10 Embarrassing Bikini Or Boyzilian Questions Answered

Addressing questions so private that you don't even ask you BFF

By Evelyn
10 Embarrassing Bikini Or Boyzilian Questions Answered

Top Embarrassing Questions On Bikini Waxing

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear Bikini Waxing? We bet it's something like OUCH! Well, yeah, it's a big ouch if you're doing it for the first time, but if it has become part of your grooming routine then it's... something enjoyable (said no one ever!), but it's something you have to deal with. When the bathing-suit season arrives, a lot of women (and men) start thinking about doing it. Are you thinking about it? Is this going to be your first time waxing that area? We bet you have some or maybe tons of questions and, since it's a delicate and very private area, you may be embarrassed to ask them? 

Don't worry we totally get it, that's why we decided to help you there so you don't have to ask them. We compiled top embarrassing questions about bikini waxing to help you assuage your anxiety. But, before we get into the questions, let's explore a little bit the world of bikini waxing, so you'll know what to expect if this is indeed your first time trying it.

The first thing you need to know is that for most people, bikini waxing is not a pleasant or fun experience. Bikini waxing is a longing-lasting method to remove your pubic hair, it lasts longer than shaving, leaving that area smoother for two to four weeks. So, during summer, it's a good option because you won't be reaching for your razor as much.

If this is your first time, it is not recommended to shave before your first waxing session. If your hair is too short, the wax won't be able to pick it up. If you want to trim it, you should know that the length should be about 1/4 inches long for the wax to pick it. So, in short, don't shave between waxes.

There are different waxing styles (or shapes), be clear on what you'd like before you do it. You have your simple bikini wax, where you only take the pubic hair off the sides of your bikini line. There's also the Brazilian Wax, which removes all or nearly all of your hair (front to back); or you can have the full-bush Brazilian style in which, they remove all the hair from the vulva and back leaving you a triangle in the front.

Don't schedule a bikini wax before or during your period. First, your skin is most sensitive during those days and second, etiquette. It's recommended to take a shower or a bath on the day of your waxing session. This helps to open your pores and makes the waxing a little bit less painful.

Be conscious that your lower half will be totally exposed. Some places offer disposable underwear when you're having a simple wax but, if you're having a full-bush you'll be completely naked down there. Also, be aware that your waxer will get up-close and very personal. Depending on the quantity of hair you'll want to remove, there's going to be a lot of spreading.

Lastly, for the hairs left behind, you'll need to be tweezed. Post wax, your skin is going to be red and irritated but it won't last much, it should go away overnight. To soothe your skin, it could help to apply hydrocortisone cream over the waxed area to help calm it and to quell any itchiness and to reduce the redness.

Now, let's get to the questions.

1. Is someone going to judge me when they look down there?

Some women are very self-conscious about how everything looks down there (specifically about the vulva), If you're one those women, we get it, that a very private part. But the important thing to remember here is that the women in charge of your bikini wax do this on a daily basis. They see all kinds of shapes and colors and sizes, so don't you worry because there's not going to be any judgment. You're not auditioning for anything, you're just getting rid of some excess hair. 

2. Am I going to feel the kind of pain Steve Carell's character felt in "The 40 Year-Old Virgin"?

laugh Ok, if you're doing the bikini wax for the first time your anxiety levels regarding some high level of pain are totally expected. We're not going to lie, there's going to be pain and a lot of discomforts but it won't be as excruciating as Steve's portrayal of his character. Don't get all worked up before your waxing session, you'll see that it's not so traumatic, especially if you're seeing a pro. She'll know how to make the experience less painful and she'll do it quickly. 

3. Is it Ok if I come straight from the gym?

Well, no. When you have a dentist's appointment, you brush your teeth before your exam right? And if you have an appointment with your gynecologist you definitely need to be tidy and fresh down there, think along those lines for your waxing session too. So, it would be recommended to take a shower first and assure yourself that everything down there is tidy and dry because if it's not the wax is not going to adhere and the results are not going to be the same. 

Also, we're sure that your waxer is going to appreciate it if you wipe that area of any other natural and completely normal bodily fluids (like discharges). 

4. Can I have wine before the waxing to temper my nerves?

If you're thinking in terms of a glass of wine, then that's totally OK. But, you should stop at one because showing up to your waxing session drunk is kind of rude. Also, alcohol can make your blood thinner and more sensitive to pain. So, go easy on the booze, a glass of wine to help you relax and that's it. 

5. Can I have sex after a bikini wax?

We get that there's an ulterior motive to getting a bikini wax (it's not just for the summer season). you want to look your best for your significant other. A bikini wax, especially a Brazilian wax (while awkward) is going to leave you feeling clean, smooth and confidently sexy for an intimate encounter with your guy. Just don't try it right after your waxing session, friction can cause more irritation and you don't want that. Wait at least 24 hrs, before engaging in any physical activity like sex.

Top Embarrassing Questions On Boyzilian

Nowadays not only women want to feel and look clean and smooth down there, but guys also want the same. There are a lot of places that catered to men and offer professional male grooming. As is the case with women there are various styles, one of them is the Boyzilian or Manzilian or Guyzilian or most commonly referred to as "Buttocks Sack & Crack", which is a Male Full Brazilian Wax. 

Now, what exactly is a Boyzilian and why is it so popular among guys? The Boyzilian is the tiding, shaping, and removal of hair form men's genital area (it includes the removal of hair from the bikini line, shaft, scrotum or sac, groin and crack and buttocks) it can be done with wax or sometimes with sugaring removal method. This type of grooming is popular or "in vogue" among the male population because it leaves them feeling smooth and groomed down there and helps them heighten their self-image gives them more confidence in their sexual encounters. They also find it more hygienic.

The removal of hair on those very sensitive areas sounds painful and if you're doing it for the first time, you must have some questions. Here are some of the most asked questions about Boyzilian that you're too embarrassed to ask.

6. How does it work? How is the Boyzilian done?

After talking or consulting with the technician (always a woman), the area that's going to be wax is cleansed and disinfected. If necessary, the long hair is clipped and trimmed and then they start. They apply wax in sections and they alternate between warm wax and a strip cloth to pull the wax and hair away. You should know that while they're waxing, your skin is going to be pulled taught so you'll be asked stretch certain areas. Once the waxing is done, they'll apply a moisturizing solution to help soothe the area.

7. Am I going to suffer excruciating pain?

Well, it's going to hurt, that's for sure. Have you tried plucking your eyes brows? It hurts right? This is going to be a little bit more, but nothing to die for and the level of pain will also depend on your pain threshold and your technician's experience. The first waxing is usually the worst, but once it becomes routine grooming you'll get used to it and it will not hurt as much. 

8. How embarrassing is it? Am I going to be judge?

You definitely don't have to worry about that. First, there's nothing to be embarrassed about, the persons in charge of doing your Boyzilian are professionals and do this on a regular basis. They are not there to judge you or that part of your body. We're sure that if they've been doing this for a long time, they have seen it all so don't feel so self-conscious.

They may give you a towel to cover certain parts but as the waxing progress you'll have to remove it and you may be asked to help the technician by adopting some weird and awkward positions, but again you should relax because they know what they're doing.

9. What if I get aroused during the waxing session?

Actually, this is a very common and natural reaction to getting waxed. It happens 50% of the time. So don't worry or stress about it, the technician knows about this and she won't acknowledge it, she's used to it besides she's busy doing her job.

10. Is it safe to wax down there? Could something be hurt?

Don't worry, it's totally safe to wax the male genitals, nothing is going to get hurt. There are places that offer this service and they know what they're doing. Choose a professional waxing salon so you'll be confident that everything there is hygienic and that they know their business.

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We hope that we helped you calm your anxiety by answering some of the most asked questions regarding Bikini waxing and boyzilian. Now you know that, yes, it's going to hurt but in the end, the results will be worth it. Good luck!