Random Useful Websites: Just Click A Button And Go

List of random useful website consolidate for your lifehacks

By Kimmy
Random Useful Websites: Just Click A Button And Go

There Was Actually A Site Called Random Useful Websites (Closed)

How that website worked and the creator

Several years ago, there was a site called Random Useful Websites that garnered small interests in the US for its fun function. Similar to Google's I'm-feeling-lucky button. You input a search keyword on the website and it takes you to random useful websites that could benefit your life. With over 250,000 websites in its database, Random Useful Websites was a source of entertainment for some of its users while others have successfully found useful materials on it.

Created by Dan Walker and Matthew Carpenter, the website serves as a fun hub for many Reddit users interested in exploring the internet and sharing what they have got from the website.

Time and why it was taken down

It is unclear the exact timestamp the website was taken down as it wasn't that big of a media circus back then to leave a lot of digital trails. Most of the information available comes from the Reddit threads around 2016, discussing the closure of the website and people's sadness over it.

There are various accounts as to why the website was taken down. Some speculated it had something to the mother company being sued for copyright infringement, while others speculated the creators closed it down on their own accords.

Despite the lack of official accounts, for its loyal users, Random Useful Websites had given them a space to discover the internet and find out websites they would never have otherwise. It also opened up possibilities to its successors, other websites generating this type of chain for its users to explore the internet.

Curious to know about some of the random useful websites that could be found? Here are some that could generate interest in you!

List Of Random Useful Websites For Your Life

1. Duolingo


Duolingo now is the world's most famous language learning center. Its easy struggle and straight to the point technique recruited its loyal customers to stay. You don't see all those complicated beginner's class where you have to study all the boring grammar that you won't remember. Duolingo cuts straight to the point and you study the pronunciation of single words before moving to sentences.

It teaches you a language like a baby. You don't see parents throwing grammatical structures at a baby. Rather, they teach you a language from easy words first before moving on sentences. Only then they will teach you the grammar you will need. Duolingo understands exactly just that and that's their approach in teaching. It's easy to learn and learning a language has never been funnier.

2. Hotel Wifi Test

Hotel Wifi Test

Did your eyes just lit up seeing this name? Well, no surprise there. Hotel wifi is probably one of the most important criteria when booking a hotel. Imagine being in a 5-star hotel and the wifi doesn't cover every inch of your room, how annoying would that be. That's what this website is for.

Hotel Wifi Test offers a score as to how fast and stable wifi is in different hotels in a city. They have rather extensive coverage with over 500 hotels tested in London and usually several hundred places tested in other cities as well. Besides, when you travel, the website can locate the best hotel wifi in your area.

This website is very popular with businessmen and digital nomads where they travel to work, having a stable internet connection is more important than having a view out of the window.

3. Typing

Source: Typing.com


Every wonder why accurately you type or how fast you go? Typing has the resources you need. They have categorized the levels into beginner, intermediate, and advanced. You can choose one that suits you and begin testing. They will provide a paragraph for you to type out to see how many wpm (words per minute) you are able to produce, the accuracy and if this is a good performance.

For someone that types for a living or someone wanting to get into the industry, you've just found your new bookmark.

4. KeepMeOut!

Source: Keepmeout!


Ever closed your Facebook tab just to open it up again within two minutes? That's what this website is for! It gives out a warning if you open up a website again in less than a certain minutes after closing it. You can choose what website you want to receive a warning for and how many minutes before it generates a warning.

This can be a really useful app for students who have no self-control with internet addiction. Receiving a warning might help you suppress your inner urge to open up a tab before your time is up. Try it out during a busy exam period or before you have an important meeting tomorrow.

5. Amazon Filler Item Finder

Amazon Filler Item Finder

Many will find this website a gift from heaven. When you are shopping on Amazon, getting all excited about having free delivery just to find that you are $5 short from meeting the limit. Now paying the delivery fees won't be wise with all the money you've been spending. If there's one item that costs exactly $5, isn't that wonderful?

Amazon Filler Item Finder saves you from the trouble to randomly wander on the internet to fill the gap. Simply input how much you are short and it will filter out all the possible purchases you could make to fill your bucket. It's perfect when you just want to throw something small and quick to fill that gap.

6. Egg Timer

Egg Timer

This website is as cute and practical as it sounds. Give it time and it will time it for you. What's so special about it then your phone's timer? Probably the cute layout and that it stops after notifying you so you don't have to put your greasy hand on your phone in the steamy kitchen to potentially ruin your screen.

You never know what's useful until it comes in handy!

7. Code Academy

Learn to Code - for Free

The ultimate coding school for anyone out there who is interested in learning to code. It doesn't discriminate any beginners because all its courses are super user-friendly. Anyone with zero knowledge of coding will be able to follow.

Code Academy has saved many computer science students from failing a course over the years and remains well-loved. Definitely a random useful website gem.

8. Unsplash

Source: Unsplash

Beautiful Free Images & Pictures

A lot of you might have heard of Unsplash, a stock photo place for you to secure stock photos for your projects. It's a popular place for many bloggers out there to source photos to be put up on their sites. Unsplash has grown in popularity over the years and many photographers have found it to be useful to be their work up there to subsequently get more jobs.

There are different rules when using stock photos. Some are completely free for commercial use while some owners have only allowed it for private use. The licensing is clearly stated under each photo to not confuse its users. All photos are categorized so users are surely going to find something in their site with over a million photos.

Alternative Sites That Gives Randomly Useful Websites

1. Discuvver

Source: Discuvver


Serving the same purpose and Random Useful Website, Discover generates random websites that it thinks would be useful for you according to the keyword you enter. Be specific in your keyword search to increase the chance of it generating something useful that you can bookmark.

2. Product Hunt

Product Hunt

A website that allows you to explore and discover random products that you might like. Like any search engine, input something you are looking for, and the website will direct you to some sites with the products you like. It's like a fun Easter egg hunt!

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Random useful websites are really wonderful. It provides users to discover websites and new functions that they didn't know was possible but it makes their life so much easier. It's a shame that the website is no longer in running. But many have bookmarked all the fun websites it generated and their alternatives hope to achieve the same success as the once glorious-on-Reddit Random Useful Websites.