60 Simple & Casual Easy Updos For Long Hair You Should Know

Women with long hair often have an advantage as far as easy casual updos are concerned. This is simply because there're many options for them to choose from.

By Auntrone89
60 Simple & Casual Easy Updos For Long Hair You Should Know

60 easy casual updos for women with long hair

Women with long and beautiful hair often find it easy choosing their favorite hairstyles simply because there’re so many hairdos that they can choose from. And apart from having plenty of hairstyles as options, women with long beautiful are highly likely to look extremely hot with hair accessories such as stylish hair clips as well as colorful hair ribbons. Without further ado, here are 60 easy casual updos/hairdos for women with long beautiful hair:

1. The casual dressed up beachy waves hairstyle

Another extremely beautiful and casual hairstyle for women with long hair is the dressed up beachy waves hairdo. What makes this hairdo outstanding is the polished effect it has on the wearer’s hair after it's been finished. On top of the hairdo’s ‘too hard-to-not-notice glitter’, the casual dressed up beachy waves hairdo can be coiffured in a matter of minutes especially if you’ve mastered the skill.

2. The big blonde curls updos/hairdos for long hair

The big blonde curls updos/hairdos are often reserved for women with long, blonde and naturally curly hair. Apart from adding the much-needed volume to your blowout hair, the big blonde curls hairdo also blends in quite well with different accessories such as tiaras or headbands.

3. The sleek red waves updos/hairdos for long hair

Most women with long hair choose to wear the sleek red waves updos/hairdos is simply because it’s a classic hairdo which makes it incredibly hot. The thing about classic hairdos especially for women with long, elegant hair is that they’ll never go out of style. In addition to this, the attractive and unique hue of this hairdo coupled with the extremely gorgeous curls is likely to make you a tad more irresistible.

4. The naturally casual waves hairdo for long hair

Sometimes, the best hairstyles are often the ones you’re born with. Meaning that if your hair is naturally long and curly, then trying a center part before allowing your long, curly hair to flow down your shoulders as freely and as naturally as possible. If you don’t believe just how hot this hairdo is, feel free to check out Drew Barrymore’s Instagram and get your mind blown away.

5. The soft definition updos/hairdos for long hair

Apart from being an extremely easy to do hairdo, the soft definition updos are often used as a quick fix for women with long hair but lack either the time or the interest to spend hours coiffuring it. This hairdo only takes a few minutes to coif and spruce up before going about your business.

The magic in this gorgeous hairstyle for women with long hair lies in the loosely-curled ends. And that’s why top-tier actresses like Jennifer Garner love rocking this hairdo on the red carpet.

6. The casual ombre tendril hairdos for long hair

The casual ombre tendrils hairdo looks perfect on women with both medium-length hair as well as long hair. To attain this simple but extremely beautiful hairstyle, you’ll begin by separating your hair from the center of your head. You’ll then allow the layers of hair to fall freely to your shoulders in tendril fashion. You can do one better by adding subtly gradient hair colors to complete the charm that this hairdo is known for.

7. The easy half-up messy bun hairstyle for long hair

The half-up messy bun hairstyle is, more often than not, reserved for women with considerably long hair lengths. Another reason why this amazing hair coiffure is popular among women with long hair is simply that it’s incredibly effective in keeping the long, sometimes annoying, strands of hair from your face especially on a windy day.

8. The long and stick straight hairdo for long hair

The long and stick straight hairdo is another classic hairstyle that’s not only easy to pull off but also bring out the wearer’s personality in the best way possible. Thankfully, achieving the classic 1970s hairdos is quite easy as all you’ll need is “center parting” your long and straightened hair and you are good to go.

9. The casual, sleek and deeply parted hairdo for long hair

This rather casual hairdo is seemingly perfect for women with long, elegant hair partly because of how versatile the hairdo can be. The versatility of this sleek hairdo lies in the hairdo’s long layers. This simply means you can pretty much wear or tweak the layers of hair the way you wish without the fear of going overboard.

10. The side swept hairstyle for long hair

Side swept hair updos are best left for gorgeous women with long hair and a thing a thing for elegance. This elegant hairdo’s magic bullet is in the asymmetry which not only adds the sparkle to the coif but also adds a lot of volume on your head.

11. The easy blended-in bangs hairstyles for long hair

Another incredibly breathtaking hairdo for women with long hair is none other than the blended-in bangs hairstyle. Apart from having elongation effect on your beautiful face, the easy blended-in bangs hairdo also brings a lot of harmony between the tone of your hair and the tone of your skin. This explains why Heidi Klum loves donning this gorgeous hairstyle and needless to say, looks perfect in it.

12. The casual mega curls updos/hairdos for long hair

The casual mega curls hairstyles look unmistakably hot especially on any woman with naturally curly hair simply because it’s an au naturel hair coiffure. Apart from having that desirably natural mop kinky hair, you’ll also be required to use conditioning form to give you the required volume of hair.

13. The easy “half up - half down” hairdo for long hair

The easy “half up-half down” hairdo is not only the perfect hairdo for women with long hair but also the perfect quick fix especially if you don’t have that “hair care” time. This hairstyle is also perfect when it comes to framing your face effectively, bringing all the attention to your beautiful facial features i.e. lips, nose, eyes etc.

14. The casual, wet-look wavy updos for long hair

The casual “wet-look” hairdo looks extremely good on long, black hair. With everything else pulled back, this elegant hairdo is, therefore, the perfect if your ultimate goal is making your striking facial structures pop. The casual “wet-look” hairdo also works on medium-length hair.

Unfortunately, it won’t look as good as it would on long hair. If done properly, this coiffure will automatically accentuate your beauty. It’s no wonder socialite Kim Kardashian keeps recycling this incredibly sexy hairdo and quite frankly, we can’t blame her.

15. The easy “flipped away from the face” hairdo

If not “tamed” the right way, your long hair can sometimes be a nuisance on your face. Therefore, to make sure that your long hair strands are always in check, try the easy “flipped away from the face” hairdo and start enjoying its plethora of benefits one of them being convenience. The latter explains why the “flipped away from the face” hair coif is among Cindy Crawford’s all-time favorite hairdos.

16. The easy & casual blunt bangs updos for long hair

Another easy hairstyle meant for long hair is none other than the casual blunt bangs updos. Apart from the extremely charming bangs over the forehead and making the charm complete, the hair flowing over the sides of the coif effectively frames your face effectively while using the layers of your hair to accentuate your natural beauty.

17. The casual, side-parted waves for long hair

A smart hairdresser once said that experimenting with your hair has never hurt anyone! That said, trying out the casual, side-parted waves hairdo wouldn’t be such a bad idea especially if you have that long, beautiful hair. This hairdo also looks better on women with perfectly curly hair. Thankfully, you can always use curl activators on your hair in the event that your hair is naturally straight.

18. Highlights + bangs hairstyles for long hair

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If you ever find yourself stuck on what to do with your hair this coming summer, then I suggest you try out the highlights + bangs updo/hairdo. Apart from making your hair a tad more beautiful, the highlights + bangs hairstyle will not only complement your skin tone and outfits but do so flawlessly.

19. The casual beachy “behind-the-ears” waves hairstyles

Women with long and naturally curly hair can enjoy this hairstyle without putting way too much effort into it. To achieve this perfectly dreamy hairdo, you’ll be required to first of all air-dry your long hair curls right before parting them from the center. You’ll then keep the shallow side tucked behind the hair to complete the charm. This breathtaking hairdo is perfect for showing off your beautiful earrings.

20. The polished messy hairdo for long hair

The polished messy hairdo is not only perfect for “feminizing” women but also helps in making your hair healthier and for that matter, a tad bit more attractive. To pull this hairstyle off, you’ll start by washing your long hair with some smoothening hair cream and a good hair multi-tasking hair-styler before using a hairdryer to finish things off.

21. The side-swept hairdo for long hair with volume

The side-swept hairdo is perfect for women especially those with long and naturally thick hair. Apart from being easy and quick to whip up, the side-swept hairdo is highly unlikely to ever go out of style. In addition to that, this hairdo also happens to be perfect for both formal and informal occasions which is quite convenient.

22. Pretty side bangs hairstyles for long hair

If you’ve ever wanted your hair to look like Kristen Bell’s, then learning how to work those side bangs the right way might get you a step closer towards that particular goal. This hairstyle is perfect for women who are specifically conscious about their big foreheads as it covers a huge chunk of it. Thankfully, pretty side bangs hairstyles also look good on women with medium-length hair.

23. The loose and flowing hairstyles for long hair

Loose and flowing hairstyles are best left for women with long, beautiful hair – or of any considerable length to say the least. To achieve this flattering hairdo, you’ll start by grooming tendril-like hair strands before allowing them to flow as elegantly and as freely as possible. Thankfully, loose and flowing hairdos are pretty easy to maintain.

24. The cute chin-length layers hairdos for long hair

Cute chin-length layers hairdos are perfect for women with long hair and an elegant personality to back it up. And apart from being extremely easy to do, the layers of hair– which normally start from the chin – have an amazing way of bringing some structure to your face and entire head in general. 

25. The simple and smooth hairdos for long hair

If you’re tired of the sophisticated casual hairdos for your long hair, then the simple and smooth hairstyle is the one you should opt for. As a matter of fact, many women who went simple and smooth never went back, all pun intended. Apart from looking like a million bucks, the simple and smooth hairdo is extremely easy to maintain and the vibrancy of the smoothened hair will always make you look youthful.

26. The full and round curls hairstyles for long hair

Abundance is probably the most amazing thing about long hair updos/hairdos. And the extremely beautiful, full and rounded curls hairdo happens to be one of the many that women with long hair can don especially if they’ve been feeling that Oprah vibe of late. This hairstyle also happens to be perfect for women with chubby faces and long curly hair.

27. The straight, gold-flecked hairstyles for long hair

The long and straight gold-flecked hairstyle is reserved for bold women who aren’t afraid of making statements using their 'out of the box' hairdos. To achieve this look, you’ll start by working a cute center split before allowing the hair to fall freely down your shoulders. Note that this hairdo needs highlighting from a lot of color shades right before it’s straightened.

28. Textured curls hairdos for long textured hair

Just as the name suggests, the textured curls hairdo is mostly reserved for women with long and curly hair. But if you have long and straightened hair and still want to don the incredibly sexy textured curls hairdo, then using curl activators on your long hair in a bid to get the desired result shouldn’t be such a bad idea.

29. Side-parted swirls hairdos for long hair

Side-parted swirls hairstyles are arguably the quickest fix for women who want to look elegant without spending too much time on their mirrors. Apart from the thickness and elegance, the side-parted curls will end accentuating your natural beauty rather effortlessly. If you don’t believe me, then feel free to check out some of Jeanne Tripplehorn’s photos online.

30. The smooth shag hairdo for long straight hair

The smooth shag hairdo can be perfectly described as plausibly jaw-dropping. And all this is thanks to the perfect succession of the short and long layers of hair which do so in an up and down overlapping manner. And apart from being the perfect hairdo for women with long hair, the smooth shag hairdo also looks extremely good on women with medium-length hair.

31. The stick straight hairdo for long hair

If you aren’t a big fan of wearing colorful or complicated hairdos, then you can simply go for the stick straight hairdo. To achieve this look, you’ll start by straightening the entire length of your long hair, allowing it to flow uninterrupted all the way down your shoulders. If you happen to have curly hair but still want to wear this amazingly simple and attractive hairdo, then you should consider using authentic hair straightener products.

32. The sun-kissed + shimmery hairdo for long hair

If you’re looking for that youthful hairdo, then you should definitely try the sun-kissed + shimmery hairdo. Apart from being super easy to coif, the sun-kissed + shimmery hairdo’s curly, bohemian-looking layers of hair will always accentuate your beauty each and every time you choose to wear it.

33. The thick curly bangs hairstyles for long hair

The thick curly bangs hairdo is yet another casual and easy to do hair coiffure that looks extremely good on women with long hair. Celebrities such as Taylor Swift have looked nothing short of elegant in this particular hairdo and so can you. Before learning how to do it on your own, you should let your hairdresser show you how to work your long, thick bangs and make them blend with your heavenly curls correctly.

34. Borderline blunt hairdos for long elegant hair

If done correctly, your long, beautiful hair will end up looking like Ginnifer Goodwin’s. And the good thing about the borderline blunt hairstyle is that you’ll always have an easy time coifing as well as maintaining it thanks to the slightly shorter layers compared to the rest of the hair.

35. Highlighted tendrils hairstyles for long hair

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Women with long, curly hair who want to take their overall sex appeal to a whole other level can always try the highlighted tendrils hairdo. This hairstyle also looks pretty good for women with that long and curly golden hair which will then be allowed to curl its way down her face as gracefully as possible.

36. The shaggy tendrils hairdo for long hair

The shaggy tendrils hairdos look extremely good on women with both long beautiful hair and a wild personality. This’s usually the case simply because messy tendrils will not only look good on their hair but also match their personality. Thankfully, shaggy tendril hairdos are also extremely easy to maintain.

37. The simple, long and accessorized hair

Sometimes the only thing you need to do to is adding a fitting accessory to your long, black or blonde hair in order to make it a tad more beautiful. This hairdo is perfect especially if you don’t have the time to work on something else and hence in need of a rather quick fix.

38. Rapunzel-length layers hairstyles

The secret behind the Rapunzel-length layers hairstyle’s beauty lies in the few rounded layers inside the wearer’s long hair. And despite being predominantly reserved for women with long, beautiful hair, the Rapunzel-length layers hairdo also looks good on women with medium-length hair.

39. The Long and shiny layers hairdos

If your goal is showing off the entire length of your long, beautiful hair, the ever-charming long & shiny layers hairstyle should do the trick for you. Learning how to do this might be quite dicey at first. But once you’ve mastered it, you’ll start spending less time preparing this coiffure and at some point, it will start being enjoyable.

40. The loose layers hairdo for women with long hair

The most beautiful thing about this effortlessly elegant coiffure is that it’s easy to coif as well as maintain. If done properly, the loose layers of hair hairstyle always give the wearer’s face some structure and therefore accentuating her overall beauty.

41. The classic ombre hairdo for long hair

Feel free to wear your classic ombre hairdo either plainly or with some hair color.

42. The amazing center part hairdo for long hair

You can never go wrong with the amazing center part hairdo especially with long hair.

43. The goddess waves hairdo for long hair

The goddess waves hairdo blends perfectly well with neutral makeup.

44. The radiant layers hairdos for long hair

If you fancy layers of your hair starting from the cheeks and flowing downwards as gracefully as possible, then I strongly recommend you try out the radiant layers hairdo.

45. The beachy & blonde hairdo for long hair

If you have that long and beautiful hair and in need of a beautiful and quick coif, then you should try the beachy & blonde hairdo and look like a million bucks.

46. The classical layers hairdo for long hair

This hairdo’s long locks make it the perfect quick-fix for women with medium-length to long hair.

47. The loose curls hairdo for long hair

Rocking the loose curls hairdo will make you appear as sweet as Nicole Kidman.

48. The simple & subtle hairdo for long hair

Apart from being an easy and quick fix for women especially those who happen to be in a hurry, the simple & subtle hairdo is also quite easy to maintain.

49. The big, bouncy curls for long hair

Sometimes all you need is adding some more volume to your curls to achieve that desired bouncy effect to your hair.

50. The copper-flecked curls hairdo for long hair

If you’re looking for the perfect cross between curls and red streaks, then the copper-flecked curls should definitely be your go-to hairdo.

51. The silky side curls hairdo for long hair

The silky side curls hairdo was invented for women who have a thing for long, golden steaked layers of hair. 

52. The tri-tone color hairdo for long hair

If you love hairdos with more than two lovely hues, then you ought to try out the meticulous tri-tone hairdo.

53. The southern belle hairdo for long hair

If you’re looking for a quick hairdo that’ll end up attracting a lot of eyeballs, then you should definitely go for the southern belle hairdo.

54. The full & bouncy hairdo for long hair

Thankfully, the full & bouncy hairdo looks extremely good on both long and medium-length hair.

55. The highlighted waves hairdo for long hair

You can always use the golden highlights hairdo to accentuate the attractiveness of your long beautiful hair.

56. The half-up beehive hairdo for long hair

This cute hairdo has got nothing to do with actual bees or their home. As a matter of fact, the only similarity it has with bees is that it’ll make you look sweet, wink.

57. The nostalgic ‘60s voluminous hairdo for long hair

Simply put, there is a valid reason as to why the nostalgic ‘60s voluminous hairdo will never go out of style.

58. The faux locks hairdo for long hair

Faux locks look extremely beautiful, especially on the long hair.

59. The textured & glossy hairdo for long hair

“You can always go wrong with the textured & glossy hairdo especially if you have that long, beautiful hair.” - said no one ever!

60. The simple ponytail for long hair

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Women who have long hair but no time to style and maintain it can only go for the simple ponytail which can be coiffured quickly and still look flawlessly elegant.


The most beautiful thing about having long, beautiful hair is that you can wear it in any way you please and still look flawlessly gorgeous. Having long hair also allows you to pick more quick and easy to do coiffures compared to the options offered by a short or medium-length hair.

Thankfully, most of the hairdos that look hella good on long hair can also look good on medium-length hair. Last but not least, learning how to do these beautiful long hair coiffures on your own will not only save you a lot of time but money as well.



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