Top 10 HOT & Inspiring Female Fitness Models Over 40 (2018)

To age gracefully is an art. These 10 hot and inspiring female fitness models over 40 years old will give you new fitness goals.

By Amanda Palmer
Top 10 HOT & Inspiring Female Fitness Models Over 40 (2018)

Female Fitness Models Over 40

Fitness after 40 has become the new fashion fad currently. You can no more excuse yourself from exercising if you are over 40. Debunking the myths that once you are 40 you can no longer become a fitness model, here we have the top 10 fitness models in the year 2018 whose fitness will give you new goals. Many of these women kissed the peak of fitness only after 40. They are healthier and fitter now at 40 than what they were in their 20s. Many women believe that '20' is a prime age to get their dream figure and if they won't work for it then, they won't get it ever. This is clearly a myth and you can get your dream figure over 40 as well. 

These female fitness models look as young as 20 or 25 and your jaw drops to the ground when they reveal their actual age. Their slim and fit bodies are not just skinny but also muscular and well-toned. These women not only inspire and motivate you to get moving but they also give you new fitness goals. Sculpting an incredible figure only depends on your efforts, exercise, discipline, and diet. 

When it comes to fitness, age is just a number and here below is a list of Top 10 female fitness models over 40 in 2018.

1. Female Fitness Models - Nancy Reinhardt

Nancy Reinhardt developed a passion for fitness right from high school. She pursued a career in fitness when she became an aerobics trainer and started managing health clubs. However, by 25, she had had a child and had started putting on weight. After Reinhardt had her fifth child, she had gained over 200 lbs. 

Her turning point was when her back started giving her trouble in 2009. Reinhardt found out that she was suffering from degenerating discs. Her doctor told her that pain management was the only way to deal with it or she could opt for a back surgery. 

She started cutting down on her food intake and by the end of 2009, she was down by 50 lbs. She knew that she was capable of reducing her weight but the one nagging thing in her mind was she has had 5 children and that weight loss after 40 was not possible. 

Reinhardt slowly incorporated a lifestyle of a clean diet. She started with the weights but went very slowly at first. As she continued to exercise, her intensity and strength increased. Another year went by and she was down by 130 lbs. 

She bought her first bikini when she was 41 years old. Today, at the age of 42, she weighs only 80 lbs, is as fit as ever and has almost gotten rid of her back pain. 

Reinhardt never sets a milestone for herself but takes each day as it comes. Picking things from the floor, bending, doing dishes and lifting things have all become easy for her now. She changed her diet completely. From eating once or twice a day, she now began to eat 5 to 6 times in a day to increase her metabolism. 

Reinhardt coaches men and women worldwide nowadays and teaches her clients to eat clean and workout. Nancy Reinhardt believes that women over 40 years old are like a driving force and she likes to inspire them.

2. Female Fitness Models - Jelena Abbou

Jelena Djordjevic or Jelena Abbou is a Serbian figure competitor and a female fitness model who has the perfectly-sculpted figure even after 40 years of age. She is one of the first girls in her school to start weight training and get a strong and healthy physique training in the gyms of Serbia. Jelena is not only giving all of us new fitness goals but she is also proving that keeping yourself fit and healthy will make you look no more than 20. She was born in Serbia but is currently living in the United States. Abbou has also appeared in MAC advertisements. 

Jelena Abbou currently ranks at number 2 position in our Top 10 list of female fitness models over 40 years old. 

3. Kim Dolan Leto - Fitness Model Over 40 Years Old

Kim Dolan Leto is another of those women, whose bodies defies all laws of physics. Not just over 40, she is in fact almost 50 and has made it big in the world of female fitness. She has also graced the cover pages of many famous fitness publications such as Oxygen, ESPN, and others. Dolan Leto was also placed highly in many elite shows like Ms. Fitness World. 

You can take all the inspiration you want from Kim Dolan Leto. Now no more excuses to let yourself go!

Your weak willpower will quit and give up on you, but God never will!

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4. Gina Ostarly - Fitness Model Over 40 Years Old

Gina Ostarly is a fitness model and a personal trainer. She has a great body and has been a swimsuit model for some time. She is a proud gym owner from Louisiana and 50 years old currently. 

Ostarly has been endorsing herself under the brand line 'The New Forty'. She says that this move is an attempt to encourage women her age to get fit. 

She not only gives us fitness goals but proves that it is never too late to get fit. She maintains her own blog at where she continues to inspire millions on fitness after 40. She believes that the society is pressed under the myth that it is impossible to get your 20's body or pre-baby body after 40. One can send her their queries and get an in-depth guidance and motivation from her online. 

5. Maggie Corso - Fitness Model Over 40 Years Old

Maggie Corso has the perfect lean muscle mass. She has been an IFBB Pro Figure Competitor and also a female fitness model. Corso is an inspiration to women over 40 who have been trying to add lean muscle mass to their bodies and yet manage to look hot. 

She is nearing 50 years old but she looks like she is in her 30s. Corso follows a rigorous training regimen of working out in the gym. She has two children and spends quality time with her family. Throughout her high school days, Corso has been actively engaged in weight training and athletics. Eventually, as life progressed, she got comfortable with her new-found success in the banking sector and completely lost touch with fitness. But after a few years, she reunited with her old love and became a successful online coach and sponsored athlete. 

6. Female Fitness Models - Laura London

Laura London hails from Boca Raton in Florida. London started her fitness journey only after she reached her 30s. Since then, she not only sculpted a superb figure but also got into clean and healthy eating. She continues to inspire millions of her fans today proving that fitness can be started at any age. 

At the age of 44, she became a nationally ranked figure competitor, a published fitness model and a nationally certified fitness trainer. At the same time, she was also a mother of three, a wife and an internet marketer. Her mission in life is to help women her age to get more fit and feel good about themselves. 


7. Female Fitness Model - Frannie Prentice

Frannie Prentice is a well-known cyclist, runner, and yoga instructor. She is currently 44 years old. Prentice stumbled into the fitness world and nutrition during her late 30s. Today, she feels that it is never too late to start your fitness journey. With her following her fitness regimen religiously, she managed to get rid of her Crohn's disease. The disease is in complete remission now and she can manage on very well without any medication. 

8. Val Baker

A 44-year-old coach, Val Baker trains civilians and the military as a part of the U.S. Air Force Reserve. A mother of five, Baker is an inspiration to millions today proving that age is only a number when it comes to fitness. She is proud of her body and her stretch marks too which she got after pregnancy. She does not shy away from showing off her stretch marks and believes that all women should love their bodies and their imperfections. 


9. Chris Freytag - A Fitness Freak

Chris Freytag is a 50-year-old fitness trainer, mom, motivator and a contributing editor for the magazine, 'Prevention'. She encourages women above 40 or 50 to look fit and feel great. She believes that there are no perfect bodies and that being perfect would be too boring. She motivates women to love their bodies with the imperfections and just focus on feeling fit and eating right. 


10. Rhonda Layton - A Fitness Model

Rhonda Layton is a health and lifestyle coach who is currently in her 40s. She is a mother of two and a former runner. She used to love running for marathons before she discovered her new love in push-ups and power jumps. 

Her fitness journey started a week after she turned 40 when she felt bloated and tired. She decided then to jump back into her fitness regimen. With continuous work out sessions for 6 months, she noticed her body transform and build impressive biceps and lean muscle. 

Rhonda Layton was at number 10 in our Top 10 list of female fitness models in the year 2018. 

Fitness Secrets Of Female Models Over 40

Fitness after 40 is indeed tough but is not impossible. The waistline wants to just keep on expanding even with limited food intake and optimum exercise. 

Every woman's body is different. What works for one may not work for you. You also need to keep in mind that what worked for you at the age of 20 might not work now at the age of 40 or 50. Your bodies have changed and so have their requirements. You might need to lose fat from specific target areas of your body which is possible by doing a certain set of exercises. 

Once a woman crosses 40 or is almost 50, she might notice weight gain on her tummies and behinds. She sees a thicker waist and wider hips. There are a few secret tricks that you need to follow if you want to reduce this stubborn fat around your middles.

You will be surprised to know that you need to first skip your treadmill. Weight loss on a treadmill is long and slow and eventually only tires you without showing great results. 

What you need to do is to focus on short high-intensity interval training sessions. Exercises such as squat jump, stationary sprint, and jumping jacks are such exercises. 

You also need to add some resistance training to your workout regimen. This will help you add muscle to your bodies. Muscle is nothing but an active, calorie burning tissue which helps to strengthen your metabolism. 

After 40 or 50, women start gaining weight because they lose some lean muscle mass owing to a more sedentary lifestyle. By adding muscle building exercises at least thrice a week, you can hold on to this muscle and retain it. 

And contrary to the myth, gaining muscle mass will not make you look bulkier, manly or muscular. You can still retain a feminine physique. 

With weight training, women can burn more fat than by only doing cardio. They will be able to change the shape of their bodies and boost their metabolism. They can increase their strength and build stronger bones. They will also be able to improve their joint stability and reduce their risk of injury. 

The unsung push-up is one of the most effective bodyweight exercises for a woman above 40. Pushups help you work on many of your upper body muscles such as those of chest, shoulders, and triceps. Push-ups also help to target the flabby flesh on the backs of your arms. 

A tight tummy can also be achieved by using the Plank. The Plank effectively targets the area of the abdomen and is much more effective than performing crunches. 

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Dieting Tips From Fitness Models

Fitness is 80% of what you eat and 20% of your workout. If your nutrition is poor, you can simply never get the results you are longing for. You cannot out train poor nutritional choices!

You cannot splurge on pizzas and burgers after working out in the gym for an hour thinking that you will lose weight the next day. To see your lean muscles or to improve your trouble spots, you need to make some clean nutritional choices. 

Another important myth is that dieting will help you lose weight. Quite contrary to that, the fact is that dieting will actually make you gain weight. Dieting results in slowing down the metabolism. Slow metabolism results in more body fat and increased unhappiness. You need to eat nutritionally dense whole grains as these help in multiplying the results you get from working out. 

The best way to lose weight by diet is to eat 5-6 small meals in a day. Doing so, you will never get too hungry or end up overeating. Eating small and frequent meals is a way to trick your body. Your body believes that there is a steady supply of food and so is always working towards burning your body fat. This way, you increase your metabolism. 

A protein-rich diet is essential after 40. You need to include a chunk of protein with every meal. Protein helps to stabilize your blood sugar levels and helps to control your appetite. 

After 40, you will have to lower the intake of starchy carbs. Do not shun carbs completely from your food, instead, focus on eating more of fibrous carbs. Refined sugar and fried food is a big no. Eat your veggies and fruits. You can eat bread and pasta once in a while or in moderate quantities. Aerated drinks should be completely avoided. Soda pop should be totally avoided. You should also choose whole fruit instead of fruit juice so that you get the necessary fiber. 

40 is the new 20! Do not think that because you have crossed 40, you are now excused to look matronly. You will only attract health problems in old age if you do not wake up and get moving now. 

Fitness journey is always incredible. You can start at any age. You just have to have a strong motivation. The initial two months will be tough to go on but as the third month approaches, you will begin to love your new-found fitness, the transformation in your body and the compliments. You will add years of health and happiness to your life by following a steady fitness regime. Take motivation from these above-mentioned ladies and write your own story of success. 

Try it today and you will be glad you did!