10 Advice for New Parents on Baby First Night at Home

10 real life advice for new parents dealing with baby 1st night

By Michele
10 Advice for New Parents on Baby First Night at Home

After surviving nine months of pregnancy you are finally home with your newborn. Bringing your baby home is an extremely charming and delightful emotion, which actually overcomes any sort of worries of difficulties. But there are some important advices that you need to follow while taking care of your baby, at your own home, for the first time and night. As this can be a real challenge for those parents who are welcoming home their very first baby.

There are a lot of new things that you will come across while taking care of your newborn. Like taking proper care of your baby 24/7, understanding the sleep pattern, newborns cry due to hunger, etc. Things will take proper shape within a few weeks. The first few weeks can be extremely puzzling for you. You will learn something new, every day, for several weeks. But don’t lose your cool at any cost. In the same manner, being nervous will never help you out.

To be honest you might feel chaotic, anxious, frightened, shattered, overwhelmed or passionate – all at the same time. It is okay and its natural trust me! You will need to learn how to manage your emotions for the sake of your newborn and your personal well-being. This won’t happen overnight but you can make up your mind to be ready to deal with everything in a smooth manner. Your first step towards raising your child needs to be well composed and you cannot afford any sort of negligence.

10 Best Advice for New Parents Dealing With Baby First Night At Home

Two main points that you need to take care of are – safety and comfort of your newborn. As you have brought your baby to your home, it’s now your exclusive responsibility. As there are no nurses taking care of your baby at your home, you will need to show some real patience and strength.

It’s now you and your baby for all the hours of day and night. I need to tell you something very special and that’s the power of this bond, with your newborn, which will keep you going forever. The strength of this full-time relationship enables you to wake up at odd hours and do the unimaginable. How difficult it sounds like waking up 3am in the morning to calm down a crying baby?

But when you are handed over this responsibility from nature, it gets a lot easier. The essence of motherhood overcomes all the difficulties in a graceful manner. You become ready for anything at any time – just for the sake of your child. Now that you have understood the crux of this relationship, I will share some interesting advice with you. So, let’s have a go through some really supportive words that are actually from moms who have cared for and groomed their little ones. 

Funny and real Advice

Funny advices are you kidding? Ha-ha may be not. Yeah there is a lighter side too! Let’s have a look at 10 most funny advices that will brighten your day up.

1.  Do as the Romans do

“Sleep when your baby sleeps.’ Everyone knows this classic tip, but I say why stop there? Scream when your baby screams. Take Benadryl when your baby takes Benadryl. And walk around pantless when your baby walks around pantless.” Tina Fey

2.  Haha that’s some cool one, as it will save you from a lot of unnecessary chores! 

 “Never tell your spouse you slept well — unless they say it first”.

3.  How to survive!

Parenting Survival Tips – 1. Secret chocolate 2. Wine 3. Emergency roll of toilet paper

4.  Why, Why, Why!!!

“Why don’t kids understand that their nap is not for them but for us?” Work harder to make them sleep for you!

5.  That’s so funny!

“People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one.” Well, now you have one so do not say that, instead keep yourself motivated to wake up all night long.

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 Apart from being messy, kids can be funny too. They can come up with extremely hilarious plus ingenious situations that will keep you laughing and wondering

6.  Know why your little one never goes to sleep?

“Our baby in particular is, we think, allergic to sleep. We think that she thinks that she’s protecting us from the sleep monsters. She’s like, ‘Oh, I gotta keep them up or the sleep monsters will get them.’” Ryan Reynolds

7.  That’s how you manage your skincare regime and I read somewhere that saliva consists of antioxidants too. Happy reading.

“Was in the middle of my skincare routine and Samuel spits up all over my face. There's no way I'm wasting what I've done. Consider it toner”.

8.  Savage piece of advice! That’s something that you really need to try and see who wins?

When your kids start crying, start bawling bigger & badder. Soon, they will stop crying & turn their concerns to your welfare.

9.  All the questions? The magic advice! Lol

"It's magic!" is a perfectly valid response when your child asks you to explain something you don't understand.

10.  Well that’s very funny! Think before you repaint

Parenting pro tip: If you're considering repainting the walls in your bathroom, rethink that until your boys are done potty training.

Cute Advice

Yeah we have got cute ones too. Just like your little one! Let’s have a look at the 10 cutest advices.

1.  Or maybe you don’t need to have lice as they have kids too

Never have kids. They might get lice.

2.  Why not? Whatever they do is so cute!

When choosing a new beach bag, be sure to get one with many pockets to adequately hold all of your children's rocks and shells, other people's garbage they've picked up, and of course, their own garbage.

3.  Okay now this needs to be experimented!

Put on headphones & blast the Mario Brothers theme song during your toddler's tantrum. Just...trust me.

4.  If that helps in controlling then why not???

The quickest way to get a toddler to hold your hand is to put them in roller skates. They won't let go of you.

5.  Just for those tantrums

If you can't tell if they're laughing or crying, play it safe and keep your distance. Add music, headphones, a blender.

6.  Getting the perfect cute sneeze

Tell your kid to dab when they cough or sneeze. They catch the germs in their elbow while choreographing their illness.

7.  So who is the boss?

Establish dominance by occasionally mispronouncing your kid's name and acting surprised when they correct you.

8.  It just goes with everything.

Parenting tip: if you're questioning your stock even a little, just buy another bottle of ketchup.

9.  Hope none of them jumps on you but that’s a cute one

Wear clothes that match the furniture. My kids can’t find me because I look like I’m part of the couch

10.  Oh well now I know what to play with kids

When your kid insists on "playing trains" pretend to be Henry stuck in a tunnel. Then you don't have to move or do anything.

Good Advices

Yeah there are some very good advices that you need to follow.

1.   Don’t feel pressurized

People compare their lifestyle after bringing home the little one. Don’t fall for fake stories. No ones in a mess free zone out there.

2.   Let it bloom

After each single day, you will feel that there is something new and compassionate between you and your baby. Yeah that’s care and affection growing. Don’t let it fade.

3.   Buy what’s important

Don’t go mad while buying stuff for your baby. Buy what’s most important for you only and not what others want to sell to you.

4.   Take care of delicate skin

Keep yourself comfortable too. Wear PJs and make sure that the fabric that you wear doesn’t irritate the delicate skin of your baby.

5.  It’s your own job

Always make sure that you are doing your best! No one can tell you anything. Your baby needs to be attended well by you only.

6.  Spend some time out

Make sure that you and your baby get some fresh air daily. It is healthy and invigorating.

7.   Make sure that you are well-stocked

Stock your grocery before bringing the baby home. You cannot afford late night trips in cold weather to the supermarket. As now it is about you and your baby too.

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8.   Keep it well-balanced

You will need some space from everything after giving birth and bringing baby home. Don’t make that space become a void. Make sure that your loved ones are with you for all these precious hours.

9.  Show passion in what you do  

Love, love and love your baby. Without smothering of course. But give all the attention that you can and do everything with passion. The first night is the most important one. Keep it simple and you will always love yourself for doing it.

10.   It’s okay to be wrong sometimes

You are not a robot so; it is okay if you make a few mistakes –without compromising on the well-being of your infant.

Parents of Twins

So it’s a duo hmm how will you manage? Not one but two!!

1.   Play the share

Twins require special care and attention. If two babies are in the house at the same time, you will need considerable help from your husband for that. Divide your responsibilities and avoid any sort of blame game. Work above ego and personal interest.

2.   Know when to swing

If your twins are restless start swaddling them. It will not only make them peaceful but also keep them toasty. It’s the best technique for calming down your twins after bringing them home.

3.  Attending your twins

Twins crying at the same time can lead to a lot of noise. Don’t worry, as soon you will come to know if that cry is linked with hunger, diaper change or something that you cannot figure out.

4.   Sing away

If your twins are crying for no reason you can try swaying them in your arms for a while and keep on talking with them. You can even sing. They will be in peace in no time.

5.   Nursing them together

Know when to stop breast feeding your twins. It can be a real task for a mother. If the twins are not interested just stop. You will need to burp your twins at the same time quite often.

6.   Keep it short and simple

Bathe your twins at the same time, after a few days or weeks as recommended, with the help of your partner. And keep it short to a few minutes and for once or twice in the beginning.

7.   Save the hustle

Buy a crib sheet for your twins and make the process of changing diaper at the same time a lot easier for you. Within a very less span of time you will be all done.

8.   Pacifiers are not for newborns

Do not ever give a pacifier to your babies within a first week. They are given pacifiers after three to four weeks of birth.

9.   Your twins are everything

Prioritize your time. Make sure that you spend maximum time with your twins for the first few weeks.

Source: http://stephskardalphotography.com

10.  Do not separate them

Twins are extremely attached. So make sure that you always keep them together. Separation might lead to restlessness.


Being a parent is a full time job. You cannot make any sort of excuses for being inattentive. It’s your sole responsibility to take care of your baby after bringing home. Nursing, sleeping and soothing the baby come under the compass of your responsibilities that you have to manage with your partner in a well-balanced manner.  Keep on working things out, with your baby, in a smooth manner and within a few weeks you will love handling your newborn and even become able to understand different issues. It’s all about accepting and developing a routine and becoming a good parent. Leave no gap for others to instruct you in a confusing manner. Take helm of every affair in your own hand.  And whenever required consult your doctor for a suggestion or any medical issue, as you will need expert advice too. Happy growing!