Full Brazilian Wax Tips: What To Expect & How To Prepare For A Full Brazilian Wax

Are you interested in getting a full Brazilian Wax? Here are some tips on what to expect and how to prepare for your first full wax.

By E.M. Love
Full Brazilian Wax Tips: What To Expect & How To Prepare For A Full Brazilian Wax

What is a Full Brazilian Wax?

You may be looking for what to do with all of that hair down there and want to know more about what a full Brazilian Wax is, the process of getting one done in a salon, how you can do it yourself in-home, the overall cost it usually is, and how painful it is. Many Hollywood stars get regular Brazilian waxes to keep up their appearances and look great in swimsuits. A full Brazilian bikini wax originated in 1987 in New York by seven sisters of Brazil. A regular bikini wax removes part of your hair, but a full Brazilian wax that is a "Hollywood Wax," is where all of your hair is removed, leaving nothing. Some Brazilian waxes will leave a little strip of hair in the front, but most people prefer to get a Hollywood wax.

How to Prepare

Before going into a salon to get a full Brazilian wax done, or even before attempting to do one in-home, you should trim your pubic hair down to being about a quarter of an inch for fine hair, and half of an inch for coarse hair. If you do not follow this protocol, many salons will send you home for your pubic hair not being long enough. If it's not long enough, the wax won't be able to grab the hair well. Pubic hair that is too long is also bad, as it makes the waxing more painful. Some salons will trim your hair if it is too long, but don't count on it. Before getting the actual waxing done, drink a glass of wine, as this can help with the pain and will help you relax. Also prepare some talking points so you will have something to talk about with your technician while they are doing the process, as this will help keep you distracted.

When You First Arrive for Your Full Brazilian Wax

Most people go to a salon to get their full Brazilian wax done. It can be very painful, so getting someone else to do it can be a huge help for actually following through. Usually, you will go into a private room, and the process only takes about 15 to 30 minutes. The waxer will leave the room while you remove all of your clothes from below your waist, where you will then lie down on a sheet covered table. When you go into a salon, wearing a skirt can make things a lot easier and quicker. If you are in a skirt, you can pull it up so the wax technician can get to where they need to. Many salons will give you a paper thong, or have them available at request, though this does not do much as the waxer is going to have to work around it either way. Think of it as almost being like a visit to the gynecologist, where everything is revealed. Know that the waxers have seen all kinds of stuff, so you shouldn't worry or be self-conscious.

The Process of Getting a Full Brazilian Wax

Your waxer will wear gloves and will always use a new wooden stick when applying the wax. They will start from the front and go to the back, while you may be asked to hold your skin tight. Before they start, make sure you tell them if you want anything special done with your hair, like a strip of hair. After the waxing is done, they may put on a lotion that will help soothe your skin where it was waxed. Once this whole process is finished, don't forget to tip your waxer at a rate of at least 20 percent. This is an additional cost of getting a Brazilian Wax. They have to deal with a lot, so they deserve that 20 percent tip. There are two wax processes: hard wax and soft wax. Most use the soft wax process. In this process, first, the waxer will put talcum powder on your skin, which keeps the hot wax that is applied from sticking to you. The faster the person who does the waxing is, the less painful it is. The next step is when they take the wooden stick and dip it into the hot wax. They spread that hot wax onto your hair and skin, going in the direction of your hair. Next, a cloth strip is put over the hot wax and pressure is put on it so that everything sticks together. The wax is given a moment to cool off, at which point the strip is pulled off in the opposite direction of the way your pubic hair grows. Pulling it off quickly pulls out your pubic hairs by the roots, meaning it will take longer to grow back. For some people, this is too painful. Wax technicians can use smaller strips and do a smaller area at a time, which will take longer but may be more bearable. A full Brazilian wax means getting even the hair between your buttocks removed. They will have you either lie face down or to kneel on the table you were laying on. They may have you even hold your buttock cheeks apart so they can easily get to it.

At-Home Brazilian Wax

There are Brazilian Wax kits that you can buy for at-home use, which will come with all of the instructions that you need, plus tips for you. They have different types of kits, from ones with hot wax that you have to heat up yourself, to ones that come precoated and you can carry them everywhere with you.

Tips for Minimizing Pain

Getting a full Brazilian Wax done can be very painful. Always let your wax technician know if you are extra susceptible to pain or have any other special requests. Here are some tips for minimizing the pain of getting a full Brazilian Wax done: -If you are a complete beginner to getting a wax done, start with a regular wax first. This will get you used to the feeling before going for a Brazilian wax, which is a lot more intense. -Get the waxing done at least a week after your period is over. The best time to get a wax is at the time of the month that you ovulate. It is possible to get waxing done while on your period, but you have to wear a tampon and keep it clean down there. However, your skin is much more sensitive while you are on your period, so that is why you should try to avoid this time of month as much as possible. -Get regular waxes done, usually every three or four weeks for most people. Only getting it done a few times a year makes it more painful. -The hard wax process can be less painful, but this process is also less common. You may have to call around a few salons until you find somewhere that does it. -There is a topical anesthetic that you can use to help numb your whole area down there, but some say that numbing it does not help with the pain from waxing. -If you really cannot stand the pain, try taking some over-the-counter pain medicine about an hour before getting the Brazilian wax done.

After Care

If you visit a salon, your wax technician can give you tips on how to care for the area down there afterward. There are certain side effects that can occur if you do not take precautionary measures. Make sure that you don't irritate your skin down there for at least the next few days. Don't wear clothes that are tight. Don't use fragrance products on your lower body, don't have rough sex, or do anything that will get you sweaty, such as working out hard or doing hot yoga. You might notice some bumps, ingrown hairs, or general redness in your pubic area after getting a wax done. If this happens, exfoliate the area and then put on some lotion or a cleanser. There are products out there that you can use to help prevent ingrown hairs.

Do Regular Brazilian Waxes

The pain will reside after receiving regular waxes. A Brazilian wax usually only lasts between three and six weeks before you need another one. Your pubic hair will then grow back, usually thinner and a lighter color. Many say that the first time you get it done is always the worst, but the more that you do it, the less painful it is. Getting on a regular schedule for your full, or "Hollywood," Brazilian Wax is a great way to keep the pain down, and you will also get much better results. After three or four weeks, your pubic hair will probably be at a quarter inch in length, meaning it's the perfect length for getting this wax done. Some people only need to get it done every six weeks, depending on the type of hair that you have down there.


Getting a full Brazilian wax is very popular in the U.S. today. You can go to a salon to get it done, or buy a kit and perform the wax in-home on yourself. It doesn't cost too much to get done, but remember to tip your wax technician if you go to a salon. The tip is not included in the cost, and she deserves it! Get regular waxes done to minimize the pain. If you do go to a salon, request the same wax technician each time so that way it's not as embarrassing. There are some drawbacks to getting a Brazilian waxing done, as the pubic hair is naturally there for a reason- to protect that area. You will have a higher risk of infection and irritation, so you must be sure to take care of your pubic area and keep it clean.

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