Top 9 Eyebrows Powder Perfect For Sparse Brows Days

Fill in the 'blanks' - empty brows with these eyebrow powders

By Aey
Top 9 Eyebrows Powder Perfect For Sparse Brows Days

Eyebrow Powder Vs Pencil

The age-old pencil pros


When it comes to conventional methods of using eyebrow grooming and shaping products; the brow pencil has had the upper hand for years and years. It’s a love-hate relationship that we have with our brows and over the years, the extremely thin over-plucked eyebrows have given way to thicker, bushier and fuller ones. From drawing on completely shaved off eyebrows to just filling in the natural ones, pencil gives you more control and more specificity than any other product out there. But even if you’re a pencil pro you cannot deny the “harsh” reality of things. If you know what I mean - It takes the slightest of pressure from your hand to convert your “on-fleek” look to drag inspired makeup!

The new era of powder queens

So yes, it’s true what they say about natural looking eyebrows, they are indeed better looking! Gone are the days of plastic looking cut out eyebrows. We are headed to the future of the brow world with more and more “real” eyebrows ruling the beauty industry. With this revolution, the make-up products have transitioned from very sturdy ones to finer invents. The brow powder indeed tops that chart! Now you can have the perfect eyebrows with the use of these eyebrow powders. It’ll give you a more natural and cleaner finish without any of it being too obvious. Read on to know about the eyebrow products that’ll fill out all the hollows there might be!

Eyebrows powder effect

With more and more treatment options available for cosmetic aid, the beauty industry has definitely evolved to include different medical and surgical “tools”. With this shift, eyebrows powder effect along with micro-blading has emerged as a popular treatment choice for people. The eyebrows powder effect gives you an ombre tint on the eyebrows and creates soft natural looking brows that are especially good for mature or oily type of skin. One procedure can last you a good couple of years with perfect looking brows. The arch is made to mimic a natural but a relatively defined one. Now you can live your life on your own “brow” terms!

9 Best eyebrow powders you should try

1. Rimmel London Brow This Way Brow Sculpting Kit


Rimmel London Brow This Way Brow Sculpting Kit

When it comes to life-changing brow products we just cannot ignore this super affordable Rimmel's one. This brow product retails for just $4 and is arguably as good as any high-end one. The product is available in 3 shade ranges - Dark brown, mid-brown and blonde. It caters to the needs of all of your gal-pals without killing your budget! It has amazing pigment and is great in endurance too. It has both pomade and powder to cater to all of your brow needs. You can shape the brow to a perfect arch with the pomade and then use the powder to fill out the sparsity.

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brow Powder

 Brow Powder Duo, Main, color, TAUPE

Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brow Powde

You can tell a product is worth your money and time if all the beauty influencers not only support the product when it first hits the market but keeps going back to it in their own daily make-up routine. After all, everybody likes only the best for themselves. Anastasia Beverly Hills is giving us the mother of all brow product vibes with this product. The color range is super high on inclusivity with 11 gorgeous shades. The shades are very easy to blend and use. The endurance is marvelous for a full glam makeup look that you’d need to stay perfect all day long. Try this one here to never resort going back to any other eyebrow product…

3. Sigma Beauty Brow Powder Duo


Sigma Beauty Brow Powder Duo

You might have not heard of this one, but trust me it is a must-have! The super matte finish is highly desirable these days and you’d definitely be missing out if you didn’t give this a chance. It is affordable and contains a good amount of product without you having to apply for a loan! The flattering colors are bound to make you come back again and again for this one… click on the link, you know you'd want to.

4. BareMinerals Brow Color


BareMinerals Brow Color

When we talk about a sustainable product, we should be referring to this one for setting a standard. What you don’t want re-applying or “touching up” all day is your brows more than anything else! You certainly can’t afford to have your eyebrows coming off after using a tissue paper on a hot sweaty day. If endurance is what you crave in a brow product, give this one a try. It is affordable and will give you the finish you desire. It is available in four perfect colors that are super flattering for many skin-tones. The creamy finish is also something that you don’t see in many similar products. This one is out there to give the high-end brands a run for their money.

5. Maybelline Brow Drama Pro Palette


Maybelline Brow Drama Pro Palette

Maybelline is not a new name in the beauty industry. In fact, it might even be nostalgic for its popularity and love since generations. Maybelline shook the beauty world again with this perfect brow powder palette. The blend on this one is magical and will leave you stuck hands down! The palette contains a range of 4 different shades and the usability is easy but with a creamy finish. Maybelline, as always delivers the full package with a mini angled brush for shaping the arch of your brows and a spoolie for brushing away any imperfections.

6. The BrowGal The Browgal Convertible Brow Duo

The BrowGal The Browgal Convertible Brow Duo

So here comes the relatively expensive one of the lot. The BrowGal is a phenomenon in itself by now and is easily one of the top brow products on the market right now. This convertible brow powder is going to be the perfect addition to your make-up bag and should never be ignored. If you can afford it, go for it! The three shades are universal and are highly inclusive. You can use a wet brush and just apply the most perfectly carved and defined brows. This one is out there to turn you into a slayer so give it a try. 

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7. Urban Decay Brow Box


Urban Decay Brow Box

Urban Decay has made for itself a pretty reliable name in the world of beauty products. This miniature kit of brow grooming from Urban Decay is hands down a crowd favorite. It is a marvelous formula and has the perfect blend of pigment and strength. There are two shades of powder along with one pan of wax. This will sculpt your eyebrows like a goddess and you’re truly bound to fall in love with them. The formula contains naturally flaunting products that are indeed going to give you a perfect glam look while looking flawless, effortless and a cent percent natural! Check this one out

8. Chanel La Palette Sourcils de Chanel Brow Powder Duo

 LA PALETTE SOURCILS DE CHANEL <br />Brow Powder Duo, Main, color, 50 BRUN

Chanel La Palette Sourcils de Chanel Brow Powder Duo

Chanel is high-end and who don’t know it? With an affordable price, this one is not really easy on your wallet but trust me it is a great addition to your make-up collection. It is high-end and it shows this in the brilliant formula. The kit is truly all-in-one and will cater to all of your brow needs. You can apply it simply on the go and have a perfect look, after all its Chanel’s!

9. Laura Mercier Sketch & Intensify Pomade and Powder Brow Duo


Laura Mercier Sketch & Intensify Pomade and Powder Brow Duo

So we’ve saved our favorite one for the last. This is part pomade and part powder and is indeed a delicious formula for a brow shaping savior! The results look hyper-realistic with a finish to die for. The product is super light and easy and will not pin you down with its weight or sticky nature unlike other similar ones. Give it a try and trust me you would never want to resort to your days prior to this product!

How to Apply eyebrow powders with these tutorial aids:

Gone are the days when none of us knew how to apply a product and we were just roaming around with an un-guided undefined make-up look. You can totally learn the basics and check out the what to-do and what-not-to-do with these tutorials. These will help you shape out the perfect eyebrow look with eyebrow powders

Go check these out and you can thank me later with perfect on-fleek eyebrow look!


You know something is great when you take a good look at it and you cannot tell if it is makeup or natural? That’s exactly the look you can achieve with the brow powders that are now hitting the market. You can carve out the ideal brow shape without having to fear over-plucking or under-grooming. There will be no harsh lines and no barren place if you truly master the art of filling with the brow powder. Practice makes perfect so don’t be shy to try out these products and you’ll eventually unlock the arena of gorgeous natural-looking fuller brows!

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