100 Attractive College Girl Fashion Outfits You Should Try

100 Attractive College Girl Fashion Outfits to dress up or down. From casual to edgy to sporty to business casual to Bohemian.

By M Wellman
100 Attractive College Girl Fashion Outfits You Should Try

100 Attractive College Girl Fashion Outfits You Should Try

100 tips and fashion ideas for the college school student.  From casual to edgy to sporty to business casual to Bohemian there are  dozens of accessory options which can range through different style focuses. 

 Pick out some great ideas for outfits for this coming school year. Be confident in who you are and make the sidewalk your runway. 

Casual Girl Outfits

For the college girl who likes chiller fashion, try these casual tips and looks. They are comfy and casual, perfect for the busy college student. 

1 A Light Airy Dress

Check out this cute but functional dress. It almost looks like a jumper and it's perfect for hopping into a classroom from the hot summer air. It will keep you cool but is also not complicated and looks super cute. You can pair it with a cute small bag and sneakers or slides. 

2 Shorts, a T and a hat.

Heres are some tips -keep it simple but edgy with a black t-shirt and black shorts. It’s dark but still functional for the summer heat. Add a pop of color with a fun non-matching hat.  I could see this paired with some black combat boots or white sneakers. 

3 Great Last Minute Tips For The Late College Student

A great way to make getting outfits together simple, yet still allow you to stand out, is by trying a nice simple black base like this— a black lace trimmed tank top with black pants. It's easy to grab if you are in a hurry or late for class. All you have to do is toss on a statement jacket to finish the look. This rainbow sparkly jacket is perfect for a fun casual college look.  

4 Black Leggings, a White T- Shirt, Leather Jacket and Flannel.

More great tips for the new school year involves this look. A great easy to find pair of black leggings with a white t-shirt a black leather jacket and a red flannel tied around the waist. Don't forget the subtle leopard and black sneakers.  This look is super chill, comfortable but still super edgy. 

5 Girly Casual

A casual fasion yet student forward idea is a low v-neck embroidered white tank top, a sleeveless long light pink duster, white ripped skinny jeans and platform sandals with two fabric covered straps. A nice touch added are the earrings with the decorated string hanging from them which is super “in” right now. This outfit is bright and summery, but still great for sitting in a classroom.   

6 Tropical Avant Garde College Edition

Nothing says summer fashion quite like a tropical shirt. This tropical shirt idea is a men's cut with an excellent casual vibe, the colors of yellow and orange grab the attention of anyone passing by. It was paired with very oversized pant leg jeans and black and brown slides. This look is casual runway meets every day. 

7 Bright and Floral

Similar to the previous outfit, this outfit has reversed the colors with bright yellow high waisted drawstring shorts and an adorable bell short-sleeved floral blouse. Even the hairstyle of soft casual waves blends nicely with this lovely college look.

Yellow is the color of this summer and I’m loving it 💛

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8 Classic college look

Tips for a  good classic look for school that you might throw on if you're running late is a pair of ripped tight-fitting jeans, a plain black t-shirt,white trainers, and a hat. This look is fairly common but for a good reason, it's cool and easy. 

9 Serious Business on Campus

If youre looking for tips on creating a great business look try a subdued yellow blazer, black shirt, and simple black pants—perfect for the on the go student.  

10 A Casual Girls Dream

Nothing brings more relief when you have studying on your mind than knowing your outfit is secure and comfortable. A great outfit idea for the college girl is a pair of summer overall shorts with a baseball short sleeved T. Throw on some bright white sneakers and you're on your way.  

11 Water Color Skirt Meets College Girl Casual

A great tip is if you have a piece of more formal clothing that you never get to wear, like this gorgeous watercolor blotchy skirt, try wearing it with something that would dress it down, like this comfy gray sweater and rockin’ black boots. 

12 Summer By the Pool Chic

Let the feelings of summer linger in the minds of those you pass by with these summer fresh tips. Try this one-piece shaped tank top and jean shorts. It looks like you just finished attending a party by a pool and you're ready to keep going. 

13 Slouchy Chic

Take a super casual and simple gray tank top and some jean shorts. These particular shorts are very distressed and very chic. To finish off the look toss on a baggy flannel shirt.  Forget about perfection here. It’s all about slouchy casual.  

14 All American

Show your class that you're an all-American girl with a Budweiser T-shirt and white jean shorts. Round off the look with a jean jacket to tie around your waist.  

let’s be buds 🐸 #uoonyou

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15 Overalls

This look is super casual yet still put together with a pair of long pants overalls, a black shirt, white sneakers and a black visor. This is great for sitting in class or hitting up a baseball field. 

16 College Adult

Vibrant white tie-up blouse and jean shorts are a simple concept and can easily be enhanced with bit with jewelry and a chic hair cut.  

17 perfect for a day at the beach

This is a super casual look perfect for a day at the beach or lying beside the pool. The look consists of five elements. The first is the headpiece, a white knit headband that keeps the hair out of your eyes, then sunglasses. The sunglasses are a durable plastic with flat lenses. The tshirt is simple and so are the jean shorts. Lastly, there are the shoes. They are white slides, one that has "No" printed on it and the other has little waves.  

🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 ✯ ✯ 【WEST✯UP】Tee @tomoythry さん着用✨✨ ✯ 文字の字体にもこだわり、丸みのあるPOPな字体に仕上げました✨😊 真ん中にはWESTCOASTを主張する大きく''W”の文字☝️ アメリカの国旗が描かれていて存在感のあるプリント🌴🇺🇸😊 ✯ 【カラー】 White Black ✯ 送料込み ¥2500 😍 ✯ #love#hawaii#jewelry#l4l#aloha#surf#outfit#ootdfashion#ootd#fashion#california#instalife#instafashion #お洒落さんと繋がりたい #パパ#ママ#ファッション #パパコーデ#ママコーデ #キッズコーデ #カップル#カップルコーデ #大人ファッション #大人コーデ #ママスタイル #ファミリーコーデ #プチプラコーデ #プチプラファッション #ストリートファッション #西海岸スタイル

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18 College Farmer

This outfit screams "Farmer‘s Market"  so if you're in to put together farm casual, this look is perfect.  The look’s focal point is a straw hat with a black sash around it, and she’s also wearing a knit white tank top tucked into blue jeans that are slim fit and end at the ankles. The last pieces here are the shoes which are a pair of cork wedged crisscross sandals.  

19 Simple

A simple tied up thin green t-shirt and 80s elastic waist jeans is a great simple look to allow your focus to remain on important things. 

20 hint of geometry

If youre looking for something ashionable for any season try a white tank crop top, blue jeans cuffed over the ankle strappy wedged sandals, a  belt, and large geometric earrings. This is another great combination for a college outfit!

21 vintage

Here’s another great simple outfit—a wide-sleeved vintage yellow short-sleeved shirt tucked into a pair of black jeans, a brown belt, and sneakers.

22 lace tank

This outfit is simple but very adorable. Here we have a lace tank top and a simple jean skirt. This gives you dozens of accessory options which can range through different style focuses.  

23 screams summer

This dress screams summer....and for icecream. A simple spaghetti strapped top with a "V" neck line and it buttons all the way down. Pair this cute dress with strappy sandals. 

If you you want to keep this look going after summer add tights and a jacket.

24 simple silk looking jumper

This is one of my favorites. A simple silk looking jumper is super easy to throw on if you're late to class and makes you look like you put a lot of effort into your appearance with its classic pale pink and gold accents. 

25 Brandy Melville

Here's a casual outfit for summer. Looks like the shirt a T-shirt with a simple red heart on the chest mirrors some looks by the fashionable Brandy Melville. Here shes pairs the shirt with a pair of Capri pants with a small checker print


1,2,3 or 4? ❤️

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26 mysterious casual

 If you are looking for something that mixes mysterious with casual this look might be perfect for you. This fashionable all black outfit an adidas long sleeved fitted crop top, velcro sneakers and black ripped jeans screams "whatever". 


One word: SLAAAYYY

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27 Casual Chill and Still Chic

Nothing is more apt for a college student than a pair of jeans shorts, a Plain blue t-shirt, a baseball cap and high tops. It screams casual chill and yet it's still chic

Weekend wear ☀️☀️ tap for details! #summer #saturday

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28 Classic and Easy

This outfit is classic and easy to transfer into the fall season too. A great white cold shoulder top with chic pale blue jeans and classic single strap nude heels. 

All you have to do is throw on a long tailored jacket and it goes from day to night

29 Put Together

If you want to look a little more put together try this white crop top, orange striped kimono like over shirt, ripped jeans and slides.  A great look for school and the pool.


30 Traditional Schoolgirl Look

Nothing is more fitting for college than the traditional school girl look. These girls are wearing adorable plaid mini skirts, tan sweaters, sneakers and calf-high socks. The girl on  the left is wearing a tie that matches her skirt and the girl on the right is wearing an ascot. The looks are pulled together with oversized jackets. 

31 Green Jacket

This is a casual look great for an average day on campus. Here we have a army green jacket, black tank top, white shorts and black Nike sneakers. You can top it off with some dangly earrings and you're ready for class.

This is another outfit that can be easily adapted for differnt season.  All you have to do is trade out the shorts for leggings. 

32 Beachy

For this outfit, there is a yellow striped tank crop top, regular fit jeans,  and suede wooden heeled booties. A great   summer and fall look. A very popular style this coming season. 

33 Leather Jacket.

If you want to look edgy and like you don't care, this look is perfect.  A plain gray tank top tucked into a pair of jeans, converse and a leather jacket.  

34 Fun

This look is fun,  Start with a pair of cuffed Jean shorts, ankle booties an off the shoulder black top and a large fringe bag. 

OOTD! #ootd #crete002

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35 Bold Attitude

One of the simpelist looks is jsut a tank top, jean shorts and you can match that with a bold attitude.  If you want to  switch it up for the colder months throw on a nice denim jacket. 


BlurredLines // #ootd #motd (Side note: I really want pho rn) 😂

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36 The All American Classic

Don't feel like you have to keep your novelty  t shirts in a drawer they are super in right now so try the all American classic look wtih a t-shirt and jeans. 


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37 Comfortable

Here this model looks comfortable in a light knit sweater, a baseball cap and dark wash jeans. 

I would totally wear this while studying in the library

38 Fuzzy Coat

Pair a crop top replica jersey, high rise light wash denim with a large oversized fuzzy coat. This look is cool and sporty but still fashionable. 


39 Explore the Campus

Explore the campus with this soft elastic romper. All you need to accessorize is a pair of sneakers and sunnies.

Polished/ Business Casual Outfits

Here are several looks that are great is you like the professional look of while in school you have a job or internship. Check out these polished/ business casual outfits. 

40 Seriously Business

Everyone will take you seriously with this business style look. A nice pair of high waisted dress pants with a black almost flowy blouse accentuates the body leaving you with a focused mindset. I personally am a huge fan of business attire in the everyday life. It's classic and clean.  This look isn't complete without some great leather slide on mules.  

41 Vibrant

A vibrant white blouse tied up in the front, a skirt made out of netting with square holes, velvet-like black ankle booties, and black glasses. The chic and sophisticated look of the college world. The perfect hair style for this look is a  long ponytail. Great for sitting outside while contemplating the meaning of life.  


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42 The Matrix

Think of the matrix but instead of wearing black they wore brown. This put together professional look can easily turn business to something more casual just by removing the coat. The lines are very clean and fresh.  

43 Simple Sports

Dress up a simple sports bra like crop top with striped dress pants, platform sneakers and a classy handbag


Be the type of person who leaves a mark, not a scar.⚡️

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44 Cool

Another great look if youa re running late or dont have a lot of free times is this good quality t shirt dress and pair it with a fancy purse. 

I’m happy without you and I hope it fucking kills you

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45 New Take on the School Girl Outfit

This is a new take on the school girl outfit. Though it looks way more confortable. That large mustard colored sweater is something I wouldnt mind cozying up with in class. 

46 Secretive

This is great for fall, you can really wear everything and anything if you top it off with a classy top coat

47 Casual Yet Put Together

A great way to look cassual yet put together is following thsi look. Try short jean shorts and blouse and sandals that are heeled. I love this look especially with the put together hair cut it yells professional with out really having to put in much effort. 

48 Easy

Walk to your classes with ease while looking fresh with this plaid dress pants, a white T-shirt and sneakers.

49 Popular Girl

A classy but  perfect idea for summer and for someone wanting to look serious and fun at the same time try a fun graphic t shirt and high waisted dress pants. 

Dressy Outfit Ideas

Do you always like looking your best?

Here are some awesome fancy outfit ideas that you can wear at the office, on a date or in the classroom


50 Looking a Bit Fancier

If you're feeling like looking a bit fancier on campus than the average student try thigh-high brown boots, a long sweater worn as a dress and then a long jacket. This look consists of very warm tones and the basic components can be adapted to any color.  

51 Pink Plaid

Go for a stereotypical school girl look  with a  crisp white blouse, pink plaid skirt and sneakers


52 Simple and Lovely

 This magenta lace dress is a great look, very simple and elegant, it can be paired with or with out the leggings. The leggings add a touch of warmth for those days on campus in the winter with out sacrifising the look. 

53 Internship

Switch from class to work with this great professional black plaid skirt and pearls. 


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54 Lace Dress

This lace dress is for the more formal occasions. It has classy  3/4 sleeves  that flair out and beautiful embrodery that encompases the entirety of the dress.

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55 Easy Jumper

This jumper is easy and shows that the wearer is classy and looks like they put a lot of thought into their look. 
This is a great way to dress up when youre running late or have a presintation. 

56 A Tank Top and Pants

Never brush away the simple ideas for an outfit. A tank top and pants may sound boring but this look here is anything but. Its very lovely and you can add many accessories. 

57 Flirty In the Class Room

This look is perfect if you want to look a bit flirty in the class room. A light flowery visage with a pink long sleeved crop top with curled edges and an equally delicate lace skirt. 

58 Regular Black Rotation

There are a lot of you that like to wear black... myself included. This look is a great to get some change of scenery in with your regular black rotation. The pants are a game changer and only have a sliver of white so you dont have to worry about stains. 


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59 Fancy Outfit

All you have to do is take a simple cropped tank top and black capris and use the magic of fasion to make it look like a fancy outfit. Here this lady added a classy coat, long pearls, a channel purse and ankle booties. This is a great excample of taking something simple and making it really stand out. 

60 Rompers Are Great

College is all about not having enough time. Thats why i think rompers are great, they range from sporty to fancy and all you have to do is step into them and throw on some shoes. 

Such a sucker for anything with ruffles

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61 hot look

This model is serving up a hot look with a simple orange red dress. Its simple and sexy. 

62 take something pretty normal

This look is a cool way to take something pretty normal like a dress tank and shorts and make it amazing with only one accessory, shoes. These shoes are a unique addition and really make the outfit. 

63 students dream

A classy lacy white tank top high waisted leopard pants and a long jean jacket aka the students dream.

64 future board room

Get ready for the future board room with a long sleeved shirt and overall pants - 1930s chic

65 back to the 90s

Go back to the 90s with a textured T and a long corduroy button up skirt and heels.

66 Black

Black over coat, leather pants, crazy looking leather bowed shoes and a nice handbag. Great classic look and can match anything. 

67 form fitting clothes

If you're into showing off in form fitting clothes try this onsie cross check top and shorts shorts and heels

68 blue floral dress

Catch everyones attention with this beautiful blue floral dress

Finally Friday drink eat relax repeat

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Sporty outfits

If you're more of a sporty sort, here are a bunch of looks that are both great for the court or the classroom

69 Strut your stuff

Strut your stuff with athletic snap apart pants and a tank.

70 seventies

This look jumped straight out of the seventies with a small fitted t-shirt short basketball shorts, knee highs, and high tops.

Hooray, it’s the weekend again!

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71 chill

This girl has a black long tshirt shirt, Jean shorts and a nice pair of running shoes


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72 the biology major

A great look for the biology major who needs to comb over the fields for samples. A nice green zip up coat, jeans and sneakers

73 Stand out

Stand out while at a desk or at the gym with a thin tight fitting gray long sleeved shirt and vibrant cranberry colored leggings.

74 comfy and sporty

Like comfy and sporty?

No one's stopping you from wearing that lush fall sweater with gym shorts and sneakers. This outfit is classic and easy to transfer into the fall season too

75 runway inspired athletic gear

If you want a more runway inspired athletic gear try this Gucci inspired sports jacket and matching t-shirt

76 textured gray leggings

Go super casual with textured gray leggings a cropped hoodie and matching shies.

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77 Olympics

Look like you're headed to the Olympics with a USA shirt, striped pants and tennis shoes

78 Swimming

Toss on a swimming suit cover it's simple easy and fast

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79 Extremely Bright

Take a cue from Benetton with these extremely bright shoes and sweaters.  The eighties never looked better.

80 Kylie Jenner

Take a cue from Kylie Jenner with this cold shoulder crop, athletic pants and sneakers

beach vibes

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81 Study Conscious Student

A tank top and shorts makes a simple and cool look for the study concious student.

Edgy Outfits

If you like making an edgy and bold statement on campus try out some of these looks.

82 Flap of Studs

One of my favorite looks in this category. This model is wearing a long sweater, fake leather leggings with stripes on the side and sweet sneakers with a flap of studs


83 Semi-Fancy

Grab something easy but still semi-fancy with these high waisted ruffled shorts and a sporty crop top. The black goes with any mood and paired with a tiny pair of 90s sunglasses it makes this a hot look for the 2018 school year. Also, dont forget your black mini back pack to go with it! 

84 Rock n Roll Fashion

Rock n roll fashion never goes out of style! Try mixing some rocking band t's or a sweatshirt  with a dress skirt and sneakers. This is  another great mix of casual and dressy a great idea for the college student looking for something unique to wear or for when they have to change into a formal out fit after class

85 Bright Yellow

Stand out with a bright yellow sweater this school year- a bight college fashion choice

86 Sidewalks Are Your Runways

 A college outfit you can be proud of. A black shirt, and awesome gblue faux fur vest and jeans. 

The sidewalks are now your runways.

Colete Faux fur ou colete de pelo fake, o que acharem melhor 😉⠀ ⠀

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87 Crazy Platform Booties

Stand tall with these crazy platform booties a simple black skirt and shirt

88 Checkered Vans

Rock on with this long black dress. Its very good to make the legs look longer with its long side slits and checkered vans

89 Edgy Pastel

Make a sweet pastel dress edgy with a black leather jacket sneakers and a black purse 

90 Band T's

Put all of your band t's to use with this look. All you have to do is add jeans and heeled velvet booties


Bohemian Outfits

Bohemian outfits. Great ideas for the women of nature. These are classic and easy to transfer into the fall season too

91 Flowy Dress

The quintessential bohemian flowy dress with it's free hem and mustard color

92 Birkenstocks

Pea colored corduroy pants and a lace top paired with birkenstocks make a lovely fall look. 

Yine paylaşamadan biten bir pantolon 💚

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93 Puffy

A beautiful blue jean colored and textured dress with puffy off the shoulder sleeves and a pinched waste. Very whimsical. 

94 Wicker Purse

If you plan on going on a picnic try a fun flowy dress with long flowy hair and a sun hat and wicker purse

95 Festival Worthy

just because school started doesnt mean you have to give up your dreams of the festival season. A simple festival worthy roper and shades

96 Cool in the Heat

A black tube top black jean shorts and wedge sandals are a perfect idea for the hottest of summer days. 

97 Farm Inspired

Start off this fall with a chill farm inspired full body jean jumpsuit with wedges.

98 Flowers

If you like boho but dont have a lot of clothes to chose from. Try a cold shoulder long sleeved white shirt with a short jean skirt and hold some flowers. 

99 Orange Flowery Dress

A runway worthy look. A crisp white blouse with an orange flowery spaghetti strap dress sunglasses and a taupe purse

100 Still Summer

A Jean jumper and a sun hat, are both perfect for the first couple weeks of school while it's still summer