40 Cute & Simple Anchor Tattoo Designs For Women

Female anchor tattoos look very adorable and feminine. Here are some 40 cute and simple anchor tattoos designs for women that you can take inspiration from.

By Amanda Palmer
40 Cute & Simple Anchor Tattoo Designs For Women

Female Anchor Tattoos

Anchor tattoos were initially used mainly by sailors and captains, but lately, this trend has gotten more mainstream with more and more females opting for anchor tattoo designs. Anchor designs alone or with some other designs have different meanings and these meanings have evolved over the years. 

People get anchor tattoos to tell the world that they are grounded and do not possess a showy attitude. An anchor tattoo also symbolizes hope. Getting an anchor tattoo inked on your body is a symbol of hope believing that whatever is troubling you will eventually get better. There are various other meanings of anchor tattoos which we will read about in the next segment of this article. 

Anchor tattoos instill in a sense of loyalty and stability. There are anchor design tattoos for males and females. The female anchor tattoos are often clubbed with other more feminine designs such as flowers and butterflies to make them more suitable. 

Browse through our collection of 40 female anchor tattoo designs and take your pick or get inspired. These designs are cliche, classy and chic.

Anchor Tattoos for Different Parts of the Body

Anchor tattoos look good on almost any part of the female body. Females get anchor tattoos on their necks, shoulders, arms, stomach, below their chest, lower back, thighs, ankles, wrists, fingers and even feet. These can be done anywhere depending upon their sizes. While wrist is the most common choice to get anchor tattoos, some women get small and cute anchor tattoos on their fingers. Many girls get an anchor tattoo on their wrists along with flowers and butterflies. Girls even get anchor tattoos on their ankles in small and petite designs. Small anchor designs look very cute and adorable. 

Women generally choose anchor designs with flowers and butterflies because these depict feminism and gentleness. Some girls get even more creative and use clever and attractive color options on their tattoos by coloring the butterflies and flowers in vibrant colors and outlining the anchor in black. 

Anchor tattoos on the fingers look cute and adorable. These are minimalistic tattoos which are simple and one will never get bored of them. You can have a small anchor engraved on all your fingers or just on one finger of each hand. Anchor tattoo on the arm almost looks like an arm band and you can proudly show it off wearing sleeveless tops. An anchor tattoo on your back looks bold and beautiful and that which just behind your neck can be shown by wearing your hear in an updo. 

Anchor Tattoos Symbolic Representation

The anchor tattoos have been prevalent for decades. Initially, only sailors and captains used to get these tattoos inked on their bodies but eventually, the tattoo has become more mainstream. This tattoo was associated with Christianity too. In Christianity, this tattoo served as a hidden symbol of the cross and it symbolized salvation and hope. These people used this tattoo at that time to indicate that they were Christians at the time of escaping the persecution of Romans. 

The meaning evolved later on. The US Navy used to get an anchor tattoo inked on their bodies after they crossed the Atlantic Ocean. It was a symbolism of stability and strong foundation amongst sailors. These days, anyone who gets an anchor tattoo has their own particular reason or theory behind it. 

While at sea, a sailor looks upon an anchor tattoo as the most secure object in his life. It represents stability and a strong foundation to a sailor. Often, you can come across an anchor tattoo along with 'Mom' emblazoned on a sailor's body or the name of his beloved. The reason behind writing his mom's or beloved's name along with his anchor tattoo is that these two people keep him grounded in life. 

An anchor tattoo became popular because it has a deep connection with strength and stability. Putting down an anchor also symbolized the end of a journey. Even before the tattoo art was invented, anchor signs have been in use. It was initially only associated with sailors and Christianity. The Christians had used the anchor symbol instead of their holy cross when they were a minority. When the Christians were under the control of the Romans, they had spent a majority portion of their time hidden. It was then that the Christians used the sign of the anchor so as not to give anyone the hint of their religion and also to signal other Christians secretly. The anchor tattoo still remains a famous maritime symbol. It is one of the oldest tattoo symbols and also a seamen's favorite. 

Anchor Tattoos History

Anchor tattoos got more famous after the 1900s. Sailors got them first to signify their association with the sea. No ship sails in the sea without an anchor. An anchor is necessary to stop the ship or boat and without an anchor a ship or boat would sail away without being able to stop. Sailors who could manage to cross the Atlantic Ocean got an anchor tattoo as a symbol of their accomplishment. It was used to mark their experience. Later on, the design became more common with the sailors to represent their affiliation with the sea. Sailors would often pair the number of their outfit or the picture of their ship along with their anchor tattoo. A anchor tattoo was always worn with pride.

An anchor tattoo also represented America. An American flag wrapped around an anchor with or without an eagle was also a famous tattoo design sported by many Americans. 

Pirates also used to sport anchor tattoos. They commonly had skulls and cross bones but some of them also paired an anchor design along with their other skull designs. The anchor basically has only one purpose and that is to hold a ship firmly and steadily in the water. On dropping the anchor, a ship cannot budge from its position. 

As more and more girls are getting an anchor tattoo thesedays, the meaning is continually evolving. As it means 'stability', an anchor tattoo on young girls signify that they are steady in life or that everything in their life is stable and falling into place. 

Sometimes, an anchor tattoo is also used to signify stable surroundings. An anchor tattoo with a ribbon across with 'Family' written on it indicates a stable family with strong and close bonds with each other. Some anchor tattoos have 'Mom' and 'Dad' written on them. Some girls get more creative and engrave the names of their beloveds. The anchor tattoo symbolizes a strong family bond. 

This tattoo also represents people in a stable relationship. When a man wears an anchor tattoo, he depicts that he is in a stable relationship. Women also wear an anchor tattoo to depict the same thing. Some couples even get matching anchor tattoos to indicate their relationship with each other.  

Anchor tattoos can be done alone or with a variety of other symbols. Many symbols such as flowers, hearts, wings, ribbons, eagles, compass, skulls, nautical stars and others are used with anchor tattoos. These are colorful or done in black and white. In most anchor tattoos, the anchor is tattooed in the center of the design. 

40 Female Anchor Tattoos

Given below are some simple and cute anchor tattoo designs for girls and women. Many of them are for the wrists and some are for the legs and other parts of the body. Many people get a tattoo inked on their wrists because it pains the least and also, one can easily hide it wearing a full-sleeved shirt.

Make sure you choose a professional tatto artist to get your tattoo done as anchor design can be a little complicated and you need straight and fine lines with a lot of detailing. An amateur tattoo artist can spoil your tattoo and leave ugly marks on your body which cannot be undone. 

Browse through all the designs below and choose your favorite anchor tattoo design. 

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Before choosing your anchor tattoo design, it is advisable to browse through a lot of designs. If you are a first timer with regards to tattoo, you should always go in for a smaller tattoo to get an idea about the pain and also whether you like you body inked permanently. A huge design right at the beginning might make you very uncomfortable with the pain and also the impact it has on your body. It is also advisable to not engrave your boyfriend's or girlfriend's name on your anchor tattoo. What if the relationship does not last long? You will end up cringing at the sight of the tattoo always. Some girls also get the anchor tattoo in a place which can be easily hidden under clothes. This will prevent you from catching the sight of your tattoo everytime you look into the mirror. This will also create a mysterious aura around you and you can show the anchor tattoo only when you want.

Removing a tattoo once it is engraved can be quite tough. It can be a costly procedure and very time consuming. You will have to go for costly laser treatments which help in lightening the tattoo marks in every sitting. You might need plenty of laser sittings to completely remove your tattoo. The other option is to go in for a tattoo cover up. A tattoo cover up is when a different tattoo is made on your earlier tattoo in such an artistic way that one cannot even find the earlier design in the cover up tattoo. 

These 40 simple anchor tattoo designs above are taken from different females and different parts of their bodies. Choose your preferred design or get inspired from these above and craft your own unique design.