9 Digital Signs that Your Partner is Being Unfaithful

Find out if your partner is emotionally cheating you or not

By Sameet
9 Digital Signs that Your Partner is Being Unfaithful

The Different Levels Of Unfaithfulness

Unfaithfulness is being insincere or disloyal to any commitment or any relation. It can include engaging emotionally or physically with someone else or just being unattached to your partner while your partner is totally unaware. 
There are two main categories of unfaithfulness.

1. Emotional unfaithfulness:

This includes being disloyal to your partner by getting emotionally distant from them and nurturing that kind of sentimental intimacy with somebody else. Cruel, right? In today’s world, it is so easy to be involved with someone yet emotionally unattached.

2. Physical unfaithfulness:

Physical unfaithfulness as the name itself makes it quite clear. The first thought coming to mind when we hear about physical is two people meeting secretly in a hotel room or someone’s apartment hiding it from others or just one-night stand. Be it infidelity in marriage or sex affair.

Emotional Cheating: Is it Considered Cheating?

Emotional attachment is the foundation of any relationship and also the basic need of any connection between two hearts. Emotional attachment means putting in an effort by expressions by words and by truly understanding what the partner is feeling. It is a bond between hearts and vibes. One emotionally loyal doesn’t hide any feeling; happy or sad. And most of all you find yourself in a better mental state and peace with emotions once you have talked to your partner about anything that is disturbing you. Similarly, when something good or happy to be shared, the first person that comes that in your mind clearly depicts your emotional bonding.

Many of us will be on the same page when it comes to choosing the greater evil between emotional cheating and physical cheating. However, despite the amount of hurt damage and insecurity it brings, most people will not call it outright cheating. The facts state that around 35% of women and 45% of men are involved in emotional affairs.

Eating together or watching a movie together and being absent-minded, or not being able to feel a connection and not enjoying like before. They are simply zoned out, preoccupied with something else going on in head despite being physically present. This all means that emotional intimacy has faded out or was never there.

9 Digital Signs that Your Partner is Being Unfaithful

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21st century is the age of technology and the internet which made this world a global village. Applications over the internet are so handy to stay connected to anyone you want. Imagine yourself belonging to the era where the only media to connect was to post letters that took ages to be delivered. Honestly, we’re too impatient for that now. Talking about technology, relationships these days are maintained over phones. , it has brought a lot of ease to maintain a relationship but has also produced some easy ways to cheat. Here are some signs that your partner is being unfaithful:

1. Late and Short replies

Some people are text persons. They text their partners all day long. They are more comfortable sharing something over text. This technology is a great help for long distant relations or when work keeps them away for most of the day. If all of sudden or gradually your partner just loses interest it can be a red flag. The person who was fond of quick replies and proper long conversations now replies after hours and hours and replies are not proper anymore. If replies are short and making you feel distant, do not let this feeling go off.

2. Avoiding calls

If your partner was in a habit of making regular calls and communicating on daily basis and now is avoiding calls, not picking up, excusing oneself out of it that he/she is busy will talk later can be some signs making you feel that something is fishy. Most of all, it is very strange if your partner was in a habit to make calls and now hasn’t called for weeks. 

Just make sure nothing important is keeping your partner busy.

3. Finding interest in new dating and social media apps

If your partner has joined a new dating app recently or is unusually interested in a new social media app and uses that a lot, you would rightfully become suspicious. Your partner might be using a different texting application to talk to someone. Beware he or she might be using a secret account which you are totally unaware of.

4. Won’t let go of their phone

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Whenever you both meet and your partner is simply not letting go of his/her phone. He/she keeps it in hand or in the pocket all the time. Never leaves it on the table for you to pick it up. They become overly protective of it to the extent that he/she might take it along to the loo. Always keeping the phone under the pillow while sleeping. Your partner can be smart too simply switch it off or mute the notification while you are around so you can’t even doubt for a second.

5. Changed passwords

Often partners share passwords to make sure they have nothing to hide. If you know your partner's passwords and codes and you find them changed, this can be a digital sign of unfaithfulness.

6. Another phone or SIM

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Your partner might have owned another phone or another SIM you are totally unaware of. He might be rich enough to afford all this. I guess this is a real warning if you find him belonging to an entirely different world.

7. Overly generous with comments and likes for somebody else

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You might notice them liking someone’s picture they recently added. Your partner might be commenting on someone’s posts over social media in an unusual flirting manner. Indulged in a lot of interaction over social media with someone but at the same time, not paying much attention to your pictures and posts like they did before can be worrisome.

8. Hiding details and location

There are some applications through which people can share their locations all the time so you can know easily where the other person is at the moment. If your partner suddenly turns off him/her location sharing feature do ask him/her what was the reason behind this? Your partner might start to hide other details such as turning off ‘online, last seen, active’ features on various applications so you can’t know when they are using that application.

You might find some suspicious contact in their call logs. They might have contacts saved with impromptu letters making no sense to you or the clear call logs and texts every time they use their phone. They might archive some chats from so if you check you can’t find any.

9. Clearing history

If your partner never cleared and deleted the history on laptops and devices and now they start doing that this might mean they are hiding something. All of this depicts that any slightest unusual new activity of your partner can give you a clue about unfaithfulness.

Ignore or Confront Your Partner?

Trust and sincerity is the basic rule of any relationship. If anything makes you doubtful do not be so sudden in your actions and don’t go nuts at all. Breathe, show some patience give this feeling some thought, and wait for a while. If you never feel something fishy again you can ignore it simply. But if you start to feel that something’s in the air more often than the easiest way out of it is talk to your partner. Ask your partner whatever is bothering you in a really calm tone and without your partner feeling attacked. Do not accuse him/her of cheating because whatever bothering you can merely be a misunderstanding.

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If your partner can explain it all then let it go and don’t overthink but if he/she is unable to assure you, you find loopholes in their justification, and with every day passing you find signs then it’s time to know that you are being cheated. Doubt and negativity taking over, the feeling of insecurity and disloyalty overpowering you so walk away gracefully!

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In the end, it’s a matter of luck that we find true and faithful love. But sometimes it takes effort from both sides to make the bond so strong, that there remains no place for being insincere. It’s okay to watch your back for the bad ones though. But before getting carried away with your suspicions, follow our lead in finding the unfaithful ones.


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