25 Best Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes You Should Try

Hey, brown eyes fellow. Looking for makeup ideas for your fantastic eye color? Here are some 25 best eye makeup for brown eyes you would want to try out.

By Emmanuel Onitayo
25 Best Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes You Should Try

Makeup For Brown Eyes 101

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If your eye color is brown, perhaps we should congratulate you for such a great eye you've got. Brown eyes are pretty much compatible with most eyeshadow makeups. It doesn't select colors like other eye colors do.

But even at that, you might sometimes find yourself in need of appropriate makeup ideas for your brown eyes depending on your occasion and taste. For this reason, we have come up with 35 classy makeup tips for women with brown eyes like yourself.

Get prepared for this somewhat tutorial session as we walk you through the makeup tips. So, here we go.

Makeup For Brown Eyes #1: Plum Eyeshadow

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This makeup tutorial is only meant for women with dark brown eyes. The plum eyeshadow gives such women an earthy feel and a gorgeous look especially when autumn lands. Plum for a dark brown eye is such a nice pair for a sweater colored mustard and a jean. Here are some tips to rock this makeup.

You need a mixture of a brown shade punctuated with some pink undertones as the underlying shade. After this, you would now apply the plum shade before crowning it up with a dark violet or purple shade. Once these three layers have been arrived at, just apply mascara and eyeliner and you're good to go.

Makeup For Brown Eyes #2: Gray Eyeshadow

If you are a black woman and are looking for a soft eye makeup, gray eyeshadow can really prove helpful. Similarly, let's say you are not dark in complexion but just wish to rock a dark outlook, gray eyeshadow is equally very apt.

Your transition shade would be a brown color that is soft. Once the first layer is completed, it's time to apply the gray eyeshadow onto your eyelid ensuring that it blends properly. If you like, you may also want to apply a liner that is winged and probably beneath the wing, a silver line. To crown it all, apply a mascara.

Makeup For Brown Eyes #3: Gold Eyeshadow

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Ever had to combine black with gold? The colors are very compatible. That, of course, means that gold eyeshadows would do well on dark-skinned women with brown eyes than others. Ordinarily, it is said that there are golden flecks in every brown eye.

Since it’s a gold makeup, you need the gold eyeshadow too which should be applied after the liner to the eyelid blending properly with those dark parts of your eyelids. The concealer and a mascara would then be applied in succession to complete the gold eyeshadow makeup process.

Makeup For Brown Eyes #4: Violet Eyeshadow

Violet or purple is a color for royalty and good enough, brown-eyed individuals like yourself can rock its eyeshadow makeup. The light flecks present in your brown eyes become pronounced and that adds a lot of beauty to your overall outlook especially when you are going for a night program.

To make this eyeshadow makeup, you need a brown eyeshadow that is soft and which has pink undertones to serve as the transition shade. Then, you would also need the violet eyeshadow itself to be applied immediately after the brown eyeshadow covering the whole eyelid.

For a proper outlook, you should consider applying some black to your lower dash line as well as your outer corner. This is aimed at creating a smoky effect. Then, crown it up with fake eyelashes and eyeliner.

Makeup For Brown Eyes #5: Dark-Green Eyeshadow

Another eyeshadow makeup that looks very gorgeous on brown eyes is dark green. If you get the tips for arriving at it well, it can be incredibly amazing. Whether matte or shimmer, this makeup looks gorgeous but it is advisable that if you are going for a day function, you should stick with the matte option. A night outing is better with the shimmer option too.

To rock the dark green eyeshadow, you need a brown eyeshadow that is warm which you would apply as the transition shade in the crease. You also need the dark green eyeshadow itself which should be applied all over the eyelid. Also, black eyeshadow is needed which you would apply on your outer corner. Then, of course, an eyeliner and mascara would be needed for the finishing.

Makeup For Brown Eyes #6: Green Eyeshadow

As the fall approaches, sure, you would be looking for ideas on how best to make up your brown eyes. You see, the green eyeshadow has no rival for this period for your eye color. And if you want to crown this eyeshadow, just finish it with a winged liner and fake lashes. You can be sure that many would come to you for a tutorial on how to go about it.

For this nice eyeshadow, get a brown-orange eyeshadow as your transition in the crease. A green eyeshadow is what should be on your eyelid while you should apply on the outer corner some black eyeshadow. Once this is done, finish your effort with mascara and winged liner and you are good to go.

Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes #7: Rose Gold

This eyeshadow would look good practically on everyone whether brown or hazel eyes. However, with a brown-eyed individual, the rose gold eyeshadow brings out your brown eyes. It is apt at any time of the day and for all occasions.

Wearing this eyeshadow requires that you have a nude brown eyeshadow to be used as your transition in the crease. Then, you would also need some Mauve eyeshadow which would be applied at on your outer corner. For your eyelid plus inner corner, a rose gold shade would be needed and you can reach for your mascara and eyeliner to finish the rest.

Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes #8: Bronze Eyeshadow

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Okay, so you have brown eyes and love night parties or outings? Bronze eyeshadow is the perfect makeup for your lifestyle. It does compliment your eyes’ lighter specks and during summer, you would always thank your goodness for rocking this makeup because it can be very great if the tips for making it are carefully followed.

For the bronze eyeshadow makeup, you should get brown eyeshadow because that is what you would use as your transition in the crease, and when applying, you should make sure it gets to your brow bone. You also need a dark eyeshadow for your outer corner before applying the bronze eyeshadow itself to your eyelid. Once that is done, you are set to apply your mascara and eyeliner to finish the good work.

Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes #9: Taupe Eyeshadow

Wondering what a Taupe eyeshadow is? Well, it is nothing but a mix of gray and purple that has been well-toned and blended. If your skin is brown and light and you have brown eyes, this eyeshadow makeup is very good for you. And if you want to make yourself the talk of the town, just add a bit of cat eye to it.

And what does it take to rock a Taupe eyeshadow? You need brown eyeshadow for your transition shade; a white eyeshadow that is silvery to be applied from your eye’s inner corner to its mid eyelid. For the outer corner, get a dark brown eyeshadow before finishing up with a gorgeous cat liner plus some false eyelashes.

Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes #10: Soft Brown

Granted, many women may not be that concerned about matching anymore but a few women are still interested in this fashion effort. If you are among those women who like their makeup to match their skin color and tone, the soft brown eyeshadow is your best bet. And good enough, it is neutral.

For it, you need a tape so as to arrive at an eyeshadow with a sharp wing. Similarly, you need a soft brown eyeshadow to be applied all over your eyelid before applying a brown eyeliner to your lash line (upper). Once this has been done, remove the tape and complete your makeup with a mascara.

Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes #11: Electric Blue

Just imagine how a blue eyeshadow would look like on a brown eye. It’s such a great contrast, isn’t it? And that is exactly the beauty of this electric blue eyeshadow. It sets you apart and more importantly, it is very cool and decent.

When choosing the blue eyeshadow to be used, ensure that you choose one that is bright such as an electric or royal blue. And to ensure that your eyes’ whiteness is brought out, settle for an eyeliner that is royal blue in color and it should be appropriately applied to your lash line.

Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes #12: Silver Eyeshadow

Get everyone talking about you by rocking silver eyeshadow. It’s is such a great makeup on brown eyes and you don’t need an extensive tutorial to rock it. Both the silver and blue eyeshadows have the advantage of being cool in their tone and you would like yourself with it.

However, ensure that your choice of silver eyeshadow is among any of gunmetal, platinum silver or metallic silver. These are the proven shades for brown eyes and if applied in moderation, can give a great look. Don’t forget your lower lash line too; a bit of silver eyeshadow on it is very great.

Makeup For Brown Eyes #13: Bridal Eye

So your big day is on the way and you are looking for the best eye makeup for your brown eyes? Look no more. The bridal eye makeup for brown eyes is what you have been looking for. It isn’t complicated and yet you can’t compare it to an everyday makeup out there. The transition on the crease is deep and if a winged eyeliner is used, the look you would get from the makeup is nothing short of a gorgeous one.

Makeup For Brown Eyes #14: Holiday Shimmer

Yes, with holidays always around us, there is one eye makeup that can make the moment an exciting one for you. And that’s holiday shimmer for you. The eyeshadow is champagne gold and it is okay for brown eyes either during the day or at night. Similarly, holiday shimmer would fit well for any occasion whether formal or informal.

Makeup For Brown Eyes #15: Seductive Black

This eye makeup is particularly suitable for women with black skin and brown eyes. It is so nice and seductive and that is perhaps the origin of its name. The eyeshadow brings out the flecks in your brown eyes and makes you look special. You would be choosing a black eyeshadow for the transition on the crease and when applying the shade, make sure the eyelid is properly covered.

Makeup For Brown Eyes #16: Coral & Olive

If you want your brown eyes to look bright and elegant, coral and olive eyeshadow is the way to go. It is very appropriate both in the summer and spring. The green component of the eyeshadow makes your hazel brown eyes to pop up while the brightness comes as a result of the coral component. It isn’t very popular but it is such a refreshing eyeshadow for anyone that likes to try something new.

Makeup For Brown Eyes #17: Everyday Eyeshadow

Even from the name, you can deduce that this makeup is a general eye makeup suitable for any outing and for this reason, only a single color is used in its buildup. The neutral brown eyeshadow is used on the eyelid as well as the transition shade. This color blends well with the color of your eyes and you can spice it up with a purple or teal to your waterline.

Makeup For Brown Eyes #18: Mermaid Eyeshadow

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In this brown eyes makeup, three great colors are combined into one. These colors are orange, green, and yellow. It is an eyeshadow that is best worn during summer and spring. The makeup itself will increase your creative prowess during the sunny period. It is an adventurous brown eyes makeup most suitable for brown skin that is also light.

Makeup Ideas For Brown Eyes #19: Purple & Gold

The combination of purple and gold on brown eyes is second to none in beauty. Purple, being a color for royalty is flattering in itself and apart from having brown eyes, if you also have brown hair, it’s such a great combination that contrast your brown eyes. You may want to add some bluish tint to it to spice it up.

Makeup For Brown Eyes #20: Red Glitter Eyeshadow

Truth be told, you would have to get a deep tutorial to master this red glitter eyeshadow because it can be tricky. However, if well-mastered, the red glitter eyeshadow is such a gorgeous makeup for brown eyes that you can rock. Adding some black plus purple as transition shades can add beauty to the look.

Makeup For Brown Eyes #21: Cranberry Eyeshadow

This makeup does not require any eyeliner and next to burgundy, cranberry is the eyeshadow now reigning both on Instagram and Pinterest. It is such a gorgeous eyeshadow for brown eyes and you don’t need many tutorials to get it.

Makeup For Brown Eyes #22: Burgundy Glitter

Talk of a color that goes with the lips, as well as the eyelid, and you are talking about Burgundy. This shimmery eyeshadow is capable of brightening up your brown eyes and making it great. It doesn’t select skin color and that is another reason why many people prefer it.

Makeup For Brown Eyes #23: Dark Burgundy

If you want to arrest the attention of everyone around you, the eyeshadow to try out is the dark burgundy which has some pops of gold. And to crown it all, get a cat eyeliner to rock an eyeshadow that sets you aside from the crowd.

Makeup For Brown Eyes #24: Gold + Pink

What a great color combination you have in gold and pink! It’s so great a combination to rock on your brown eyes.

Makeup For Brown Eyes #25: Purple Under Eyes

Having a purple eyeshadow right under your lower lash line is also not a bad look for brown eyes even during daytime. It is such a straightforward makeup by anyone that wants their eyes to pop up.


There you have some 25best makeup for brown eyes that you can begin to try out. Some of them come with the tutorial and tips while you might have to search more online for others. But by and large, you can hardly get it wrong with brown eyes because of its universality with most eyeshadows.



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