35 All Time Favorite Haircut Styles For Women

Of course, different times call for different haircuts for women. However, some haircuts seem to be evergreen. Get to know 35 of such here.

By Emmanuel Onitayo
35 All Time Favorite Haircut Styles For Women

Different Women Haircuts That Are Still Trendy

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It's going to be a serious business trying to list out all the haircuts that different women have tried out in times past because they are simply numerous. Many of these haircuts reigned for a season while others became obsolete almost at their point of conception. But some women's haircuts have managed to stand the test of time.

These trendy haircuts have been mostly popularized by celebrities and have come to be accepted by many women across cultures and ages. If you are struggling with getting your signature cut, you could find a lot of inspirations from these all-time women haircuts. Some of these haircuts are, however, good for short hair while others are best for long hair.

Generally, before going for a cut, you need to, first of all, determine your face shape. That a style has been reigning for a long time and probably worn by your favorite celebrity does not mean that it would look good on you if it doesn't match your face shape.

With regard to face shapes, at least six types exist and these include heart, long, square, oval, round, and triangular shapes. To figure out which of these is yours, you need to stand in front of a wide mirror and examine your facial features first. Things to look out for include: 

1. Which portion or part of your face is the widest?
2. Can you identify the shape of your jaw? If so, what is it?
3. Is your face long? If so, how long?
4. You know what a widow's peak is? If so, do you have one?

On the basis of the above questions, you can safely arrive at your correct face shape which would help you to settle for the best haircut for yourself. To help you out, we shall state the features of these face shapes as they relate to the probings above and provide pictures to help you grasp it. Often, these face shapes are best understood by pictures. So, let's check them out together.

Your Face Is Heart-Shaped If...

1. You've got a widow's peak.
2. Your chin is pointed.
3. The widest parts of your face are the cheekbones and forehead.
4. Your jaw narrows down.

Your best haircut would be one that exposes your wide forehead and disrupts your narrow jaw.  We shall touch on these hairstyles later. You can see the pictures above and below to identify these features. However, here are the names of some celebs whose faces are heart-shaped: Kerry Washington, Alyson Hannigan, Cote de Pablo, Kat Graham, Kourtney Kardashian, and Blake Lively.

You Have A Long Face If...

1. The length of your entire face obviously surpasses the width.
2. Your chin is round-shaped.
3. The width of your chin, forehead, and cheekbones are relatively equal.
4. Your rounded jaw looks strong.

An appropriate haircut for your long face would, therefore, be one that gives a false impression of your width. That is, a haircut that seems to exaggerate your width. Again, to grasp this face shape well, check out the pictures of some celebrities whose names are given here - Joan Smalls, Sarah Jessica Parker, Alexa Chung, and Maggie Q. You could know a celebrity who is long-faced too. The point is that by comparing their pictures with yours, you can know if you have a long face.

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You Have A Square Face If...

1. You have little or no facial curves.
2. Your jaw is square shaped.
3. Your jaw, cheekbones, and forehead have about the same width.
4. Possibly, your overall facial length is the same as the width.

To get a signature cut for your square face, you need a style that would cover up your jawline and soften it. Check the pictures below and above to see a typical square face and if you aren't aware of any celebrity with a square face, check out these names and their pictures too: Olivia Wilde, Keira Knightley, Bella Heathcote, Rosario Dawson, and Lucy Liu.

Rosario Isabel Dawson (born May 9, 1979) is an American actress, producer, singer, comic book writer, and political activist. She made her feature film debut in the 1995 independent drama Kids. Her subsequent film roles include He Got Game (1998), Josie and the Pussycats (2001), Men in Black II (2002), 25th Hour (2005), Rent (2005), Sin City (2005), Death Proof (2007), Seven Pounds (2008), Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010), Unstoppable (2010), and Top Five (2014). Dawson has also provided voice-over work for Disney and DC. For her role in Rent, Dawson won the Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actress – Motion Picture; for her role in Top Five, she was nominated for the Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Actress in a Comedy. Dawson currently portrays Claire Temple in five of the Marvel/Netflix series: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders.

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Your Have An Oval Face If...

1. Your facial length is a bit more pronounced than the width and almost the same as that of an egg.
2. Your cheekbones are quite wide. In fact, they are the widest of your features.
3. Your face is a bit curved with no exceptional angle as such.
4. Your jaw and forehead are round in outlook.

If you meet the above criteria, you are among the women who are fondly referred to as having the normal face shape. Oval faces are deemed to be the most common and almost compatible with most haircut styles. The names that readily come to mind when talking about celebrities with this face shape are Scarlett Johansson, Paula Patton, Katy Perry, Sienna Miller, Jessica Alba, and Camilla Belle. You can check out the pictures above and below to see what an oval face looks like.

You Have A Round Face If...

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1. There is no difference between the length and width of your face.
2. Your jaw has no angle and is rounded in outlook.
3. The widest feature is your cheekbones.

In selecting a hairstyle for your round face, your concern would be to select one that would elongate your face a bit. These haircuts would be touched upon later, but you may want to check out the names and pictures of Selena Gomez, Elizabeth Olsen, Ginnifer Goodwin, Chrissy Teigen, and Kate Upton as they are among the top celebrities that have a round face.

Your Face Is Triangular If...

1. Your widest facial part is your forehead and then it tapers down to a narrow chin that is pointy.
2. You don't have a widow's peak.
3. No obvious angle but a bit rounded end.

Your preoccupation while considering a dope hairstyle for your triangular face shape is to get one that would take attention away from the forehead that is wide and give an impression of a wide jawline. One celebrity that has an inverted triangular face shape is Jessica Szohr. Other names include Scarlett Johansson, Chloë Moretz, Reese Witherspoon, and Rashida Jones. You may want to check out their pictures to confirm the above features.

Different Women's Haircuts #1: Graduated Bob

This haircut is particularly suitable for women with a heart-shaped face. It is a short haircut style characterized by volume and length to counteract the already wide cheekbones witnessed in a heart-shaped woman. It can be done with either wavy or straight hair. 

Usually, the long graduated bob is cut such that on the frontal part of the head, some strands of hair are left to counteract the somehow wide forehead features. Good enough, the long graduated bob can be done with black or blonde Asian and Indian hair. The side layers cover up the wide cheekbones.

If you are looking for a celebrity who has exploited this haircut style to suit her features, check out Ali Larter. She rocks the long graduated bob with her wavy hair and it's just perfect for her heart-shaped face.

Different Women's Haircuts #2: Bob With Bangs

Bob with bangs is one of the best bet short haircuts for women with a heart-shaped face. Katie Holmes is one celebrity that can be confirmed as a perfect wearer of this short haircut style. The bang makes this American actress look like she's still in her teens despite living up to three decades already.

Bob with bangs balance up the excessive facial features because the hair styled in such a way that it is thick in volume around the chin. So, let's say you don't like the long graduated bob earlier mentioned and your hair is fine or straight, bob with bangs is a good alternative to check out.

Different Women's Haircuts #3: Sleek Crop

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If you are looking for a haircut that is modern for your heart face, the sleek crop is that perfect option you can consider. It is a short haircut popularized by the American celebrity, Jessica Stroup. With a sleek crop, there is a side swept bang that gives an impression of a narrow forehead thereby balancing her face.

Jessica Stroup seems not to be self-conscious about her heart-face features because she makes her sleek crop so short that, rather than concealing the wide cheekbones, the short hairstyle emphasizes them. So, if you don't seem to totally like this celebrity's style, you could discuss with your hairstylist to help increase the length of the sleek crop a bit so it shades the cheekbones.

Different Women's Haircuts #4: Long Bob

Suppose you are not a fan of short haircuts, the long bob is a cute style for your heart-shaped face too. It seems that this cut is particularly suited for very busy women who may not have the time to take care of their hair every now and then. While chic and modern in outlook, the long bob style only requires that you wash and you are good to go.

Jennifer Aniston is one celebrity to look up for a long bob model. It appears she loves this hairstyle more than anyone else she has always done. She has different ways of manipulating this cut such that it doesn't grow beyond her shoulders so she's not weighed down by it. On both sides of her cheeks are straight lines of the hair counteracting her somewhat strong jawline.

Different Women's Haircuts #5: Blunt Cut

One interesting thing about the blunt cut is that if accompanied by a fringe, it can effectively mask your wide forehead while shading your cheekbones at the same time. One of the names that come to mind with regard to the blunt haircut is Taylor Swift. Swift with the blunt cut looks softer and cooler as she has managed to even add some layers to the ones on her either side so as to increase the volume.

Of course, with the increase in volume, she can get rid of the nightmare most women love to avoid with hairstyling which is the hair becoming flattened at either side. The secret to getting a nice blunt cut for you is to discuss with your hairstylist on the number of layers to be added throughout your hair volume to keep it in shape.

All-Time Women's Haircuts #6: Long Swept Bangs

Swept bangs can either be long or short; but for a heart-shaped face, it is always good if the swept bang is kept long. The hair is swept as it were to the left side thereby softening the chin and jawline features.

Of course, going for this hairstyle cut would mean that your hair is of a considerable volume. That's because you would need a lot of hair for the side swept bang of which attachment may not be the best.

Different Women's Haircuts #7: Fringed Pixie

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Some women seem to just be in love with super short haircuts; if you are among such women, you have your answer in a fringed pixie. The haircut is done such that there is a heavy bang around your forehead and that shades or counteracts the wide feature especially if you are heart-shaped.

Mainly, women with a widow's peak would find this haircut style most suitable but since different people value things differently, women with a heart-shaped face and a thin chin have also found ways of styling their hair this way and it looks great on them.

Names such as Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Stroup, and Reese Witherspoon have been in the forefront of women rocking this cut for a long time now and it's been great on them. However, it must be stated that if your jawline is a bid strong, you could look more masculine with a fringed pixie.

Different Women's Haircuts #8: Layered Shag

Milla Jovovich is one celebrity you would want to look up if you are long-faced and considering settling for the layered shag haircut. She has tried just about any hairstyle out there and you can rest assured that someone like that has experience in her hairstyling account. If you have access to her past pictures, you may want to check them out.

The hairstyle is exactly what its name says it is. Your hair looks a bit voluminous with the layers of side swept bangs and this helps to cover up your somewhat wide forehead. Similarly, with the layers flipping out at the base, your chin that is narrow before now looks a bit wider; hence, you have a perfect look.

Different Women's Haircuts #9: Sleek Bob

Sleek bob is also among the evergreen haircut styles that have stood the test of time. It is a short haircut style perfectly good for long-faced women. Ashlee Simpson is quite fond of this haircut style and truth be told, she looks great with it. Good enough, sleek bob would do well on almost any woman whether Indian or American. In fact, it looks great on most facial shapes.

Sleek bob is characterized by a long side swept bang that confers some volume to the number of hair on the forehead and around the chin. This is something women with long faces want to ensure they get as they look for their signature cut. And if your hair is fine or at least straight, you are sure to get the best out of this haircut.

Different Women's Haircuts #10: Blunt Cut Bob

So, you would have gone for the sleek bob but you found out that your wavy hair cannot look great with the cut? Your way out is a blunt cut bob. It is the sleek bob version for women with wavy hair.

Indians and other Asians with straight dark hair would also find this cut great because it would make your hair voluminous around your forehead especially if you include some layers beneath it.

Maybe one note of warning that must be sounded clearly with this haircut is that women with extremely curly or thick hair should steer clear of it. The cut is capable of making the already thick and curly hair harder.  As such, you might want to rock short curls that are layered.

Different Women's Haircuts #11: Razor Cut Bob

Sometimes, it can be boring sticking with just one hairstyle and you want to try out something new. Razor cut bob is one of such hairstyles that has stood the test of time. It is a medium cut most suitable for women with wavy or straight hair and who are at the same time, long-faced.

With razor bob, some amount of fringes are added to your either side to make your hair look more voluminous while some are razored off to aid its texture. There are two things this cut adds to your hair outlook and that is volume and texture. And for these two features, the style may be unfit for very curly hair as well as fine hair. Razor cut bob on these two hair textures can lead to hair breakage.

Different Women's Haircuts #12: Layered Curls

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Granted, many long-faced women often despise their curls and would most often reach out for the straightening iron to flatten it out. But then again, this is needless. You can rock a short layered curl with your long face and it would still be great.

Sarah Jessica Parker is one celebrity among many that have proven this to be true. She always had her long hair until recently when she opted for this short layered curls. Even with her obvious long face, the short layered curls give her face plenty of hair volume that balances her pointy chin. As such, you might want to follow in her shoes with this all-time cut for women.

Different Women's Haircuts #13: Beach Waves

This is a perfect long haircut style for women that are long-faced. There are different ways of going about this cut depending on the expertise of your stylist. Indians with blonde hair would particularly find awesome to rock because it adds significant volume to their overall look. 

The beach waves cut is not one that would probably lose relevance soon. It is one haircut style that can be tried out by women of all face shapes. The long wavy hair just looks good it has become Gisele’s signature cut.

Different Women's Haircuts #14: Blunt Bangs

For women that have an oblong or long face, blunt bangs would a good cut. Celebs such as Christia Alen get the cut to compensate for their facial features. What the blunt bang does is take up some portions of the facial length such that it is not very obvious.

And since it is a long haircut, the layers of hair at the two sides shade the cheekbones thereby giving a perfect coverup to the wide cheeks. The key to getting the best out of this cut is to ensure that the bang is not too heavy or short. If it is too heavy, the face can appear excessively narrow; same way, if it is too short, the length of the face cannot be effectively concealed.

All-Time Women's Haircuts #15: Major Volume Curls

With an oblong or long face, you are probably going to be looking for means to conceal your long forehead; guess what? Many women no longer bother about this feature. With major volume curls, even celebrity Tyra Banks looks great with her long forehead.

The cut massively adds volume to your hair and directs attention away from your features. The result is such that even your originally long face looks quite round with this all-time women haircut

Different Women's Haircuts #16: Blunt Cut

The blunt cut is an all-time long hairstyle cut for women that want to rock a straight look. Names such as Tyra and Christa B. Allen come to mind when considering celebrities who have rocked and are still rocking the haircut style.

You may, however, need some modifications to the blunt cut depending on how long your face is. For a very long and narrow face, you may need to make the bang heavy to balance your look. But for a moderately long face, just a light bang would do.

Different All-Time Women's Haircuts #17: Angled Bob

Angled bob is an all-time perfect cut for women who are square-faced. It improves upon the blunt cut discussed above which might just be too harsh for women with this unique facial shape. The short haircut makes your square face appear elongated thereby balancing off some excesses if any.

It is styled such that layers of hair come right down to your jawline shading off that somewhat masculine feature. This length of hair also makes your face appear longer than it is actually. Of course, that is a feature to be desired by any woman with a square face. It is good to ensure that the angled bob does not stop or end at your chin because if it ends there, your jawline would be emphasized.

Different All-Time Women's Haircuts #18: Lopsided Bob

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As a woman with a square face, one thing you would want to put in mind while searching for a signature cut is how to conceal your sharp angles. Lopsided bob is thus your savior in this regard. Check out the pictures of names such as Keira Knightley and Marion Cotillard for this wonderful hairstyle. It has been described by several other women and celebs as a great alternative to undercut.

The ease and versatility of styling is one reason you may want to check out this all-time women haircut. It is also a cut that Indians and Asian blondes can try out although they would have to avoid getting the hair resting directly on their chin. And the reason is simple; it would result in a more masculine look for a square-faced woman.

Different All-Time Women's Haircuts #19: Wavy Asy. Bob

The wavy asymmetrical bob is Rosario Dawson's faux cut and it just makes a perfect haircut for her. Although this may be her faux hair look, it's no doubt that if she decides to make it a reality, she is definitely going to be good for it.

For a square-faced woman, this cut capitalizes on your hair texture to give you a brilliantly feminine and soft outlook. It is styled such that the wave falls somewhere below your jawline and because it is usually in layers, the hair never gets bulky. And what's more? This cute short hairstyle cut is easy to maintain.

All-Time Women's Haircuts #20: Sleek Short Crop

This is one hairstyle women who are obsessed with short haircuts would find apt. Ashlee Simpson is one known figure in this regard. With her square face and fine, dark hair, the sleek short crop projects her flawless and strong jawline.

The good thing about this cut is that your natural hair is okay with it without looking for any attachment. For Indians and American women with love for a super-short hairstyle, Ashlee Simpson can be a model to look up to.

All-Time Women's Haircuts #21: Victoria's Secret Waves

What a great haircut the Victora's Secret wave is! It is a long haircut that popular names such as Lily Aldridge have mastered to enhance their square face features. With your lustrous and long hair coming down below your chin, you can pretty much create the illusion of a fantastically delicate and long face.

All-Time Women's Haircuts #22: Long Bob

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If you are among the few women who are not interested in concealing their wide square-faced features, a long bob is the signature cut you have been looking for. It's such a low-key and simple-to-maintain haircut perfectly suited for women with a square face. 

Olivia Wilde is one celebrity that has fallen in love with this cut; as such, whether you are an Indian, American, or European and you think you have a long and fine hair like Olivia Wilde, get down with long bob straight away.

All-Time Women's Haircuts #23: Heavy Fringe

Ever seen Nicole Richie lately with the heavy fringe cut? No doubts, she's completely a new person overall because of it. Capitalizing on her square-face features, Nicole Richie did her bangs so well that if you are gifted with naturally long hair like herself, you would want to go for it. The volume the cut creates allows many of her sharp angles and wide features to be effectively concealed.

All-Time Women's Haircuts #24: Long Blunt Cut

Here is another timeless long haircut style for square-faced women. Although it would naturally look well on a woman with long straight hair, with some stylings from your hairdresser, you can also rock it with your curly or wavy hair.

All-Time Women's Haircuts #25: Low Chignon

It is not always easy to have updos with a square face, but Jennifer Lawrence seems to have found a way around it with her magnificent low chignon. Despite the probability of everything going wrong with an updo on a square face, she has managed to style the hair such that the side swept bangs wrap around her forehead making it a bit narrow. It also ensures that high volume hair is found around her ears and this complements her look big time.

All-Time Women's Haircuts #26: Inverted Bob

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This haircut would be perfect if your face is triangular in shape. However, while you go for this cut, you should tell your stylist to ensure that your haircut does not get to your chin otherwise you can completely look odd with it. However, with your cut just some length above your chin, you are on your way to becoming another Chelsea Kane who has mastered this cut greatly.

All-Time Women's Haircuts #27: Modern Bouffant

A unique feature of modern bouffant is the hair volume it creates on top of its wearer. Indians and other women with an inverted triangular face would find it complementary to their facial features it makes their somewhat narrow forehead wider and also softens the wide jaw. This short haircut is also pretty easy to maintain.

All-Time Women's Haircuts #28: High Afro

Most Africans and Indians with triangular faces would find this all-time short haircut perfect for their overall look. With a high afro cut, you are actually flaunting your natural hair. It should not go below your ears and chin though, or else you might just be wearing a look you are not comfortable with. You would, however, need a great deal of maintenance to keep your high afro looking good.

All-Time Women's Haircuts #29: Curtain Bangs

Curtain bang is for women who cherish fringes but have an oval face shape. Sienna Miller is one celebrity whose pictures would serve you well in your quest to rock this trendy long hairstyle for women with an oval face. There are different ways to go about its styling and one of them is to brush the bangs to one side or if you like, wear it across your forehead.

All-Time Women's Haircuts #30: Bettie Page

This cut will do well on Indians, Chinese, and perhaps some American women with the oval face shape. With the Bettie Page, your forehead is covered with bangs and layers of long hair run down your two sides. This is one haircut you might need to follow the steps of experts such as Kristen Ritter to get how best to style it.

All-Time Women's Haircuts #31: Bombshell Waves

Now, let's say your hair is wavy and you are round-faced, one haircut that has stood the test of time and which you can bank on is the bombshell waves. Your face does not become widened and you get just the amount of volume to balance up your features.

All-Time Women's Haircuts #32: Central Part

You need long fine hair to rock this haircut. It is best suited for women with a round face. One manipulation of this style is to create some hair volume at the head crown so that rather than the face looking perfectly round, it can look a bit long and cute. Perhaps, no one does it better than Mila Kunis.

All-Time Women's Haircuts #33: The Bardot

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The Bardot is a cute updo for women with a round face and, of course, long hair. If sufficient volume is created on top of the hair, the facial features are complemented and the round face looks longer than it actually is.

Drew Barrymore is an expert with this style and you may want to check some of her pictures with it.

All-Time Women's Haircuts #34: Overgrown Fringe

Overgrown fringe is exactly what its name says. Your locks are way below your shoulder with light bangs shading your forehead. This hairstyle is very easy to maintain as you may not need more than a regular washing and combing to keep it in shape.

All-Time Women's Haircuts #35: Va Va Volume

This is Jennifer Lopez's signature cut and it is good for women with long wavy hair. It is necessary to dampen your hair before you style it as to prevent hair breakage. You can enhance the volume also by adding some layers beneath it.

On A Final Note

There you have some 35 all-time haircut styles for women. You surely have more than enough options to choose from for your signature cut. In all, remember to have a mental picture of what you want before approaching your hairstylist for any of these styles. Again, don't forget your face shape before making your choice!



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