15 Ways To Connect With Your Spirit Guides

Learn to communicate with your spirit guides through meditation, spirituality, nature walks, and more. Use these tips and tricks to get closer to your guides.

By Annabel Crystal
15 Ways To Connect With Your Spirit Guides

Connect to your spirit guides through meditation

Spirit guides are assigned to us at birth. One way to connect to your spirit guides is through meditation. A really good way to meditate is to spend 10 minutes simply breathing in and out at the same pace and trying your best to focus only on your breath. This is your gateway to relaxing. Once you are in a relaxed state, you can then begin the process of calling upon your spirit guides. Imagine in your mind’s eye what your spirit guide looks like. It can be anything from an angel to a warrior princess. It can even be multiple guides or angels. The purpose of this is to feel the strength of your guides. You may not be able to connect to your guides right away, so attempt to meditate every night and it will get easier. Practicing meditation properly can take months, so don’t get discouraged. It is recommended to practice daily so that your mind can rewire itself appropriately. You will connect to your spirit guides through your mind’s eye and asking your guides or angel to appear to you. You will either be transported to another realm outside of your body, which can be frightening at first, or you will begin to see a white light. The best thing to do is to relax and accept it, and not be afraid. In this realm, your guides will be able to communicate to you and you will be able to understand their messages.

Connect to your spirit guides through mantras

Mantras can be repeated during meditation or throughout the day in your mind. You can repeat the same mantra or a combination of several to call your guides. A few good mantras are Sat-Nam (which means there is only one god), El Hampre Ma (which means I am Love). Repeat it as many times over and over throughout the day. Even if your mind starts to wander, simply bring it back to the mantra. This will prepare you to be constantly aware of your surroundings throughout the day and be so present that you have more possibilities of encountering messages and signs from your spirit guides. If you are more alert throughout the day, and constantly looking around, as opposed to being lost in your dreams, you will be more likely to recognize and notice a sign from your guides. You may not realize it is a sign at first, so you are likely to see this same sign repeated over and over.

Connect to your spirit guides through signs and messages

Remember that your spirit guides or angel is in another dimension and cannot communicate with you in the same manner as humans can. So another way to contact your spirit guides is to be aware of messages in the form of repeating events, signs, and symbols. One example of your guides attempting to communicate to you is if you repeatedly keep running into someone, or if a certain ad keeps popping up in your surroundings. This is your spirit guides' way of leading you to where you need to go. Your guides can also leave you signs in the form of bird feathers, books, or things moving around that you didn’t actually move. This is their way of communicating with you since spirit guides don't actually have voices.

Contact your spirit guides through solitude and retreats

One of the best ways to contact your spirit guides is through solitude. You can either join a yoga retreat or visit a local Zen Monastery where you can remain in complete silence for over a week. This will help to set your mental and physical vibrations so that you can be on the same wavelength as your spirit guides. In the silence is where you can begin to dig deeper into your meditations and attempt contact with your spirit guides. Your contact with your spirit guides will be spiritual; it will not be like a human interaction. Your guides will be able to better communicate with you when you are in solitude. You need to remain open-minded to your guides when you are in these states of solitude and silence. You need to be open, excited, and calm so as to not be fearful of the next steps. If you allow fear to get in the way, you may hinder your ability to reach the next realm and connect with your guides. The fear will stop your mind from opening up. You also can search for more meaning in these open spaces, since there is more opportunity to run into signs from your guides here.

Connect to your spirit guides through charity work

One great way to contact your spirit guides is through charity work. Spirit guides tend to communicate to you through the hearts of other people. This practice will ground you and connect you with people who will make you feel more spiritual. Spirituality is not a solo practice either; you need human interaction to rise above to the next level and meet with your guides. Charity work helps you to engage with humans on a more empathetic level that is far away from the mundane and material. The practice of charity work will bring more positive vibrations to your body and soul and make you feel like you have a purpose. These positive vibrations can be channeled when meditating, creating an even stronger connection towards your spirit guides.

Connect through repetitive practice and a strong firm belief

Another really great way to connect with your spirit guides is through repetition. Even when it seems like you aren’t getting anywhere, keep trying to contact your guides. It’s often the moments when you feel like you can’t do it anymore that you have a breakthrough. Keep mentally pushing for that breakthrough and to connect with your guides.

Connect to your spirit guides through visiting mother nature

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Visiting the ocean or a park can keep you closely connected to your spiritual guides. Your spiritual guides are made up of a lot of energy and the best way to access your guides' energy is through nature. Your guides can help give you more energy as well if you ask him or her of it. Energy flows naturally in yourself and in nature. Nature lowers your vibrations and will help you sync with your guides easier. It is also easier to meditate in nature than it is anywhere else. Finding meaning in nature is also beneficial to your spirit.

Connect to your spirit guides through cleansing your spirit and forgiveness

You can connect to your spirit guides and cleanse your spirit through meditation. Put yourself in a meditative state and think of those that have done you harm. Forgive these individuals in your mind and release them. This will help cleanse your spirit. When your spirit is calm and at ease, you will become close to your spirit guides.

Connect to your spirit guides through mantra cards

You can find mantra cards online for purchase. Read your mantra cards every night and dedicate a card’s mantra to your entire day. Remember, repetition and persistence is key if you want to connect to your spirit guides.

Connect to your spirit guides by asking your guides to appear to you

You can connect to your spirit guides by specifically calling upon them . Ask your spirit guides to show you signs and messages. Continually call upon your guides every night until you can get through to them.

Build a shrine around the space you meditate

Create a circle with crystals and use candles. This will help to invoke the spirit guides and bring them to you. Research the crystals that you purchase; some crystals, or a combination of crystals are better for attracting spirit guides.

Be specific in your requests to your spirit guides

Either through prayer or writing, you can specifically request something from your guides - either healing or to find something, for example. The more you reach out to your spirit guides, the more they will answer you.

Trust the process and in your spirit guides

Be very open-minded, otherwise you will accidentally shut out your spirit guides. Sometimes reaching out or beginning to feel your spirit guides can be very scary, so remain open and positive throughout the process of contacting your guides.

Connect to your spirit guides through writing

Keep a diary of your wishes and what you want help with and ask your guides directly. Give your spirit guides a name or names, and use that name when asking for help. Writing to your spirit guides will also help you to keep track of what you are asking for and help you narrow down what you really should be asking for. Your guides will not simply give you whatever you are asking for - they know what is best for you and will only set you on the path that is best for you. Spirit guides know who you are ultimately meant to be, so they will open the path to achieving this.

Connect to your spirit guides through sleep

Ask your spirit guides during meditation to present themselves to you during sleep and help them find your true meaning in life while dreaming. They will be able to guide you and give you advice in your dreams. This is a very challenging task but with practice it becomes easier. Meditation will set you up better to becoming more capable of accessing your spirit guides in your dreams. It helps to open up channels in your brain that you may not have been capable of accessing before. Accessing your guides in your dreams is the most natural state that you can access them.

Connect to your spirit guides through hypnosis music

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Hypnosis music can help lower your energy level so that you can connect to your guides easily. It can put you in a trance state where your wavelength can connect to the guides wavelength. Hypnosis music also helps you activate parts of your brain that you have not used yet. These parts of your brain can be more capable of connecting to your psychic visions and your guides. Activating these parts of your brain can also benefit you in other ways by helping to make your brain power stronger. It can help make you more intuitive and psychic. You will be able to predict the future more easily if you attempt to access this part of your brain. This, in turn, will help you to help guide yourself towards your goals better. It will speed up your process of reaching your greatest potential and finding your true meaning. Hypnosis music is very calming and will help to relax you as well. There are so many benefits of hypnosis music aside from just communicating with your spirit guides.