5 Effective Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Redness On Your Face

Experiencing facial redness? Good news! You would see the redness no more with these home remedies for redness on your face. Yes, even cheeks redness.

By Emmanuel Onitayo
5 Effective Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Redness On Your Face

What Causes Facial Redness?

It's such an annoying thing suffering face redness. Sometimes the redness is even accompanied by patches and rashes. Not very many people can handle the challenges that come with facial redness, and that has led many to try several beauty products to see if they could get the redness away. Unfortunately, many of these acclaimed products not only leave behind ugly scars on the users but also, some of them are not as effective as claimed to be.

Although facial redness is not a skin condition in itself, it is a strong symptom of serious skin irritation or disorder. Redness on your face can be an aftermath of acne or even in some cases, ingrown hairs. Eczema, keratosis, and Rosacea are some other skin condition capable of bringing out skin redness as one of their symptoms.

That said, since our focus here is majorly on how to get rid of the redness and not an investigation of its causes, we shall quickly look into some proven home remedies for tackling facial redness regardless of what the cause of the redness might have been. Good enough, these home remedies for facial redness are readily available and equally gently on the face too. As such, if you are set, we are also ready to dish out 5 home remedies to help combat facial redness. Here are they.

Remedies For Face Redness #1: Anti-Redness Diet

It's good you are aware that you can actually eat yourself out of facial redness. If you are battling with skin redness say on your cheeks, neck, or face, you would constantly notice that those areas get inflamed. This inflammation is not only annoying but can also prolong healing.

As such, you should avoid or reduce your intake of certain foods such as soy, wheat, sugar, corn, eggs, and nuts which have been shown to elicit allergic reactions leading to your skin becoming inflamed. They may be okay in little quantity for anyone without skin redness issue, but for you battling with redness, you should work towards avoiding them.

Eat, instead, a lot of anti-redness foods such as fruits and vegetables. These anti-redness foods are interestingly very cheap and easy to get. And if you are having difficulty bidding nuts farewell, you can check out chia and hemp seeds; they are good substitutes.

Definitely, you should know that for your facial redness to vanish in time, foods such as alcohol and junks that increase body's internal heat must be avoided. Become friends with watermelon, cucumber, spinach, papaya, and peach instead.

Home Remedies For Face Redness #2: Cucumber Mask

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Right in the comfort of your home, you can deal with the redness on your face just with the use of cucumber. Granted, the use of cucumber as a home remedy for facial redness is still under scientific investigation but then, several success stories of this homemade effort for facial redness have been recorded.

To use cucumber at home for your face redness, make sure it is grated and chill. Apply it to the portion of your face with redness and allow it to stay there for at least 20 minutes before washing it off.

Do this twice a day for up to one week for optimal result. It has no side effect neither does it leave behind scars. And guess what? Your facial redness should be gone in a matter of days.

Home Remedies For Face Redness #3: Tea Tree Oil

Among the home remedies that can easily break the backbone of your facial redness is the tea tree oil. The oil, extracted from the leaves of the tea tree prevalent in Australia, has proven to be the first among several home remedies for treating wounds, inflammation, itching, and even face redness.

It has a great anti-microbial property that helps in fighting infections and even acne that might be responsible for the redness on your face. Since the skin of the face can be very tender and sensitive, you would need to dilute the tea tree oil with a moisturizer, say coconut or olive oil, before applying it to your face to fight redness.

If the concentration is too high, you might come down with skin rashes or burns instead of eliminating the redness. The tea tree oil should be applied once a day on those portions of your face with redness and allowed to stay for 20 minutes before washing off. The redness would start reducing on the second day of application.

Home Remedies For Face Redness #4: Manuka Honey

Among the home remedies that work effectively for the redness on your face is the manuka honey. This honey is different from others because the bees that produce it feed solely on the manuka tree's flowers found in New Zealand.

Manuka honey is a trusted antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent. As such, if acne is the root cause of your face redness, you can trust manuka honey to help fight the bacteria responsible alongside healing of the redness.

Of course, you don't have to travel to New Zealand to get the honey. You could order it online or get it at a trusted shopping mall around you. Check the rating of the manuka honey to be used for your facial redness to ensure it doesn't fall below the UMF/OMA rating of 15. Like other home remedies, apply it directly to your face redness once a day to get rid of the redness.

Home Remedies For Face Redness #5: Aloe Vera

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Aloe Vera is among the home remedies that have been used in times past on a number of skin disorders including facial redness. What sets aloe Vera apart from other home remedies for treating facial redness is the fact that it can be taken orally or applied directly on the skin. Its soothing effect is also very great among the home remedies for skin disorders.

To use Aloe Vera as a remedy for your face redness, simply break the stem and extract the gel. This gem is what you would apply on the spot where the redness is. Leave the gel to stay on the red spot for up to 20 minutes before washing off. Doing this twice a day for one week would send the face redness packing.

Home Remedies For Face Redness: Conclusion

Face redness can be treated with simple home remedies and that's a reason to be happy. These remedies for facial redness are, most times, easy to access with no side effects such as allergic reactions. The redness may not leave the first day you start applying any of these home remedies but certainly, after a week of consistent usage, the redness would reduce and eventually, disappear.



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