35 Best Traditional Diamond Tattoo Designs With Meanings

Traditional diamond tattoo designs are not only beautiful but also come with a plethora of meanings. Here're some incredibly beautiful examples:

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35 Best Traditional Diamond Tattoo Designs With Meanings

Traditional diamond tattoo designs you might like

It goes without saying that diamonds are arguably the most valuable stones in the world right now. And for this very reason, it would make a whole lot of sense if anyone would prefer having diamond designs as their tattoos of choice. But just like it’s the case with all tattoos, different diamond tattoo designs may carry different personalized meanings. Without further ado, here are some of these incredibly amazing diamond tattoo designs you can use:

1. A pink glittering diamond embedded in roses

Apart from having cute and random diamond tattoos, choosing a specific design that stands out is highly encouraged, that’s beside choosing a diamond tattoo design that has a personal meaning attached to it. And in order to get that incredibly amazing diamond tattoo design inked correctly, you’ll need the services of an accomplished and experienced tattooist.

2. Multiple identical diamond tattoo designs

Want your diamond tattoo design to stand out? If yes, then how about you make the design a tad more unique by simply adding more identical diamonds. To personalize the diamond design further, you can simply use each diamond to represent either the most important people or events in your life.

3. The diamond + dreamcatcher hybrid tattoo design

Apart from being uniquely beautiful and therefore outstanding, diamond + dream catcher hybrid tattoo designs also come with a lot of personalized meanings. This hybrid diamond tattoo can also be tattooed anywhere on your body and still stand out.

4. Diamond ring tattoo

Instead of getting an expensive diamond ring, you can always get a diamond ring tattoo as you wait for the real thing. Again, you’ll have to get an incredibly gifted tattooist to work on your diamond ring tattoo especially if you are looking for the best, most attractive finish.

5. Diamond and quotes tattoo designs

In as much as traditional diamond tattoos look hella incredible on their own, adding personalized quotes will surely make them a tad more outstanding. Feel free to either add your own quotes to your diamond tattoo or you can always use the famous ones.

6. Diamond + arrow hybrid tattoo designs

In as much as diamond + arrow hybrid tattoos come in different personalized designs, they more or less end up bearing the same personalized meanings. The diamond + arrow hybrid tattoos will still maintain its attractiveness in every part of the body including the chest, arm, leg or anywhere on the torso.

7. The watercolor diamond tattoo design

The watercolor diamond tattoo design is arguably the most creative of all diamond tattoo designs featured on this list. But for your watercolor diamond to have the desired attractive qualities, both the outline as well as the colors have to be done right. And at this point, only an incredibly gifted tattooist can help you out.

8. The diamond-clover hybrid tattoo designs

If you feel lucky and at the same time hella valuable, then getting the uniquely beautiful diamond-clover hybrid tattoo would be nothing short of an incredibly thoughtful idea. If you aren’t convinced that the diamond-clover tattoo hybrid designs are flawlessly beautiful, then feel free to check out the pictures either on Instagram or Tumblr. I am confident that you’ll have your mind blown to smithereens.

9. Traditional floral diamond tattoo designs

Standalone diamond tattoos are outstanding without a doubt. But you know what’s even more outstanding? Diamond tattoo designs infused with flowers – apart from roses. To breathe life into your traditional flora diamond tattoos, you can simply ask your tattooist to make the entire design a tad bit colorful.

10. The grey, 3D traditional diamond tattoo

If you are into traditional diamond tattoo designs, then you might as well throw in a couple of dollars and have one done in 3D. This is simply because 3D traditional diamond tattoos are lifelike and therefore outstanding. 

11. The glittering diamond tattoo design

You don’t have to shade the silver color into your diamond tattoo in order to give it a little glitter. In fact, all you need is little “quotation mark” looking marks outside the outlines of your diamond design and you’re good to go.

12. The simple diamond tattoo

Sometimes, the most beautiful diamond tattoo designs happen to be extremely simple. These simple diamond tattoos can either be standalone designs or have special/meaningful quotes incorporated into diamond design giving it a much more personalized touch. 

13. The tiny geometric diamond tattoo design

Geometric diamond tattoo designs will always look good no matter where you decide to have them tattooed. I guess that’s the best thing about diamonds.

14. Traditional ring finger diamond designs

To say that traditional diamond tattoo designs are picturesque would simply be an understatement. Their undeniable beauty often lies squarely on the simplicity of their designs. The final design of the traditional diamond design can either be multicolored or just black. Either way, always expect the traditional diamond tattoo always stand out. 

15. The traditional rib diamond tattoo design

Apart from getting a diamond tattooed on your chest, wrist, arms or legs, you can stand out by simply getting a tiny one on the rib. Feel free to give your rib diamond tattoo a personalized meaning.

16. The traditional crystal diamond design

If you are looking for an incredibly beautiful diamond tattoo design, then take a peek at traditional crystal designs since you might even like it. If you like the traditional crystal diamond design, then, by all means, find an experienced artist to work on the outline as well as the shading so that you can get an incredibly magical finish to your piece.

17. The traditional diamond tattoo behind the ear

Traditional diamond tattoos not only look iconic but incredibly gorgeous behind the ear and so will your unique diamond tattoo design. If you don’t believe how iconic your unique traditional tattoo will look, then go ahead and check out the thousands of pictures on Instagram or Tumblr and get ready to fall in love.

18. The blue standalone traditional diamond tattoo

Traditional, standalone blue diamond tattoos look exceptionally good on people with a cold skin tone. This diamond design can be of any given size and can be tattooed on any part of your body.

19. The “mama diamond and her kids” tattoo designs

Instead of getting the usual, and sometimes boring, diamond tattoo designs, you can do one better and get a colorful design consisting of one big multicolored diamond surrounded by two or more little-multicolored diamonds.

20. The red, standalone diamond tattoo design

The red diamond design looks extremely good on people with warm skin tone. It can be tattooed either on your arm, shoulder or any part of the body and still look hella good. And that’s the best thing about diamonds – they don’t need outside help to shine. 

21. Diamond tattoo designs with the fingerprint effect

If you wish to be a tad creative with your diamond tattoo design, then how about giving the diamond tattoo with a fingerprint effect a try. Feel free to also give it whichever personalized meaning that you wish.

22. The winged diamond tattoo design

The winged diamond tattoo can be described best as the perfect symbol for taking flight especially toward better things in life.

23. Diamond necklace tattoo

Traditionally, the diamond necklace tattoo is used to signify a person that not only knows their worth but also isn’t afraid to show it.

24. The melting diamond tattoo

If you happen to be an artsy person with a thing for diamonds, then having the melting diamond tattooed on your chest wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all.

25. The diamond + all seeing eye hybrid tattoos

The diamond + all seeing eye hybrid tattoo symbolizes the value wisdom adds on the individual. To pull this one off, you’ll need a gifted tattooist to work on the outlines as well as the shading.

26. The flaming diamond tattoo

Flaming diamond tattoos are not only picturesque but also come with a deeper meaning, which varies from one person to the next.

27. The tiny black diamond tattoo

If you’re into cute black diamonds, then you shouldn’t mind having it as the design tattooed on your body. Black diamond tattoos are often used to signify self-worth.  

28. Diamond in the rough tattoo designs

Diamond in the rough tattoo designs happen to be self-explanatory. They also come in different designs for different people with different tastes and preferences.

29. Gun shooting diamonds tattoo designs

Sometimes your diamond tattoo doesn’t have to bear any hidden or personalized meaning for it to be fulfilling. Sometimes the creativity/industriousness that went into the design is enough to dazzle any eyeballs lucky enough to lay gaze upon it.

30. Gothic diamond tattoos

Gothic diamond tattoo meanings are usually as deep as they are beautiful. In most cases, gothic diamonds tattoos are used to warn people against judging a book by its cover.

31. Blood diamond tattoo designs

Blood diamond tattoos are best used to describe the outcome of every struggle one is presently going through.

32. The diamond enclosed heart tattoo design

A diamond enclosed heart tattoo is traditionally used to symbolize a good heart. It therefore has the same meaning as the phrase ‘having the heart of gold’.

33. The cute teddy holding a diamond tattoo design

First things first, a tattoo of a cute teddy holding a diamond is strictly reserved for girls. It also looks hella good either on the chest or shoulder.

34. Magical diamond tattoo designs

Magical diamond tattoos symbolize the value you put in the magic brought about by your unique personality. And for the umpteenth time, you’ll need a good tattooist to do both the outline and the shading correctly. 

35. White diamond tattoo on the finger

A white diamond tattoo on the finger pictures or symbolizes a person after purity and doing good simply because he/she sees a lot of value in doing so.


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In conclusion, diamond tattoos are as beautiful as they are meaningful. That said, it is always a good idea to not only look for a unique design but also one that bears personal significance/meaning to you. Finally, remember to always get in touch with an incredibly gifted tattooist to work on your piece because this is the only way you’ll get a service worth the money you are paying.



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