Are We Us or Our Avatars Jim Carrey’s Spiritual Awakening

If Jim Carrey is right, then how do I make my own avatar?

By Fred S.
Are We Us or Our Avatars Jim Carrey’s Spiritual Awakening

What does Jim Carrey believe in?

Around a decade ago, Jim Carrey started speaking up about a new system of beliefs that he had adopted. Some people like to reject all the ideas that Jim has proposed because thinking about it makes them uncomfortable. There may be partial or total truth in this actor’s belief system. Labelling him “crazy” without giving his ideas a chance is just not the right way to go. So, what does he really propose is the truth of life and people?

He believes that each individual born into this world has control over who they are. Our personalities are not fixed things, rather very much changeable. Similar to the concept of an actor playing different roles, we are all just doing things the character in our head tells us to do. It is clear from this theory that we can choose how we want to be. Jim has proposed a concept that in fact we have control over who we are.

Who is Jim Carrey? Looking back, what was Jim Carrey's life before his spiritual enlightenment?


In all honesty this actor needs no introduction, but here are some key facts about Jim Carrey’s life that perhaps you are not aware of. Jim was born in Ontario, Canada in the year 1962, which currently makes him 58 years of age. He began his career as a stand-up comedian with his first show at comedy club Yuk Yuk's. This show was not very successful but as he continued to do more performances he quickly gained popularity. He was recognized by a comedian Rodney Dangerfield, who gave him the opportunity to open for his shows while he was on tour.

Soon enough, Jim Carrey’s popularity started to rise even more, and he is now an A-List Hollywood celebrity and a household name. His range in acting and playing different characters is incredible. The variety of personalities that he was able to adopt really proved his phenomenal talents as an actor. Currently his net worth is around 150 million dollars, making him one of the world’s richest actors.


Jim has been married two times in the past and has had many public relationships. None of which lasted too long. He does not really have a partner long-term partner, but he does have a daughter named Jane Carrey. Seemingly he lacked feelings of freedom and self-assurance before his spiritual awakening. He once said:

“I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of, so they can see that it's not the answer.” - Jim Carrey

What led Jim Carrey to his spiritual breakthrough?


It was reported and Jim himself has confirmed that during the time of his spiritual awakening, he had suffered severe instances of depression. It is devastating to hear that someone who has made millions of people laugh has gone through such tough times. He looked more into his spiritual side after the role he played in “Man on the Moon”; a film of 1999. After changing his personality so many times on screen, he began to contemplate what his true identity was.

He doubted and challenged everything that makes one feel secure with themselves. If he was so easily able to mold himself and practically become a completely different person then perhaps his original self was not set in stone. Carrey experienced something that most people see as a miracle. After coming out from depressive period of his life he decided that: “Jim Carrey does not exist.”

According to his belief system, we can actually adopt the role in life that makes us the most content and happy. In fact, we can even change our personas day to day, depending on our company. This is a phenomenon that humans naturally indulge in as well. It is called code switching. To explain it, consider this. You would not be the same type of person with your professor as you are with your romantic partner. Or you would alter parts of yourself to adjust into different groups such as with a religious or conservative group of friends and with more liberal friends.

Jim took this to another level and believes in the law of attraction. Basically, we can manifest every hope, dream and desire by simply putting our faith in it. And yes, the human mind really is that strong.

Following Jim Carrey's philosophy, how do we make our own avatars?

Bury your past self

The first step to getting the life you want and becoming the kind of person you have always wished to become is to stop everything that you believe to be a characteristic of you. If you do not like the person you are, according to Jim’s theory, you can change this identity. It may sound insane like letting go of who you are. But that’s the whole idea that Jim has presented.

There is no individual self. We are all a part of a whole. Just like a snake sheds their skin, we need to let go of these established ideas about our personality in order to start anew. This belief system gives you an infinite number of fresh starts which is why it seems so appealing.

Decide your new identity

Now that you have a blank slate to start off with, you are left with the decision of who your new avatar is going to be. What are your dietary preferences? Are you lazy? Are you a social butterfly? How do you like to dress? Where does this person put their energy and effort into? There are so many possibilities that choosing an avatar can honestly be intimidating and scary. You could find feelings of safety in who you are now even while you hate your personality.

Jim encourages us to embrace this fear and let go of our hesitations. Before you can begin to manifest you need to visualize your goals. Make choices. Isn’t that what we all wished for. An opportunity to become the best person we want to be. To be able to achieve the ideal in our minds.

Establish the Belief

If you do not trust that you will ask the universe for these things and sooner or later they will be delivered to you, don’t bother trying this. The law of attraction and manifestation on which Jim’s whole system is based does not work without complete belief. You need to have a solid vision and then put your entire faith in the idea that it will become reality. For you to adopt a new avatar, this is probably the most important step. The rest will take care of itself once you develop full faith in the concept.


The last step will mostly occur on its own once you believe in this new identity. You will start behaving differently automatically. Yet it can aid in settling down in your new avatar, if you actively change certain habits. In small ways you will start to notice positive change. You will begin to attract the opportunities you always dreamed would be presented to you. Every action you take should be from a brand-new perspective.

But, how much control do we have in making our own avatar?

People who are skeptical of Jim Carrey’s beliefs address the issue with the theory that there are certain factors which we just cannot change. One of these is DNA. Even though in today’s world genetic engineering is possible, your genes cannot be altered once you have been born. So, according to this we should not be able to change our core identity. We do not choose who our parents are so how can we possibly change the traits that have been passed genetically.

Secondly, where we are born and how we were raised affect us a lot. Jim’s father was a comedian as well who never really pursued his passion. But look at how successful his son was. There had to be elements in Carrey’s life that led to how things unfolded and are today.


We must agree that there are some flaws in this Canadian-American actor’s beliefs that many people disagree with and call him nuts for. But Jim has stated that he feels enlightened and wants to share his awakening with as many people as possible. He wants them to experience the kind of freedom he has felt after this breakthrough. In our opinion, that is worth hearing him out for.

Is Jim Carrey right?

Whether Jim is right or wrong entirely depends on your perception of it. Just life any belief system, it should be respected and if you feel attracted to it you have the ability to explore those possibilities. There are people who praise Jim’s spirituality and people who severely criticize it. But at the end it is your choice to believe or not to.  

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Jim Carrey’s spiritual beliefs have taken our interest. It is indeed a fascinating and new perspective to look at ourselves and our societies through. In the end, we leave you with this. Ask the universe for what you want and see the wonders it has to offer. You have nothing to lose, only to gain.



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