Are You a Sensitive Person? 10 Signs and How to Deal With It

Survival tips for the sensitive person who happens to be you

By Sophia R
Are You a Sensitive Person? 10 Signs and How to Deal With It

Do You Experience Symptoms of Anxiety and Unrest?

Today, anxiety and unrest are very common in many people.

It is possible that in your day to day you do not get enough sleep, eat quickly, work long hours or just have little free time for yourself. It is also possible that you do not spend enough time doing physical exercise, or that you are only watching TV or studying in your spare time.

But wait, what does all of this actually have to do with extreme sensibility? Well, we talk about High Sensitivity if a person has a finer nervous system, more developed than most people. This has the consequence that this person receives relatively much more sensory information at the same time as someone with a medium or low sensitivity. Anxiety and unrest might be another consequence of these conditions as the body and mind become exhausted of literally feeling so much.

Are you identified with any of these? Read on!

Tests to determine if you are a Highly Sensitive Person (Not a Diagnosis)

Discover in a few minutes if you are a person with high sensitivity with this basic test made by Dr. Elaine Aron, an expert in this condition.

It is very simple, just answer the points with a "yes" or a "no" and count the number of times you answered with a "yes". Here they are:

  • I am affected by the behavior of others.
  • I have the feeling of being aware of the very subtle things in my environment.
  • I tend to be very sensitive to pain.
  • On busy days, I often need to retire, lie down in bed, look for a dim room or any other place where I can find some comfort and relief from the stimulation.
  • I am particularly sensitive to the effects of caffeine.
  • I am easily overwhelmed by things like bright lights, strong smells, coarse fabrics or police sirens or ambulances.
  • The loud noises make me feel uncomfortable.
  • I have a rich and complex inner life, I turn things around a lot.
  • I am deeply moved by the arts or music.
  • I am very conscientious.
  • I scare easily.
  • I feel overwhelmed when I have many things to do in a short time.
  • When someone feels unhappy in a physical environment, I usually know what needs to be done to make him feel more comfortable (like changing the light or the seats).
  • It bothers me that others pretend to do too many things at once.
  • I try hard not to make mistakes or forget something.
  • I tend to avoid violent movies and violent series on television.
  • I find the activation triggered by the hustle and bustle around me unpleasant.
  • Changes in life shock me (changes, work change, separation, birth, death ...)
  • I usually perceive and enjoy good essences, flavors, sounds, and works of art.
  • For me, it is very important to arrange my life so that I can avoid disturbing or overwhelming situations.
  • When I have to compete or be observed in the execution of a task, I get so nervous and insecure that I end up doing it worse than I could do it.
  • When I was a child, my parents or my teachers used to see me as a sensitive or shy person.

Less than 14 times "Yes": You may be more sensitive than some, but the probability that you are highly sensitive is small.

More than 15 times "Yes": It is more than likely that you are a Person with High Sensitivity.

10 Signs that You are a (Highly) Sensitive Person

1. You take everything negatively

If everything people tell you is insulting or hurtful for you, chances are that you are a highly sensitive person. It could be a piece of advice, a positive critique, a look, or just a simple unharmful comment, but it will always be negative for you. Common pal, not everyone is looking at to hurt you or insult you all the time!

2. You always have your walls up

People who are extremely sensitive tend to keep their walls up at all times in fear of getting hurt. You might feel that you have to be though and that you have to be careful with everyone’s intention because of the insecurities your sensitivity brings you. You prefer protection yourself than having to deal with your feelings later.

3. You feel harder

If you are someone with high sensitivity, you will feel everything harder. You will process and think everything through on a way deeper level than anybody else until you get to the bottom of everything and think about every possible outcome. It just like thinks hit on you and sit on your mind for way longer than anybody else.

4. You are very emotionally reactive

People with extreme sensibility tend to react more in front of any situation. For example, they will show more empathy and worry about a friend’s problem, or about a world’s issue. Also, they tend to worry a lot about other’s reactions in front of a negative situation.

5. You find decision making hard

As you are more conscious of things that might seem Sutil or little details that might not be that important, decision making will be hard for you. You will tend to take more time to decide because you will over think every single possibility or outcome that your decision might bring. It’s like you mind can’t stop and choose one thing at a time.

6. You are great at teamwork

Since highly sensitive people give a lot of thought to things, they work very well as a team. However, they are more suitable for positions where they do not have to make a final decision. For example, if a sensitive person is part of a medical team, it will be good analyzing the pros and cons involved in the operation of a patient, but it is preferable that another person is responsible for deciding whether that patient should be operated or not. It will be the same as any other situation.

7. You cry a lot

Yes, I know we all cry, but people with extreme sensitivity find crying easy. It’s like anything that slightly moves them, hurts them, or just makes them feel also makes them cry. The tears just flow out like a river!

8. You are very polite

People who are extremely sensitive are also extremely careful. That is why they tend to be way more considerable and polite with people around them. They are also capable to know when people are not behaving correctly faster. For example, people who are more sensitive will consider where they leave their shopping cart in the supermarket because they don’t want it to bother anyone.

9. You are very observative

As they think more and pay much more attention to everything around them, people with high sensitivity are very observing. They will notice everything in a room once they come in, the new shoes their neighbor got, or the freshly painted walls of their office.

10. You are very sensitive to sounds

While it is true that, in general, nobody likes annoying noises, highly sensitive people are even more sensitive to chaos and noise. This is because they tend to feel more fatigue or stimulation because of a high level of activity.

How To Deal with Yourself as a Highly Sensitive Person

In love

1. Accept it

It’s a saying that you should love and accept yourself before loving anybody else. You are not sick, you have a character trait that says something about your way of seeing the world. Consciously embrace that side of your being and you can channel it in your day to day and recognize it as a gift. Everything that is denied becomes stronger and turns against you, so start accepting it so you are ready for love.

2. Say no

You absorb a quantity of information that saturates you before others. Learn to say "no", make a controlled exposure to stimuli and reserve time to charge batteries. Don’t live for anyone only, live for yourself, too.


As we said before, people with your condition tend to overthink everything. This will probably make you think that your partner is cheating, that they don’t love you enough, or anything that will make you insecure about your relationship. Know that that is all product of your mind and that many of that are not real. Trust your partner and push those negative thoughts behind.


4. Create your own work space

Try to be completely alone with as little sensory information as possible, especially when you need to disconnect. Talk to your boss and coworkers, tell them about your condition, and create a space at work where you feel safe and where your feelings aren’t heightened.

5. Don't pressure yourself

As a hypersensitive person, you will always tend to pressure and compare yourself to the people around you. In work life, you might do so with your coworkers, or you will feel like a failure wherever things don’t go exactly according to plan, which happens a lot in day to day life. Remember that this is absolutely normal to happen, so don’t punish yourself about it. You can do things well the next time. 

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Now that you have got all of these tips on how to identify or deal with hypersensibility, you will find that this issue is not hard to live with at all, or that it is not a bad thing to have. Follow them and see how your life is way easier now that you know how to handle yourself and your feelings.



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