6 Fantastic Jobs for the Highly Sensitive Person

Fear not, a highly sensitive person will strive well here! How to Know if I am a Highly Sensitive Person?

By Sophia R
6 Fantastic Jobs for the Highly Sensitive Person

Am I a Sensitive Person?

I am someone who cannot just work to earn a paycheck. Work should be a calming and meaningful factor of my life and not the one that stresses me out. Rushed deadlines, the fear of the boss, common workplace stressful vibes turn out to overwhelm me and drain me emotionally. If that makes me a sensitive person, I may be one. As a sensitive person, just a normal day at work means observing all the subtle sounds, lights, actions, and behavioral transitions and getting affected by them. In short, it is about draining far more mental energy on things that normal people don’t even tend to think about. I am a sensitive person and can I even survive in a chaotic workplace?  You will find the answer below but let’s first find out a few pros and cons of being a sensitive person.  

Pros and Cons of being Sensitive

There are so many highs and lows of being a sensitive person. We are mentioning some of them below:


  • • Sensitive people usually make sure that they are always there if anybody needs them. They are the best kind of friends anybody can ever have. 

    • Offending or hurting others is not their thing; they are extremely well-mannered, polite and kind-hearted. 

    • Sensitive people know very well how to handle solitude. They are self-lovers and know the meaning of “me time” perfectly. So if you are a sensitive person, you will know exactly what another sensitive person requires. 

    • They find joy in most tiny things life has to offer. They live in the present and cherish every moment to the fullest. 


• Sensitive people cannot hold back their emotions. Tears are a common thing. They cry a lot without even thinking of where they are. This makes them appear weak. 

• They can’t make their decisions by themselves; they always need someone to help them. It is because they need to be sure that they are making a 100% right choice. 

• They cannot say “no” to anybody. As a result, they end up doing stuff they don’t even like to do. They become people pleasers. 

• People often misunderstand them. They just don’t get why they behave in a certain way around certain things. Sensitivity is often confused with being introvert. 

6 Fantastic Jobs for a Sensitive Person Like me

Workspaces don’t even realize how in their preset way of operating they may be hurting someone. Finding the right career path for sensitive people is a real struggle, as it is extremely important for their work to be more than just a means of earning a living. I struggled a lot to find a perfect job for myself that is why I am here to ease it up for you if you are someone like me. The following are the six fantastic jobs if you are a sensitive person just like me. 

1. Artist

Sensitive people feel and perceive things in a raw way.  They are more in tune with the emotional currents of the world because they can feel every emotion to its core. Being an artist, they can dive in and explore different forms of art and select whatever suits them best. Art can act as a medium to help them put their unspoken emotions and thoughts in front of the world in creative ways. Art can become a sensitive person’s outlet of emotions. They finally get to connect with people around them and explain to them what it’s like to be a sensitive person in a world full of insensitive people through art. Art is powerful enough to inspire people to do better and achieve more in their lives if done rightfully. An artist has the power to change people’s lives for good. Even though it doesn’t pay well, but one can have enough joy and peace of mind to make up for a decent living. 

2. Business

A very common misconception about sensitive people is that they can’t be leaders. Sensitive people turn out to be great team leaders because they are highly productive in leading roles. Being bossed by someone is not their thing, so they make sure they don’t become a typical boss. Sensitive people are full of empathy for others; they create workspaces that fulfill the professional, personal and emotional needs of their employees. As a result, the productivity level of employees tops the charts and business prospers. The business owner and employees both work together to come up with unique products and services to provide optimum levels of satisfaction to clients. Sensitive people when beginning a business, open doors of opportunities for other sensitive people and provide comforting employment opportunities to them. Small businesses like boutiques, spas, coffee shops, and galleries flourish really well when lead by sensitive people. 

3. Health care professional

Health care works great for sensitive people because they are full of empathy for others and one-on-one setting with patients work great for them. Not all health care fields are well suited for sensitive people as they cannot deal with high stake cases like surgeries. They can turn out to be great occupational therapists, massage therapists, lab technicians, midwives, hospice workers, acupuncturists, counselors and psychologists. The rewarding feeling a person gets after comforting someone and making them feel better immediately about themselves with some efforts is the essence of this career path. Being sensitive helps because sensitive people know very well how someone might be feeling in a specific moment and how they can be comforted and helped effectively. However, maintaining a healthy separation from clients is not that easy for sensitive people and a significant distance should always be maintained to avoid any problems.

4. Creative Fields

Sensitive people are truly gifted in terms of creativity. It’s in their bones if said rightly. They can turn out to be great writers, graphic designers, singers, and actors. Having a creative outlet is what they look for in their daily lives and if their work allows them to be creative it turns out to be a perfect combination and works pretty smoothly for them. Creative work allows sensitive individuals to think deeply and explore different worlds. They also love the freedom and flexibility that comes along with these jobs. They feel extremely energetic when they are working on what they love so success is guaranteed in most cases. Having a small office setup at home can also work perfectly for these creative career options because most sensible people don’t like to be around people or deal with office blues. 

5. Social work

Working in a non-profit organization can be as stressful as working in the private sector. But the sense of doing things for other people’s satisfaction is what makes the experience full of pleasure. Social workers get to touch lives and care for different people who are in need. There is very less good left in the world and being the one who becomes a reason behind someone’s smile gives out immense happiness to them. Caring for others and putting others first comes very naturally to sensitive people and they simply love it. Sensitive people should join organizations that are truly focused on creating good in the world and have a healthy and nurturing environment. Non-profit professions that work great for sensitive people are marketing, administrative roles, executive directors, membership management, and fundraising jobs. Non-profit organizations that work for animal rights can also be a great choice for sensitive people. 

6. Work from home jobs

You love your job but going to work and facing people drains you emotionally; working from home can be a great option for you. Becoming an independent contractor or starting a business online is not that tough. One can easily become a freelance virtual assistant, writer, paralegal, graphic designer, landscape designer, accountant or whatever suits their interests best because the list goes on. You can create handicrafts and handmade items and sell them online on websites like Etsy. You can also get involved in academic work and try online tutoring. Have faith it’s not an end to your career if you can’t go to an office because almost everything can be done right from home these days. However, managing a workspace at home might be a little tacky but it is extremely nurturing and takes productivity to new levels. 

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It’s never late to switch or move out from a career path where you don’t feel like yourself anymore. A job that is frustrating and feels just like an unwanted burden on your shoulders should be left immediately. Just because a job looks good on paper and pays well doesn’t mean it’s just the right thing for you. It has to feel right in your gut.

 Being a sensitive person is not something you should be ashamed of. If you make the most required change right now in your career and switch to something that suits you as a sensitive person then you will definitely be a better, more fulfilled, and less-stressed worker in the future.