7 Reasons Why You Should Give a Damn About Your Pubic Hair

The importance of grooming your pubic hair and the hacks!

By Lisa Lee
7 Reasons Why You Should Give a Damn About Your Pubic Hair

Should you Trim or Shave your Pubic Hair?

With people getting more conscious about personal hygiene and making efforts for a soft and smooth body, pubic hair has also come into the limelight with its's importance for both men and women. Although pubic hair isn’t visible to most people, it should still be kept neat and groomed to a degree. Women have been taking care of their pubic hair for a long time but for men, the idea has converted into a necessity over the last decade or so.


The cosmetic market has been flooded with a number of grooming techniques, products, and tools, which all agree to the fact: ‘less is more.’ So, when it comes to taking care of the bikini area and getting rid of excessive pubic hair, questions may always pop into the mind like; is it necessary to do it? What trouble can pubic hair cause? Why is it necessary to remove it? How do I go about removing or grooming pubic hair? To be fair, it is a person’s preference as to whether he/she wants to free that area from hair or not. Some men and women trim their pubic hair while others go for shaving or even visit salons to get it done by a professional. Apart from sexual benefits, other reasons as to why they opt to groom or remove the bush include:

To get calming and cooling effect

During summer, excess pubic hair can be really irritating and, sometimes, unbearable to live with because the area is inclined to sweat and can cause itching and irritation. Just like a person cannot bear a sweater or thick clothing on the body in hot and humid weather, the pubic area can also cause the same levels of annoyance by being covered with heavy hair and an extra layer of insulation.

Minimal or no crotch smell problem

Contrary to the common belief that sweat is the culprit behind crotch smell, it is the bacteria that accumulates on the pubic hair and will stick for as long as it is unkempt. If a partner complains about your pubic area smelling a bit "off", it's probably a major sign that you need to do some self-care down under. 

Not washing properly and regularly

Keeping your private area clean can be quite daunting with wild sand ungroomed pubic hair. The reason behind this is that they have a great tendency to collect bad bacteria that stay there within the roots and follicles. So, to get rid of them, the person has to spend more time washing and keeping clean. In other words; the less hair to wash, the less washing needed to stay fresh and clean.

Looking good naked

Not only for women, but men also need to be confident when they are with their partners. Since confidence is not something that can be shipped or packaged, boxed, or bottled, people have to make a lot of effort to bring it to a certain level. A clean and smooth pubic area is one of the effective ways to make it happen. 

Possible Infections

Just like other parts of the body, the pubic area is also prone to some problems and infections. Men and women may suffer from an increased likelihood of contracting a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) if proper hygiene and grooming are not taken into account. We are not saying that this is the main cause of UTI's or other infections, but keeping clean and hygienic will minimize the risk of suffering from them.

More intimate and enjoyable sexy time

No pubic hair can make sexual interaction more enjoyable and satisfying. Whether for men or women¸ it’s necessary to have a good sexual experience that the skin can feel and make the body satisfied with every single second. This is all up to taste, remember. Sometimes keeping some well-groomed natural hair may be a far bigger turn-on than au-natural.

The swimwear issue

Men and women with a lot of pubic hair have to think twice before using swimwear in public because an ungroomed and full bush may show through certain swimsuits. This is not as much of a problem for men as they generally don't wear speedos unless they are in a competitive situation, and rather stick to swim shorts.

Women, on the other hand, have to deal with possible stray hair regardless of the swimsuits they wear, whether they be one or two pieces. The only hiding of bush would be if they wore a sarong or shorts with their bathing suit. With pubic hair removal, there is no need to face trouble or embarrassment anymore. The same thing goes for those women, who usually do not remove their pubic hair, but want to rock that cute swimwear. 

Pubic Hair Removal Hacks

Now that reasons to get rid of pubic hair are known, it’s time to explore some of the tried-and-tested hacks to make their removal easy and less painful.

Exfoliate ingrown hair

Moisturizing and exfoliation are key to remove ingrown hair. While there are a number of products to do that, like shower poofs or bath mitts, one of the natural and reliable methods is to use a sugar and coconut oil scrub. This way, the skin won't dry out.

Trim hair before waxing

Remember that length of pubic hair has a lot to do with a bikini wax. For men and women, it is necessary to trim them so that it would be easy to wax afterward.

Before shaving, soften hair

In order to ensure smoothness and softness in the pubic area, always use a soap or shaving cream with moisturizer. Prepare the skin for shaving and keep it safe from razor burn. 

Why not go electric?

Since trimming is a tricky thing to do, taking help from an electric trimmer can be a lot easier. Not only will it keep the hair even and will also ensure smoothness.

Avoid pulling the skin

Whatever be the method of removing pubic hair, remember not to pull the skin. Just focus on the ingrown hair.

Should You Trim or Shave Your Pubic Hair?

When it comes to grooming the pubic area - trimming and shaving turn out to be the primary steps followed by waxing. The preference varies from one person to the other based on the reasons, purpose, and need. 


Referred to as an affordable and basic way of grooming pubic hair, trimming needs a pair of scissors to cut down their length. The best tool is to use an electric trimmer on dry skin. Don’t trim in the tub or under the shower. Trimming is important before removing pubic hair because it will ensure smooth and clear skin in the end.


Shaving is usually recommended for emergencies or when the person doesn’t feel like bearing the pain of waxing. Make sure to always use a fresh, clean razor so that bacteria can stay away from the private parts. However, the thing to remember is that shaving may result in faster hair growth, which is obviously not a good thing. 

How to Trim our Pubic Hair?

Since trimming is a crucial part of removing pubic hair, it is necessary to learn some facts about how and why to do it. However, there will be a difference in trimming methods for men and women. So, be sure to do the right thing.

For Men

  • Avoid trimming the pubic area in a standing position because it might harm the area. Always sit at a place comfortably to simplify the work.
  • Keep the trimmer separate from what is used for the face. Always use an aftershave or cotton dipped in alcohol after trimming.
  • Apply soap or shaving foam in order to soften the hair so that the trimmer can glide smoothly.


  • Once done, take a bath and clean the pubic area. 
  • Do not rush, take some time and be careful with the sensitive area

For Women

  • Take a bath or sit in a tub for some time to soften the pubic hair.


  • The length of hair shouldn’t be more than ¼-inch
  • Keep an eye on the time of the month. Don’t shave if periods are about to start because this is when the skin becomes more sensitive. 
  • Take a shower afterwards

How to stop pubic hair from itching?

It’s quite common to face itching or irritation when pubic hair is causing irritation. If the itching is bearable, then it’s better to treat it at home with the help of the following methods: 


  • Wear clean cotton underwear: Make sure that the underwear is always clean. The ideal way is to change it regularly, especially when the weather is hot.
  • Avoid scratching: This action may cause infection, bleeding, or cuts on the skin. If the pubic area itches due to a fungal infection, then chances are high that scratching may spread it to other parts of the body. 
  • Watch out for irritants: It is recommended not to use items, including soaps that contain dyes, perfumes, or other chemicals because they may cause allergic reactions. It’s better to limit their use.
  • Always dry the area: Do not leave the area wet because it would be an easy target for fungi and bacteria. Be sure to dry it after a shower. If a person is overweight or sweats a lot, it’s better to apply powder or deodorant on the skin. 
  • Use hydrocortisone cream: There are some effective hydrocortisone creams that can treat minor itching and irritation. But, do not use the signs of infection, open sores, or bleeding area.

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Removal of pubic hair is one of the important things to do to maintain personal hygiene. Both men and women, should be careful about their ingrown hair and keeping their pubic area clean from bacteria and other infections by keeping your bush neat, clean, and looking good.