16 Unbelievable Ways To Make A Girl Feel Special And Loved

Do you think that making a girl feel special is difficult? Here are 16 unbelievable ways to let her know how much you care for her.

By Palack
16 Unbelievable Ways To Make A Girl Feel Special And Loved

Why does your girl need to care?

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When a couple is in a relationship for a long time, sometimes, they grow apart. It happens to most couples these days. However, there is no need to face such a situation or go through this rift. By doing small things to show your girl how much she means to you or how much you care about her, you can save your relationship and make your girl feel loved and special. Here are 16 unbelievable ways to make a woman feel special and loved. When you take steps to show her how much you care for her, it starts a chain reaction with no end. She will surely be overwhelmed with the attention and love you show her. She will be showing her gratitude for your thoughtfulness by returning it in the form of more love and affection towards you. It is easy for people to say that good relationships don't exist. They don't just happen; hard work is necessary to transform your relationship into something healthy that will last your whole life. You can find more happiness in your relationship if both you and your partner believe that giving is much better than receiving. Making your girl feel special and loved is key to this philosophy of love.

1. Be there emotionally and physically for your girl

Every woman wants the person she loves to be there whenever she needs someone to talk to. Being there with her doesn't mean only a physical presence. They need you there emotionally as well. When you are with her, don’t think about other things like the upcoming game as well as don’t look off to the side. Look at her and face her with interest when she is with you or talking to you. Sometimes just doing this is enough to make her feel special and cared for.

2. Make some time for your girl

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A woman feels loved when you give her a special place in your life and make some time for her. Many people tend to spend a lot of time with their girl in the initial stages of their relationship, but as time passes they don’t have time for them anymore. This is what brings about a rift in a relationship. You can make some time for the lady in your life just like you do for other things like friends or work. Create some time dedicated exclusively to your girl. It can be in the form of exciting adventure or romantic trips, fun night out or as a game night at home. Creating time for the woman in your life helps her feel special, loved and cared. She won’t feel taken for granted or ignored if you make time for her or woo her continually.

3. Appreciate your girl to make her feel special

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Don’t just assume that she knows that you find her attractive. You have to say it out loud. You have to tell your woman that how beautiful she is or how wonderful her scent is. Your words become more meaningful when you take extra care to say them. Everyone loves it when someone appreciates them, so naturally she'll love to get appreciation from you. Don’t forget about the effort she makes to bring a smile on your face or to make you happy. It is important for you to note down her effort and do tell your girl that you appreciate her effort or whatever she does for you. Pay attention to what you can appreciate about the lady in your life instead of what you can appraise her for.

4. Share how you feel with her

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Everyone is well aware of the fact that it is tough for a man to share how they feel about the woman they love. Men are known keeping their feelings secret. They find it hard to share or express how the girl in his life is special to him. However, you have to understand that your woman doesn’t possess the ability to read your mind. If you want to express your love for her and make her feel special, then let her know how you feel once in a while. She will be happy to know that you are comfortable enough to share your feelings with her.

5. Accept your girl the way she is

Appreciate your woman for her qualities instead of constantly reminding her of her weaknesses or flaws. The simplest way to make a girl feel loved and special is to accept her the way she is. Don’t say that you wish she would change and or that she should be different. Don’t tell her that she is insufficient or doesn't measure up in any way. Tell her that you unconditionally love her the way she is. Tell her that she doesn't need to change for you as you lovingly accept her for who she is.

6. Cultivate compassion to make her feel special

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If you accept her, then you have to be compassionate and understanding. You have to understand what she is going through. The meaning of compassion is to understand the challenges your girl is facing, her difficulties, and her upbringing. Compassion means to be there for her, being forgiving and being empathetic. It is not about being correct all the time. It is about letting her do what she wants the way your woman wants to do it. Compassion is about trying to see yourself in her situation and thinking according to her perspective. It means being thoughtful towards your woman or being there for her as she is facing challenges on a regular basis. It means to hold her when she needs comfort and also let her have space. This is the best way you can make her feel special and loved.

7. Be a listener

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When your woman is sad or having a hard time, she wants someone to listen as she pours her heart out. More specifically, she wants you to hear what she has in her heart. At that time, your girl is not looking for any answers or advice. She just wants you to listen, understand her perspective, and support her. Just be by her side, and she will figure things out on her own. These are the times when she wants your love and support. Simultaneously, this is the time when you can let her know how special she is to you.

8. Leave love notes to make her feel special

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A woman likes surprises, and the most fabulous way to surprise her is to leave heartfelt love notes. It also a simple yet efficient manner to make her realise how much you love her and how special she is. You don’t have to write a long letter overflowing with emotions. Just a small sticky note saying "I Love You" or a few similar words of love will be sufficient. You can place it somewhere she can see it easily. It will bring a bright smile to her lips.

9. Send sweet messages to make her feel your love

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If you are not into text messages, then you have to change your habit to make your girl feel special. Text messages are the simplest way to make your woman happy. You can text her a few words showing your affection and love for her throughout the day. You can send funny jokes to bring a smile to her face. If you are shy about expressing your love for your woman or you find it hard to show, then texting is the best way to express your feelings.

10. Sit next to her

If you are looking for ways to make your girl feel loved and special your body language is important. When you are with your woman, sit next to her instead of sitting across. When you sit next to her or you are near her it subconsciously makes her feel protected and wanted.

11. Make her feel special by asking her opinion

Your woman will feel special when you ask her about her opinion while making any decision. It doesn’t matter whether it a small or big decision,, ask her what she thinks about a particular thing. It makes her feel that she is a special part of your life.

12. Admire her in public

Every woman likes to brag about her partner to make others jealous. You should admire your lady in public too. You can do it when you are with your family, friends, or associates. Don’t just compliment her because you want to make her happy, do it with your sincerely and with all your heart. It will make her realize that she is special to you.

13. Tell your girl she is the best gift you have

Your partner will never feel special if you keep bringing up your past while you're with her. It will make her insecure and inferior. When you have someone in your life, it means you are lucky you are not alone. If you have a caring partner, then you are the luckiest person ever. So try to express this feeling. Tell her that she is the best gift you've ever gotten in your life. Tell her that she is the only one you have got.

14. Ask her what she likes

You are not psychic; you can’t read her mind. So ask her what will make her happy and feel special. The important thing is to just do it. Try doing one or two of those things in a day, whether you like it or not. Your effort will make her feel your love for her.

15. Share her load

If you sincerely want to make your woman feel loved and happy then share some of her burdens. Do some household work that she normally does. You must understand that she also gets tired just like you and needs rest, but she ends up doing housework because it is her supposed responsibility. Sharing her burden will make her feel how much you care for her.

16. Remember important things related to her

You can easily find people who forget their wives or girlfriends;' birthdays, their anniversaries, and other important things related to their partner. This is the most heartbreaking thing for a woman. Why does she remember every small and important thing about you but you can’t do the same for her? You must try to remember things related to her. It will touch her heart and make her feel the warmth of your love.

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Every woman wants to be loved and to be special for the person she loves the most. Frankly speaking, they deserve to be loved and to be the most special part of a person's life. They don’t want this just because they do a lot of things for you. They just want to feel secure and cared for. She wants to be loved to see what she means to you and what place she has in your life. They don’t need an expensive gift or fancy trips. A simple small gesture can bring a bright smile to her lips. It will motivate her to shower you with more love.