35 Clever Crazy Hair Day Ideas For School

Here we have some easy and really clever ideas for school’s crazy hair day. Try them and let your kids have fun. Some of them are a must try.

By Tanaya Nath
35 Clever Crazy Hair Day Ideas For School

35 Clever Crazy Hair Day Ideas For School

Crazy hair day is a fun way to do crazy look to your hair. It boosts your creativity and gives your kids a light-hearted day. You can also get creative with your children's hair. Here are a few beautiful ideas for you.

Easy And Crazy Hairstyle Ideas For Boys

Crazy hair day could be as creative for boy’s hair as it is for girls. You can look through these hairstyles for your boys for crazy hair day. You can see these hair tutorials and pick the one you like for your little guy.

This funky and wacky idea for your little man's short hair. It is easy to create, and your kid will love this crazy hair idea.

Now this funky crazy hair idea is cool and colorful. Use colors with no or less chemicals on your kid’s hair, and let him be the rockstar that he is.

That’s a whole lot of earth on his hair. It has grass, a caterpillar and many other animals. Now that’s what I call a really wild hair style.

With this style, turn your kid's hair into a sea with waves. Put a surfer in his hair waves and let him show his love for water sports through this hairstyle.

That’s zombieland on the hair of your little man. The hair is colored maroon and green with spider and zombie sitting over it. This guy is carrying a horror story in his hair.

If your kid loves Minions, let him carry it in his hair on crazy hair day. It is easy to create and doesn’t take much time. Your kid will love having this hair as crazy as this one.

Spikes and white-red painted hair is easy style to create especially on the crazy hair day at school. And your kid will love this hair style a lot.

Use this wacky hair cap for the crazy hair day idea. You don’t have to do anything. Just put this cap over his hair and you are done.

Turn your kid’s hair into a chameleon. Paint the hair green and blue. This will make your kid’s hair most crazy style on crazy hair day.

Crazy Hair Day Ideas For Girls

Be it the short or the long hair of a baby girl, you can give her a crazy hair style on crazy hair day at her school. You can make your princess rock the crazy hair look as good as she carries her beautifully styled hair in normal days. So let’s check out a few really crazy hair style ideas for your little girl for her crazy hair day at school.

Weave your princess’ hair in checkboard style and braid many braids. She would love to flaunt this crazy look on her crazy hair day at school.

Randomly braid your baby girl’s hair in top braids and tie them up with colorful ribbons. Sounds like wacky ideas but she would love to sport that crazy hair.

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Nothing much. Use the ideas ito just give her hair rainbow colours and add soft colors and your girl is ready for her crazy hair day. Plain and simple yet crazy enough for her crazy hair day.

Turn your girl into a unicorn with amazing style ideas for her hair. Let her crazy hair day get even more crazy. And it doesn’t take long to turn her hair into a unicorn horn.

Hawk buns are easy to make and they are a good hair style for crazy hair day

Ever thought you can use soda bottle to style hair? The bottle ideas are just crazy.

Just don’t put in real eggs in her braids to get crazier.

This style is easy to create and doesn’t take much time. 

Turn her into the notorious cat that she is. Turn her hair into cat’s ear.

Use the idea s to turn her hair into a Christmas tree in no time.

Let her carry some sweet on her head.

Two cupcakes for your sweet little girl this crazy hair day.  Crazy ideas right.?

Cheery on the top cupcake hair style in few minutes. Wonderful isn’t it?

Give her a wizard hat like style with different colors in no time. 

Turn her hair into an octopus for a fun and crazy style this crazy hair day with this idea.

A reindeer with decoratives or a tree, turn her hair crazy.

The best spider hair style for the crazy hair day.

This snowman hair style can be made quickly with this tutorial.

Turn her hair into a high tower in a few simple steps.

Who doesn’t love bunny. This crazy hair day, gift your daughter a bunny bun. She would love to showcase this hair style.

Let her freak everyone out with her spider web hair style. It isn’t as complicated as it looks. Use this crazy hair tutorial for achieving this look.

Gravity defying braid is one very crazy hair look. Use this tutorial to give your daughter this crazy hair look on her crazy hair day.

Turn her hair into a reindeer this crazy hair day with this simple hair tutorial. You don’t have to be an expert to create this look in her hair. 

She loves donut? Let her carry it in her hair on this crazy hair day. It can’t get any more crazy than this hair style.

Spikes, spikes and more spikes. Turn her hair into a land of hard spikes on this crazy hair day ideas.

Can her hair get any more crazy than this one. If she love shoes, let her carry them on her head with this hair style. Amazing and super crazy ideas for crazy hair day.

These are just a few ideas for crazy hair day. Have fun sporting them.