7 Best Makeup Base Primers and Creams for Every Skin Type

Teaching you the right makeup base to use for your skin type

By Sophia R
7 Best Makeup Base Primers and Creams for Every Skin Type

What are makeup bases and what does it consist of?

Have you ever left your house looking like a Goddess with perfect makeup just to come back later looking like a hobo with your makeup ruined? I'm sure we all have been there, and it fricking sucks. We take so much time in getting ready that it almost hurts physically to see our makeup become a mess. When it comes to face makeup, it's way more important, as the skin is the main focus on beauty looks. Wouldn't it be a dream to have your makeup stay incredibly flawless during the whole day and evening? What if I told you that its actually possible? Yes, you've read right; the only thing you need is the right makeup base for your skin type, and voila! Perfect makeup for hours.
A makeup base is a cream or fluid that conditions your skin to receive makeup properly. There are many kinds of primers or bases for any concern or necessity you may have concerning your skin; some reduce the size of pores or wrinkle deepness, others give extra luminosity or on the contrary, reduce shine and grease in the skin, and there's those who guarantee your makeup to last long. 

For the best results when it comes to primer use, you have to apply a thin layer of the product in specific parts of the face. These are the T zone, which is where pores are more dilated and shiny, and around the eyes and lips to hide little wrinkles there. 

Best Make up Base for Oily Skin

Oily skin is by far one of the most difficult types to deal with as there is such a small amount of products that do actually control and make it better. You'll see yourself struggling with products that add on even more grease, or just don't blend with your skin at all. Greasy skin is the worst because makeup won't last what feels more than an hour as it will literally slide off your face; It's kind of a mess. 

When you do find the primer that controls this situation, you'll be so thankful for its existence cause yes, it is a game changer. Here is our recommendation:  

1. E.l.f. Mineral Face Primer

e.l.f. Cosmetics Mineral Infused Face Primer, 6$ | Ulta Beauty

You will seriously forget about oiliness if you use this primer. With just two little drops of the product it will control your face oils, and shine, making it look as porcelain. Your makeup will go on smoothly with a satin finish and it will last all day and night long.

You can find it in Walmart, Target, Wallgreens, Ulta and CVS or in Amazon.com. It's so darn good ladies!

Best Make up Base for Combination Skin

Combination skin is the most difficult to take care of as it presents both greasy and dry zones. The greasy zones are the T zone that goes from the forehead to the nose and the chin. Here is where the most typical signs of greasy skin show: dilated pores, tallow, black spots, etc. The other parts of the face are the dry zones because the skin here is thinner which favors peeling. On the contrary to the greasy zone, there aren't many pimples and pores are practically closed here. 

It can be very hard to make makeup look perfect when we have combo skin as it is all over the place, but bases made specifically for this skin type can help everything look nicer and makeup application last better. Most of the primers for combination skin are made with silicone, reason why it is so important to wash your face after using them so they don't clog your pores and cause other problems in your skin, so be careful with that. 

Our best primers for combination skin are:

2. Benefit Porefessional

The POREfessional Face Primer - Benefit Cosmetics, $32 | Sephora

This primer is so good for combination skin that you will see differences immediately after putting it on. Seriously, it is magical. 

It makes your skin so smooth but not heavy, thanks to the light puffy texture of this primer. Also, just after applying it, you will see how it fills your pores and they won't look so big.  It will help your makeup last longer and look better, so it is an all in one. You can even use it daily without clogging your pores or damaging your skin. 

Apply it before foundation and concealer by pressing it into your skin rather than dragging it on so it settles and absorbs better, thus filling your pores, and you are done for the day!

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3. Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Primer

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser - 0.67 Fl Oz , $5.79 : Target

This drugstore primer is a knock out when it comes to combination skin prep; it is pore-minimizing, it has a matte yet natural finish, it is super soft, lightweight with a gel-like texture, and it takes care of your skin by hydrating it at the same time. By this, it controls your oiliness and dryness at the same time, achieving the perfect balance in your skin. 

Find it at your nearest drugstore like Target, Walgreens, Walmart or at stores like Ulta or Amazon.com. Apply before foundation and concealer and after moisturizer to get the best out of it and work that beautiful skin thank to this primer. 

Best Make up Base for Dry Skin

Dry skin can be very annoying and can ruin makeup regardless of using the best products in the market. If you don't prep your skin with special primers, everything you put on top of it won't look good; roughness, flakiness, dry patches, and cracks are some of the things you will see if you don't use a great primer before applying face makeup. 

Of course, a good hydration routine is also needed to make dry skin more supple, so we are going to mention the best moisturizer for that. First, apply moisturizer and then any of the next primers and see the magic happen for yourself: your skin will look healthy, glowy, and hydrated. 

4. Avène Eau Thermale XeraCalm A.D. Lipid-Replenishing Cream

Eau Thermale Avène Xeracalm A.D Lipid-Replenishing Cream

This moisturizer is hands down the best in the whole skincare market. It has an amazing formula packed with the best quality ingredients that will replenish your skin and give the life that it is missing back; I-modulia ( conglomeration of lipids, amino acids, and sugars), omega 6, and glycerin. 

You will see changes in your skin within 5 days of use, seriously, its shocking. After this, everything you apply to your skin will look 10 times better than it did before. 

Find it at Walmart, Walgreens, Target or Amazon.com. It is pricy, but totally worth the splurge, its your skin we are talking about: you've got to take care of it. 



Urban Decay Rehab Makeup Prep Hot Springs Hydrating Gel, $28

This gel primer for dry skin will give your skin an instant hidration, balancing and revitalizing it, and at the same time prepping it for makeup. Your skin will feel like a baby's but, it will be so so soft and smooth looking without being patchy anymore. It is not extremely hidrating, so you won't be greasy at all; it gives you the right amount of moisture your dry skin needs. 

You can find it at any Sephora, Ulta or Urban Decay store, or through Amazon.com. Head to the store and glow baby!

6. Flower Beauty In Your Prime Hydrating Primer

FLOWER Beauty In Your Prime Hydrating Primer

This affordable primer is a true skin saver when it comes to dry skin! It has a very moisturizing yet lightweight texture that will feel so calming and comfortable on your face. This no- grease formula absorbs quickly into your skin and gives that extra maintenance power to your makeup without any sticky feel.

'You can find it on any drugstore such as Walmart, Wallgreens, CVS, or Targert, Ulta or through Amazon.com. Get it now and change your game!

Best Make up Base for Acne Skin

Acne prone  skin can be incredibly difficult to treat and conceal. It's so common in so many people that there is a big community looking for cures and ways to make it better. The majority of people with this  skin suffer from acne and pimples which can be a pain when it comes to primers as many can alter and make them even worse, so you have to be really careful when chosing one. 

When you do use the best ones in the market for this condition, you'll see how imperfections are way easier to conceal and you won't look like a grease ball anymore. These is our best pick: 

7. Make Up Forever STEP 1 Skin Equalizer

Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primer

This primer by Make Up Forever has one main function: to mattify your skin. In this way, it will control the oils and shine in your skin during the whole day, and at the same time it will stop your makeup from melting off your face. You won't ever have to worry about blotting or retouching again. It also helps to depuff your exhisting brekouts and make them less red.

You can find it at any Sephora, Ulta or Amazon.com. With this product, who said shine?


Now that you have discovered the true magic of primers and skin prep you will get addicted to it. The difference and results these products will make for you will be astonishing and ground breaking. Prepare yourself to make your skin look the best in town and your make up last all day long still looking flawless. Nobody will believe you did your makeup 9 hours ago. Nobody. 

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