Best 50 Trendy Hairstyles (With Bangs) For A Round Chubby Face

Women with round or chubby faces have absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to hairstyles. This is because there're plenty of bangs that suits them.

By Auntrone89
Best 50 Trendy Hairstyles (With Bangs) For A Round Chubby Face

Types of bangs for round chubby face

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There are plenty of hairstyles that women with cute, chubby faces can rock and look effortlessly flawless. This wide variety of hairstyles for women with round faces also happen to be dependent on the length, texture and sometimes the color of a woman’s hair.

For instance, if you happen to be a chubby faced Indian woman with beautiful long hair, then there are specific hairstyles that will look extremely gorgeous on you especially if you aren’t willing to shave. Without further ado, here are 50 amazing coiffures that look hella good on women with beautiful chubby faces:

1. The bold bangs for the beautiful, chubby faced woman

Just as the name suggests, the bold bangs haircut is better suited for the chubby faced woman who is also super confident in her general appearance. Apart from hiding the obvious roundness of her chubby face, the bold bangs have an elongation effect on the woman’s face at the same time hiding her forehead. This coif looks extremely good on chubby faced women with big, beautiful eyes and long hair.

2. The Mohawk coif for women with round faces

The Mohawk hairdo not only looks incredible but also happens to be very easy to style. Despite being viewed as a predominantly tomboyish haircut, the coif has recently been donned by the rest of the feminine populace and them, needless to say, killed it altogether.

Unfortunately, the Mohawk coif can only work on women with short hair. Meaning those will long hair will have no other choice but to trim it down. If you don’t want to chop your hair, then worry not because the Mohawk is just one of countless hairstyles that look good on women with round faces.

3. The vintage “Marilyn Monroe” look

The vintage looks extremely awesome, especially on a woman with a round face and curly hair. Popularized by the iconic Marilyn Monroe, the vintage glam coiffure always adds volume to a woman’s head, making her beautiful round face look a tad smaller. If you happen to have that long Indian hair but not the curls, worry not because you can always use the normal curl activators.

4. The pixie haircut for women with chubby faces

The pixie haircut is often reserved for the beautiful, chubby faced woman with short hair and a thing for bangs. Apart from looking like a character from a mythical movie setting, the pixie will make you a tad more attractive by simply flaunting all of your beautiful facial structures. This means that the pixie will allow you to show off some beautiful jewelry including earrings, and necklaces. Lastly but not least, the pixie hairstyle is also very easy to maintain.

5. Light jagged bangs for cute women with round faces

Women with cute and round faces look flawlessly gorgeous in the light jagged bangs hairstyle and this is why; Apart from being easy to maintain, the light jagged bangs hairdo is best suited for redheads with a wild side. To achieve this cute hairdo, the redhead will only be required to give her hair little shaggy edges and they are good to go. A little bit of styling would also do her some good.

6. The elegant side bangs for women with round faces

This coif looks very good on women with chubby faces and big foreheads. This is simply because the side-swept hair will cover most of the forehead, bringing all the attention to her big, beautiful eyes. The bangs are also very easy to maintain, hence making this haircut perfect for the busy woman.

7. The dazzling center part bangs for women with chubby faces

Very few things can make a woman with a beautiful chubby face feel like a real-life Disney princess. One of these things is none other than a nicely done center part coiffure. And for her to successfully pull this look off, she’ll need to, first of all, have that naturally long hair. The naturally long hair will then be split in the middle of her head, allowing the voluminous curly layers to fall freely on either side of her head.

8. The loose ponytail + bangs coif for chubby faces

As earlier mentioned, hairstyles involving bangs almost always look good on women with cute, round faces; the loose ponytail haircut being one of them. Again, this gorgeous look is best left for the woman with a round face and long hair. To achieve it, you’ll start by tying a loose ponytail at the back of your head before leaving loosely hanging tendrils on either side of your head.

9. The side-twisted curly hair bangs

If you happen to love your long hair so much that you can’t bear the thought of getting a haircut, then you can always try the iconic side-twisted curly hair bangs and get your mind blown to smithereens. Apart from adding enough curly volume on your head to effectively make your round face look a tad smaller, the faux cornrows on one side have a way of making you look much younger and ravishing, to some extent.

10. The pulled back bangs for women with chubby faces

The pulled back bangs is a coif that is strictly reserved for cute, chubby faced women with long hair. Achieving this look is quite easy. All you need is pulling your hair back before tying it at the back of her head. You’ll then leave strands of your curly hair free falling on either the side of your head in a bid to achieve the elongation effect on your face. Women who rock the pulled back bangs often end up looking much younger than their actual age.

11. The royal half updo bangs for women with round faces

This rather tasteful hairstyle looks effortlessly good on just about any woman with a chubby face irrespective of whether she is Indian, African or Caucasian. To achieve this look, you’ll begin by combing a huge volume of hair at the top while leaving a few strands of hair to fall freely on either side of that beautiful round face, elongating your face in the process.

12. The wavy boho bangs for women with chubby faces

If you have a thing for wavy and bouncy bangs, then the wavy boho bangs hairstyle should definitely be your next hairdo. Again, if you’re to successfully pull this look off, you’ll first of all need that long hair.  You’ll also need a nice paddle brush as well as heat protection serum among other important ingredients.

13. The waterfall twist coiffure

Just as the name suggests, the waterfall twist coiffure will allow your long and curly hair to fall freely down your beautiful round face all the way to the shoulders. One side of your voluminous hair will then be tacked behind the ear, revealing your amazing cheekbone, ears as well as other attractive facial structures. You can use a good volumizing mousse to give your hair the desired volume.

14. The long and luscious bangs for round faces

The long and luscious bangs coif add volume to the round, chubby face hence making it look smaller than usual. Any woman with long, curly hair can achieve this look by simply braiding her huge volume of curly hair from the back before allowing it to rest on one side of her head and shoulder. Note that the braids are loosely done in order to allow a huge volume of hair on your head.

15. The tight curls + fringes + bangs coif

Women with round faces can always enjoy the tight curls + fringes + bangs hairstyle as long as they have long hair. The magic in this coif lies in the plausible bounciness of the hair which will effortlessly take the attention away from the woman’s round face. The fringe, on the other hand, will effectively cover her forehead hence bringing all the attention to her beautiful eyes.

16. The classic bond girl side part coiffure

Any woman with a cute, round face can never go wrong with the classic bond girl side part hairstyle. This is simply because this coiffure does a great job flaunting her amazing facial structures while giving her face a touch of asymmetry.

17. The lovely layers + bangs coiffure for women

The lovely layers + bangs haircut is best left for women with long curly hair and round faces. Apart from its undeniable elegance, the lovely layers + bangs hairdo effectively adverts the attention from the roundness of the woman’s face by simply making her head look smaller under the voluminous layers of hair.

18. The milkmaid braid for women with round faces

The milkmaid braid is yet another incredibly hot coif that women with round faces and beautiful long hair can experiment on. In order to successfully pull off this look, you’ll be required to, first of all, learn how to braid your hair before “flipping” it over and across your head. As far as the ingredients go, you’ll need some texturizing spray and some U-pins to hold the braids over your head.

19. The badass bob + straight bangs

It goes without saying that women with straight, medium-sized hair look good in this particular coiffure. This is simply because it has that unmistaken professional look which explains why it is an all-time favorite for most corporate, round-faced women. Thankfully, the badass bob + straight bangs coif is not only easy to maintain but also has that cool, incredibly formal look with a light Indian touch.

20. The twisted ponytail for women with round faces

While still on that ‘bangs look cute on women with round faces’ tip, always feel free to try out the twisted ponytail today and start enjoying its plausible magic in stressing your overall sexiness. Unfortunately, this hairstyle is only reserved for women with round faces and long hair as it involves a loose ponytail on one side complete with a frontal fringe to cover the forehead. 

21. The cute, short-sized blonde bob haircut

The cute, short-sized blonde bob is without a doubt the perfect haircut for women with beautiful, round faces mainly because of its astounding ability to divert attention from the roundedness of the wearer’s face. Apart from being cute, and it is so in every sense of the word, this haircut needs very little as far as daily maintenance is concerned.

22. The high ponytail coiffure

Simply put, the ponytail coiffure is often reserved for the woman with a beautiful chubby face who wishes to relive her teen years. The hairstyle also looks incredible for women with long, wavy hair simply because the desired look has to be voluminous. This coiffure, especially if done properly, is not only beautiful but also quite easy to maintain.

23. Thick bangs for thick haired women with round faces

The swoopy and curly nature of the bangs is supposed to cover most of a woman’s chubby face, making it look smaller than its usual size. Apart from the obvious fact that the coif is super easy to style and maintain, its thick bangs are lightweight and therefore very convenient for the wearer.

24. The curly side bangs hairstyle for women with round faces

All women with beautiful round faces ought to try the curled side bangs hairstyle out at least once in their lifetime, and it is so with good reason. This coif is not only sexy but also leaves a lot of room for personalization/customization. The asymmetry in particular often gives the wearer’s head a unique shape as well as style. The unique style is often achieved by texturing the longer side while the shorter side is either smoothened or straightened.

25. The straight + sleek bangs haircut

The straight + sleek bangs haircut is also another favorite coif for the corporate or white-collar woman. If coiffured properly, the bangs will end up hugging out the roundedness of a woman’s face, making it look thinner and, at the same time, a much more elegant look.

26. Copper bangs for the cute diva with a round face

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The copper bangs haircuts have dominated the big screen for decades and from the look of things, the streak is likely to continue for more decades to come. So, what makes this particular coif outstanding? Well, the secret lies in its unique layering and trimming of the wearer’s long hair which adds more volume to the wearer’s round face before its dyed copper.

27. Colorful heavy bangs for women with round faces

Coloring – a rather simple technique that saves coiffures from being dismissed as either boring or too mainstream. In other words, always feel free to dye your bangs pink, like the scene girl option, or make it Indian or multicolored. In summary, your choice of hair dye depends entirely on whatever tickles your fancy.

28. The smoky long bangs for women with round faces

The smoky long bangs hairstyle is indeed a beautiful coif only reserved for women with long hair and beautiful round faces. If done correctly, this coif should have layers of straightened hair hugging your chubby cheeks hence making them look much smaller than usual. Women who wear this coiffure always look mysterious and drop-dead gorgeous.

29. The Kendal Jenner high bun coiffure

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The high bun coiffure was popularized by Socialite Kendal Jenner. And as soon as she rocked and killed it on the red carpet, the coif went viral. The choppy bangs from the high bun coif effectively conceal the chubby cheeks as well as forehead, making the entire face look small and less rounded. The bun also does an exquisite job elongating the face.

30. The A-Line hairstyle for rounded faces

Any beautiful woman with a chubby face can always count on the A-Line hairstyle to effortlessly lure her inner elegance out. And to achieve this look perfectly, you’ll start by splitting your straightened hair into two layers. You’ll then proceed to skillfully trim it on the edges, from the back all the way to the pointy fronts.

31. The wispy fringe + bouffant haircut for chubby faces

This coiffure is perfect for both straightened and curly hair. Meaning as long as you have a cute, chubby face, then this coif will without a doubt end up looking good on you. The only thing you’ll be required to do is ensuring that the textures are effortlessly blending to avoid looking like a disaster waiting to happen.

32. The U-shaped bangs for women with chubby faces

The U-shaped bangs hairstyle is one of those chick hairdos mostly reserved for girls with extremely cute faces. This is because the U-shaped bangs do a remarkable job bringing all the focus on the pretty face by simply covering everything else; from the ears, all the way to the forehead. The wearer of this superbly done coif can tweak things up a notch by simply angling the front piece asymmetrically.

33. The elegantly stripped swoopy bangs

This elegant haircut involves a well-balanced mixture of chocolate and caramel bangs hugging the round face as lovingly as any bang is supposed to, metaphorically speaking. If done correctly, this extremely attractive and curly hairdo is supposed to cover both the forehead and the ears hence bringing all the focus to the cute, chubby face. If you happen to have the long, beautiful Indian hair, worry not because it’s nothing that a good curl activator can’t fix.

34. The adorably blunt bangs + bob coiffure

If you aren’t a big fan of long hair, then the blunt bangs hairstyle might be the perfect coiffure for you. Feel free to throw a bob into the mix simply because blunt bangs alone don’t usually look that good on women round faces.

35. Perfectly straightened bangs for cute chubby faces

If you have long, Indian hair but still want to try out the perfectly straightened bangs coiffure, then your first order of business will be to trim it down a little. You can then proceed to add edgy waves in a bid to increase sharpness to your look without adding any volume to it. The sharp edges are very important simply because they do have an effective way of reducing the roundness of any woman’s face.

36. The futuristic fringe

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The futuristic fringe happens to be a tad effective in making a chubby face appear a tad slimmer by simply allowing the bangs to wrap around the chubby face. This coif also makes sure that the wearer’s forehead is effectively covered which is an additional advantage especially if she has a huge one.

37. The arched bangs haircut

The arched bangs hairstyles are best left for women with round faces and huge foreheads they very much wish to conceal. Arched bangs happen to be thick, meaning that the wearer will have to learn how to correctly balance full bangs to avoid getting it all wrong.

38. The creatively cropped bangs for chubby faces

If you have a chubby face and want to try out the hipster look, then you should definitely try the creatively cropped bangs. Feel free to add long tendrils on either side of your face for the creatively cropped bangs to look a tad bit more attractive.

39. The mature-looking, side-layered bangs

Just like the name suggests, the mature-looking, side-layered hairdo is strictly reserved for much older women with beautiful, chubby faces. Apart from its signature volume – enough to literally drown the roundedness of the wearer’s chubby face – this coif is also famous for its astounding color.

In addition to the bold color, the layered style also works for much older women especially since they have neither the time nor the energy to work on thinning strands like they did when they were much younger.

40. The eyebrow skimming bangs coifs

The eyebrow skimming bangs are one of the many hairstyles women often use to elongate their round faces. This is simply because the wispy bangs on this coif are usually effective in taking away the attention from the face which in turn helps in the elongation effect on her chubby face.

41. The curled bob for women with chubby faces

What makes the curled bob haircut perfect for women with chubby faces is the harmony between the blonde highlights and the bouncy curls. And because of being easy to style and maintain, the curled bob is often reserved for women who are professional, highly social and too darn sexy.

42. The short and rounded bangs

Unfortunately, this rather lively coiffure can’t work for women with long hair unless they are willing to trim it off. To achieve this look, you’ll start by trimming your hair right below your ears before adding pastel dip dye to the resulting crimpy waves. You’ll then finish off by rounding the bangs in a bid to bring harmony between the waves and the crimps.

43. Punky blunt bangs

Thankfully, one doesn’t need to have the long, straight Indian hair in order to don the punky blunt bangs coiffure. The punky blunt bangs can also be straightened in a bid to make them look a tad bit more sleek and attractive. Just remember that punky blunt bangs require regular moisturizing and nourishing.

44. The unique horizontal bangs

The best thing about the unique horizontal bangs is that you can have them in any style you choose without running the risk of looking awkward. And despite not considered as the best hair option for the round-faced woman, the unique horizontal bangs always look like a million bucks especially with a little balancing here and some tweaking there. For instance, anyone can attain this balance by simply blending black and blue colors – or any other colors that complement each other quite well.

45. The light jagged bangs hairstyle

The light jagged bangs look extremely good on any woman with a round face, and mostly the redheads. Apart from that, this hairdo will also open up quite a number of options for the woman who chooses to do it. It’s, therefore, a good idea for you to style or wear it however you please.

46. The flirty tousled side bangs for chubby faces

The flirty tousled side bangs are best left for women with chubby faces and playful personalities. Apart from looking incredibly good on them, this hairstyle is very easy to maintain and will definitely increase your overall sex appeal. The flirty tousled side bangs haircut also leaves a lot of room for experimentation meaning it can be personalized to whichever style one pleases.

47. The long side-swept feathered bangs for chubby faces

Again, you don’t need long, Indian hair for this incredibly gorgeous look. You’ll start by mixing your short, black hair with grey highlights before carefully side-swiping the long, front piece over your forehead. Doing this will ensure that all the attention will automatically shift from your round face to your immaculately done hair.

48. The candy-colored asymmetrical bangs

The candy-colored asymmetrical bangs coiffure is only been possible for women with that long, Indian-looking hair. To successfully pull this look off, you’ll be required to strike the perfect mixture of soft curls and wispy bangs. If you do this perfectly, the candy-colored asymmetrical bangs will effectively take away the attention from the roundness of your head.

49. The minimalistic side bangs

If you’re looking to add some depth on your naturally dark hair, then you’ll need to try the minimalistic side bangs coif. Apart from being the perfect coif for your round face, the minimalistic side bangs will also brighten your black hair hence stealing the attention from your round face. This hairdo is also perfect and unique in the sense that it achieves the cool tones instead of the usual, and to some extent, boring warm shades.

50. The accurately trimmed bangs

The best thing about the accurately trimmed bangs hairstyle is that you can tweak it in any way you wish and still look like a million bucks. The coif also looks perfect on any woman irrespective of her race. Therefore, whether you are African, Indian, or Chinese, feel free to not only wear this look but also own it.


As mentioned many times before, there’re literally hundreds of appropriate hairstyles for women with chubby faces. And while some are meant for chubby women with curly hair, many others are meant for women with chubby faces and long straightened, Indian-looking hair. Therefore, taking note of the coifs meant for your hair type is very important.

The same also applies when it comes to the length and texture of the hair. Some coifs such as the pixie can only work on short hair while others can only work on long hair. And still, on the comparisons, some hairdos for chubby-faced women are easy to maintain while others take a lot of time and effort to maintain.

In summary, a lot of research has to go into finding the hairstyle, or hairstyles, best suited for your beautiful round face. Meaning that if you can’t do this alone, then don’t hesitate to ask your hairdresser or experienced friends for assistance. 



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