Samantha Thomas Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Ellen Page's Ex-Girlfriend

Intrigued by the ex-girlfriend of Ellen Page? Find out some interesting and lesser-known facts about Samantha Thomas from below.

By Amanda Palmer
Samantha Thomas Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Ellen Page's Ex-Girlfriend

Ellen Page

Ellen Page, born in 1987 in Nova Scotia, wanted to start acting at a very early age. She attended the Neptune Theater School. She began her acting career at the age of 10 on the television series 'Pit Pony' in 1999. She received the Gemini nomination and a Young Artist Award nomination for her work. Page was later seen in 2002, in 'Marion Bridge' which got her first Award for Best Canadian First Feature at the Toronto international Film Festival. She also appeared in 'ReGenesis' and in 'Mrs. Ashboro's Cat'. Page also appeared in the cult hit TV series 'Trailer Park Boys' in 2001. Page got the lead role in 'Hard Candy' in 2005 and she garnered a lot of praise for her performance as a 14-year-old girl who meets a photographer on the Internet and then tries to expose him as a pedophile. She was also seen in 'The Tracey Fragments' in 2007 and in 'American Crime' in 2007. In 2010, she was seen in 'Super' and 'Inception'. Ellen Page is a vegan and was named by PETA as one of the sexiest vegetarians of 2014. She was in a relationship with girlfriend Samantha Thomas in 2015. But the two broke up and Page recently married dancer and teacher Emma Portner in January, 2018. Here is all that you need to know about Samantha Thomas, Ellen Page's ex girlfriend:

Ex-girlfriend Samantha Thomas

Actress Ellen Page made headlines in 2014 at the pro-LGBT conference in Las Vegas by proudly announcing herself as a gay woman. Page was seen walking the red carpet at the Toronto International Film Festival with her then girlfriend, Samantha Thomas, and too quite proudly. The film was about a lesbian couple and hence taking her girlfriend out with her during the promos made a lot of sense. The film, 'Freeheld' was about a lesbian couple who fight for their legal rights after one of them is diagnosed with cancer. Since the day, Page came out publicly about her sexual orientation; she has been vocal in her support for the LGBT rights. She even told a magazine that she is in love and that "walking down the carpet holding [my] girlfriend's hand is pretty special... It's pretty awesome." Samantha Thomas was born in 1980 in McAllen, Texas. She and her family knew that she was a lesbian and it was never a big deal for any of them. Samantha is a big dog lover and has a dog named Patters whom she loves as her own child. Samantha's height is quite good at 178 cm whereas Ellen's height is 155 cm only. Below mentioned are some facts about Ellen Page's ex girlfriend, Samantha Thomas:

Samantha Thomas

Samantha Thomas is an artist

Thomas is a talented artist who works across a variety of niches like oil painting, modern, abstract and structural pieces. Her series, 'Texture/Parameter' explores “the limits of the traditional canvas.” In 2016, Thomas presented her work in a solo show at the Anat Ebgi gallery in Los Angeles, according to her website. Thomas graduated from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and does solo exhibitions across NYC and Los Angeles. Her unique work with paint, enamel, sandpaper and thread is slowly getting known. She's been featured in some pretty sweet art magazines too.

Thomas loves to surf

Thomas is an avid surfer. She said in an interview with the Baku magazine that she starts her day with a wave ride at the Malibu or Venice beach. Thomas along with Page used to document her surfing adventures on Instagram. Their Instagram pages had images from her time at the ocean. One can see a lot of her surfing photos Instagram which confirm the fact that surfing is an important part of her life.

Thomas is also a talented golfer

The lady from Texas was offered a golf scholarship to the University of Tulsa to pursue her talent in golfing. But she decided to leave her talent and instead moved to Los Angeles to enroll herself in the fine arts course at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

Samantha Thomas has some friends in Hollywood

Samantha Thomas was once found chilling with Ruby Rose. Ruby Rose is an Australian actor and writer known for her work in 'Orange is the New Black' in 2013.

Thomas loves travelling

As Samantha Thomas loves surfing, she uploads a lot of pics showing her travel destinations. She has traveled all over the world right from Ibiza to Hawaii and lives a thrilling life.

She and Page used to have a lot of fun together

After making their first red carpet appearance as a couple, Page and Thomas were seen frolicking around the town on a variety of fun-filled dates. From winning prizes at a carnival to playing a hockey game, they have done it all.

They support each other's careers

Both of them support each other's careers. Page has visited Thomas' gallery installations and the Thomas celebrated her friend's new film on social media. Page was never shy in sharing photos of her new lady love on Instagram.