12 Tips To Bring Out Your Inner Warrior Goddess

Bring out the best in you with your warrior goddess

By Aey
12 Tips To Bring Out Your Inner Warrior Goddess

The energy that the gods and deities have bestowed are always in coherence with personalities that walk the Earth and the heavenly bodies that surround it. From the moon, the Sun and the stars to the water and air that is around us; everything has an aura and a spirit. Above the concept of gender and sexual orientation we are all a unique amalgam of masculine and feminine energy. If the divine femininity bestows you with a warrior goddess spirit, you’re one to possess all the right components of strength and femininity. You can channel your best self by simply orienting yourself with your inner warrior goddess.

Definition of a Warrior Goddess

A warrior goddess is a blend of masculine and feminine aura. This complex mixture of unique power is both bestowed with ultimate strength and the vulnerability to tackle emotions. The warrior goddess is not simply a tag- it is a state of being. The existence of a warrior goddess is not merely based on powerlifting or being a strong level headed woman- rather it stems from the discipline and truth of raw energy. It is as much human as it is divine and is meant to comprehend all emotions equally well as all physical phenomenon occurring around.

12 Ways to Channel Out Your Inner Warrior Goddess

1. Re-live all past experiences

By re-living all past experiences you can notice a pattern and be able to understand your life better. Look at it as a story with a beginning, a middle and an ending. Was the ending at par with your efforts? Did the story satisfy your spirit and do you feel at peace looking back? Notice any trends you might have in your personality or your habits and try to enlist whatever bothers you. You cannot change the past but you can certainly learn from it, right? Take a trip down memory lane and you might be able to fight off any insecurities that stem from any past trauma. The best way to deal with unresolved past issues is to revisit and take every event step by step. This way you’ll be able to narrow down what exactly made things go wrong and you might be able to forgive yourself for any mistakes. Always remember that forgiveness always comes before acceptance.

2. De-clutter your physical surroundings

To channel your inner energy into the right direction you have to be able to see things better. Your physical surroundings play an extremely important role in your mental health and your spiritual well-being. So while at it, de-clutter your working space and clean out your living area. This will instantly give you a better insight into things and you might be able to let go of any past memory that was lingering on due to some carefree souvenir way past its due.

3. Channel your inner energy

Now that you have de-cluttered your physical space, it’s time to orient your mental processes with your spirituality. You can channel your inner energy in an efficient way if you truly sit down and have a chat with yourself. The same way that you get to know any other person, get to know your own self. To befriend yourself, use the same approach that you would with someone else. Make yourself comfortable and let yourself unleash your true inner spirit. Identify your energy and let it flourish. Listen to your bodies demands and your soul’s desires.

4. Discipline training

Discipline training is critical to building a respectable work ethic. You can start living a more disciplined life by making a schedule. Timetables help keep one on track and wouldn’t let you digress too much while working on a project. Discipline training is not simply restricted to your day job or some other work-related project, rather it is can be the mind and body balance you need to explore your true identity. Knowing when and how much you dwell on a certain task is also directly associated with your discipline. From working out to socializing and spending some “me” time, everything should be according to a well-thought-out map. Reckless partying and mindless enjoyment will not always deliver the best results.

5. Find beauty in imperfections

Being a warrior goddess is not the same as saying that you are simply perfect. It is the understanding that you have flaws and imperfections and you completely embrace them. The beauty is always in simplicity and you should be able to point out the imperfections you have. To be able to truly accept yourself is the first step towards self-love! So go ahead and appreciate your shape, your size, and your color. Everything that you do differently is just a part of yourself and your unique identity would be incomplete without it.

6. Discover your sexuality

A major part of your complex individuality is your sexuality. So whether you’re straight, bi-sexual or pan-sexual… any and every sexual orientation calls for you to explore it. Experiment the way you like with your own body and your partners to know your sexual energy and channelize it properly. Being in touch with your sexuality is one of the key factors in being a warrior goddess who knows exactly what she wants and her body aches for.

7. Reclaim your strength

Reclaiming your strength and your self-responsibilities is a part of your journey of getting your power back from society and patriarchy. It is a way of stripping yourself of all your vulnerabilities and going forward in a bold manner. When you reclaim your strength, you tell the world fearlessly that you do not care what it thinks about you. It’s a slap to the face of a society that might want to sympathize with you and make you feel weak.

8. Celebrate your individuality

Every individual is unique. Nobody shares the same set of chromosomes and nobody is the same personality as another person. This is apparent in everything that we do and everything our heart desires for. When you want to bring out your inner warrior goddess, you should be able to celebrate your individuality now that you have identified it. Celebrating your uniqueness is a critical aspect of knowing what and who you are and how to satiate your inner spirit.

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9. Be an embodiment of your ideals

An embodiment of ideas and morals is not simply someone who acts in a well-mannered fashion. Rather it is the complete package of knowing from right to wrong and acting in a manner that is a true representative of your inner soul. Learn to speak your mind and express your real thoughts in front of the world. Stand up for whatever you feel is right and don’t be afraid to channelize your true emotions.

10. Speak to your spirituality

Spiritual awakening is important for a warrior goddess. You’re a divine spirit of feminine and masculine energy that knows how to deal with your spiritual aura. Meditate and engage your soul. Talk to your spirituality and give yourself due time to be open. It can be via yoga or simply an escape into the wild where you can quietly listen to your spirit and not be engulfed by the noise of the city life.

11. Explore euphoria

You can experience euphoria and an elated sense of well-being while doing anything. It can be your hot deep cleansing bath at the lake, or simply lying down alone under the sky full of stars or maybe even just a few moments of the height of orgasm. Whatever makes you feel euphoric, go for it. Live it. Explore the height of your sensations and befriend it. Explore your euphoria!

12. Meditate with your mind, body and soul

The perfect blend of a calm and peaceful mind, body and soul is exactly what brings out one’s inner warrior goddess. Let all the components of your mind and spirit come together in harmony and work towards understanding yourself from there. When you meditate with all your inner self as well as your physical body, that is when you truly have a liberating experience and can capitalize on your raw energy.

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The world is full of people who want to dictate you according to their terms and who want to tell you how to adjust yourself as per their desires. Being a warrior goddess is not the same as being loud-mouthed or being harsh to your surroundings. It is merely the truthfulness of existing. To bring out the inner warrior goddess you have to accept your reality and be subservient to your own spirit. Above the concepts of self-pity and dominance lie the beauty that comes with being a true warrior goddess. A warrior goddess isn’t ashamed of her scars and is not defined by her past mistakes but rather learns from them and truly embraces her flaws. After all, being a warrior goddess is both strength and honor!