17 Signs that the Universe Wants You to Be with Someone

Obvious and subtle signs that the universe is sending you love

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17 Signs that the Universe Wants You to Be with Someone

Synchronicity: A Work of The Universe?

There are two types of people in this world. Those who believe that everything happens for a reason and those who think every event occurring around them is a mere coincidence. For those who believe the former, there must be several such moments in life where you stopped and thought about the depths of that event. It’s quite reasonable not to follow every single detail of a regular day, but sometimes there is a series of events that make you turn your head towards this kind of spectacle. This pattern of recurrence of indirectly related incidents in our lives is called Synchronicity.

Our universe is made in such perfection that one is bound to believe how meaningful every step of the way can be. Every person we meet, every decision we make, and even the adversities we face, it’s all bound to lead us to our ultimate purpose or destiny in life. We just have to accept how the universe works, and be patient as it unravels before us.

17 Signs That The Universe Wants You to Be with Someone

Everyone knows the struggle when we’re trying to find the right partner for us and in that pursuit, we miss the oh-so-obvious signs popping all around us.

1. Always finding your way back to the ‘one’

If you’re running into the same person over and over again, don’t ignore this sign. Maybe you missed the meaning of your meetings before, but now it could be more than just a coincidence that the same person keeps showing up, or is mentioned several times by friends or family.

2. The wrong ones are gone for good

There was a time when you were always looking for the opportunity to just be with someone either to fill the void or just to have a love life. But when the chosen one comes along your path, those days are gone. You automatically stop messing around or experimenting with people. You will not go for flings anymore, which is a sure sign that the universe wants you to be serious for ‘the one’.

3. You’ve found your happy place

We all struggle in finding inner happiness, especially when we’re alone and by ourselves. There is a constant need for a partner to keep bringing happiness to us. But the time when you realize that you don’t need anyone to be happy, that’s when you connect within yourself. You are the master of your own joys and pleasures. The moment you grasp this concept, fate will bring you one step closer to your partner.

4. Dreaming about that special someone?

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This is a very common and sure-shot sign that the universe wants something for you. Loveable dreams about a person, from which you wake up with a big smile in your face and a cozy feeling in your heart. If these dreams are getting out of hands, you’ve been set up by the universe.

5. The romantic repetitions

Nothing in life comes easy and straightforward. There are always signs and directions hidden for us in every field of life. The same goes for love. You have to close enough to detect these patterns. For example, always tuning to a love song on the radio, looking at an old married couple by the lake, someone proposing at a restaurant you were eating, etc. If these events happen in a pattern and repetitively, this means the universe is sending love your way.

6. The exes were definitely not worth it

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When you meet the perfect one, that feeling is so different and strong enough to make you realize all those exes were never really worth it. All those unanswered questions about breakups and fight; you will finally have the answer once you get this feeling.

7. Crossing paths frequently

Just like in the movies. Bumping into each other, calling them or getting a call from them by mistake, seeing them at a random wedding, and even hearing about them from people around you, means someone really wants you two to connect and bond.

8. Love songs getting the vibe going on for you

Hearing romantic music playing in the background, or just humming a love song as you walk down the sidewalk, actually focusing on the lyrics for the first time, all these are signs for “Attention! True love ahead!”

9. You finally know what you want in life

It takes ages for this point in life to actually get out of the confusion cloud and see things clearly. When you’ve arrived at this moment, know that your precious lover is somewhere near you and you’re ready to take them.

10. The heart tells you, you’re going to find your person

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Lots of failed relationships and life struggles kind of drain the confidence out of you to ever finding love in life. But when the universe is giving you signals, one of them is your own heart consoling you how one day you will find love and the most perfect one of all.

11. Experience a positive and daring aspect of your personality

When the universe wants you to meet and be with someone, it will make you more adventurous and risk-taking. These traits might not be a part of you before, but they are now. This will build up your charisma and you will be ready to meet or get things fired up with the one and only.

12. Inner peace, with yourself

It’s great to think that you might be getting lucky soon but even thinking about being by yourself gives you a nice and homely feeling. This is the perfect place you want to be; your heart, mind, and soul all at peace. When you’ve attained inner peace, this is the universe’s way of showing you a new chapter.

13. Imagining scenarios that might never happen

We’ve all been here, creating cute moments and a fantasy in our heads, knowing this is pure movie fiction. But you can’t help it, it is probably meant to be. Hope that these little fantasies do really come true one day.

14. Specific numbers and love signs your way

Wherever you go, you will either hear love songs, romantic movie references, or a pattern of certain numbers. The sequences like 111 or 1111 are called ‘angel numbers’ and they could mean a message from the universe. These can appear in front of you as license plates, page numbers, written on clothes, etc. So pay attention.

15. Around that person, you’re the best version of yourself

You ever get that warm feeling with someone, even though you just met? That feeling is usually never wrong. You don’t have to act weird or go out of the way to please them. This feeling means that person could be the one.

16. Your friends and family, all approve

It’s tough to make everyone happy when you’re dating someone. But dating someone directly suggested by the universe? Nothing’s going wrong now; everybody will love this person and get along perfectly. That’s a sign you should definitely look for.

17. One look, and you know they’re the ‘one’

Of all the signs, this is the most perfect and romantic one. You see that person in a moment, while they’re eating, driving, or even just talking to you, you get an epiphany. He/she is the one! Do not let this person go, and tell them occasionally what they mean to you. This gut feeling is everything.

How to Take It Further After the Universe Showed You the Way

The first step would be to realize that this is happening and the universe is on your side. Your fate brought you this far and now the further is up to you. There are many clues given to you throughout this journey and now that you finally get it, it’s time to act upon it. Here are some things you can do:

Take it slow

We don’t want to rush into something that could mean a LOT to us in the future. Because when we hurry, we are bound to make some clumsy mistakes. Since everything is clear now from the universe’s side, you can try and take one step at a time without making a big deal out of each. Allow yourself and your partner to adjust to this new venture, get to know them casually. Things will keep turning in the right direction as long as the first few steps are taken with care.

Get real

When you’ve been signaled by all those signs, then you should take your next step with caution. It would be great to change the usual laid-back attitude regarding relationships and people. Be more responsible and mature about making decisions and dealing with new people, especially that special someone. Think about your future together rationally.

Be patient, don’t let go that easily

In our generation, we act abruptly when things don’t go our way. We start things pretty soon and end them even sooner. So when you’re facing a setback with that universe-chose person, be patient. Find a solution for that setback, brainstorm a little, and give your best to this new and promising relationship.

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When you’ve found someone sent you by the universe, cherish that person for life as they are best suited for you as you are, for them.