Chris Weaver Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About 'The Voice' Contestant

Who knew that under that warm smile lay a voice that could shake mountains? Singer Chris Weaver takes The Voice by storm with his powerful voice.

By MJ Faublas
Chris Weaver Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About 'The Voice' Contestant

Life Begins on The Voice

You may call him a superhero of a kind. Chris Weaver appeared as a seemingly simple contestant on The Voice. But there was something more magical about him aside from his big warm smile and deep speaking voice. The singer who had a religious upbringing and was raised by a Pentecostal preacher mother now served his church by day and performed on stage as Nedra Belle -- a drag queen -- by night. Although his life seemed to belong in a movie or novel, Chris Weaver proved to be very real and truly talented. As audience members, coaches, and viewers alike prepared for the first performance of the night, no one was prepared for the sound that came out of Chris' mouth.

Blind Auditions

Chris Weaver walked on stage and the audience waited with anticipation to see and hear what this young man will sing. Within a few notes of singing "Try a Little" by Otis Redding, Adam became the first coach to turn his seat. The pace was set and all the other coaches had to catch up, with JHud being second. Before Weaver could finish his performance, all four coaches had turned their chairs with the audience in standing ovation. The excitement of the night was clear and the precedent of an interaction between Hudson and Chris Weaver was discussed after the performance. With the coaches battling for Weaver to join their teams, it became unclear who he'd choose. Adam threw his jacket, Blake made the decision to try a little harder by asking Chris Weaver to be on his team as a birthday gift, JHud threw Miley's shoe. Chris seemed to have raised the net worth of winning on The Voice with his performance. But one thing was undeniable: his audition was impeccable. All cards were laid on the table by the coaches, and with that Weaver joined JHud's team.

Battle to the End

It would seem as if Weaver had a spell on the audience, coaches, and viewers as he belted out "Dangerous Woman" by Ariana Grande against Kathrina Feigh. It was no surprise that Chris went on to win the battle.

I'm Gonna Knock You Out

It wasn't until the knockouts that Chris truly showed his full potential. Winning the knockout round and heading to the finals, Chris has proven he not only has the talent but the personality to match every note he sings. Though it is too soon to predict Chris' net worth on the show, it is clear that winning is within his reach.

Life Before The Voice

Chris Weaver's Early Years

The native New Yorker, raised in Asheville, faced difficulties in his early years as a young gay man being raised by a preacher mother. The young Weaver hid his true self and kept his secret until he was able to share his talents and secret identity with the world on stage as Nedra Belle, the drag queen. Prior to The Voice, Chris spent his days directing his church choir and performing as Nedra Belle. However, the artist has a few more accomplishments under his belt.

Meeting a Star

Two years ago, the road to fame began for Chris. The singer was invited to a party where Jennifer Hudson was the guest star for her performance in "The Color Purple". While at the party Weaver was asked to sing and received JHud's shoe being thrown at him (which in the African American culture is the highest form of compliment and appreciation for the performance). Later, the two singers would meet again with Weaver on the stage of The Voice and Hudson as a coach (and this time, it was Miley's shoe that was thrown at Chris by JHud).

Chris Weaver on the Road to Hollywood

As Chris Weaver puts his powerful voice to great use, it seems that he's destined for stardom. Like Dorothy leaving Kansas, Chris Weaver is on his way to that magical world he always envisioned himself in...Hollywood. Chris Weaver is topping the R&B charts, reaching number eight with his rendition of "I Put a Spell on You" which he performed on The Voice Knockout Round. Chris Weaver has music sold alongside famous artist like The Weeknd and SZA, which proves his success is only a step away.

Fun Facts about singer Chris Weaver

I. Chris Weaver does not come from a city, town, or village; Asheville, NY is a hamlet, which is a community that is not incorporated but is identified by a name. II. Chris Weaver performs weekly as drag queen Nedra Belle at the West End Lounge in New York City. III. Chris Weaver as raised as a Christian and has no problem performing as a drag queen. IV. Chris Weaver has a strong relationship with his mother. V. Chris Weaver welcomes the throwing of shoes after his performances as a form of endearment and appreciation for his performance.

The Future, Stardom, and So on.....

The road to fame and fortune is paved in gold for Chris Weaver. With a powerful voice, a coach like JHud, it seems Chris Weaver has finally realized his dreams. Success is only a vote away as he competes to win on The Voice.