The Most Depressed Zodiac To The Happiest Zodiac

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By Fred S.
The Most Depressed Zodiac To The Happiest Zodiac

Zodiac signs are common describers of personality used to highlight different personality types. They focus on the recurrent similarities between people born in a similar period. These signs are believed to have an impact on how human beings behave and how they feel in general. These signs also influence the mental illnesses and issues they might face in their lives; depression is one such example.

The Most Depressed Zodiac to The Happiest Carefree Zodiac


Sagittarians are thrill-seekers. They love adventure and are often seeking new things to learn. They have a very philosophical outlook on life and love to experience new things. Their positive demeanor makes them quickly recover from all the negativity in their life, and their unique outlook provides them with a necessary catalyst to get through all sorts of issues in their life.

They are “go-getters” and tend to be one of the happiest zodiacs out of all the signs due to their frequent escapes from the negative feelings that take hold of them.


Libras are social beings. They love being a part of a group and will often try their best to stay in one particular group. They are social icons, and they often tend to have pleasant encounters with the people around them and practice a very laid back demeanor with their friends. Libras have a highly relaxed personality and always find happiness in the little things, their friends and social circles are their lifelines, and this social behavior lands them in a very positive place in life.

They often end up being the stars of the places they go to or work in, and they make it look effortless. Many signs aspire to be like Librans and usually look up to them. They are socialites, and rarely do they get bothered with sadness and depression.


Leos are the most laid back of all the zodiac signs. Their lazy habits tend to get them into trouble often but their “chill” attitude makes them much more lively than the other signs. They are quite literally the “party animals” and are often extremely fun to be around. They don’t deal with change as well as the other signs, which could be a trigger for sadness, but they’re one of the quickest people to recover from grief.

They take life easy and quite often tend to stay away from negativity. They also carry a lighthearted outlook on life, and rarely overburden themselves with work or emotions, unlike the other zodiacs.


A group of Pisces individuals may be prone to depression due to their love for quiet environments. However, owing to their unique imaginative nature, they get new life breathed into them every day. They love peaceful and silent spots and are usually the type of signs to take pleasure in the little things.

Pisces are natural-born artists; they have highly vivid imaginations and are often escapists. They love dwelling in imagination and often get bored and sad while dealing with real-life issues. But, their carefree and imaginative demeanor makes them one of the best-equipped zodiac signs to combat depression and recover from it.

Their habit of escapism makes them witness adventures and wild sceneries inside the comforts of their home. Their sheer simplicity and imagination make them one of the calmest and happiest zodiacs.


Scorpios are fierce and have an intense form of emotions surrounding them. They often like to dwell on subjects that are traumatic and hurtful to them. Due to their intense passion and strength, they quickly wear themselves out by emotional stress. Scorpios, by nature, tend to place their hearts and minds into matters a little more than other signs. They tend to get depressed, mainly focusing on issues surrounding the loss of valuables or loved ones.


Capricorn is the last earth sign of the zodiac. They are known to be calm and collected, even during an incredibly traumatizing event. This makes them excellent candidates for higher-skilled jobs and positions which require leadership and collectiveness. This unique trait acts as a double-edged sword to many Capricorns, as they go through social numbness and experience exhibit post-traumatic behavior because of their emotions piling up during those stressful and traumatic events. It leads them to become victims of intense depressive feelings and many other stress disorders.


Taurus is the first of the earth signs, meaning that it is very grounded and down to earth. Taureans are often very direct and realistic. They also have a lot to live up to, Taureans have an innate sense of accomplishment, making them very motivated and persevering towards personal goals.

However, that makes them prone to get upset and depressed when faced with failure quickly. Lack of moving forward and achieving makes them get bored and depressed quickly, which affects their mental health in a very unhealthy manner.


Geminis are very passionate and have a lot of conflicting traits that contradict their personalities and opinions. Their two-sided look on life makes them indecisive. Often Geminis fail to follow or make a decision and are always second-guessing themselves, making it almost impossible for them to stay in a straight line or path. They want to experience everything, but their indecisiveness always gets the better of them, making them delve deep down into depression.


Cancer is one of the moodiest zodiac signs out of them all. They often mentally prepare themselves for sadness and depression as they usually have a very dark outlook on life. They have excessive empathy towards the people around them but fail to have that same understanding and empathy towards themselves.

Cancers are usually not kind to themselves and end up worsening their mental health and depression by overburdening themselves with negative emotions. They are by far one of the gloomiest zodiac signs.


Aries are described to be moody, impulsive, and aggressive. They are not prone to depression as much as the rest of the zodiacs; however, once they develop depression, it can be challenging for them to get out of it. They end up having explosive bouts of anger and fits towards the people around them and often end up burning themselves out to the point of no recovery. Aries are ill-equipped to deal with depression, and that makes them extremely vulnerable to it.


Aquarians are diverse and highly empathizing with others. Their empathy can often turn into a double-edged sword as it quickly diminishes their emotional capacity. They are natural helpers and want to achieve something. Aquarians are natural healers. However, they fail to give themselves time to heal from the hurt they went through, making them depressed and overburdened.


Virgos are hard workers. They are highly statistic and practical; they often end up burning themselves up due to work. Virgos are all work and no play and often end up regretting their hard-working demeanor. They’re very critical when it comes to work and are hence often a curse to their colleagues too. Their no-break all-work rule often causes them to have frequent breakdowns making them unstable and unable to get out of the vicious circle they lead themselves in.

The Most Carefree and Happy Zodiacs

As described above, these are;

  • Sagittarius
  • Libra
  • Leo
  • Pisces

Recommendations for them;

If you’re one of the fortunate people to belong from the generally happier zodiac signs, you should be thankful for the natural qualities within you that allow you to find joy in all situations. If you’re from one of these zodiac signs, you understand that before we can give our love and care to others, we should first fill ourselves with it. Self-love leads to happiness, and you should always strive for it.

While your wild, adventurous, and curious nature brings you most of your happiness, it’s essential to find balance in all things. Make sure you focus more of your energy on things that transform you into the best version of yourselves!

As the happy ones among us, you also shoulder the responsibility of helping out others who may be in emotional turmoil. After all, one of the purest sources of pleasure is to share happiness with the ones around us – trust me, we’re all in need of it.

The Most Depressed Zodiacs

  • Scorpio
  • Capricorn
  • Taurus
  • Gemini
  • Cancer
  • Aries
  • Aquarius
  • Virgo

Recommendations for them;

Being in this list in no way means that you can’t ever find sustainable happiness. It just means that the natural qualities could generally gravitate you towards a sad mood. It could be an overly selfless nature, an overthinking mind, or struggling to find a balance in emotions or actions.

While selflessness is seen to be as a noble quality, too much of it can easily translate into destruction. If you find yourself constantly strangled in other peoples’ problems and frowning over them, while you have a plate full of them too, this could be one of the culprits for your potential depression.

You must understand that you cannot pour anything out of an empty jug. You must focus on solving your problems and worries first and provide yourself with the care you need before you can look at others.

Refrain from overthinking about the small things that happen in our everyday lives. Don’t fret over a remark someone made who isn’t even significant in your life. Stop overthinking, assuming, and jumping to conclusions; these habits make us project problems to be larger than they are.

Focus on achieving a more laid-back approach to life and only try to influence the controllable aspects of it. Do your best in whatever lies in your control, and don’t fret over the things that you can’t influence.  

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Many different zodiac signs have different moods, different personality traits, and different ways of coping mechanisms towards depression or mental illnesses. However, each zodiac sign has the will and power to be their own hero. Our zodiacs might give us an insight as to how we are aligned to be, but we should all remember that these do not control our lives, and they do not define who we are. We define how we live and what we make of each day. All the best!