How To Pleasure Yourself Without A Man And Feel Just As Good

You don't need a man for sexual pleasure. Here are some tips to help you learn how great it can be to be intimate even when you're by yourself.

By Rose Elementary
How To Pleasure Yourself Without A Man And Feel Just As Good

How to Pleasure Yourself Without a Man

As a woman, you have needs. Sometimes you don't have a man around to help with those needs, whether it be roommates limiting your alone time, one of you always working late and being too tired to get busy afterward, or you're in between relationships but still craving intimacy. Don't worry! You can still pleasure yourself without a man. Here are a few suggestions for getting busy all by yourself.

Take Some Time for Yourself in the Bath/Shower

Kill two birds with one stone: pleasure yourself and get nice and clean at the same time. Bathing is a part of our daily routine anyway, so it makes for the perfect place to get yourself off at home. Plus, bath/shower time is better without a man. Far less risk of injury when you're alone. If you're taking a bath, some good old-fashioned finger stimulation while your deep conditioner works its magic is perfect. Set the mood with a sweet smelling bath bomb and a candle or two. This is especially helpful if you're not the only one at home and you need a chance to work magic on yourself without your roommate or family walking in. A removable shower head acts as a great stimulus, too. Aim it directly at your most sensitive spots and let it work its magic. Same goes for a regular faucet on the tub. Position yourself so the water hits you in just the right way. With the water stimulating your nether regions, your hands are free to wander to the other sensitive places on your body. To make your bath or shower even better, try one of the many water safe pleasure toys in the market. There are suction cup toys that you can stick right on the wall of your tub or shower. There are also waterproof vibrators you can bring with you into the bathroom. Even more proof the bath and shower are great places to pleasure yourself without a man.

At Home and Alone? Pleasure Yourself in Bed

There is nothing better than being at home, cuddled in your bed, even without a man. If you're feeling frisky, take your clothes off and go to town. Make sure you pay close attention to every part of your body, not just the obvious ones. Exploring your own body is a great way to ensure better intimacy when you're with someone else. Let those fingers stray to places you've never let them go. When you're by yourself, you have more space to figure out what you like and what you don't. Pro tip: if you're home alone, get loud. If you can't make yourself moan, how will anyone else manage? Get into it. You're doing the work of two people on your own. Find a rhythm and go with it. Go faster and then right when you're on the brink, slow it down. Not only is it totally okay to enjoy yourself alone in bed, it's important! You wouldn't be touching yourself if it wasn't pleasurable. Also, try switching up your position a bit. If it's comfortable, lie on your stomach with a pillow to grind on. You can even use the corner of your bed to rub against. Fabric against your bare chest, like rubbing yourself against a blanket, might add to the intensity as well. Experiment a bit and figure out a few things that you like so you can always change up how you pleasure yourself. If you're not home alone but you really need to relieve yourself and the bathroom isn't available, keep it quiet but go for it. Maybe not if there's someone in the room with you, but if there's a risk someone might walk in or hear you, stay quiet and keep yourself covered with a blanket. Don't let roommates ruin all your fun!

Watch a Video/Read an Erotic Story

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If laying down in bed and getting to work isn't sexy enough for you, grab your laptop and a pair of headphones and open up one of the many free sites out there designed to get you in the mood. Be careful to avoid any sites that might transmit a virus onto your computer; there are tons of legit, free websites that you can use to watch sexy videos. Pick your favorite category and find a video that strikes your fancy. Pleasure yourself along with the video and try to time your climax with the people in the video. Even if you're in bed alone, you can still feel a sense of intimacy with someone else by finishing with the characters in the video. Erotic stories are all over the internet as well. If you like to read more than you like to watch, these stories are perfect to get you in the mood. You can still time your climax to the story as well. Plus, you can read a sexy story and quietly pleasure yourself even if you're not home alone. No risk of accidentally unplugging your headphones and having the whole house hear what's happening on your laptop! Don't think it has to be one and done, either. If a full video or a full story isn't enough to get you to an incredible finish, watch or read another. Move between genres to get different sensations going all at once. Lose yourself in what is happening in the video or on the page and enjoy yourself as much as the characters are. Imagine yourself in a character's shoes to maximize the pleasure you get out of the videos or stories.

Invest in Some Toys

Sometimes just your fingers aren't enough to get things going. If you're looking to pleasure yourself better than a man can, consider investing in a few toys to help yourself along. Toys come in all shapes and sizes, literally. You can get a vibrator the size of a tube of lipstick or a dildo bigger than any man you're going to meet, unless you're a very lucky woman. Don't be afraid to walk into that 18+ store and find the toy that meets your needs. If penetration is what you're looking for, find a toy that will treat you the way a man would, except you don't need a man to do it. If all it takes to get you off is some intense vibration, pick a toy that will get you where you want to go. Don't hesitate to ask the staff for suggestions - that's what they're there for! You're trying to maximize your own pleasure, so you want to make sure you're leaving the story with something you'll love. There are a few household items that could potentially work as pleasure aids but tread cautiously. Make sure to always use a condom over your toy, especially if it's not specifically meant for sexual pleasure. Plus, you can change up the type of condom and increase your pleasure. Go for ribbed to intensify the sensation. Maybe even adventure into different flavors to practice the perfect BJ in preparation for when you're not alone. Keeping a few different toys tucked safely into your underwear drawer make for a quick and easy way to intensify your self-satisfaction. Toys ensure that even without a man, the intensity of intimacy is still possible!

Multitask By Combining Household Chores with Household Pleasure

Live alone or have the house to yourself for a bit? Don't waste time by setting the mood just right in the bathroom or getting down and dirty with yourself between the sheets. Try combining your least favorite household chores with your favorite form of pleasure. Washers and dryers are basically giant vibrators if you know how to use them right. Throw your laundry in and start the cycle. When things get going, jump on top. Straddling the corner is the best position for the most pleasure, but just by sitting on top you'll get a great vibration going. If you can get on the corner, grind yourself onto the cold (and clean!) metal while the machine does its thing. Use your hands to pleasure yourself as you usually would. Make sure you don't only focus on the obvious places, too! If your breasts are sensitive, this is the perfect position to pleasure yourself both on top and on the bottom. If you can't sit on the corner, no worries. Spread your legs wide and go to town. The vibrations won't be as intense in this position, but you'll still be able to get the job done. The same rule as above applies: give your whole body attention. Do what feels good. If that means penetration or squeezing your chest, do it. And just like if you're alone in your room, don't be afraid to get loud. If you can't hear yourself over the rinse cycle, you're not being loud enough. Washing cycle ended but you still want more? The dryer works just as well, and the cycle lasts even longer. Plenty of time to show yourself you don't need a man to feel really, really good!

Switch Up Your Location

Just like with regular sex, self-pleasure can get boring if you do it the same way in the same place every time. For ultimate pleasure, try switching things up a bit. Living alone gives you a full playground of places to get busy with yourself. Start slow by pleasuring yourself in the living room. Branch out to other rooms of the house like the kitchen or dining room. Just make sure you clean up after you're done! If you're feeling really adventurous, take your pleasure outside of the house. A slight breeze got you in the mood? Excuse yourself to the bathroom at the office and pleasure yourself quickly. The change in location and possibility of getting caught make your personal pleasure time even more fun. Really like switching things up? Light touching at your desk where no one can see is a great foreplay to get you ready for when you're home and can give yourself your full attention. Just make sure you don't get caught!