21 Things You Can Do When You Are Alone in a Tiny Apartment

How to keep yourself entertained when you are all alone

By Sameet
21 Things You Can Do When You Are Alone in a Tiny Apartment

Why Alone Time Can Be The Best Time

Alone time is the time when you can truly be yourself. There’s no judgment from people, there’s no being conscious and there’s definitely no boundaries. It’s your choice to let ideas flow through your mind or just let boredom get the best of you. Some people take alone time as a time of loneliness and least creativity, while some see it as an opportunity to create a new world for themselves.

Make the alone time a time for meditation and by that, we mean anything that puts your mind to peace and clears your head form all the negativity piling up in there due to lack of work or people.

21 Fun Things to Keep You Occupied When Alone

Kick that boredom out of your little home because we definitely have no place for that. Instead, make your own comfort zone out of your living space. Beware because once you’re there, you might never want to leave it.

1. Make a reading corner and of course, read

There are lots of DIY ideas to make a handy bookshelf if you don’t have any. If you have a big one, you might want to modify it and make it as petite as possible. Get a nice little rug or a bean bag chair, set up some good lighting for the corner, and start reading.

2. Redecorate

Feel like your apartment is missing something? It’s not everything you dreamt it would be? So let’s change that. There’s no need for an expensive interior designer to help you out, use your imagination and of course a little help from the internet. Make the most out of small living space.

3. Thorough cleaning

You cannot match the sense of achievement you get after a course of deep and thorough cleaning of our apartment. Get those long overdue stains off of your kitchen sink, those pesky little corners that get away from the cleaning brush every time, your furniture hoarding dust clouds for months, it’s time to get it all clean.

4. Bring out the artist in you

We all spend lots of time admiring amazing work by people on Instagram and think how do they do it? How are they so incredible at it? Would I be able to do that? Well, you can always find out. Take out an old sketchbook or a canvas, make a Gallery wall. Here’s an idea:

5. Indoor plantation

Indoor plants are like the little babies that rely on you for care and in return give you happiness and a sense of attainment. They’ll take very little space and make you smile every time you see them. Succulents are the best ones to grow in a mug or a pot.

6. Get a tiny pet

If you can’t have people around, get a tiny pet instead. This small companion will keep you sane and give you company, you take care of them real nice and talk to them about anything. A turtle or a hamster can be the perfect one for you. But getting a pet is a lifelong commitment don't get one if you cant take care of them to the end. There are enough abandon animals already, only get one if you can commit to them even if you have a busy lifestyle

7. Don’t let your body go loose

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It takes great motivation to get you up and working out. But if we can’t even take care of our own bodies then how can we expect to do something more? Download an app that helps you work out for even as little as 10 minutes a day. But do it.

8. Summon your inner chef

Say goodbye to take-out and deliveries. If you’re not much into cooking, it might take you a while to adjust and get it right. But once you get used to it, it might be the best thing you can do for yourself. You can never go back to the non-chef version of you.

9. Give that closet a makeover

Don’t worry if your closet has been feeding over your stuff for years, it’s time to take it all out. If you have a hard time discarding stuff, think of all the free space you can create for new stuff. This cleaning the closet can take up hours so just divide the time every day an hour for it.

10. One call a day at least

It’s totally fine that you can’t go out to socialize but that doesn’t mean losing your friends in the process. You can call up or Facetime a friend while you’re still in your comfy PJs. So it’s a win-win for everyone.

11. Knitting

Do you even realize how many things you can make for your apartment if you know the basic knitting skill? From mats to coasters, from scarves to sweaters and from wall hangings to blankets, it will NOT let you get bored that’s for sure.

12. Pamper yourself

How to DIY an At Home Facial for Glowing and Radiant Skin

When was the last time you felt like royalty when you just had a nice relaxing facial or a spa-day? Don’t rely on some stranger to give you all that, do it yourself. You can make a perfectly healthy and nourishing facial at home and enjoy it.

13. Gather up them old jars and boxes

While you’re cleaning ad organizing, you’ll find many empty jars and bottles or boxes that need discarding, but wait. There are tons of DIY craft ideas for these things that will help refurbish your room or your kitchen or maybe the whole apartment.

14. Get entertainment other than Netflix

When you get hooked on a show, there goes the rest of the world. Of course, you can watch an episode in a day but you can make use of your time in other ways. Try finding entertainment in world histories and wildlife, there’s never enough knowledge in the world.

15. Learn a new skill

When you’re alone, you can start your own talent show in there. You can make yourself learn new stuff on YouTube like some magic tricks or some groovy moves. Who’s going to judge you, the walls? Open yourself to new possibilities.

16. Optimize your gadgets

There’s always never time to clear out the clutter from your phone or your laptop. So do it in your alone time, there are so many pointless screenshots and videos you saved for later, get rid of them, and clean out your devices all neat.

17. It’s time to clean up the makeup box

Oh man, how much mess there can be in there. So many emptied bottles of foundation expired palettes and makeup brushes that haven’t been cleaned for ages. All your essentials will take very little space if you arrange them and discard the things you no longer use or can’t use.

18. Clean out the fridge

Just like your closet, the fridge can be hoarding so many unnecessary stuff. Besides the things, cleaning it is THE most essential thing. Clear the shelves, wash them sparkly clean, and put them back on. No one likes a stinky fridge.

19. Make your bedtime, ‘Me Time’

Can you imagine, bedtime being already the favorite time and it can still get better? Good sleep hygiene can go a long way. Wash your sheets regularly with scented soap. A light exercise in the evening or a detox tea would optimize your sleep. Make the most out of your bed.

20. Make a list of all long overdue tasks

For how long were you planning on putting out work a little longer? Grab a notepad and write everything down. Prioritize them by importance and get to work. That list might finally motivate you after all.

21. Get yourself a makeover!

What are you waiting for? Like a new and trendy haircut? Go for it and cut it yourself. There’s no one around to judge you anyway. Try a different hair color, try on different outfits, and make those boring t-shirts glamorous. There are endless possibilities and looks to go for. Find the look you’ve been missing all this time and embrace it.

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Be alone but never lonely with an open mind and a positive attitude. You’ll feel so comfortable within yourself that everything else will feel secondary.