15 Spiritual Practices For You To Strengthen Your Relationships

Incorporate spiritual practices to bond with family and friends

By Aey
15 Spiritual Practices For You To Strengthen Your Relationships

Human relationships are central to all individuals. We live not only for ourselves but also for others who love us and depend on us such as our family, children, spouse, and friends. Therefore it is important that we do our very best to sustain and invest in these relationships. One thing that can help us lead a better life is adopting some spiritual practices.

Spirituality has been a core concept in many cultures and traditions and continues to play an important role in the lives of many. The main attraction of spirituality is perhaps that it bonds you with your inner self and makes you self-aware. This self-awareness, in turn, allows you to be more grateful, empathetic and happier in life. It basically transforms your life for the better and also helps with your personal relationships.

People who practice spirituality are more in tune with their surroundings and hence they are better equipped to listen to others and connect with others at a deeper level. If you want to work on improving your relationships then explore spirituality by adopting practices that can help you be more mindful and can change your life.

How spirituality will strengthen relationships

A famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi which highlights the importance of spirituality is, “Spiritual relationship is far more precious than physical. Physical relationship divorced from spiritual is like a body without a soul.”

In this day and age where communication has become limited to the screen, it has become even more important to explore spirituality and its benefits. We are more connected with other cultures and people than before which has made it easier for us to communicate ideas and points of view with each other. We are more willing than before to explore other cultures and even religions as we try to improve ourselves, our lives and our relationships.

Before we can embark on improving our relationships through spirituality we must first understand what spiritual practices are. To define simply, spiritual practices are a set of practices or actions that are done regularly to improve spirituality and to develop spiritual connections in life. Some spiritual practices that have become popular are the last decade or so include yoga and meditation.

15 Spiritual Practices For Relationships


1. Meditate or pray

If you are a person of faith then praying regularly especially first thing in the morning can have amazing results for your spirituality. If not then meditating is a practice that you can adopt to be more in tune with yourself and your mind and soul. Meditation or prayers require a person to focus on the positives in life and let go of all the negative. It is a reaffirmation that we seek either through a higher power or ourselves to be more positive throughout the day and to view each day as an opportunity.

2. Take a break every once in a while

To be more spiritually connected with yourself, you must learn to take short breaks throughout the day. Call them spiritual breaks if you will but these short breaks can go a long way. Every time you feel crowded or even if you don’t, set out five to ten minutes to just pause all your activities. Close your eyes and unclutter your brain from all thoughts.

3. Do yoga

Yoga is a great practice to become more connected with your body and your soul. Practicing yoga means that you are training your body to be stronger while having full control of your breath and your movement. The breathing part of yoga exercises is something that can help calm your mind and retune your thoughts to positivity.

4. Be grateful

Having a gratitude journal is a great way to stay connected with oneself and also to appreciate all that is good in our lives. When we count our blessings every day and have something to be grateful for our mind goes into a positive mindset that can help us be more spiritual in life.

5. Read books

Reading books about spirituality is a great way to start the journey of self-discovery. Spiritual books will transform the way you perceive spirituality and are a great guide to be more positive and happier in life. So visit your nearest store and grab a book or two to start your spiritual journey.

Your Other Half

6. Be spiritually aligned with your partner

Being spiritually aligned with your partner means that you are basically on the same page. It means you and your partner are not only physically aligned but also are emotionally aligned and can understand and give each other the emotional, mental and spiritual support required to sustain a healthy relationship.

7. Communicate

It is important that you communicate regularly with your partner. This communication is not just limited to the house and kids but should expand to meaningful conversations about each other’s emotions and feelings. You and your partner should be able to share your feelings on everything whether it’s something personal or political.

8. Take time for each other

When our lives get busy, the first person who suffers is our spouse which can be very damaging for a relationship. Couple must take out time for each other especially for intimacy no matter how difficult and busy the day might look like. Physical intimacy is an important step towards spiritual intimacy and therefore should not be ignored.

9. Practice spirituality together

Couples who exercise together or meditate together are likelier to be more open towards each other. When you meditate with your partner you both come out feeling rejuvenated and refreshed which is a great way to connect to one another. Imagine trying to have a conversation after a hectic day at work versus a conversation right after meditation or exercise. You will definitely notice the difference.

10. Set relationship goals

Talk to each other about how you perceive your relationship, how you might improve it and what you want to achieve in life as a couple. Keep goals for your relationship, your career, and your family. This practice will help you to be more aware of each other in the relationship and will help you align your goals as well as set new ones together.


11. Be kind

Practicing kindness is something that every religion and culture teaches us to do. While most of us practice kindness with strangers we are the least kind to our own family. Being kind to each other is very important in developing a close relationship with your family members. It also helps inculcate good habits in your children and builds an appreciation for others by being selfless and kind.

12. Listen

Confession booths are one of the main attraction towards churches as they allow you to speak your heart and mind without being judged. This shows how important listening to others is especially those in your family. Listen to your children to develop a deeper connection with them and so they grow up to share their emotions with you. 

13. Forgive

Forgiveness is another practice that most spiritual people regularly practice. In families, forgiveness is even more important as it can help rebuild torn relationships and can also prevent relationships from disintegrating. So forgive your spouse and your children often and frequently. You will see you will be happier and your family will appreciate you more and more every time you forgive them.

14. Eat healthily

Food has a direct effect on our mind, body, and soul. This is why they say you are what you eat and it is true to a great extent. People who eat healthily are more mindful, can practice self-control and healthier and happier. So be sure to get your family into eating healthy so they feel good about themselves.

15. Practice spirituality as a family

Try to do things that help you spiritually connect as a family. Whether its exercise or helping others or going for a charity drive take up an activity that you all can do regularly. By doing this you will not only strengthen your bond with each other but you will also have great memories together.

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In conclusion, if you want meaningful relationships in your life then practicing spirituality can help you do just that. Whether you are religious or not, by developing spiritual practices you can become a happier, more organized and better individual. By practicing spirituality you can develop a deeper connection with your spouse which surpasses the physical and helps you connect at an emotional, mental and spiritual level. Moreover, spirituality can help you be closer to your family and can inculcate good habits and qualities in you and your family such as kindness, sharing, forgiveness, etc.