Tips and tricks on how to care for sensitive skin

Maintaining the best condition for people with sensitive skin

By Gabriela Petit
Tips and tricks on how to care for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is actually the simplest type of skin to take care of. According to the dermatologist, humans have four types of skins which are:

1. Normal skin

This type of skin is what dermatologist referred to as well balanced skin. It’s neither oily or dry. It’s able to retain a fair amount of moisture to keep it nurtured. Have fine pores, smooth texture, equal coloration and no spots.

2. Dry skin

This type of skin is said to produce less sebum and because of that, it’s unable to retain moisture and dries out very fast when exposed to extreme weather conditions. What you would tend to notice is that type of skin tends to flake and more topical oil to lock in moisture.

3. Oily skin

In this case, the skin tends to produce more sebum than required. Usually have large pores, very shiny skin and may have pimples and acne.

4. The mixture or combination skin type

This skin type has a combination of all. With some part of the skin dry, oily and normal.

Now, with this listed, the skin condition is the main cause of sensitive skin, that’s to say, all skin types can be sensitive. Depending on what and how you care for your skin, sensitivity can be reversed. The good news though is, that sensitive skins don’t really need any pricey skincare routine. Just go back to basic and you are all set.

Symptoms and causes of sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is no other than the irritation of the nerves on the skin surface. There are lots of symptoms and causes of sensitive skin. This can varies from person to person depending on a lot of factors, Let’s see some of them:

Symptoms of sensitive skin

When you have sensitive skin girl! You will need a dermatologist to confirm it. Here I will be listing some clear-cut signs and symptoms of sensitive skin:

1. Irritation

The first thing you will notice is that your skin gets easily irritated by every little thing it comes in contact with, like the weather. Maybe it’s the skin care products you are using at the time, your clothes, house pets, beddings or anything else.

2. Itching

You may notice that your skin becomes itch at every little chance. It may even bleed when you attempt to scratch it.

3. Tingling

This sensation feels like needles inside the affected area. It can result in numbness or even stiffness because of reduced blood circulation.

4. Redness

The area around the sensitive skin becomes sore and red this also can hurt sometimes.

5. Swelling

This is the bloated look of the skin and might be as a result of edema.

6. Rashes and blisters

This is in severe cases and you will definitely need a doctor.

The list can be endless but not hopeless.

Causes of sensitive skin

Aside from the fact, that your skin type changes as you grow older and you really did not pay much attention so as to change skincare routine to suit the acquired skin type, there are some obvious reasons that may cause you to have sensitive skin. This list will help with treatment options, now let’s see some of the causes:

1. Ultraviolet rays from the sun

Too much exposure to the sun like in the beach mostly can cause your skin to become sensitive and all red. Though most of us use sun-block, sometimes is not just enough. Temperature fluctuations can affect our skin in more negative ways than we can imagine.

2. Exposure to pollutants

You may get exposed to pollutants either directly or indirectly and may not even be aware of it. So just be vigilant.

3. Skin infections

Like eczema and heat rashes can cause your skin to be dry and brittle. This may lead to itches and discomfort.

4. Water

Do you know that the type of water you use on a daily base can affect your skin? Watch out for hard water, usually, they have more minerals than necessary. Also, avoid too hot water during bath time, no steam rooms for you dear.

5. Stress

This can also be a great determinant of why you have sensitive skin. It can be too much work, lack of sleep, illness and many other factors depending on the individual. 

6. Hormones

As I said, age is the number one cause of sensitive skin and you just can’t escape from it. Hormonal changes can have a turning effect on your skin.

7. Dehydration

This can also be a serious issue for our skin. Drinking enough water counts a lot.

8. Rosacea

This is the tendency for your skin to flush a lot. Redness, blood vessels, pore enlargement and the feeling of thickness around the skin in some areas.

The various treatments available for sensitive skin

Don’t worry, as long as your sensitive skin condition is not inherited, there are various ways you can actually reverse the condition greatly. Here are some things you can do:

  • If your skin is dry, try to shower more and apply moisturizing lotion on it. If the dryness is located in your hands, face, legs and so on.
  • Always try out a little of any new product and wait 24 hours for before concluding.
  • Look for lotions for these areas and apply at least three times a day.
  • Use a sunscreen that is fragrance-free and doesn’t have allergic substances.
  • Never use soap on your face, instead look for a gentle cleanser to wash your face.
  • Toners are a very bad idea for sensitive skin. So just don’t do it.

6 Products that are gentle on sensitive skin

There are some nice and lovely products in the stores for you. All you just have to do is to take your time and do some research. Remember, reading the instructions is very important, not all products work the same on people. Know what you are buying, here is a list for you to consider but remember the less the better:

1. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser for All Skin Stypes

This is a soap-free mild cleanser that has been formulated to suit all skin types.

2. Cetaphil Daily Hydrating Lotion with Hyaluronic Acid

Cetaphil Daily Hydrating Lotion with Hyaluronic Acid

This is a great way to lock moisture in your skin. Just apply after cleaning the skin.

3. Aveeno Skin Relief

Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion for Sensitive Skin with Natural Shea Butter & Triple Oat Complex

They have a wide range of product, from face and hand lotions to whole-body lotion. It also helps with moistening the skin.

4. Eucerin Eczema Relief

Eucerin Eczema Relief Body Creme

If your skin has some eczema in it, this is a great product you can try.

5. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Moisturizer Lotion

Neutrogena is a brand which products are amazing for sensitive skin and many illnesses your skin (and even scalp) can suffer. This product in particular can do really good to your skin. 

6. Shea Butter

Unrefined Ivory Shea Butter

This is one is a really natural product that moisturizes sensitive skin and also heals it.

Best makeup for people with sensitive skin

Even though your skin doesn’t want too much on, there is some makeup that definitely best suits your skin sensitivity. You can try some of these makeup tips and see how wonderful you will look without worrying about irritation.

  • Look for fragrance-free wipes to wipe your skin before makeup. This can act as a gentle scrub but be careful not to overdo it.
  • Look for a makeup primer: This is supposed to prepare your skin for the makeup of choice. It helps to bring out the shades and also helps the makeup to last longer on you.
  • Use protective foundations immediately after your primer. Make sure to choose one that suits your sensitive skin type and not just the skin condition.
  • If you have a dry skin, avoid all types of powders and just finish up with a setting spray.
  • If you have oily skin, on the other hand, settle for powder after applying foundations then set it with a spray.


Sensitive skin is not a big deal, all your skin is trying to tell you is to “pay more attention to me”. If you are able to do just that, then you are okay. Remember the rule, less is more, remove all makeup before bed and keep your hands off your face when there are no businesses there!