Top 10 Rules & Tips To Make Online Dating Work

Online dating has taken the world by storm. The question is whether it works or not. This article highlights ten great tips that can make it work for you.

By Dagmar Thomson
Top 10 Rules & Tips To Make Online Dating Work

Ten Tips to Make Online Dating Work

Many guys tend to doubt the effectiveness of online dating because it is a little bit complicated and challenging. However, the fact remains that online dating works. Many young adults have tried online dating, and it has worked for them. Some of them even end up getting married. The notion that online dating is for a desperate person is not true since there are very many marriages that started courtesy of online dating. If you are asking yourself how the online dating works or if it will work for you, you need not worry since you are in the right place. All you need to know are some few tips that will make your online dating success. It is easy and more fun to date online. However, it requires you to be wise to determine your best choice of a partner. Here are the rules and tips you need to know in order to find love on dating sites. Never again will you be single, as these tips, rules, and facts will help you get the one you are looking for.

1. Choose the Best Online Dating Site

There are so many online dating websites such as eHarmony, Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, and various social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You should take your time and look for a good online dating website. After going through the online dating sites, try to determine the one that suits you best and be keen so as not to be misled by mediocre accounts. Once you have settled on a site, look for your match. Some online dating sites require their clients to give much information about themselves. If you want to be in a casual relationship, you should look for an online dating site that meets your needs. On the other hand, if you are looking for a serious relationship, you need to look for an online dating site where you are not limited to give or get any information needed. Many online dating sites nowadays have been made such that there are those who deal specifically with male clients and those that deal with female clients while the general ones deal with both genders. Based on your gender and sexual orientation you can choose the online dating site that suits you best.

2. Know Exactly What You Want

You should know your aim for dating. Do you want a casual relationship or serious relationship? When you determine the kind of relationship you need to be in, you will be able to make the right moves. If you are a guy, know the type of girl you want and what characteristics she should possess. For guys, try to find a date not based on looks but the qualities and characteristics you desire. Find out everything there is to know about your date because there is always something more than what meets the eye. Do not waste your time trying to focus on women who do not fit your preferences. Instead, use your time to know more about the ones who you are interested in. You should be cautious of the people you wish to date so that you do not end up dating the wrong person. Come up with a list of the dates that you are interested in and choose the single one who suits you best. The same applies to women.

3. Have an Interesting Profile

If you want someone to get the impression of who you are, give enough details about yourself in your dating profile. You should have a short and well-written profile. Your profile should have a picture, description, headline, and user’s name. In the description, be specific, genuine and brief about who you are. Do not feel ashamed to say what you like. Do not be afraid to say the kind of person you want and what characteristics they should possess. State clearly what you love doing and say the reasons why. In your online dating profile, do not focus on the negatives like mentioning things you do not like. Instead, try and show how charming you are by being friendly, positive minded and humble. There are so many young adults, especially single guys, who are trying to find someone to date. By showing how different you are as a person, you will stand out as a better candidate for a potential date. Do not be too ordinary, maybe you have a talent for singing, or you are an artist. This should be made clear in your profile. Make your profile simple and easy to understand as it portrays who you are.

4. Have Nice Pictures on Your Profile

Be authentic. You should post nice pictures in your online dating profile, which reveal who you are. Know that most people will be attracted by how good you look before getting into more details about you. Post photos captioned in both indoor and outdoor places. Always post recent photos of yourself as they portray how you look at present rather than posting old photos. Post a variety of your pictures in your profile so that whoever is interested in you can get to know more facts about you, and how beautiful/ handsome you look. Your pictures should be extremely amazing to capture the attention of any possible date. Never doubt your looks because beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

5. Use an Attractive User Name

One of the facts you should know is that young adults, especially the men like attractive things since they are driven by what they see. Therefore, women should use attractive usernames. In addition, women should use fun and appealing names to guys rather than using some weird names. On the other hand, men should use names that show women that they are stand up men. In general, one should try to use clever and clear names. You should avoid using names that will make people judge you.

6. Be Consistent to Make it Work

Dating can be a very tiresome exercise. When you are seeking someone to date online, you should not stop before you achieve your mission. Do not get worked up when things do not work for you. Instead, work harder to get the best love for yourself. In addition, you should not feel like online dating is a waste of time, try to be persistent in your search for a date, as you will probably get one. It takes time and devotion to get the love of your life on online dating sites. It is impossible for you to get him or her overnight. Try to be patient as you seek to find him/her. Secure sometime each day to login to your account and check your messages and reply them if need be. In doing so, you will be able to know more about the one you wish to date. Moreover, if you have not yet determined, you will be able to come across one and choose him or her among the many. When your first relationships do not work, do not give up. Instead, continue searching until you get the special person. In fact, some people go the extent of dating more than five people before getting their love. No matter how many times you fall, always get up on your feet, and try your luck. You never know when you will meet the right person.

7. Make Moves

Send personal messages but do not send them blindly. Take your time and contemplate on what you want to say. Your first message should not be for a date invitation. In the first message let the person know that you liked his or her profile. If the message is taken positively you can go to next level. For instance, if she is a lady, you should continue texting her sweet messages and let her know how she is beautiful. After some time, you can make calls to check on her and do not forget to tell her that you like her and you are interested in knowing her more. If she reacts positively go ahead and invite her for a date. If she agrees, organize a date in a good place where you are both familiar with. Do not mention anything to do with sex or act in a way that suggests you are after sex on the first date. Most women do not prefer men who demand sex on a first date. Always draw boundaries on your first date. Treat the woman gently and behave in a very mature way. After the first date, make plans on how you will make your relationship become successful.

8. Take It Offline

One can transition from online communication to a personal level of communication in two ways. The first method is where things are taken very fast. In this method, the dates do not pay much attention to know each other. They also do not take much time before they meet for the first time. The second one is the one where things are taken slowly. The dates focus on building rapport and trust. They take their time in knowing each other. They meet when it is the right time for them to do so. Both methods are effective if carried out in the right way. Sending emails and chatting online is important because it helps people to know each other better but it should not be for so long. The sooner you get someone you are interested in, try and make calls to check on them. Also, try texting them to ask them how they are just to ensure you keep in touch. Decide on what method to use to get that special person you are seeking. How you relate to the person will help you determine which method to use. After some time you can both plan for a date at a venue you are both familiar with. However, before meeting with your new date, ensure that you have done a background check on them so that you do not end up with terrorists or even kidnappers.

9. Be Yourself

Pretending to be something you are not will make you not realize that someone is interested in you. It may also lead to disappointments and embarrassment when someone who is interested in you comes to realize the truth. Do not lie to sweep someone off his or her feet. By becoming true to yourself, you will get real results. Many people try to be what they are not in order to impress their dates, which is wrong. Giving a false impression of what you are is not healthy especially when looking for someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. Do not be afraid of being yourself. You should not underestimate yourself or have low self-esteem on how you look. Be true, confident, and brave knowing that someone will be proud of you.

10. Be Positive

When dating online, you should put in mind that you are among the young adults who are there to win but not to lose. With the positive attitude, chances are you will get the special person you are seeking. Once somebody meets the expectations and requirements, give them time to prove themselves. Always appreciate the one you wish to date. Do not rush into negative conclusions; you should approach each date with the attitude of getting to know who they are. Stay positive as you evaluate what went wrong on your date and at the same time encourage yourself by noting what you did right.


Online dating gives the avenue through which you can get someone to love. To every young adult that is single and looking for a future partner, online dating is a very exciting experience, which is worth trying. If you apply the rules and facts above, your online dating experience will be very successful.

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