30 Signs She Secretly Loves You But Is Too Scared To Tell You

Are you confused about whether a girl is interested in you? Here are some 30 signs, which prove that she secretly loves you, but is too scared to tell you.

By Amanda Palmer
30 Signs She Secretly Loves You But Is Too Scared To Tell You

Telltale signs of a girl being secretly in love with you

Women are weird beings. They are the most complex creatures on earth and a man's brain is simply not wired to see any subtle or telltale signs of a girl being secretly in love with them. Women might be showing obvious signs for a very long time, but men have a terrible ability to gauge their efforts. Not only does this drive women to frustration, many just leave midway and look for better options elsewhere! Now, surely, you do not want to miss the golden opportunity of being liked by someone. You might feel that why can't they be direct and approach you! Well, many girls are shy and many want their men to make the first move. So, the next time, a girl is showing some interest in you, you should be quick to read those signs and hints and make the first move. Read on to know how.

1. She makes long eye contact with you

A girl who is interested in you will try to tell you by making long eye contact with you. Eyes are the mirrors of our soul. Perhaps she wants you to read her eyes and know that she is in love with you. Such girls are too scared to tell you directly and she wants you to know about her feelings through her eyes. Long eye contact is one of the most common signs of saying that someone is in love with you.

2. Among the signs are when she smiles at you often

If a girl loves you it is obvious that she would smile at you often. Smiling is a sweet gesture shared a lot by those in love. If a girl smiles at you often she is trying to tell you that she is pleased with everything about you like your smile, your eyes, your talks and everything else about you. She also wants you to know how happy she is in your company. By smiling often, she gives you signs of secretly loving you.

3. Her smile reaches her eyes

Some people greet others with a smile but that smile is just a casual greeting meant for acquaintances or friends. When a girl smiles at you and her smile reaches her eyes, it means that she really likes you. Your presence warms her heart and soul and makes her happy. A smile which reaches the eyes is a genuine smile meant only for those you really like. These are signs you should look for in a girl who seems interested in you.

4. She always seems close to you

You always seem to find her at an arms-length or at ear-shot. She always tries to be close to you trying to see or hear whatever you do or just trying to be near you all the time so that you grab her attention. She wants you to notice her and hence she tries to be close to you all the time. She gives you signs so that you understand her intentions.

5. She touches you often while talking to you

A girl who likes you will touch you often and at all the right places. She will hug you, tap your shoulder, shake your hands often and give you friendly punches now and then. She gets touchy with you because to touch is often the next step after liking someone. You feel like holding, touching or cuddling a person or things you like and so she does the same to you to express her love interest in you. Touching is one of the signs of liking someone.

6. She comments to and likes all your posts on Facebook

A girl who likes you will try to be very active on your Facebook wall. She will comment and agree to all your posts and will like all your statuses and pictures. She is trying to show to the world that she really likes you. We all are concerned today about who likes our posts and who does not. She is trying to tell you that she is really impressed by you. She is giving you obvious signs of her love.

7. She puts cute pictures of her on Snapchat

Her Snapchat always has cute pictures of hers and sometimes of both of you together. She wants to impress you by being active around you on social media. She wants to impress you with her cuteness. A girl who does such antics is scared to tell you directly and hence does all this to grab your attention. These are cute signs every girl in love does. Her Snapchat and Facebook accounts have loads of pictures of her and some even taken with you. Her Facebook statuses also reveal a lot about her feelings. You should take hints from them or from her Snapchat posts.

8. She agrees to your opinion in a group

She has to agree to whatever you say even if she is the only one standing by your side. She tries to show you that she agrees to all your opinions and all your thoughts matter a lot to her. She is giving you obvious signs buddy!

9. You always find her at your favorite hangout joints

Recently, wherever you hang out with your friends, you always find her there either sitting alone or with a group of her friends. She does that to know what’s happening in your life, to be close to you all the time and to grab your attention. She thinks that by doing so, perhaps you notice her and develop a similar interest in her. Do you still don't notice the signs?

10. She is shy if you look at her and she looks away

You catch her always staring at you. The moment you look at her, she looks embarrassed and turns away. She secretly likes you and is always admiring you from afar when are looking away. This is a sign of secret love. She is too shy to approach you but keeps fuelling her hopes by looking at you all the time. Staring at you, she dreams of being one with you someday. Now this is one of the surest signs!

11. She secretly loves, if you get anonymous love letters

A girl who secretly likes you will try to propose her love to you anonymously because she is too scared to tell you directly. She might send you secret love letters. In those letters, she might drop in signs and hints for you to recognize your secret lover.

12. She is looking her best these days to impress you

Do you find a particular girl in your class or office suddenly looking different than usual? A change in the hairstyle, makeup or change in dressing style? She is trying her best to look beautiful only to catch your attention. She is trying to impress you perhaps fishing for a compliment. You should make her day by giving her a compliment! After all, all the efforts are done only to please you!!

13. She secretly likes you, if she makes you happy

A girl who secretly loves you will do anything and everything to make you happy and to make things easier for you. She might agree to do your projects, presentations or even write notes for you. She might even go out of her way and buy you something that you have always wanted badly. These are sure signs that she secretly loves you.

14. She is too shy to tell you but her friends know

Do you see a group of friends nudging and teasing a girl while she looks away whenever you pass by? Don't you still get it from these signs? The girl obviously secretly loves you. She is shy or scared to tell you directly but all her friends know. They tease her whenever you cross by.

15. She gets shy and conscious when you are around

Change in body language is one of other surefire signs of a girl secretly in love with you. If you notice the girl getting cautious or clumsy with her body the moment you go near her, it means she is attracted towards you. She blushes, gets fidgety and all clumsy with her movements because she gets nervous when you next to her.

16. Another sign: she will be jealous

Some other telltale signs to look for in a girl who is secretly in love with you is to check if she gets jealous seeing you with other girls. A girl who is in love with you will obviously not like to see you in the company of other girls. She might try to grab your attention away from them or give those girls mean looks. This kind of jealous behavior is one of the surest signs of love.

17. She shows concern if you are sick

A girl who is in love with you secretly will all but forget her shyness and show a lot of concern towards you if you are sick or worried about something. She would do anything at that time to make you feel better. Perhaps, get a meal for you or help you with your notes.

18. She remembers every small detail about you

Some other signs one should look for is whether the girl remembers every small detail about you or not. A girl who is in love with you secretly will know and remember all the smallest details about you which you must have randomly spoken about. These could be about your birthday, your favorite music band, your favorite food, color and similar things.

19. She suddenly ignores you

Sometimes, a girl who is secretly in love with you might start acting weird suddenly. She might start ignoring you suddenly or being out of your sight. She does that to grab your attention. She feels that if she goes out of sight for a few days, you might notice her absence and come searching for her.

20. A girl suddenly fighting with you is an obvious sign

Some shy girls do not want to make their behavior pretty obvious. They are aware of their constant blushing when you are around. To curb that, they suddenly start acting weird like fighting with you all the time. If a girl starts to behave like this with you, then you should understand the signs that she is secretly in love with you.

21. Your opinion of her matters a lot to her

She will try to ask you in different ways about your feelings for her. She wants to know how to feel about her, whether you love her or not.

22. She flatters you a lot

Too much of praise and flattery might be showered upon you by a girl who secretly is in love with you because obviously, if you love someone, you praise that person a lot.

23. She wants to know you better

She will try to know you better by asking all sorts of details and personal questions. She does this because she is secretly in love with you and wants to know you better.

24. She always has time for you

No matter, how busy she is, she will always try to take out time for you. She is in love with you for sure, only you have to take her hint.

25. She tries to be popular among your friends

If she secretly is in love with you, she dreams of being one of your gang someday. She tries to know all your friends first. Perhaps, they could help her let you know about her feelings for you.

26. She laughs at all your jokes

She finds all your jokes very funny even if they are very silly. She does not want you feel embarrassed publicly or she wants you to know that she loves you in everything that you say or do.

27. She talks to you for really long

Whenever you talk to her, she drags the conversation for too long. She wants to go on talking to you forever.

28. She tries to spend some alone time with you

If you plan a picnic or an outing with her and other friends, she might try to persuade you to go out with her alone. She does that because she wants to spend time with you alone.

29. She blushes when you look at her

You blush when a person you love looks at you. If a girl is in love with you secretly, she will blush whenever you talk to her.

30. She might start acting pricey sometimes

Sometimes, you might find her acting pricey when you ask her out or for her opinion. She does that only to grab your attention or to tell you indirectly not to take her for granted.