Hidden Meanings and Symbolism behind a Green Butterfly

Seeing a green butterfly could be a very good sign, here’s why!

By Madiha A.
Hidden Meanings and Symbolism behind a Green Butterfly

Symbolism of a Butterfly

The most beautiful thing about owning a garden is those delicate and colorful fluttering guests that add to the splendor of your green spaces. As much as the butterfly is a symbol of beauty it is a symbol of hope and endurance. Their presence feels magical when they fly from flower to flower and leave your heart full of joy. 

The birth and transformation of the butterfly is a symbol that beauty exists in many forms. From a mere egg to larva and pupa to this amazing creature we call butterfly; it goes through various stages of its life to become this graceful insect that leaves us spellbound. The life cycle of the butterfly is a symbol of struggles and hardships people endure in their lives and come out stronger and powerful. It is a symbol of joy and positivity. It gives us hope that no matter how difficult life is, we can start all over again and be successful and trouble-free. 

The butterfly also gives us a lesson that life is short and to make the maximum out of this life. The transformation of the butterfly is also a reminder that death isn’t an end; it is a new beginning in a new dimension in an even better way.

Symbolism of the Color Green    

Of all the colors in the world, the one that reminds us of life is the green color. Green is the color of nature, energy, growth, fertility, and freshness. Without green, everything will look dull and lifeless. Besides the usual, green is considered the color of money and fortune. The color is used in various money attracting spells. 

The green color possesses healing powers. The color has the power to decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression. It helps regulate the heart, lungs, and circulatory system. It helps eliminate negative emotions and brings positivity and calm. It is the most pleasing color for the human eyes and it helps improve vision. Looking at greenery and nature relaxes our eye muscles. 

 Green color brings balance and harmony in one’s life. The green color is the symbol of safety and protection from hazards. In some cultures, the green color is considered lucky while in some others it is believed to bring bad luck. Green shamrock, for example, is considered lucky whereas according to an old English rhyme: "Married in green, ashamed to be seen”; well, not so lucky.    

What Does A Green Butterfly Symbolize (In The Bible, In Art, In Different Cultures, Etc.)?    

Beautiful patterns, mesmerizing colors, and elegant flying patterns; butterflies are truly one of the planet’s most amazing creatures. The variety of colors in unique combinations and shades catch your attention in an instant. The green color in butterflies symbolizes change. The green butterflies bring positivity and good luck. It also brings love and abundance. 

Green Butterfly in the Bible

Bible doesn’t say much about butterflies but there are several verses about transformation, like the one the butterflies go through. 

"And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God."  (Romans 12:2). 

In early Christianity, the butterfly was considered a symbol of two things; a purified soul and a symbol of mortality. Purified soul, as it hatches from the pupa and transforms into something divine and mortal since it lives for a very short period. However, it is also considered a sign of resurrection; the rising from the dead.     

Green Butterfly in Different Cultures

Green butterflies symbolize different things in different cultures but almost all the superstitions related to green butterflies are positive.  

•    The green butterfly represents love and everything good in Chinese mythology. They are considered signs of success and prosperity. A jade butterfly is also a sign of eternal love and is the best give a bride receives from her groom.
•    The word Psyche in Greek mythology means both soul and butterfly. The most beautiful daughter of the king was called Psyche and was represented with butterfly wings. The modern Greeks still believe that the soul of a deceased person takes the form of a butterfly. 
•    Angels were depicted as butterflies in medieval times. Even today, fairies are represented as butterflies.

Green Butterfly in Art

Butterflies have amazed many artists and have been widely painted as symbols of immortality. 

•    Butterflies are painted to represent dead warriors in Mexican art.
•    The Chinese artwork in the book “The Art of Joan Brown”, a butterfly painted as drinking from a flower represents a man who is deeply in love. 
•    The butterflies represent joy, beauty, and womanhood in Japanese art.
•    Being a symbol of fertility, the petroglyphs of the Southwest had butterflies. The butterflies were also drawn on jewelry, pottery, and rugs.   

What Does It Mean If A Green Butterfly Flies Towards Or Circles Around me?    

  • Seeing a butterfly near you is an amazing experience in itself. Just like a child, you want to chase it, catch it, and put it in a jar to appreciate its beauty and keep it with you for long. Finding a butterfly near you, especially a green butterfly can have various meanings.
  • If you see a green butterfly inside your house or flying close by, it is really good for your business. The success is on the way with the fluttering wings of the green butterfly.
  • If the butterfly flies near you or around you, it means you are going to get money.
  • If a green butterfly lands on you, it will bring happiness and peace in your life.
  • A green butterfly brings a message of hope.
  • Seeing a green butterfly may also mean an upcoming transformation in your life.
  • If you see a green butterfly hovering over flowers or grass, it is a symbol of prosperity and achievements.
  • Seeing a green butterfly may also mean the beginning of a new relationship.
  • Green butterfly shows up in your life to remind you to reconnect with people you have become distant with. It is time to renew old bonds.
  • If a green butterfly circle around your head it means you are going to get wealth from an unexpected source. It may also mean healing is on the way.
  • Fluttering green butterfly wings bring good luck.
  • Sometimes seeing a green butterfly in the close vicinity may mean that angels and fairies are trying to communicate with you.
  • After the death of a loved one, seeing a butterfly is a signal from the deceased.

What Does It Mean If I See A Green Butterfly In My Dream?    

We see dreams and we forget about them. There are only a few dreams that we remember and try to translate them. Seeing a green butterfly in dreams is a good sign. Here is what it means when a green butterfly visits you in your dreams:
•    Good luck
•    Positive change in life
•    A transformation that will bring joy
•    A sign to choose the right path in difficult life situations
•    A piece of upcoming good news; in personal life, work and relationships
•    Sign of good health and healing
•    Success in work, achievement in professional life
•    The longevity of life and spirituality
•    Romance and happy married life
•    Creativity
•    Finding new ways of looking at life and changing perspectives
•    A sign to settle down in life
The meaning of butterfly dreams also depends on what you saw in the dream. A flying butterfly, catching a butterfly, and killing a butterfly have different meanings so you need to look a little deeper if you have an unusual dream.

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Butterflies symbolize change. Green is a rare butterfly and is a symbol of good luck. The appearance of the green butterfly in your life can mean a lot of things; good things mostly depending on where and how you cross paths with the butterfly. Its appearance in your life when you are going through a rough patch means good time is on the way. It comes with the message of hope and transition into a better phase of life.

You are the lucky one if you see a green butterfly around you as it brings success and good news. It brings a period of abundance; in love, wealth, and luck. If you were planning to start a new business or a new relationship and were reluctant; seeing a green butterfly is a sign that this is the right time to do everything that you were putting on hold for one reason or another. It is a sign from angels and fairies to start a new life with confidence and belief that everything is going to be ok.