What Does His Sleeping Position Tell You About Him?

Find out about his personalities based on how he usually sleeps

By Diana Nadim
What Does His Sleeping Position Tell You About Him?

What Is Sleeping

Sleep is to rest in a state of reduced consciousness. You spend like a third of your life sleeping so that your body gets time to relax and reboot. To get the most out of your sleep time, you need to have a comfortable mattress, blankets/duvets, and high-quality pillows. Lest you will never get to enjoy any time that you spend sleeping.

In addition to this, you can make your bedroom a sleeping haven to free any endless distractions from the outside. You can use a nectar pillow with a tinsel cover to get massive support on any part of your body if your sleeping is not getting any comfortable. However, your sleeping position also has a great impact when it comes to catching those premium hours of rest. Therefore make sure that you get the best position and perfect beddings.

Sleeping Positions

Different people have different sleeping positions based on their comfortability while sleeping. There is no best or weak sleeping position as long as you enjoy your sleep. As long as you suffer from the lack of sleep, there is no sleeping position that can solve that. But on the positive, if you find a comfortable sleeping position that gets you even a little rest, you can embrace it than not sleeping at all.

However, some of the sleeping positions are healthier than others. This means that they don’t bring you extra pressure around your neck, head, spine, or the rest of your body. If you sleep in your best position, you ought not to have anybody aches. You can, therefore, change your sleeping positions as you wish until you find one that is less strenuous.

Sleeping positions vary as much as the sleeper, and they can benefit you not only in your bedroom but beyond the bed. Most of the common sleeping positions, require you to have the right mattress that offers excellent support, so you have no issue with any position you choose to sleep.

What Are The Common Sleeping Positions?

On your back

By far this is rated among the most suitable sleeping positions. It allows for your head, neck, and spine to rest in a neutral position. When you sleep on your back, your body has no extra pressure hence less or no pain on your body parts.

You should ensure to use a pillow when you lie on your back to avoid the acid from coming from your digestive tract. However, this position can also make snoring very severe.


In this position, your torso and legs are relatively straight, which decreases the levels of acid reflux. It also helps to ward off your neck pain since your spine is elongated. People, however, believe that this position can result in wrinkles as one part of the face pushes against the pillow.

Fetal position

Image Source: Medical News Today

Here a person sleeps on their side with the legs curled up underneath them. It is an ideal position, especially for the expectant mothers because it enhances circulation in your body and the fetus. If you find yourself straining with this position, you can place a pillow between your knees.

On your stomach

It is best known for easing snoring, but it can be practically wrong at everything else. This position may lead to back and neck pains because it’s hard to keep your spine in a neutral place. Additionally, you may experience numbness, irritated nerves, and other aches. If you love sleeping on your stomach, ensure that your head is turned to one side to allow room for breathing.

What Are The Most Common Couples Sleeping Positions?

1. Spooning

Image Source: The Independent

Spooning is mostly among young couples who cannot get enough of each other. It’s acceptable among these new couples because its automatic that when you are new and exciting to a person, they tend to be all over your space. As the relationship age, this position fades away slowly. However, as much as you may entertain it, it can be uncomfortable.

2. Illegal spooning

Image Source: Femina.in

Illegal spooning is similar to spooning. However, in this case, one of you is pushed to one end of the bed, with hands around the partner’s torso. It could be a sign of mixed emotions.

3. Intertwining

Here, you sleep on your sides and locked in an embrace of arms and legs. It’s also a signal of a new relationship. Securing into each other could also be a form of romance and confidence to each other in a relationship.

4. Unwoven braid

Image Source: Healthline

It starts like the intertwining position, and later everyone turns to their side for some sleep. It symbolizes trust as you allow your partner to sleep comfortably or do their own thing. This is among the most common couple's position.

5. Decoupled position

Image Source: Healthline

Most people think that this is a sign of a stable relationship. About 27% of couples sleep without touching each other. Couples who sleeping facing opposite sides, are more comfortable with each other and show implicit trust, and in most cases, they tend to stay together longer.

6. The moon landing position

Image Source: Pinterest

Here, both partner’s butts touch each other and are almost similar to the decoupled position only that it has a sense of contact. Once you engage in this sleeping position, chances of getting to the decoupled position ate quite high.

What Does His Sleeping Position Tell You About Him?

Log roller

If he sleeps on his side, legs extended and arms in place, then he is a log roller sleeper. This position looks stiff, and any sleeper may be regarded as rigid or cold. When this becomes, his frequent sleeping position chances are that he is social, easy-going, and can easily converse with all kinds of people. He is also very trusting and can at times be gullible t the outsiders.

The yearning dreamer

Image Source: Pinterest

The sleeper snoozes on the side but with the hands stretched in front of them. Studies show that if he sleeps in this position, he is an inviting and open type of man. However, he is very suspicious of new acquaintances. He tends to be very slow and deliberate when making decisions until he sets up his mind for the task. He will be good and a reliable friend that you would need.

Sleepy soldier

Image Source: Pinterest

The position is when he sleeps on his back with his arms straight down to the side as if standing at attention. Just like a soldier, he is strong, silent yet focused. He is well structured and has deep self-love; therefore, it means that he will have high expectations from those around him.

The starfish

Image Source: Healthline

Involves lying on the back with legs stretched out, and arms stretched beyond their head looking like a starfish on land. He will possess an unconventional style yet very loyal in his relationships. He makes relationships and friendship significant priorities. This man is supportive and in most cases, acts as a sounding board for his friend’s problems.

The skydiver

Image Source: Healthline

Skydiver sleepers sleep on their stomach, head facing one side, and with the arms wrapped around. A plus for this position is that it helps to ease snoring and sleep apneas. Just like the name, a man who sleeps in this position is playful and has fun personalities which bring some delight to the people around him. He is a straight forward person and is further free-spirited. The risk-taking aspect is in him and always craves control for the current situations.

The fetal position

Image Source: Healthline

Like a baby, this position a person sleeps on the side with legs curled against them. It makes more sense as it’s the most common because everyone used this position in their mother’s womb.  If he uses this position, he might turn out to be tough on the exterior to hide his sensitive and shy nature side.

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Your sleeping position is more than just lying on your stomach, back, and sides. It has a lot of information to offer, especially with your personality. Most of the sleeping positions are relatable according to the character that you portray.

That said, you can use your man’s sleeping position to know a lot more than you do about him.

His sleeping position will tell you the kind of person that he is, his hidden qualities, among other attributes, not mouth spoke. Use this article as an eye-opener or to just add more information about how much you know about him through his sleeping position.