Jill Rhodes Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Sean Hannity's Wife

Jill Rhodes - the wife and behind-the-scenes supporter of husband Sean Hannity helped him amass his success for years. But who is this mysterious woman?

By MJ Faublas
Jill Rhodes Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Sean Hannity's Wife

Jill Rhodes Behind the Scenes

Jill Rhodes is an American journalist who began her relationship with Sean Hannity in 1991 as his off-record adviser. At the time, the young woman would share story ideas with the conservative political commentator and political journalist Sean Hannity for his talk show. This went on for about a year. In 1992, Jill Rhodes and Sean Hannity had their first in-person meeting and the couple initiated a loving relationship and were married a year later. Ever since then, Jill Rhodes has been the secret ingredient to the success of Sean Patrick Hannity.

Sean Hannity and wife Jill Rhodes

Jill Rhodes: Alabamian & Superwoman

Jill Rhodes was born on August 27, 1962, in Alabama. Rhodes spent her early years active in her community and school. As a young adult, Jill Rhodes went to Alabama University and studied journalism. Jill Rhodes graduated with a bachelors degree in journalism and set out to create a career to accomplish her dreams and goals. Jill Rhodes began her career as a local reporter. Later on in her life, Jill Rhodes became a Fox News journalist for a short period of time. Though Jill Rhodes doesn't have an extensive career in journalism, she has been working with her husband in building his brand to be known as one of the most conservative television personas. Many times, Sean Hannity has paid respects to his supportive wife for the success he's attained for his family.

Of Love & Family: Becoming the Wife of Sean Hannity

Their story is no more than destiny and a fairy-tale. After being friends for a short period of time, Sean Hannity and Jill Rhodes married and established their family. The couple share two children and live in New York City. In New York, Sean Hannity works on Fox News as a political commentator for his TV show The Hannity Show and wife Jill Rhodes works as an editor. The couple is known for sharing happy family images of them playing sports with their kids or on family vacations.

Building a Family Brand

Jill Rhodes' husband Sean Hannity is no stranger to the public as he's been the face of conservatism for many years. Sean Hannity began his life in New York City where he grew up with his Irish parents Lillian and Hugh Hannity. As a native New Yorker, Sean Hannity attended New York University briefly and withdrew from the school in order to pursue his journalism career. It was in 1989 that Sean Hannity began his career venture as a general contractor for the UC Barbara, KCSB-FM talk radio show. Being ambitious with his career pursuit, Sean Hannity placed an advertisement about himself in the local radio publication to obtain a new gig following the end of his contractor position. His attempt proved to be successful as he landed a second radio position with WVNN in Alabama as an afternoon talk show host. From then on, Sean Hannity went on to obtain many more positions until he landed his permanent role on Fox News in 1996. By 2001, Sean Hannity had begun his conservative syndicated political talk show The Sean Hannity Show. From the success of his talk show, Sean Hannity has gone on to write many books, of which the most popular being 'Let Freedom Ring: Winning the War of Liberty over Liberalism.'

Family Life of Jill Rhodes and Sean Hannity

With their two children, Jill Rhodes and Sean Hannity share two homes, one house in New York City that holds a net worth of $3.8M and a house in Naples, Fl. The couple is known for their love of Naples, Florida and enjoy family vacations there. Overall, the couple share a net worth of $55M.

Personal Views vs Public Views

Recent public issues in both the entertainment and the political worlds surrounding sexual harassment have had Sean Hannity voicing his personal views to the public. Sean Hannity has given full support to Roy Moore in recent interviews and continues to support the Alabama senator stating he deserves the presumption of being innocent until proven guilty. First, as a Trump supporter, Sean Hannity continues to support the controversies begotten by the President of the United States. He stands behind the President through all his decisions and as a fellow New Yorker. Sean Hannity was one the main members of the birther movement during the Obama Administration, constantly requesting evidence of the President's citizenship. Sean Hannity is known for his beliefs against the LGBT community and he's known for stating that AIDS is a "gay disease." Over his career span, Sean Hannity has faced many controversies regarding the voicing of his personal values and views onto the public, but this has not stopped him from practicing his first amendment rights of free speech.

Jill Rhodes Wiki: 5 Facts to Know

Fact 1: Though she shares images of her family's good times, Jill Rhodes is very secretive about her personal life, though her husband has shared his views and personal opinions on a number of subject matters. Fact 2: Her husband dedicated his first book to his wife Jill Rhodes. Fact 3: Jill Rhodes and husband are waiting for their children to reach the legal age of becoming an adult and graduating high school before relocating away from New York...possibly to Naples, Florida their home away from home. Fact 4: Jill Rhodes was a supporter of Michelle Bachmann. Fact 5: Jill Rhodes and Sean Hannity have done charity work for the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Every Superman needs his Superwoman

If anything can be learned from the life of Jill Rhodes as career woman, mother, and wife, it is that in order to support your man, you must be a strong woman with your own life. Jill Rhodes could not be the supporting system behind her husband if she was not first an independent, strong woman. As the public embraces Sean Hannity, one can not help but pay close attention to the woman who's empowering his brand. Jill Rhodes is an example of what happens when two strong independent individuals come together to create a life and love story.