25 Most Beautiful & Easy Hairstyles For Any Occasions

Making a statement at an event or occasion doesn't need expensive hairdressing appointments. Here are 25 easy braided updos you can explore and enjoy:

By Auntrone89
25 Most Beautiful & Easy Hairstyles For Any Occasions

25 easy braided updos you can do at home

Braided updos are not only a tad easier to coif but also don’t require a lot of attention as far as their maintenance is concerned. In addition to that, there’s always a handful of braided hairstyles from any occasion; from those befitting serious board meetings, all the way to those that are perfect for a casual afternoon at the beach.

It, therefore, goes without saying that it is indeed very important for every woman to have at least three or more braid updo coifs up her sleeves, including one specifically reserved for the rainy days when she has no time to do her hair.

Apart from being extremely easy to do, braided hairstyles will look good on just about any woman irrespective of the shape of her face or head. The only thing she’ll need is a reasonable length of hair and she’s good to go. Without further ado, here are 25 easy braided updos any woman can learn and therefore coif on her own:

1. The easy half-up pony + fishtail braided updos

The rather famous half-up pony + fishtail braided updo is perfect for women with both medium and long hair. Thankfully, this type of braids is not only easy to achieve but also happens to be perfect for just about any informal occasion i.e. a lazy afternoon on the beach with friends and family.

To achieve this incredibly cute look on your medium-length or long hair, you’ll start by braiding two long strands of hair from either side of your head. Once you’ve done that, your next order of business would be crossing the nicely done braids at the back of your head in a bid to achieve the final, gorgeous crisscross fishtails. Thankfully, this updo looks incredibly good on both straightened and curly hair.

2. The imperfect Dutch pigtail braided updos

The imperfectly Dutch pigtail braided updos are, more often than not, reserved for women with long, beautiful hair. The perfection in this braided updo lies in its imperfection, which is more or less responsible for the distinct air of mystery floating over the lucky woman donning this coiffure to a party. Thankfully, pulling this hairdo off is quite easy especially for the woman with long, blonde hair.

She’ll, first of all, begin by braiding her hair imperfectly from either side of her head. Once she’s done with the imperfect, loosely coiffured braids, she’ll then proceed to the next step which involves pretty much pulling some wisps out. If done correctly, this procedure will result in that cool, sexy appeal that is mostly associated with the imperfect Dutch pigtail braided hairstyle.

3. The quick four strand side braided updos

The quick four strand side braided updo only works best on women with either medium or long, straightened hair. And even though the coif has been traditionally reserved for women with nice, blonde hair, the recent times have seen many women with naturally black hair experimenting. And to the surprise of the populace, they’ve ended up looking incredibly hot in the quick four strand side braided coiffures.

The best thing about the quick four strand side braids hairdo is that it’s not only breathtaking but also leaves a lot of room customization/personalization. Meaning that you’re always free to add a string of pearls, ribbons, beads, chains or any other decoration that comes to mind.

4. The easy-to-do Dutch Mohawk braided updo

The easy-to-do Dutch Mohawk braided updo is one of those bold hairstyles best left for women with long and thick hair. To achieve this incredibly intrepid and sexy look, you’ll start by working on a huge braid on top of your head; starting from the front all the way to the back.

And as you’re doing this, always remember to curve the braids to one side right before finishing it on the other end. This way, the hair on the sides will end up appearing a tad smaller while increasing the volume of the long, thick braid on top of your head. If you do this right, the end result should look like a really badass braided Mohawk without the need to shave.

5. The easy French twist + accent overlay braided updo

In as much as the easy-to-do French twist + accent overlay braided updo may look a little complicated, it is without a doubt one of the easiest braids to pull off. This fact makes it the perfect example of the dictum, ‘looks can be deceiving’. For any short-haired woman to don this incredibly cute look, she’ll either have to grow her hair to either medium/long length or even better, consider hair extensions.

After that, she’ll proceed to braid her hair in two separate perfect parts. Once they’re perfectly braided, she’ll finish it off by clipping the two braids right above the ear, giving it that professional and at the same time cute finish. This updo can be conjured in less than 10 minutes. 

6. The delectable, easy-to-do fishtail braided updo

The main reason why the fishtail braided updo is extremely popular is simply that of one thing - functionality. Simply put, a woman rocking this chic coiffure will easily walk from a board meeting right into the nearest bistro for happy hour with her colleagues before heading home.

To achieve the fishtail braided updo, a woman will be required to first and foremost, have that long, straightened hair. And just because the fishtail braided updo appears a tad complicated for beginners, it’s a skill that can be mastered with a lot of practice as well as dedication. And in time, one can have it done in less than ten minutes.

7. The cute Dutch fishtail updo

This rather modish coiffure “borrows” a few pointers from the braided Mohawk hairstyle but it’s the unique tweak at the end that takes it to a totally different route. As a matter of fact, it is this unique curving at the end is what makes this Mohawk + fishtail hybrid braids special. This hairdo is also an amazing choice for women with medium to long curly hair who want something different for a change.

The tail end of the braided updo will then be pinned up using clips in a bid to achieve some considerable volume at the back of the woman’s head. This explains why this coiffure is popular among women who want to reduce the size of their heads. Therefore, one should always remember to leave the braids a bit loose so as to give it the desired laid back and beautiful look.

8. The messy, easy-to-do Dutch crown braided updos

The messy Dutch crown is without a doubt one of the most elegant braided updos that any girl can do and have her overall beauty accentuated in a matter of minutes. And apart from their obvious flattering appearance, the messy Dutch crowns are actually very easy to achieve.

It all starts by simply braiding two parallel pigtails which will eventually be wrapped around the head right next to each other. And even though the coif seems to be one of those styles predominantly reserved for blondes, the coif can also look good on women with black.

9. The formal braided updos

The formal braided updo is not only easy to coiffure but also has this impressively professional look.  The latter quite explains why the hairdo is among the top choices, especially for the white-collar women. And the beauty of donning the formal braided updo is that it only takes a couple of minutes to prepare.

To achieve this cute, and at the same time formal, braided updo, you’ll start by doing the low horizontal Dutch braid which, in my opinion, is the easy part.

In layman’s terms, you’ll be expected to start the Dutch braid from one side of your head, finishing it on the other. Making sure that the braided updo is going all the way across the nape is what makes the look nothing short of outstanding. The formal braided updo is often reserved for women with medium length hair to back up their attitude.

10. The loose, easy-to-do braided updo

Apart from oozing with effortless elegance, the loose, easy-to-do braided updo is also easy to achieve especially for women with naturally long hair. The sex appeal brought about by this coif is in the loose softness. Also, the coifs volume effectively takes away the attention from the wearer’s face.

This coif will also allow the woman donning it the opportunity to flaunt her beautiful earrings, necklaces and so forth – and that’s beside looking like a million bucks. For this very reason, the loosely braided updo is without a doubt perfect for social functions including weddings and parties.

11. The easy-to-coiffure wired braided updo

The beauty about braided hair updos lies in the wearer’s ability to tweak it in whichever direction they feel like. One of these unique, but undeniably cute, coiffures is the easy-to-do wired braided updo. Unfortunately, the only women who can successfully pull this look off are those with naturally long hair.

To achieve this rather casual hairstyle, you’ll start by braiding a low ponytail which will then be tied in three different places with shiny wires or strings – or whatever floats your boat.

Note that the low ponytail should only be braided after a generous volume of hair is allowed to rest on the wearer’s head. This is simply because the sexiness of this coiffure lays squarely on the looseness of the hair strands.

12. The cute pull-out braided updos

This hairdo is strictly reserved for girls with that long, naturally beautiful hair. Meaning that if your hair is of medium length but you still insist on donning the cute, pull-out braided updo, then adding extensions on your hair wouldn’t be such a bad idea since the results will still be incredibly hot.

To achieve this coif, you’ll start by tying a low ponytail which will then be braided in uniform but reckless patterns. If done properly, the pull-out braided hairdo will always end up looking like a million bucks. Thankfully, this coiffure looks good on all types of long hair including black, blonde, red hair and so on.

13. The soft & elegant braided updo

Just as the name suggests, the soft & elegant braided coif is the perfect look for women with long, thin and naturally straight hair. This is simply because long, thin and naturally strong hair is easy to style, meaning that the coif will without a doubt be whipped up in a matter of minutes. To attain the perfect look, the soft & elegant braids are often coifed with medium tension before being loosened in the very end.

14. The messy French braid + bun coiffure

The messy French braid + bun coiffure is not only cute but also leaves room for other beautiful and shiny accessories such as metal clips to be thrown into the mix. And whenever you decide to color your hair before braiding it, always be careful to take the natural tone of your hair into consideration. For instance, if your hair has a warm tone, then dying it either gold or copper should do the trick.

15. The chunky messy braided pony

As far as braided updos are concerned, sometimes messy is always the best option. And this explains why the chunky messy braided pony coiffure has been gaining a lot of popularity in the recent past. This coiffure is perfect for women with medium to long hair length.

And apart from being extremely cute, the chunky messy braided pony is also very easy to coif and if done correctly, it’ll do a tremendously good job bringing out your general sexiness.

Another reason to consider this hairdo is that it can be taken apart and customized for more informal occasions with ease. The chunky messy braided pony is also very easy to maintain and only needs a couple of minutes in front of the mirror and you’re good to go.

16. The sophisticated Dutch + fishtail braids

What makes this “easy to do but sophisticated look” hairstyle an all-time favorite for many women is one simple aspect - its creative outlook. In layman’s terms, the coif can be described as a Dutch fishtail braid – Dutch braid hybrid. You’ll need a little training especially if you’re an amateur but once you get it right, you’ll enjoy coiffuring it every chance you get.

17. The braided bangs + high bun coiffure

To achieve this incredibly cute hairdo, you’ll start off by simply braiding your hair into a curve on top of your head. You’ll then pull the rest of your hair tightly to the back of your head where you’ll tie it into a high bun. 

18. The side braids + bun hairstyle

Apart from being super easy to do, the side braids + bun hairstyle also happens to be a personal favorite for so many women for another totally good reason – accentuation of beauty. First and foremost, the side braids + high bun coiffure, if done properly, will effectively take away the attention from your face hence accentuating your beauty effectively.

19. The topsy fishtail braid

This angelic updo is often reserved for women with long, beautiful hair. And to achieve this incredibly hot look, you’ll start off by making a nice and long ponytail using the careful and smooth pull through technique. You’ll then make small and clear fishtail-style braids in a bid to secure the entire coiffure while at the same time remaining partially inconspicuous.

20. The easily braided updos with bangs

The easily braided updos with bangs look extremely sexy on women with short to medium length hair. Another reason this coiffure is perfect for women who are still growing their hair is that the bangs can be a tad tricky to hide hence the braids on the edges. Apart from using the braids to cleverly hide the growing, unattractive bangs, they also do such an amazing job accentuating the wearer’s overall sexiness.

Another reason to have the easily braided updos with bangs is simply that it can accommodate different hair dyes. And speaking of hair dyes, it’s important for you to pick one that not only looks great on you but also complements your skin tone.

21. The lacy braids with curls

The superbly elegant lacy braids with curls is a coiffure best left for women with beautifully long and curly hair. Apart from its plausible elegance, this hairstyle is also perfect for showing off your long, curly locks gloriously flowing down your back whenever you walk down a street or hallway, making you a tad more attractive.

To achieve this undeniably beautiful look, you’ll basically have to start with two Dutch braids on either side of your head right before adjoining them at the back.

22. The halo braids coiffure

The halo braids are so amazing because, apart from being extremely easy to do, it’s the perfect coif for both formal and informal occasions. The coiffure also looks breathtaking and can be donned by women with either medium-length hair and long hair.

23. The braided coif with chignon hairdos

To achieve this dreamy look, you’ll start off by dividing the front section of your hair into two parts. You’ll then proceed with braiding them right before you clip them in position. Your next order of business will be tying up the rest of your hair into a low hanging bun at the back of your head. If done correctly, the braided coif with chignon hairstyle will always be a topic of conversation each and every time you meet up with people.

24. The braided top knot coiffure

The braided top knot coif is often donned by top-tier ballerinas and this is simply because the hairstyle oozes with nothing but elegance. To achieve this look, you’ll first of all start by tying a perfect ponytail which will later be braided. After the braiding, you’ll tie the ponytail into a bun - or top knot -  to complete the charm.

25. The simply twisted braided updo

The simply twisted braided updo is the perfect coiffure for informal dates simply because of that “chic” element the coiffure somewhat promotes. Despite looking extremely good on women with medium to long hair, the coiffure will always look better on women with naturally long and straightened hair.

And that’s irrespective of whether it’s black, blonde or red hair. To achieve this incredibly hot and informal hairdo, you’ll start by braiding your hair from the sides right before joining them at the back of the head.

You’ll then finish things off by joining the braids as a single, braided ponytail. Thankfully, the twist braided updo is one of those cute hairstyles that only takes a couple of minutes to whip up especially if you already know how to go about it.


The good thing about all the above-mentioned braided updos or hairstyles is that they are very easy to coiffure. And even though some of them may appear a tad complicated at first, you’ll always find them easy especially after giving it time and practicing on a regular basis.

Also, most of these braided updos require women to have either medium or long hair lengths in order to look extremely immaculate in them. Therefore, the women with short hair who still want to try out these incredibly hot braided coiffures should consider getting hair extensions before proceeding with the braiding.

Thankfully, all women look extremely good with braided updos irrespective of whether they have black, blonde or red hair. It’s therefore important for every woman to learn how to do the styles they like and say goodbye to the days of spending a lot of time and money on their hair.