4 Most Psychic Zodiac Signs - According to Experts

Wonder why your Cancer friend is always so intuitive? Here’s why!

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4 Most Psychic Zodiac Signs - According to Experts

What Are Some Examples Of Psychic Abilities?

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In the realm of material reality, some people are satisfied with believing in only what their five senses perceive. A lot of people think that there is more to the universe. Most cultures recognize the “magic” in extrasensory perception, and few can deny that there are inexplicable happenings and forces outside the realm of our understanding that are in operation all around us. The Occult gives one plausible explanation in the study of planets and how they influence our consciousness, which, if you think about it, is not so different from the influence of natural forces like gravity, that compel celestial bodies to move around each other.

So, what are some psychic abilities that some gifted people from among us, possess? Well, that’s no short answer because intense psychic gifts are abundant and varied. Some hold energy medicine – an ability to heal with one’s spiritual energy; others experience telekinesis or the ability to manipulate objects with the mind (think Mathilda). Some psychics have clairvoyance, an ability to see into the future and others possess retro-cognition, an ability to perceive past events (which ordinary people experience as subtle deja vu). One kind of supernatural experience that the horror and psychological thriller genres employ plenty is astral projection, which is the ability to have out-of-body experiences. Sounds yum! If you have a flair for the spooky.

Divination which is a unique insight into the Occult, levitation (and no not the scam magician type), and telepathy all fall under psychic abilities.

I know what you’re thinking? That’s some straight-up voodoo activities. But no, in actuality, all of us have a sprinkle of some of these gifts, and many factors go into why you or someone you know may have heightened extrasensory perception. The one aspect we will delve into, in the zodiac. The zodiac signs have differential insight into the extrasensory world with some signs being exceptionally gifted.

What Does It Mean To Have Psychic Abilities?

A lot of people, read skeptics, are quick to shut you down when you mention psychics or psychic powers. One doesn’t have to have a crystal ball and nine cats to have psychic insight. Ordinary people also possess psychic abilities in varying degrees. Take an example of extreme déjà vu, dreams that predict happenings before they happen, strange and inexplicable events, or even just powerful intuition in the form of a clear and sure voice in your head. In fact, many people who possess psychic insight are clueless about it and blame it on luck or coincidence and in some cases, mental illness. (yikes!) And where there’s no denying that mental illness and hallucinations are real, not every “extra-natural” experience should be reduced to mental illness. After all, consciousness, in itself, is an inexplicable miracle and not an accident of atoms; all you need is a little perspective and some faith. And even for the skeptics, if you don’t believe in psychic abilities, intuition certainly still has validity.

How Do The Zodiacs Generally Differ In Terms Of Psychic Abilities?

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Zodiacs differ from each other in many ways, but the water/air sign divide with the earth/fire is undoubtedly worth mentioning. Water signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) are very emotionally driven. Air signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra) are very wrapped up in their head. Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) are very grounded in their materiality and sensuality, and fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) are very impulsive and ego-driven. This dramatically makes the zodiacs differ in how much they tap into their psychic intuition.

Capricorn is very logic-driven, Sagittarius tend to run away from emotions, Aries are very ego-driven, and Geminis are very internally conflicted. All four of these signs, don’t tap much into their psychic abilities. This abstinence adds up to a disconnection with the spiritual and emotional self. 

4 Most Psychic Zodiac Signs - According to Experts

1. Cancer

Cancer is the most emotionally activated sign in the zodiac. They are not just very in tune with their own emotions but also absorb the feelings of others around them like a sponge. This heightened emotional intelligence gives them excellent intuition. If you are a Cancerian, you are undoubtedly psychically gifted.

2. Pisces

Pisces is, without a doubt, the most psychically gifted sign. They have a deep connection with the ethereal world and often are deeply spiritual people which gifts them with abundant psychic energy. Without a doubt, one of the most artistic, dreamy, and healing signs of the zodiac. If you are a Pisces, you are psychic royalty.

3. Aquarius

Aquarius is an air sign and of the most textbook kind. This makes them a little too preoccupied with their thoughts which can become a problem. Aquarius people have a deep attraction towards fascinating ideas which makes them seek in-depth knowledge which also lends them deep insight and intuition. If you are an Aquarius, you have the potential to be deeply spiritual.

4. Scorpio

Scorpio is one of the zodiacs that hold the most vital connection to the Occult with their deep connection to the private, the internal, and the divine. This makes Scorpio’s intensely psychic and hypnotic and it, very often, feels like they can see into your soul. If you are a Scorpio, you are a powerhouse of psychic energy.

Does It Mean That The Other Zodiacs Do Not Have Psychic Abilities?

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Albeit psychic gifts are not equally shared amongst members of the zodiac, by no means does it mean that all zodiacs do not possess psychic intuition? It is entirely possible to tap into your deeper psyche if you belong to one of the less intuitive signs with meditation and deep reflection. In-depth knowledge, emotional intelligence, and spirituality are the tools to develop a powerful intuition if it doesn’t come as naturally to your zodiac sign as it does to others.

How Can Psychic Abilities Be Advantageous For People With These Zodiacs?

1. Deeper Connection

People with intensified psychic abilities form more profound, more meaningful relationships with people because of excellent intuition about the other’s thoughts and feelings. Having said that the more emotionally driven signs like Cancer could sometimes be too receptive or too sensitive to other people’s emotions which can get messy. Nonetheless, having the psychic wisdom to see beyond face value definitely makes for deeper interpersonal contact.

2. Foresight in Decision Making

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Psychic foresight gives you more sensitivity in understanding the repercussions of every decision, which lets you make more balanced, well-thought-out decisions. The downside is it can take some of the fun out of impulsive decision making because psychically gifted zodiacs are farsighted and cannot help but think of the consequences of every decision.

3. Better Conflict Resolution

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Psychic wisdom can also prevent needless misunderstandings between people because of intuitive insight that a psychic zodiac possesses into the other’s behavior. The result is more transparent communication which makes for better conflict resolution.

4. A Deeper Connection with Existence

This might sound like a bold claim, but intuition and spiritual connection with the world makes more psychically activated zodiacs experience life more deeply and meaningfully than zodiacs that remain concerned with surface-level meanings and sensory information. Diving deep into your soul and listening to yourself, enhances the quality of your ordinary everyday experiences, elevating them to spiritual status. This difference in people’s internal universe can make the simple act of observing a flower or eating a fruit or sharing intimacy, nothing less of a spiritual experience.

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All in all, every human, irrespective of their zodiac, is capable of possessing extrasensory perception and psychic intuition. A lot of factors, not just your birth chart showing the positions of the planets at the time of your birth, determine the depth with which you experience existence. And irrespective of whether you choose to delve deep into the spiritual realm or enjoy the material reality around you and your sensuality, you are valuable to the cosmic balance of things. A diversity of perspectives is what makes a colorful and beautiful world.

Opposing energies fulfill and nourish each other in celestial harmony which is why very different zodiacs find lovely companionship in each other. A great example being a Taurus-Pisces match of opposing and yet harmonious energies. With a profoundly intuitive Pisces and a deeply grounded in pleasure Taurus, the earth feeds the water as the water feeds the earth.