Right Eye Twitching: What Does It Mean For Men And Female?

The meaning is different for men and women, find out now!

By Diana Nadim
Right Eye Twitching: What Does It Mean For Men And Female?

It Isn’t So Serious

Almost everyone has had the funny effect of their eyelids ‘trembling.’ While most individuals brush it off, others are a little too curious to find out why it happens.

Those who seek scientific explanations have probably been told it is nothing and that the flutters are common, and it isn't something to worry about.

However, astrology and the community have something else to say about this occurrence. The societal cultures place myths and illusions on reasons the eyelids flutter, and to them, it is worth pondering on.

Unlike the eyelid on the left that is accompanied by negative beliefs, your right eyelid trembles carry along plenty of goodies. To believers, it isn’t just the involuntary spasms researchers brush off, but rather a message that the heavens above are seeking to pass to you.

Cultural Myths

If you still hear of such fallacies in your community, then the beliefs have lingered on all this while. It shows your people believed there’s some truth in the matter, for it to exist for all this while.

What do your people associate the spasms with? Is it a positive signal or a premonition? Well, as you try to remember the archaic civilizations of your bloodline, here are some cultural opinions on the right eye spasms from various communities.

1. Chinese

People of Asian descent are immensely mythical, thanks to their ways of worship and the large population of the elderly in their midst, who pass on the fallacies to the younger generation. They value the time of the eye jerks. Various predictions link the spasms and the time it happens.  

For instance, in the morning hours of 7 am to 9 am, ‘the above’ is warning you to take care of yourself and be cautious of your surroundings.

If it happens before noon, which is between 11 am to 1 am, brace yourself for a party, since an invite is underway. Whilst from 3 am to 5 am means that you'll experience a joyous moment from a forthcoming happy event.

The hours between 9 pm to 11 pm, however, throw precautions to individuals to be aware of the possibilities of colliding with the law, as you may get into some legal problems soon.

The Chinese insist it is essential to keep track of when it happens since time helps decipher meaning.

2. Indians

The Indians conclude the future hold the blessings of providence and favor from the universe if your right-side eye jerks. Therefore, if the flutters occur before a big event, such as job interviews, rejoice, since it will turn in your favor.

3. Africa

Africa has vast cultural fallacies about the trembling episodes, but what stands out from all of them is that happiness is your portion. Expect to make merry with guests in your home.

Other’s assume that if the eye jumps, then individuals are speaking about you. However, they are not gossiping, but instead they speak well of you.

4. Hawaii

This corner of the globe associates the right eye jumps to the birth of a newborn. If you don’t have one yet, well, you won’t wait any longer.

Astrological References


It is very promising for the right eye to flutter. If it happens in areas above your eye, then the desires and wishes of your heart have found an audience with the divine. You can gain from funds and exciting opportunities.

Cosmic references suggest that you are a creative person if there are blinkers in your right eye. However, the cosmic beings are reminding you to make use of the potential you rarely pay attention to.

This could be a signal that you have the big objectives you are working to achieve. What makes the message outstanding is, you might not have told anyone about your plans. The heavens are against the idea of you keeping to yourself, and it prefers you to share your ambitions with the world.


Spasms on the part below, however, are threatening. It warns of a looming disaster or crisis that will knock you to the core. There awaits an obstacle to block you from realizing your plans and happiness.

In other instances, an individual is treading on the place where they’ll bury you. That is creepy!

What It Means For Men And Female

When sex is in the picture, the eye blinks mean differently depending on the individuals.

Most primitive civilizations perceived the eye movements as foreshadows, and gave meaning to it, especially on the basis of sexuality. Let us talk about how the society perceived spasms of the right eye for a lady

1. Female


In communities such as India, it did not favor feminity. It is a call for alarm if it happens to them since nothing will go their way. Their future is dark.

Professional progression isn’t something they are going to enjoy. Doom awaits them in their economic ventures

Nature isn’t smiling at them and is warning them of their short-lived fortune. There seizes good fortune for them: no job promotions, nor massive returns on any of their ventures.

The woman will fail economically.


For the Chinese, however, right eye-blinks are signals for a good omen. Good tidings are charging in their directions. The woman is capable of creating wealth, improve at her workplace, and create returns from her ventures.


Adverse outcomes await ladies who have flutters in the right eye, especially if it is the bottom part. Good tidings and opportunities will be hard to come by. Buckle up for some rough rides to come. Tears will be a familiar sight to you. There are limitations to your success.

However, if it happens on your upper lid, there’s a likelihood of an optimistic future. Therefore, always wish for the upper blinker.

2. Men

It is incredible how both cosmic and the cultural beliefs both favor the masculine beings when the right eye of the individuals sprout. Below is how the repeated flashes of the right eye are perceived.


It is encouraging if the eyelids on the right-side of the masculine individuals sprout.  Apart from enormous fortunes, favorable tidings, and incredible opportunities, it marks the end of any pain the guy may be in.

Good health, happiness, and satisfaction replace any physical and emotional anguish the man may feel.


Men in India must always be looking forward to their eyes blinking repetitively. It foreshadows their bright future and series of incredible news regarding their professions.

Scientific Causes

Doctors and researchers conclude that it is harmless, and your daily events cause the effect, also known as Myokymia. The reason why there’s repetitive eye twitch is that:

1. Fatigue

Lack of enough rest can set off jerks. It is crucial to ensure adequate rest of 6 to 8 hours every night to prevent fatigue.

2. Alcoholism

Beware of your drinking habits. Too much liquor damages the nerves. Reduce how much you gulp the alcohol to avoid this eye effect.

3. Over Indulgence In Caffeinated Beverages

Your love for coffee may be the cause of this uncomfortable feeling. Reduce your intake of soft drinks, tea, and coffee to reduce the trembling.

4. Nerve Damage

You won’t know what hit you unless you visit a specialist. Such a cause can be catastrophic if unattended to for long.

5. Allergies

Sometimes just making minor transitions in your lifestyle can impact the condition. It may occur because of unsuitable food intake, weather, or medicinal allergies. Visit a physician for a diagnosis.

6. Eye Strain

Focusing your eyes on one thing for long, especially against digital screens, triggers the quivering effect. You can purchase computer glasses to refrain from direct light from reaching your eyesight.

It is much cheaper if you resolve to take breaks from the devices every twenty minutes.

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When you go through the myths above, do not freak out. It all depends on what you choose to conclude. If you suppose that unfavorable events will occur, you’ll tune your mind in anticipating that event and miss out on favorable encounters.

If you choose to assume the positive, nothing negative will put you down.

However, if the ancestors held onto the cues for this long, don’t ignore them completely. Try to seek their meaning, and if it is repetitive, seek guidance from the doctors.

It is an interesting way for Science and cultural beliefs to coexist, right?