8 Unknown Benefits Of Using Spiritual Candles

What are spiritual candles and where to buy them online?

By Madiha A.
8 Unknown Benefits Of Using Spiritual Candles

What are Spiritual Candles?

Candles not only lighten up your physical world they have a tendency to ward off interior darkness of the soul. They bring light to the darkness and illumination to the gloominess. The atmosphere created by the flickering light of the candle and the cozy warmth of its glow uplifts your spirit in no time.    
Candle, a wick embedded in wax, has several other uses besides the very obvious. From telling time to home décor and mood-setting to perform magical rituals, candles have remained in use throughout the centuries. 

Candle and its connection to spirituality are not new. The power of this delicate item is strong enough to completely alter your state of being. It uplifts your mood and brings a state of calm. Besides hoodoo and witchcraft, candles have a fundamental place in certain religions. They are used during religious rituals and prayers. Use of votive candle in Christian prayer is an example of candles being used for spiritual purposes. Butter lamps are used as alternatives to candles in Buddhism and Hinduism. Alter candle is another type of spiritual candle that is set on or near the altar during Roman Catholic Church ceremonies.

The energy of the candle is because of its color and aroma. Each color serves a different purpose and every aroma awakens different energy. Where green is for healing, nature, money, and good luck, black wards off evil and is for protection, birth, and healing and red for passion, anger, fire, romantic love, sex, and courage and purple for ancient wisdom, spirituality, hidden knowledge, and ambition. Depending on the requirement and occasion, the candle color can be selected for the best outcomes. Lighting a specific number of candles, in specific colors on specific nights will have different results.             

How to Use Spiritual Candles in Prayers?

Prayer is another word for peace and calm. While you are praying, you are completely focused on achieving the goals. Well, every prayer has certain goals; be it coming close to The Creator or asking for the fulfillment of deep-rooted desires, prayer serves the purpose for those who are religious at heart and those who are not. 

The purpose of using spiritual candles in prayers and meditation is to strengthen energy. It wards off negative energies and supports a peaceful meditative process. Mentioned below are 8 ways of using spiritual candles in prayers and achieve benefits that were mostly unknown.

1. Spiritual Candles for Balance and Peace

Prayer is all about achieving an everlasting peace and balance in life. Candles can be incorporated with spiritual rituals to double the benefits. It all comes down to candle colors and their placement that makes a difference. Different candle colors have different effects and energy and the way we react to these colors. White is the color of peace, purification, protection, blessing, enlightenment, and wholeness. The white candle also helps invoke lunar energy. White candles are mostly used in rituals involving concentration and meditation. It offers spiritual healing by eliminating negative feelings. 

To get peace and balance, try burning white candles on Monday and incorporate diamonds, clear crystals and moonstones in the ritual.

2. Spiritual Candles for Strengthening Relationship

Who doesn’t pray for a good life partner and a happily ever after? Prayer is the best way to address your desires and ask for their fulfillment from the Divine Power. Red is the color of love, physical desires, vitality, and vigor. For strengthening your intimate relationship, all you have to do is burn two red candles side by side in your bedroom and far-right corner of your home. Burning side by side will invoke the much-desired intimacy in the relationship. Performing the ritual on Tuesday with agate, red jasper, ruby, and red tiger eye will increase the benefits manifolds. You can also use a rose or jasmine scented candles to stimulate the process.

3. Spiritual Candles to Improve Health

Physical health and spirituality go hand in hand. Being the color of nature, green stimulates growth; both physical and financial. Light five yellow candles every day on your kitchen table for good health. Meditating with light green candles not only has a positive effect on your physical health but will help solve money-related issues. 

Candles are usually incorporated with meditation and have unlimited benefits. Plan a session on Friday, on the night of the waxing moon, with green candles add jade, aventurine, or green tourmaline. The power of green will help relieve stress and tension and will leave you with a fresh and healthier look.

4. Spiritual Candles to Handle Work Load

This may sound impossible but candles can do wonders when it comes to easing up the workload. Not literally, but it will help relieve the emotional burden and you will feel relaxed. Excess of wood energy in the home can make you feel excessively overburdened. Select a nice place on the left side of your home and place nine red candles in the center. Light them every morning and see how light you feel. The placement of the candles, selection of the place, the color of the candle and its scent, all play a key role in channeling the energy. 

5. 7-Day Spiritual Candle for Unlimited Benefits

A 7-day candle is an unscented candle in white or any other color (depending on the purpose) in a cylindrical glass container with saints and symbols on the glass. This candle is used as part of religious rituals, meditation, and spiritual routines. To enhance the benefits you can use crystals, herbs and essential oils. Make an intention and light the candle. You can let the candle burn as long as you want; either it extinguishes itself or you can extinguish it on the fulfillment of your desire. 

6. 7-Day Multi-Colored Spiritual Candle

A multi-colored spiritual candle has layers of different colored wax. Depending on desire and purpose you can use 1-7 colors of wax. A few of its unlimited uses include: work on different desires in one go, focus on seven different prayers and meditate on seven different chakras to open blocked chakras. It is not necessary to work with seven different colors, depending on the requirement you can put as little as one to seven colors. For money related issues, for example, you can put in just green and golden colors, both of which are the colors for money.

7. Spiritual Candles to Ask for Help from Angels

Whether one is religious or not, there comes a point in life when you become so hopeless that you need the help of the Divine Power to take you out of the darkness. The light rays of candles of different colors are aligned with the duties different angels perform. To ask for the help of a certain angel, you need to light a certain color of the candle. Red angel, for example, is Uriel, an angel of wisdom and responds to a red candle. 

If you are seeking help to make wise decisions in life, the red angel is the one you need to get in touch with.  For the ritual, you will require red angel prayer candle, crystal (amber, fire opal, basalt or malachite), pure essential oil (you can use black pepper, carnation, grapefruit, yarrow). Select a spot, make your intention and light the candle. Pray with a belief that Uriel and angles under his command will help you move beyond your worries and become a person who serves God.

8. The Power of the Black Candle

I know it sounds eerie because black candles have always been associated with black magic and satanic rituals but if used in combination with candles of other colors you can unlock several unknown benefits. Lighting black and white candles together help eliminate negativity. The combination of black and yellow candles not only helps in healing but it also stimulates the mind and improves memory. 
While praying, it is recommended not to a light black candle alone. Only black candles are mostly used for witchcraft and satanic rituals, so using it in prayer is forbidden.  

Where to Buy Spiritual Candles Online?

Once you have finalized your intention and learned all about spiritual candles, their colors, shapes and what they stand for, you are ready to buy candles and get going with your spiritual rituals. 
Amazon has a great collection of prayer candles and accompaniments for religious works and meditation.

Blessed Herbal - Spiritual Cleansing Candle

Blessed Herbal - Spiritual Cleansing Candle

If you are planning to perform a ritual for spiritual cleansing, try this blessed herbal candle. This white candle has lemongrass, sage, and cypress, perfect aromatic combination for cleansing. Try a lunar ritual on the New Moon and feel the halo of divine white love around you.

Lavender Bergamot Candle

Lavender Bergamot Candle

Lavender has medicinal properties. It is used to reduce stress and improves concentration; it even helps you sleep better. The infusion of Lavender in spiritual candles makes it super beneficial on both spiritual and physical levels. The glass candle holder has a Sacred Geometry design encompassing earth, wind, fire and air elements. Enjoy a peaceful meditation session with this candle burning nearby and delve into the divinity.

Crystal Journey Reiki Charged Herbal Magic Pillar Candle

Crystal Journey Reiki Charged Herbal Magic Pillar Candle

What’s better than a pack of three candles especially designed for miracle, healing and positive energy manifestations? These reiki charged candles by Crystal Journey come with great inspirational messages. Handcrafted, lead-free wax candles will bring positive energy, and healing and love back in your life.    

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Candles have always been and will be used for reasons other than giving light. The connection of candle with spirituality depends on the faith and belief of the person. You have to have belief in the power of light energy and how it can change your life for good. Nothing works without faith.
Have Faith and light a candle for guidance, positivity, and miracles.