance.

The Tuck and Cover Cute Hairstyle For Long Hair.

The tuck and cover hairstyle for is for busy mornings. It is really easy to do and all you need is a stretchy headband. The only step to follow is that all of your hair should be wrapped up and then tucked into the band. This is another great hairstyle for the office but is also casual enough for a day at the beach.

Half Crown Braid Hair

It is a cute half hair updo you should try. If you are looking for a way to keep cool and keep hair off your face this summer this should be it. You get to show off your gorgeous locks while still keeping the hair pulled back.

The Twisted Pony For Medium To Long Hair

The twisted pony is the perfect 5-minute hairstyle. With a few twists, turns and bobby pins, you can create a stunning look that works for long hair.  This hairstyle keeps your hair out of the way without too much fuss. It's the perfect remedy for a boring day.

Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyle

This hairstyle needs you to follow very few steps but looks just as polished as full updos. It's the far-too-often ignored genre that has the potential to completely transform your hair. Beautiful flowy hair is always a great look for a wedding as it goes well with any type of dress, formal or casual.

The Knot Pony

A knotted ponytail is not only a great way out of a bad hair day but a cute one too. It's the most basic and versatile hairstyle. It is truly the most overachieving way to handle your hair. Every hairstyle can look stunning with your creativity into it and the pony hair is the simplest one for all girls.

Twisted Bun

Easy twisted bun for every day. It is an elegant and cute style for your hair that works any time of the day. It goes very well with every outfit. However, bun looks the best on long beautiful hair and you can modify it as you wish depending upon the event, outfit, and makeup. Prop the hair up really high on your head for a younger look or wear it down almost to your neck to look more distinguished.

Side Mermaid Tail

Here is an idea for a hairstyle that will make you look sophisticated for any occasion, be it an afternoon casual coffee date with a friend or a wedding reception.  It may look like some crazy complication of six hair strands braided into each other, but all you actually do is just pin two regular braids together. The mermaid tail is a cute hair updo that looks intricate and beautiful but is really quite simple to create. This look is romantic and versatile.

Swept Aside Updo For Long Hair

It's a real classic look that is also really easy to achieve. And if you are seriously pressed for time, skip the curling and just sweep the hair. This works just as well with wavy or straight hair.

The Weave Low Ponytail

With a few hair twists and a little teasing, this look is as easy as it is exciting. The low ponytail is a great way to dress up the classic ponytail. Add some weaving to the low ponytail and you get a very pretty and care-free pony. Make sure your hair is not freshly washed: it will make the weaving hold better and longer.

Updos And Bangs

Having cute Updos going with bangs can completely transform your hair. Updos always look great with bangs and this one is no exception. It's even better for medium and long hair you as you will not have to cut the rest of your locks. The braid finishes the look and gives a really soft and cute look.

The Sideways French Hair Twist

French women have their own way to look beautiful. Nothing says cute like a French twist. You don't need to have curled hair to do this style, but it may help when it comes to bending your ends under.

Messy Top Knot

For an effortlessly cute chic style, you should try a relaxed bun that is perfectly undone. A top knot bun is a stylish hairstyle made from doing one step which is winding your hair in a bun on the top of your head. There's no perfectly-undone mess quite like the messy top knot.

Side Bun With Knots


This is one of those hairstyles that flatters almost all women. If your bun is swept to one side, then your look will be more romantic. There are so many ways to rock this updo, and whatever you choose depends on your personal style, preference, and occasion.

 Chestnut Bun

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Every girl should know how to do this for their hair, it is very trendy and you will achieve maximum perfection with minimum efforts. There is nothing difficult in obtaining this trendy hairstyle all you need is a brush, bobby pins and if necessary some hairstyling spray.  You can create this look easily at home, without spending time and money at a beauty salon. This updo is perfect for that after-work event where you care enough to look good.

Soft Braided Updos


This soft, feminine updo is the perfect complement to all of fall's trends. It's broken down into a few extra steps by creating and wrapping a number of different braids to strategically overlap one another. It's a cute long hair updo that is perfect for almost every occasion you can think of.

Voluminous Braided Updo For Long Hair

It is the ultimate in girly glamour. When it comes to braids, bigger is better this season. This is perfect if you already have thick hair but there are some great ways to make your braid look bigger and more voluminous even if you have fine hair.

Pigtails With Long Hair

Pigtails have been around for probably about as long as hair itself. Pigtails are not for kids, in fact, it is the opposite, they are created to make all the girls look young. No matter how long your hair is, you can make wonderful pigtails that will completely change your image and reduce your age.

The Super Long Hair Ponytail

You have to love ponytails especially when it's done with long hair. It's a hairstyle that looks effortless and playful, but cute at the same time. Ponytail hairstyles are a beautiful way to wear your hair in a more formal manner comfortably.

Cute Curly Updo For Long Hair

It is a 2-minute updo for curly hair. This is somehow similar to standard updos with some curls. Perfect for girls with curly hair. You will need to use hairspray and a curling iron to give a gorgeous look for this hairdo.

Braid Wrapped Bun

Buns are pretty much the perfect way to wear your hair in the summer because they pull everything away from your sweaty face. However, you have got to mix the style up so as not to get bored. Add an easy and cute braided wrapped style into the mix and you've got  variety to play around with your hair for days.

Undone Updo for medium to long hair


An easy hair updo is a perfect hairstyle for day or night. If the updo is slightly messy, soft and undone looking, chances are that you are going to love it. The tousled look of these updos is cute and carefree and unfussy.

The Low-Key Topknot


You have heard of it, your friends wear it, it is all over your Instagram feed, and, you are probably wishing for a way to upgrade your hair to this style. Half the battle of creating a cute topknot for long hair is your mindset. Sweep your hair up into a twist and secure it with a hair-tie. This hairstyle works well with medium and long hair. 

Flower Braid Updo


This braided updo for long hair is so soft and feminine you will feel like a princess wearing it. It is so cute. It would look perfect for a night out, special occasion or even on casual dates.

Long Bangs, Longer Hair


This style was popular in the '70s on legends like Joni Mitchell and Françoise Hardy, but it still has staying power today. Make sure you're conditioning your hair regularly to maintain added shine and get regular hair trims. This includes even when you are growing your hair out to avoid split ends.

Voluminous ponytail

Updos like this usually possess ultra-smooth on top, massive volume on the bottom ponytail. It works even on thinner, straighter hair, as you can pull your hair away from the elastic band and tease your hair section by section to achieve a fuller look.

Surprise Ponytail

This is the proof that you can do two looks in one: sleek and shiny long hair, with a little surprise ponytail at the top of your head. I hope you've got enough hair to pull off this look. If not, there are hair extensions.

Pulled Back Half-Updo

A half-updo with longer hair is great for keeping stray pieces of hair out of your face, leaving room to highlight your impressive giant earrings and framing your face in the best of ways.

Loose Braid

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This is one cute and simple hairstyle to handle your long hair.One easy way to keep your hair from falling into your line of sight is to toss it over your shoulder and tie it up into a loose braid.

Swooping Side Bangs

Because longer hair added with long side bangs can mean annoying hair-in-your-eyes moments, one way to skirt the issue is to curl your bangs so they flick away from your face.



Pulled Back Headband

An easy way to pull back hair from your face and clear some traffic for your gorgeous earrings is a headband placed low on your crown. As for the flyaways, keep them in line with some hairspray.

Chic Hair Ribbon

The schoolgirl ribbon has never failed in the style department. It's the cutest way to break up a head full of hair, without doing hardly anything at all.



Side Part Updo

This style is perfect for a casual day outing. Just do a deep side part and tuck your hair behind your ear. Then use your flat iron to bump the ends of your hair and give your look a little body.

Pinned Up Swirled Up Curls

Add some madmen fever to you long hairstyle with this hairdo. It is suitable for most face shapes. Works best on thick hair. Accent with a sparkly hair pin.

Side Swept Half Up

If you are having a hard time deciding between leaving your hair down and wearing it up, have the best of both worlds with this captivating side-swept style. It also works best with thick hair.

Soft Braid Updo

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This looped French braid is a lovely look for long hair. Add a sparkly headband to dress this look for an evening out.

Simple Low Updo

This low updo is not too messy and not too stiff, but still neat. This particular outlook does show off texture in dark hair and enhances the entire look. There is no need to use any hairpieces to accentuate this hair. Try to be very gentle twisting your hair for the low bun since the style needs to be kind of messy but still neat. Any hair types can wear it, but styling is easier when the hair is not too loose and not too stiff.

Heatless Boho Upstyle

Having an updo style that is comfortable until the day is done and is not damaging your hair is important to any lady. You don't have to bother curling your hair because this style proves there are heatless ways to have great hair. Medium to long thick hair would be ideal so that you don't have to deal with extensions.


Updos for Long Hair are trending quite hard right now. In fact, it is not only for formal occasions; but also for any casual and regular days as well.

My advice for updos is always the same: use lots of product as clean hair is hard to work with and don't over think it. There is beauty in imperfection. Needless to mention that hairstyle is something on which your style and personality depends.

The next time you want to dress up try one of these perfect hairstyles to make a major impact.