Would You Watch People Sleeping? People are doing so!

Live-streaming your sleep and make money at the same time

By Bella
Would You Watch People Sleeping? People are doing so!

What, Watch people sleep?

Believe it or not, this strange phenomenon is real. Well, there are some people who are actually sexually aroused by those who are sleeping, due to a condition called somnophilia. Notably, in 2018, the news reported that a man nicknamed the "Sleeper Creeper" was convicted for breaking into people's houses. Why? To watch them sleep as his nickname suggests.

Suddenly, this picture doesn't seem so innocuous anymore...It actually seems creepy!


But anyway, it is mostly harmless fun. Read on to find out about this viral trend!

How live-streaming your sleep became popular

Probably borne out of boredom, or the search for real, honest and interactive content, live-streaming your sleep became trendy around 2015.  In March 2020, the trend began to gain traction again, with many live-streamers making live videos about themselves sleeping. 

Most celebrities seem to lead very posh and lavish lives, away from the public eye and shrouded in intense mystery and secrecy. Often, as mere mortals, we are not allowed a glimpse into their private life.

Famous streamers who host videos of themselves doing ordinary things is a way of bridging the chasm between celebrities and ordinary people. For one, they seem more accessible and we realize they are ordinary people like us after all. The allure of instant fame and being able to capitalize on a viral trend may incentivize some teenagers to start live-streaming their sleep sessions. After all, all you need is a webcam and a decent internet connection.

This also provides bored teens with an avenue to chat and connect with other people, through doing everyday activities. Younow’s founder mentions that today’s generation of teenagers feels the need to connect with other teenagers.

Mini "Celebrities" Who Earns While Live-Streaming Their Sleep




Mizkif is such a successful sleep YouTuber, that he even has a youtube video titled:” HOW I MADE $5,000 WHILE SLEEPING FOR 6 HOURS”. He has about 410k subscribers on Twitch which is quite a sizable number. Ironically, he didn’t intentionally start out as a sleep Youtuber. During his stream, he reportedly fell asleep, after an intense gaming session and received $5,500 in donations.



Kaceytron - YouTube

Kaceytron started out as a professional gamer for League of Legends and World of Warcraft, streaming her gaming sessions on Twitch TV. Since then, she has diversified her videos into honest vlogs, random videos about her opinions on pop culture, and the like. In her recent sleep stream titled:”[ASMR] Sleeping with my Sister for 5 Hours”, she confesses that she sleeps naked. The video is filled with sounds of nature and birds chirping, such that one might think that she is spending the night in the jungle. Turns out that she did embark on a camping trip after all.



Amouranth's ASMR Youtube channel

Amouranth is a cosplayer, gamer, model and self-confessed geek. She has many videos showcasing her enviable hourglass figure in body hugging outfits. Naturally, many otaku fans were more than pleased to tune in to her sleep stream on her Twitch channel. Since then, multiple youtubers have reposted her sleep videos with their commentaries added in. Her original sleep video is nowhere to be found though. Her video:”ASMR 20 TRIGGERS 🌙✨ To Help You Sleep & Tingle” might pique your interest if you are suffering from insomnia. After all, she seems like a pretty credible sleep expert.

Where to watch?

Tiktok and Younow, a subsidiary of Youtube, are quite popular sites where streamers live stream their sleep. Twitch, a game streaming platform, is another popular avenue used by sleep streamers to live to stream their sleep.

Where To Start If I Want To Live-Stream My Sleep and Earn?

So you want to jump on the bandwagon, but hold your horses first. You can use Tiktok, where people who watch your live stream can give you virtual currency which you can redeem for cold hard cash. If you are an avid gamer, you may be able to build a fanbase from fellow gaming fans on Twitch, and stream videos of yourself gaming as well as sleeping.

The competition on Youtube and Younow may be stiffer, and it could be harder to penetrate the market and gain a sizable following. When you have amassed a significant number of viewers, you can invite advertisers to sponsor your live stream. For tips on how to earn, you can watch Asian Andy’s “HOW I MADE $6,000 WHILE SLEEPING FOR 5 HOURS” and Ice Poseidon’s video titled:” HOW I MADE $5K WHILE SLEEPING FOR 8 HOURS” respectively.

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For some people, they may have a fetish for watching others sleep. For most viewers on Youtube, they are probably bored at home, hence, they watch people streaming their sleep videos to kill time. Many of us also yearn for a special connection with our favorite Youtubers. There is something appealing about witnessing our favorite Youtube stars during their most intimate moments.  It is definitely easier to become a sleep streamer if you have some clout in the industry or a sizable number of Youtube subscribers, but there is no harm trying to jump on the bandwagon.