Brow Threading Info: Procedure, Cost and Pain

The guide on brow threading and its relevant information to know

By Anastasia K
Brow Threading Info: Procedure, Cost and Pain

What is brow threading and what is the cost?

Ask any woman out there about eyebrows and the answer is quite open and simple. Majority if not all will say, “Nothing beats the odds like beautifully defined brows to reinforce your look and give your face definition”. True.

But, how will you achieve those gorgeous and natural looking brows? Well, you have to master at least one technique. One of the most common traditional techniques to define and shape eyebrows is brow threading.

Brow threading which is also known as epilation or depilation is an art of hair removal using polyester or cotton reel. It is an ancient art that is used for shaping eyebrows and it originated in the Middle East and central Asia. Eyebrow threading involves a mastered technique and tricks. The process involves the artist going through your hair row by row to come up with the defined shape.

This technique has gained entry in the western world and is currently being practiced in various locations. So, after the hair has been removed it usually takes about 25 weeks to fully regrow. Many are finding it more welcoming especially if you have sensitive skin susceptible to irritation. No chemical is used in threading, it involves pulling and the actual removal of eyebrow hair. Its primary target is the hair follicle, unlike the chemical processes which make contact with skin.

Eyebrow threading costs might vary depending on a few factors. We have hairy and more sensitive areas costing a little bit higher. But, the best bargain costing range is usually $5-$20. We have large cities which offer room for more competition and the price can be as little as $5. On the other hand, places, where the service is scares threading might cost around $20.

Brow Threading Vs Waxing

The reason why threading and waxing exist in modern day society is to remove unwanted facial hair. If you have tried both of them perhaps by now you have your favorite removal method. The objective of both threading and waxing is the same; to remove the whole hair from the follicle. Threading is an art where the string is used to remove hair. On the other hand, waxing involves resin-based wax to perform hair removal. For those who are new to either process, here is a breakdown of brow threading and waxing.


Threading is an art that originated in Asia where 100% cotton that is coated with anti-bacterial wax is used. The thread is professionally twisted in the hands to create a mini-lasso which removes hairs from the follicles.


This technique is suitable for all kinds of skin, whether normal or sensitive. In the threading technique, no chemical is used which means it will not bring any adverse reaction to your skin.


Threading is not achievable by anybody who has not mastered the technique. That means you have to ensure the person applying it is a professional. Sometimes it causes pain if not done well which leads to redness of the area.


The eyebrow waxing technique is simple. It involves a warm wax thinly applied using a wooden spatula to unwanted hairs. The stylist then applies a paper strip over the areas where the wax has been applied. The paper is swiftly pulled away after a short period of time which pulls the hair directly from the follicle. Waxing has been identified to be good for those with highly thick brows.


The waxing technique is quick and you can find it available in most stylist solon near you. It also lasts longer than threading and it gives you clean and sharp brows.


Waxing is not conducive if you have sensitive skin as it can cause serious problems for you. Again, if the stylist is not professional enough you will not achieve accurately shaped brows. Another issue is the wax, if it is too hot it can irritate your skin and cause pain.

Does it hurt to do brow threading?

The answer is yes and no.


If you happen to remove any hair from the root, a discomfort will occur. However, most people will prefer threading as it is less painful as compared to other methods. For instance, in waxing, you get double pain. One, the hair is pulled from the follicle which is pain and another one is the pain of skin. The pain of skin occurs when it is tugged on and also from the sticky wax that may spread on sensitive parts of the skin.

There are a few elements that will trigger pain when performing threading on your eyebrows. One of them is the general condition and dryness of your skin at that time. Threading will be tough for you if your skin is too dry. To make it worse if you have some pimples around the area to be threaded, you will experience more pain.

Another issue that may cause pain when threading is oily skin. Oily skin is hard to navigate and a stylist may have trouble trying to remove the hair. This forces an eyebrow stylist to make several trials that might cause pain.

Hence, it is advisable to have your threading done by a professional who is used to the norm. The first time you will have it done can definitely hurt since you are not used to it. But, what you should know is that the process usually takes a few minutes. Getting used to it after some time will turn the whole occasion into some prickling sensation.

What to look out for before and after a brow threading session

Shaped eyebrows will definitely give your face some lift and definition. To achieve that you need to frame your face so that your brows become neatly groomed and have that flattering shape. Now once you pick threading as your preferred choice, there are the things to look out for before and after a brow threading session which include:

1. Make sure you only go to a professional threading pro

It is important that you undergo the process through a professional who knows the art very well. Landing on a trainee will give you a problem if you have sensitive or oily skin.

2. Communicate with your stylist

It is vital to communicate with the person performing threading and mention your taste and preference. You can describe to them the shape you would love to have whether it is high, medium or a sharp arch. There are also thin or thick brows to choose from. You can make it simpler by coming with photos or screenshots to help them get an idea of what you want.

3. The redness of the skin after threading

This is a natural reaction and will relent a few hours after the session.

4. Nothing should be put on eyebrows after the session

This is to avoid bacteria from entering the open pores. It is advisable to wait for three hours before you apply cleansers, moisturizers or make-up.

5. Avoid using brow razor in between sessions

Brow razor does not remove hair completely it only cut the hair at the surface. Such a move makes the hair that is left becomes thick and coarse which leads to ingrown hairs.

Top 3 places to do brow threading near me

1. DuPont Threading

DuPont Threading

It is famous for threading, sugaring, microblogging, and permanent make-up. It is located at the heart of Washington D.C. DuPont Threading offers walk-in brow service at a moderate price. This place has been featured in magazines such as Washingtonian and In-Style in recent years.

2. Himalayan Salon

Himalayan Eyebrow Threading Salon

Located in midtown Manhattan this place also provides quality threading services. Himalayan Salon provides services ranging from brow lashes treatment, waxing, facials to threading. The place has perfected the art since 2009 and has a huge fan base.

3. The Threading Place

The Threading Place

It was developed in Boston in the year 2008 and currently has branches in more than 15 areas across the US. Apart from threading they also do eyebrow shaping, sideburns, full face just to mention few.

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It can be hard to choose between waxing and threading if you have not experienced either process. While waxing is the removal of hair where wax from resin is used, threading uses a thin cotton strand to remove hair from the follicle. Despite both being methods of shaping the eyebrow by removing the hair from its roots, threading is a more popular method and the information above can help you decide how to shape your brows and have that defined look you desire.