18 Positive Signs That He is Faithful to You

Signs to validate that he is in love and faithful to you

By Bella
18 Positive Signs That He is Faithful to You

Traumatized By An Unfaithful Relationship Before?

Others may think that you are overreacting, but you know your gut instincts will never fail you. Hence, you would be afraid to fall in love again, especially if your previous spouse or partner committed infidelity. You might be wary of trusting your new boyfriend, and you may not want to "give your heart away to another stranger".

Balancing Between Being Paranoid And Ignorant

Being visual creatures, men tend to have roving eyes, especially when they look at younger and prettier women. But men hate being controlled or stifled by their wives and girlfriends. In fact, this may make them more inclined to cheat.

18 Positive Signs That He is Faithful

For New Relationship

1. He is very honest and transparent with you.

Whether is it his past relationship history, or his family background, nothing is shrouded in secrecy or hidden from you.  You know that you can ask him anything, and he is a no-holds-barred person, and his body language says so as well. Ie. No shifty eyes, open palm hand gestures.

2. He is not very possessive with his things.

He probably does not have skeletons in his closet, or a dirty G-string lying around somewhere in his room. If he treasures his possessions more than you, and insist that you can't touch anything, that is a major red flag. He may be overly controlling or rigid and inflexible, or even worse, he may have a memento of his old flame hiding in his keepsake box.

3. His friends include you in his clique as well.

Naturally, any self-respecting boyfriend would not be ashamed of showing off his girlfriend or introducing her to his social circle. You can go on double dates with him and his friends which makes it fun-the more the merrier! On the other hand, if you don't know anything about his friends at all, ie. not knowing what hobbies or interests they share, where they hang out, could he be a flirt or a womanizer? You definitely would not rule out the possibility that he is a Casanova or a Don Juan.

4. He never struck you as a cool and aloof person

If he seems warm and gregarious towards you, he probably really likes you a lot. However, if he seems very distant and aloof, and gives off "bad boy vibes", perhaps he is not that into you?

5. He deleted all his accounts on Tinder, OKCupid and Coffee Meets Bagel

You know that he is not looking for a backup plan, well, in case the relationship doesn't work out.

6. He is not friends with his ex-girlfriend, and he is definitely not a ladies man.

There is no chance of any sparks flying between him and his old flame since they have ceased to contact each other. If he has a lot of female friends, that is not necessarily a bad thing, but if he does not know how to keep his boundaries, tensions could escalate and he could find himself in the arms of another woman.

For Mature Relationship

7. He never forgets important dates such as anniversaries and birthdays.

You may think that its unfathomable that your boyfriend or husband will forget your birthday or your marriage anniversary. But it does happen, and that means that he is not very sincere.

8. He kisses you on the cheek every morning before you go to work.

He is definitely a keeper since he is so lovey-dovey with you after many years of marriage.

9. He makes breakfast for you every morning.

Your husband deserves an A+ for effort. Better yet, if the bread and eggs are assembled to form a smiley face, or a heart shape.

10. He texts or calls you once a day.

Intimacy and open communication are important in sustaining and maintaining relationships. The fact that he texts or calls you every day shows that he still thinks about you at work. But of course, you would hate it if your boyfriend calls you incessantly several times a day during work, which is a sign that he is too needy or possessive.

11. He pays attention to your needs

He is very concerned about your welfare, as well as your emotional and physical wellbeing. He asks "How are you?", and you are not ashamed to tell him if you had a bad day. You can confide in him, your deepest feelings and emotions, warts and all. He doesn't shut you off whenever you try to talk about your feelings.

12. He has never changed, all these years.

As a faithful spouse or boyfriend, he doesn't do anything which is out of character for him. For example, neither does he sneak out of the house at midnight, to meet his "friends", nor retreating into the bathroom whenever he receives a call from a lady. Furthermore, he does not have any mysterious and strange numbers saved on his phone. When you ask him about his whereabouts, he does not display any mood swings or behavior changes.

For Long Distance Relationship

13. He makes an effort to keep in touch with you through video conferencing services such as skype and zoom at least once a week.

If he has migrated to another country for work, it is quite tempting for him to immerse himself in a new culture, new environment and go on pub crawls. Or he could be contacting other girls behind your back and not telling you about it. But if he constantly makes an effort to keep in touch with you, it shows that he really values the relationship.

14. He sends postcards and handwritten letters to you via snail mail

He sounds like a die-hard romantic. Since the advent of technology, most of us have resorted to sending each other emails and resulted in the dearth of handwritten letters. How many of us have actually received a handwritten letter? I think it is a very sincere and sweet gesture, and you can always use a keepsake box to keep these precious reminders of your relationship with him.

15. He tags you on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter all the time

Even though the two of you maybe two worlds apart, this means that he still treasures you as a girlfriend or spouse. 

16. His Facebook status is "Married/In a relationship".

In a foreign land, there are probably many beautiful women who would be interested to hook up with him. The fact that he publicly announces that he is "taken" and not single and ready to mingle, shows that he is extremely loyal to you. He does not feel the need to hide his relationship status or care about what naysayers think.

17. He makes an effort to meet in person at least once a year.

He recognizes the importance of fostering intimacy through touch and authentic human connections. He would do whatever it takes to meet you in person, as often as possible, by saving up and being thrifty. 

18. He likes to hear about your life, interests and hobbies.

No matter how mundane or boring you think your life is, he wants to know all about your life. He expresses support and passion for your hobbies and past times and wants you to keep him updated about the latest happenings, even the minor details like buying a stunning dress at 20 percent off from a bargain sale, or a decadent scoop of ice cream from the new ice cream parlor around the block.

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After being hurt repeatedly by jerks and assholes, you may want to call it quits when it comes to dating. However, there are a lot of sincere and loyal gentlemen out there, in the dating scene. Stop dating bad boys and go for the good boys. If your boyfriend embodies all the signs and traits of a faithful partner, you should learn how to treasure and appreciate him more.



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