An Introduction Guide on What are White Eyeliners Used For

Find out what purposes are white eyeliners best used for

By Sophia R
An Introduction Guide on What are  White Eyeliners Used For

White eyeliner is a fairly new trend that has been driving everyone crazy lately. We have seen it in runways, YouTubers, makeup gurus, bloggers, actresses, singers, and even on the girl that sits next to us on the subway. Everyone seems to love and use white eyeliner, and TBH, once you try it, you will fall in love with how it looks, too. Seriously, it can literally enhance and change any eye look in a hot second, as it is also so easy and quick to apply. 

As it might be a bit scary for some, we have created this Introduction Guide to White Eyeliner with everything you need to know about it in order to rock it. Stay tuned!

Source: Popsugar

White Eyeliner Looks

As with almost every makeup product, possibilities, when applying them and creating looks, are endless. Seriously, you can basically do whatever you want with makeup, and create different looks each time.

White eyeliner doesn't stay behind on this. It can be used in so many ways and so many looks that it is even hard to choose one way to do so. Don't worry, we will show you the best white eyeliner looks that have been created yet. Use them as inspo, and rock that white eyeliner, girl!

White wing


Look at this way of wearing white eyeliner. Isn't it so cool? Instead of the same old boring black cat eye, change it up for a sleek chic white one! It looks so futuristic and haute couture that you will be impressing everyone with it. Cool is an understatement for this look. 

How to do it? Well, apply your eyeshadow as you would any other day, and then take a white liquid eyeliner to draw the thick winged eyeliner. It is necessary that you use a high-quality liner as it needs to smoothly cover the eyeshadow below it and look full and pigmented. A white liquid eyeliner that we love is the Loreal Infallible Paints Eyeliner in shade 310. It works like wonders!


What is cool about this look is that you can basically do it on top of any colored eyeshadow and any style. It will look just as cool everytime. 


Black and white liner

This black and white liner wing will give you the most elegant eye look ever. Doesn't it look so sleek? What you got to do is line your eyes as you regularly would with black eyeliner and then add a very thin white line on top of it.  It is also so original and unique, nobody will ever have the same eye look as you. 


White eyeliner on the waterline


This look will be the best one for you if you want to have big doll eyes to blow everyone's minds. Applying white eyeliner in your waterline will give the illusion of bigger eyes and in that way make you look so much better. Plus, you won't have to worry about it smudging and going everywhere as any black eyeliner would. You can dance, go for a swim, and have fun without having to run to the bathroom and fixing your liner; that is pretty much every girl's dream. 

The full tutorial on how to do so is below, so stay tuned to learn to do so!

White half cut crease

Source: Pinterest

Half cut creases are the coolest eye looks that exist. White liner half cut creases are even cooler. You can make them in any colored eye makeup look you can possibly come up with and it will look amazing each time. Grab a white pencil eyeliner and outline your crease just until the middle of the eye, and you got the coolest white cut crease look!

A great eyeliner for this would be the Kiko Coloured Eye Pencil in White. Dare to try it out!

White full cut crease

You can also take it a little further and go for the full cut crease. Just take the same eyeliner but this time dragging the line until almost the inner corners. Iit looks 10 times cooler!

As eyeshadow


Another very unique and pretty way to use white eyeliner is swiping it on the whole eyelid as a one-toned eyeshadow would look like. It is a very unique and different look and it will brighten your eyes like a dream. Try it out for sure!

Eye shadow art

Another trend that seems to be everywhere like Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube is eyeshadow art. Drawing things like the space, fireworks, waves, flowers, or pretty much anything you could think of in your eyelid is apparently a thing. White eyeliner is used in many of these looks, as it works perfectly to draw many things. Of course, you have to be an expert to pull off any of these looks, as it must be incredibly hard to draw on an eyelid.

Look at some of the coolest eye shadow art that involve white liner:



Benefits of White Eyeliners

I know that you have now seen for yourself how beautiful white eyeliner can look on pretty much anyone. Why is it so flattering and why does it look so good? Want some answers? Here are the benefits of wearing white eyeliners, and why it is so loved right now!


Bigger eyes

As we already said, white eyeliner in the waterline gives the illusion of bigger and wider eyes. How? Well, as you all probably know, the color white gives brightness, and it opens up any space. The same happens with the eyes, and as the eyeball is white, having a white waterline creates the illusion that the eye is bigger as it mixes with the eyeball, making more space that color. See the difference for yourself: 


It is different

Source: Pinterest

Aren't we all tired of going to a party with black liner on to have other 15 girls with the same eye look as us? Or walking down the streets and seeing that you are one of 7 women with a black cat eye in just one block? Going to a Starbucks and matching the cashier's simple black liner? Yes, I know we all are. Routine and repetition get boring, and there is nothing better than changing things up a bit. 

White eyeliner is something very different that you will probably never encounter someone using at the same time as you. It will make you stand out, look cool, elegant, different, risky, and who doesn't love that? It is seriously an amazing way to look different than others.

How to use white eyeliner as waterline

Using white eyeliner in the waterline is seriously the easiest way to do so; there is nothing hard about it whatsoever.

First, choose a highly pigmented white pencil eyeliner, as the Kiko one we mentioned before.
Then, swipe it carefully and gently across your waterline making sure to not poke your eyes or get any product in them. 

That is literally everything you have to do!



Aren't you hyped up about trying and mastering this new trend? Excited for getting out and about with your different white liner? We all know you are! Now that you got all the tips, looks, trick, and everything you should know about white eyeliner, you are officially ready to steal some looks and kill the makeup game! You go girl!