30 Words Of Encouragement That Give Strength To Women

Life can be tough, especially for women. Here are 30 words of encouragement in which any woman can find solace and get back on her feet.

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30 Words Of Encouragement That Give Strength To Women

Words and quotes of encouragement for women

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At some point in life, everyone needs words of encouragement, especially when the going gets a tad bit tougher. And the same applies to women. Without further ado, here are some good examples of quotes/words of encouragement meant for women from a plethora of reliable sources:

1. Encouragement for lonely women

Michelle McKinney Hammond said it best; the best antidote for loneliness is getting out in the world and spreading your awesomeness. What she was really saying, in a nutshell, is that women have a lot of love to give and should, therefore, go out there and give it to the universe which will give it back to them.

2. Trusting in God’s might and timing

One of arguably the best quotes and therefore the perfect encouragement for women came from Annie Downs. Annie began by affirming that indeed God is perfect in every sense of the word. He is all knowing and all powerful – which is everything we aren’t. Meaning that all the women who put their trust in Him and Him alone will always come out of any struggle victorious.

3. Joyce Meyer on the origins of misery

Joyce Meyer, who is a friend, preacher, mother and overall role model to many, has always encouraged women to clear their thoughts even during the toughest of times which seems to be quite a challenge. This is simply because the devil will be incapable of using such opportunities to deceive them.

4. Women who neither complain nor argue

According to the Bible, women who neither complain nor grumble, even in the face of unfair treatment, will have God fight for them. This is simply because God sees what they are going through and will not let their suffering be in vain.


That’s Philippians 2:14-16.

5. Encouragement from God

Women, especially those in His ministry, are advised to not look for happiness from earthy things simply because that’s where disappointment stems from. And as one Levi Lusko would put it, only God can turn a woman’s trash to triumph. Therefore, putting trust in Him is the only greatest decision any woman would ever make.

6. Beauty is from deep within

According to 1 Peter 3:3-4, a woman’s beauty and strength don’t come from her outward appearance but from the soul that’s deep within her. This simply means that women shouldn’t focus much on expensive clothes, jewelry, and makeup but instead, focus on being better people who bring nothing but joy into the world.

7. Encouragement from Philippians 4:6-7

The comforting words from Philippians 4:6-7 are meant to encourage prayerful women to worry less about the uncertainty of life. As long as she is ready to pray and be true to herself, then God will take control of her life and guide her accordingly.

8. Encouragement to not give up on true love

Not giving up on true love is arguably the best word of encouragement especially for women on the verge of giving up on finding love. In her speech, Beth Moore reminds women that they haven’t even met the person who is going to fill their hearts with love and lives with laughter. Therefore, there is no need for them giving up just yet.

9. God will always be there for His faithful women

Another powerful word of encouragement for women is from Psalms 73:23. This verse comprehensively states that God will always be there for His people (which includes His faithful women), allowing them to hold on to His right hand and be guided accordingly.

10. Women should recognize God’s voice

Out of the many quotes associated with Margaret Feinberg, this particular one about women putting their trust in God and recognizing his voice is considered as the acme of encouragement especially for women in despair.

11. Read 1 Corinthians 13:6-7 for the encouragement

Women, especially those in pain, can always refer to 1 Corinthians 13:6-7 for encouragement. The verse simply reminds them that love always rejoices in the truth and not in evil. Therefore, no matter what she’s presently going through, only God’s pure love will see her through - and not her fair-weather friends or anybody else for that matter.

12. Encouragement through Faith & kindness

Bob Goff once stated that kindness is proof of the existence of our faith in God as well as everything that is divine. Therefore, he encourages women to keep reading the Bible, continue being kind and God will reward them with unconditional love and protection.

13. Song of Solomon 1:15

This incredible beautiful verse from Song of Solomon serves as a perfect reminder that every woman is beautiful in their own special way. Therefore, the perfect encouragement for women, especially those in the ministry, who might feel a tad bit unattractive because they chose not to conform to any worldly standards of beauty.

14. Proverbs 31:25

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Proverbs 31:25 is meant to reassure women that their strength lies in their dignity. In layman terms, maintaining one’s dignity can be hard especially in this time and age, but the woman who is strong enough to maintain hers will always be respected and rewarded as it has always been since the beginning.

15. Billy Graham on God’s love for women

While expounding on 1 Corinthians 13:4-5, Billy Graham affirmed that women should only seek God’s love because it’s the only love that will neither disappoint nor fail them. These wise words simply meant that women who dedicate their lives to seeking God’s face will forever enjoy His unconditional love, the kind of love that will never fail them even during the darkest of times.

16. Encouragement for the wise woman

According to Proverbs 16:23-24, wise women are encouraged to keep up seeking more wisdom in God while maintaining their prudence. This verse is extremely important for women simply because wisdom will always lead to the healing of both their bodies and souls alike.

17. The power of laughter

According to Erma Bombeck, every woman should make a habit of laughing especially at things they can’t control. Doing this will not only make their lives a lot easier but will also help them accept themselves for who they are and thus focus all their time and energy on becoming the best version of themselves.

18. Encouragement through adversity

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Louisa May Alcott said it best; women shouldn’t be afraid of storms simply because the storms will help her learn how to sail her ship much better. If this isn’t one of the best encouragement quotes for women, then I simply don’t know what is.

19. Encouragement to the feminists

Zaha Hadid openly acknowledged that she is without a doubt a feminist. And her reasons were quite simple - all women are smart, gifted and tough - which is pinpoint accurate if you ask me. Therefore, if you’ve been feeling low – or have a female friend who’s feeling low, then feel free to share these strong words from Zaha Hadid.

20. Encouragement for the tough women

Apart from reliable quotes from the bible, tough, exemplary women have taken the initiative to encourage other women through their strong, well-picked words. One such level-headed women are none other than Jeanette Stanley.

In her remarkable speech, Jeanette encourages women to always find a way to get back up after every sucker punch that life deals them. This is simply because history doesn’t remember women who fell but those who fell and got back up.

21. Encouragement for ambitious women

Women, either in the ministry or in the corporate world, might find it a tad difficult to do their work simply because they believe they aren’t up for the task. But as Ally Carter puts it; strong women should go for what they want even if they don’t believe that they can do it since it’s the first step that always counts when all is said and done.

22. Encouragement on risk-taking women

Erica Jong’s encouragement to risk-taking women is as important as it is timely as it urges them to have the courage to go for what they want as doing so not only shows strength but will also leave them happy as well as fulfilled.

23. Ariel Winter’s encouragement on originality

Ariel’s wise words on originality are meant to encourage women to embrace themselves as each and every one of them happens to be special in their own special way.

24. Power by Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice’s encouragement to women came in the form of a few wise words of enlightening. According to her, power comes even in the slightest form of change as long as it’s a positive one.

25. Taylor Swift’s encouragement on fair play

It’s always been “Taytay’s” ministry to encourage women to use fair means to get to the top because it’s possible – as she did the same.

26. Maya Angelou’s encouragement on measuring life

As a matter of fact, Maya Angelou has hundreds of amazing quotes from just about everyone. But on this particular one, Maya encourages women to live for moments that will take their breaths away rather than just living for the heck of it.

27. Ingrid Bergman’s encouragement to women

Anyone needs a friend like Ingrid Bergman since she not only understands the difference between success and happiness but isn’t afraid of telling it to all the women.

28. Encouragement & wisdom from Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa once encouraged women to focus on doing small things with great love instead of wanting to do big, sometimes impossible things - just like the bible teaches us.

29. Ruth Gordo’s encouragement to courageous women

Ruth Gordo has always been vocal about her support and encouragement to fellow women. She was once quoted saying that courage is like a muscle which can only grow through rigorous use. Here, she was encouraging women to step up and be fearless.

30. Beyoncé Knowles’ wise words on girl power

Beyoncé, who is no stranger to strength, wealth, power and influence was once quoted encouraging women to not kick back and wait for power to be given to them but instead rise up and take it.

A final on the encouragement of women

When all words of wisdom are said and done, the fact remains that all women have the power to overcome just about anything that life throws at them. The only thing they need to do is accept and be positive about change and at the same time believe in their awesomeness. But most of all, all women are encouraged to put their trust in God.