16 Fun Things To Do For My Birthday With Friends

What is around that is more than getting a meal and a cake

By Diana N.
16 Fun Things To Do For My Birthday With Friends

Do Something This Year

It is time to sit yourself down and create a hit list of exciting pursuits to do this year. Get a step closer to the event you have been wishing to attend for a long time by planning for it. What about hitting the road on that road trip with your friends? Wait, go overboard and buy you the Lamborghini that has overstayed its welcome in your dreams.

Escalate the thrill for the year with activities that will make you happier. Include bucket list items you may have done already, those you thought you grew out of, or adventures you haven’t engaged in yet. The year should bring more brand new attractions, items, and events to go to around the world. Make this year remarkable.

Start with your birthday. Remember back then when it was easier to plan for birthdays because you were a kid? It was lit as long as there were bouncing castles and a trip to Disney land on your day. It gets harder with age, though. At 28, sometimes all someone wants is to take a day off and sleep.

Here is a  list of new ideas you should include in your to-do list to make your birthday planning trouble-free. They are very achievable. There should be nothing to stop you from celebrating your birthday in the Maldives if you wanted to.

16 Fun Things To Do For My Birthday

1. Dance To The Number One Song On My Birthday

With your birthday in a few months, make the best out of it by creating a playlist you’ll want to listen to on that day.  Play your favorite song and dance to it. Remember, you only get to celebrate it once a year. Make the best out of it. Create a bomb playlist if you will have friends around and dance to it. It is more fun if everyone will like the songs.

Find the number one song on your birthday, 18fh birthday or any special year and make them your favourites! 

2. Buy Me A Gift

We all go down to the littlest details of when and who gave us gifts on our birthdays. When parents gift us our first cars on our birthdays, the excitement never goes away.  The smell of it never leaves your mind. Do the same for you and get the feeling. Like if you have wanted an apartment, it is time. Show love to yourself with new car keys, or a nice dress. There’s something special about gifts on a birthday. You just never forget.

3. Throw A Pool Party

This has never been boring. With a swimming pool, inflatable floats, the décor, craft cocktails in pineapples, and a tiki bar, throw yourself a birthday party you'll never forget. Don't forget the food! What is a party minus a barbecue for guests to feed to their pleasure? Sum it up with a killer playlist and party like there’s no tomorrow.

4. Bar And Food Hopping

If you are a foodie, your birthday is the best time to take your crew out to bar or desert hopping. It is the best day to eat and not get afraid of getting fat. The most vital thing to do is note down several places with excellent cocktails and beautiful cuisines and knock yourself out. Remember, the bigger the crew, the merrier.

5. Donate To The Needy

You can decide to go modest on your day. Drop the wild part in you and share the day with the less fortunate. Donate food and money to orphanages or money to animal shelters. You will reconnect with humanity and feel way better than you ever were when you see beautiful smiles on your friends.

Who said it had to be boring? Take your friends over and throw a party at the orphanages and homeless shelters. Cut the cake and share it with people over there. What else will you wish for on your birthday that the blessings of these people?

6. Photoshoot

No need to go over the edge on your birthday. Indulge in activities that will create memories for you. Photoshoots cost nothing much but a venue and outfits. Leave the rest to the photographer to bring the best out of you on your special day. You will always feel better when you look down at the pictures on your home wall years later.

7. Go On Holiday

Thinking of a vacay on your day? Then you got a taste for fun. Be wise enough to ask for days off on your birthday and go to a gateway. You could do it alone if you wanted to. However, you can make it funnier by tagging your friends along. Make sure they know what to bring on the vacation. Prepare them for some crazy days ahead. Who ‘s the Maldives and Hawaii built for anyway?  You might want to bring a camera along for this one.

8. Visit A Karaoke Bar

This is the best place for you and your croaky-throated friends. Singing your drunk selves out and screaming your hearts out without embarrassing yourselves will be the least of your worries. Remember to choose the bubbliest bar. It should befit your hype.

9. Engage In An Adventure

Celebrate your birthday with a shot of adrenaline: with activities like whitewater rafting and mountain hiking. Feel alive by engaging in death-defying activities like touring the skies in parachutes and getting in the fastest zip-lining and sky-diving experiences ever.

10. Slumber Party

When was the last time you had friends for a sleepover? This is the time in ages when your friends give you their attention entirely. Make sure you get everyone together for a relaxing dinner and make them stay for the night. It will be the best opportunity to catch up and just be the old friends you always are.

11. Movie Night

Recreate your movie nights with friends by turning your backyard into a movie theatre. With blankets, candles, red carpet, flowers, string lighting for decor, and a large screen treat yourselves to Hollywood flicks of your choice. Complete the set up with lawn chairs, cozy blankets, a popcorn bar, and wine for everyone.

12. Play Childhood Games

There’s fun in adults throwing themselves around like little kids. Organize activities like water balloon toss, potato sack races, a tug of war and water slides for your guests. Make it stand out by offering prizes for winners. Allow your guests to eat snow, cones, icecreams, and candy. The good thing about this is, you can invite kids and make it livelier.

13. A Night Of Stargazing

After the sun has set, explore the night skies with your loved ones. Plan for a stargazing night on quiet and peaceful beaches. Wrap your guests up in cozy blankets and avail cocktails for them beside a fireplace. Celebrate together by pointing out constellations. You could rent telescopes for the guests and have everyone point out the constellations they see. Remember to make wishes for the night.

14. Pampering Parties

Pamper yourself and the crew at a birthday spa party. Let your guests receive beauty and massage treatments in a spa or salon. You could host it at home too, and hire the whole packaged services to your doorstep. Oh, don't forget availing popular magazines and cocktails for the occasion. The gossip gets juicy here.

15. Go Shopping

You'll want to consider going for a wardrobe change on your birthday. You can shop-hop with your besties and treat yourselves to cool stuff. Laugh your hearts out by trying out crazy outfits in the stores. Fill up your bags with items you like to make the day exciting.

16. Trace My Bloodline

Build a family tree by tracing your ancestry. Throw surprises your way by discovering under whose bloodline you fall. Let your friends try out DNA Ancestry Tests and find interesting details about your lineage. You just might find you are a true descendant from royalty. It is fun.

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Your birthday is the most exciting time of the year. You can either celebrate it alone or with friends. Throwing a party for your family and friends is a way of rekindling the golden memories. However, sometimes birthdays can bring back bad memories. It is normal, and to beat that, all you got to do is make the day entirely about yourself. Focus on you and let the day end when you are feeling way better.



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