The Ultimate Guide To Help Determine Your Actual Body Shape

Unsure whether you're an hourglass or not? Learn these classic measurement rules to figure out your actual body shape and how to achieve hourglass.

By Emmanuel Onitayo
The Ultimate Guide To Help Determine Your Actual Body Shape

Body Measurement And Shape Determination

We've gone past those eras where you just jump at any clothing style simply because it is trendy. It is now crystal clear that beyond a clothing style being trendy, it has to align with your body shape too before it can actually look good on you. As such, the ideal thing now is to first figure out your actual body shape before reaching out to the boutique.

Of course, that leaves you with the question "How do I figure out my actual body shape?" That's not a problem really. You only need a measuring tape that is graduated in inches and the assistance of a friend to help take measurements of some of your body parts.

But before the measurements, perhaps we should first check out the various female body shapes and their pictures. The pictures would help you grasp these shapes well.

Types Of Female Body Figures

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With regard to female body shapes, at least four types have been identified, namely inverted triangle, rectangle, triangle, and of course, hourglass.

Of these four female body shapes, hourglass figure seems to be the prayer of most women. It appears that the hourglass is what our society favors as the standard of beauty for women today.

As such, a woman with an average weight and height is not often adjudged classic or beautiful unless her body shape is an hourglass. No wonder women work so hard for hourglass and hourglass alone.

Body Measurements Needed To Determine Your Shape

Before you can figure out whether you're an hourglass or triangular, your first assignment would be to take some body measurements. Here are some body parts you need to take their measurements.

1. Your Bust measurement. You don't need any assistance for this measurement. Just identify the part of your bust that is the fullest and wraps your measuring tape around it. Take the measurements twice to find out the average. You would need it to figure out your shape.

2. Your Shoulders measurement. You cannot take this measurement yourself. Get a friend to help you out. For the shoulder measurement, ensure that the measuring tape runs through the entire length of your shoulder to get the right figure.

3. Your Waist measurement. The correct measurement of your waist is taken at some distance above your belly button. The measurement should be the portion of your natural waist that is the smallest.

4. Your Hips Measurement. You would have to take the measurement of your two hips. Make sure the tape is wrapped around the largest part of your butt and record the measurement in inches as accurately as you can.

Using The Measurements To Figure Out Your Shape

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Now that all measurements have been taken, it's time to use the figures from the measurements to figure out your true body shape. You can use these simple guidelines.

Your Body Shape Is Hourglass If...

It is the hourglass figure if your measurements reveal that your shoulder and hips are almost the same. An hourglass waistline is also usually very distinct. And as earlier stated, the hourglass is regarded as the ideal and perfect female body shape.

Mathematically speaking, if you divide the measurement of your waist by measurement of your shoulder or bust and the result is less than or equal to 0.75, you are an hourglass-shaped woman. As an hourglass, a lot of options are available when it comes to wears that you can rock.

You Are An Inverted Triangle If...

Measurements reveal that your hips are significantly smaller than your shoulders or bust. That is, your bust or shoulders measurements are larger than those of your hips.

Mathematically, it means that when you divide the figures you got from the measurement of your shoulder or bust by those of your hips, you arrive at a figure equal to or greater than 1.05. And just like the hourglass, you have different wears to suit your shape too.

You Are A rectangle If...

Your recorded measurements show that your hips, bust, and shoulders are almost of the same figures. That means that you lack curves as seen in hourglass shapes.

Mathematically, it means that when you divide your waist measurement by the measurement of your shoulders or bust, the figure you get is greater or less than 0.75.

You Are A Triangle If...

Figures from your measurements reveal that your hips are significantly wider than your shoulders. After hourglass, this body shape seems to be the most desired among men.

Mathematically, your hips measurement when divided by the measurement of either your shoulders or bust gives a figure greater than or equal to 1.05.

Desire The Hourglass Shape?

The hourglass figure is considered the standard shape of beauty for females today; as such, the question is "Can you get the hourglass shape even when naturally you aren't hourglass?"

To some extent, you can alter your body outlook and measurements to achieve your hourglass dream. But this would involve activities that would ensure that your BMI is kept low so as to get those nice curves. The hourglass shape is possible if

1. You eat rightly. Since hourglass loves moderate body mass index (BMI), it would be your duty as an hourglass aspirant not to be over or underfed. You need a lot of fruits and vegs too to arrive at the hourglass figure.

2. Exercise can get you the hourglass figure too but it must be in moderation. Get an hourglass trainer or search online for hourglass exercises.

3. Sometimes, to land the hourglass body shape, you may have to take some hourglass supplements. But ensure you see a doctor before taking any hourglass supplement.

The Conclusion Of The Whole Matter

You cannot conclude that you are pear-shaped or hourglass until you have tested yourself with these classical way of determining so.

Again, it should be noted that while it is true to some extent that you can alter your body shape through some means, it is always better to accept yourself and love your body for what it is.

By keeping a healthy weight and feeding normally, you can be a better version of yourself instead of aiming interminably on some 'perfect' hourglass goal.


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